Battle Report 6: Kromac 2 vs. Thyron (Guest Starring the Woldwrath)

Isn't he pretty? I need to actually paint him up at some point.

I got in two games today, and the first one is totally unworthy of a battle report (Krueger 2 into Ossyan, on the Pit, opponent stayed way back to shoot at me and I dominated the friendly flag for 3 turns in a row), but the second one was janky and kinda fun so I thought I'd do a quick write up. 

I've been intrigued by Kromac 2 with a Woldwrath because Vengeful plus a 4" KD AOE on his fist means that an enemy heavy coming into him isn't going to actually do much damage unless they have steady and also because Primal Shock off a beast with Strength 16 can really catch some people off guard (as this battle report will show). 

I played:

Kromac 2


Double Shifting Stones
Double Sentry Stones

My opponent was trying some jank out as well. 


Dawnguard Scyir
Mage Hunter Asssassin x2
Arcanist Mechanic x3

Max Sentinels plus UA and Soulless Escort

I won the roll off and elected to go first, my opponent took the side with the forests so I couldn't make a giant forest wall like I had in the previous game. 

Circle turn 1:

My Sentry Stones moved up the table since he'd deployed everything 2 inches back in his AD. The Woldwrath ran, Kromac stuck Vengeful on it and Awakened Spirit on Ghetorix. 

The Pureblood warped ghostly and ran, Ghetorix ran, the Gorax ran. 

Ret turn 1:

My opponent puts up Onslaught for some reason (is it an upkeep?) and Storm Rager on the Mage Hunter Assassin before moving Thyron up. 

The Dawnguard unit runs to the side to benefit from Onslaught (must be an upkeep, this play makes no sense otherwise) and all of his 'jacks run. His hard hitting solos flank.

Circle turn 2:

I measure out the distance from the Woldwrath to Thyron, who is camping one focus, and it's 15.8 inches. I do some quick mental math. 

With Druid's Wrath Kromac is extremely likely to get both 8's he needs to hit Thyron with Primal Shock. At straight dice, the first one will do six assuming he burns a focus, and the second will do 11 (assuming I boost both, which I had decided to do because I wanted to upkeep Vengeful. In hindsight this was poor planning since with seven fury, Kromac can fully boost one, doing six, and then just hit with two more doing another 14 between them.)

Thyron has 18 hit points, and even if this doesn't work, not too much is getting to the Woldwrath this turn anyway so I decide to go for it. It's also getting late and I'm about ready to head out.

Woldwrath puts Druid's Wrath up and tramples directly at Thyron after the Gallows Grove moves out of his way. 

Kromac activates and rolls his two shots, leaving Thyron at 1. 

The right Sentry Stone activates, gets 2 more fury to put him at three, and I get two Mannikins in range. I roll the first boosted 13 needed to hit (Blade Shield makes him DEF 17 against range) and then I boost the damage and do at least 1 damage for the win. 

(Cheeky) Victory for the Druids....errrr...Tharn....errr...big stone Monkeys....

Post Game Thoughts:

Well that was dumb. I actually feel like this was an incredibly safe play for me here since the only thing that can get to the Wrath that I care about is...the Banshee, which will summarily get knocked down most likely. The Pureblood boosts a spray and kills the MHA on the left (I rolled it out), and Kromac gets ported to the flag by the shifting stones which puts some pretty good pressure on him. 

The left Sentry Stone unit kills Nayl pretty handily (rolled that out too) and at that point I'm sitting on a flag with only an Aspis and a Scyir that can really contest and an incredibly good feat turn next turn. 

Woldwrath with Kromac 2....too early to say but I feel like this is probably legit.