Battle Report 1: Tanith vs. Vyros 2

Hello and welcome to Druid's Dice, a blog dedicated to Warmachine and Hordes battle reports, hobby content, and occasional random musings about the game.

I am PG_Charles_Carmichael, Press Ganger for 3 years now, avid warmachine player for nearly 5, and a recently returned druid loving Circle Orboros.

The first game I'd like to document is a throw down between two very different armies.

My opponent played something like this:

Vyros 2
-Sylys Wyshnallyr
-Imperatus (proxied by Phoenix since I'm currently painting it for him)
-Helios (Hyperion)

Elara 1

Arcanist Mechanic x3

And I played a rather odd Tannith list:

Tannith the Feral Song
-Druid Wilder
-Feral Warpwolf
-Scarsfell Griffon x4

Una 1
-Scarsfell Griffon
-Scarsfell Griffon

Bloodweaver Night Witch x2
Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter
Alten Ashley
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress

Sentry Stone and Mannikin x2

We played Scenario number 5: Extraction, which includes a friendly objective per player, and two neutral flags. The flags can be dominated or controlled for 1 starting on the second players second turn, and the objectives can be targeted/damaged/destroyed on the second players second turn as well. There is a killbox.

Turn 1:

I won the roll off, my opponent chose the side with the house to hide Elara behind and I deployed very centrally. Una and her battlegroup went off to my right, and everything else stayed middle. My opponent skewed his battlegroup to my right and deployed Una and her banshee off to the left.

I forgot to take a picture for this turn, but things ran up on my side rather aggressively. Guardian Beast on Una, Scything Touch on a griffin, and Admonition on Tannith. My opponent parked his guys about 11 inches from my griffins and runs his banshee up on my left side. Synergy goes on Vyros.

Turn 2:

I jammed him hard with sentry mannikins, a wall of all six about 3 inches from his lines on the right so Imperatus wouldn't have anything to side step off to my griffins which were in a line about 12 inches away from him. I stuck a bloodweaver night witch just 4 inches away from the flag and about 12 inches away from his banshee.

My opponent then does something brilliant and completely unexpected. He uses Helios to yank 2 mannikins backwards quite a ways and creates a perfect side step chain for Imperatus to get to my models. Imperatus charges in, side steps off both mannikins, one shots a sentry stone, and slaughters the scything touched griffin before leaving another griffin on six boxes and on fire. His banshee activates, walks up, shoots Alten to death, and then uses Elara's upkeep to advance into contesting range of the flag.

I apologize, but no picture was taken at the end of this turn either.

Turn 3:

Well I've already lost more than I was expecting to, and Imperatus is within 5 inches of my caster. Fortunately, I had positioned a night witch on the right side, so I had good odds of grievous wounds getting onto him. I also had Hutchuk alive and about six inches away from Imperatus. The fire fails to kill my griffin, and I upkeep Admonition for free thanks to the druid wilder.

Hutchuk walks to 2.1 inches away from Imperatus and throws a rust bomb at him. It misses, but deviates 1 inch onto him. The nightwitch activates and charges him, doing about 5 damage to his shields between her two attacks. Tannith activates and feats. There are two griffons off to the left, and both get Primal cast on them. One gets Scything Touch. One of my other griffons on the right gets Primal as well, and the banged up griffon gets his broken spirit healed. Tannith casts Dodge on herself and ends in the trench.

The feral walks up, warps strength, and puts Imperatus down in short order. The primaled griffon on the right charges and trashes an Aspis. The flaming griffon goes to control the flag. Una advances and puts Dodge on herself. Her right griffon advances and kills two mechanics.

Lanyssa puts Hunters Mark on the Banshee, and the two griffons charge in. Really bad dice leave him on two boxes, so the bloodweaver nightwitch goes in and finishes him off. I end my turn at 2 points.

Advantage Circle

My opponent has very few models left and he knows he needs them all to do work. Helios gets focus, Synergy gets upkept (I think I killed Sylys with a Mannikin the turn before) and he activates Vyros first. He charges the griffon at the top of the map, kills him handily and then repositions backwards. Helios rolls pretty badly and fails to kill either griffon on the right, although they are both primaled and have a small handful of boxes left each. Elara charges and through some sidesteps gets quite a ways towards "my" half of the table. The aspis runs over as well. 

I go to 3

Advantage Circle

Turn 4:

My griffons frenzy and do nothing to helios. The primaled griffon on the right cannot see anything, so drops fury and sits there. Fire goes out on the mostly dead griffon. Admonition is the only thing upkept. 

I'm safely going to go to 4 this turn, and probably going to be able to kill everything that can contest as well. That being said, I want to keep Tannith safe. She activates and casts Scything Touch on the nearly dead griffon, and then casts Dodge on herself. Hutchuk, the feral, and Lanyssa run to the left to be within 12 inches of Helios, but not within 11. The scything touched griffon goes in and kills the Aspis and then puts up Dodge. The bloodweaver nightwitch walks over to Elara and kills her. I have the druid wilder run up to control my right flag and I go to 4 points. 

Advantage Circle

Vyros charges in and kills the druid wilder. Helios swings and swings boosted twice needing 9s to hit my Griffons but fails to connect either time. He gripes about this, but ultimately it doesn't matter.

Turn 5:

I upkeep Admonition. Hutchuk rusts Helios. Lanyssa rolls double 1s for Hunters Mark on Helios. The griffon in front of the feral shunts over after Una heals it and does a point or two to Helios. Tannith activates, moves over, and casts Scything Touch and Primal on the Feral. The Feral charges Helios and warps strength at effective PS 23 on his claws and 22 on his bite. He fails to kill the colossal by one point. The griffin in the forest charges it and puts him down. The other griffon formerly engaged by Helios goes to control the left flag, and the griffon on the right moves to control the right flag. The bloodweaver charges Vyros to be cheeky and does a couple of damage before I end my turn and go to 6 points.

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Helios' guns took me completely by surprise. I had thought that Imperatus wasn't getting anywhere near me that turn and instead I lost a sentry stone, a griffon, and almost all of another griffon. Rust is key in this game, although man the griffons can do some serious work by themselves. It was very interesting to have a game where a large central forest literally meant nothing to almost every model on the table either thanks to birds eye on Vyros' battlegroup or tracker naturally on the griffons.

I'll definitely take more pictures next time, I had thought there were more but apparently I was wrong!

Thanks for reading!