Battle Report 10. September 9 Steamroller round 3; Wurmwood vs. Haley 2

I've read a lot of reports on this matchup, and I believe that it is probably in Wurmwood's favor. That being said, when you haven't played the match up before, you will just lose.

Round three I was playing into my teammate for the i5 event, and we had already agreed to split prizes (we're both from an MTG background) AND this was a match-up we both wanted practice with.

Haley 2

Gobber Tinker
Journeyman Warcaster

Min Storm lances.

We were playing Recon, which I think is a fantastic scenario for both casters. I won the roll off and decided I didn't want the side with the massive forest right in the way, so I went second.

I don't have a ton of pictures or a big write-up for this game since we pretty much just talked it out. 

We explored how I lose top of two by having Wurmwood within 2 inches of the cloud wall so Thorn runs up and TKs me into it and I get charged by an Ironclad and blown up with a Stormwall cannon volley. 

We also explored how if I don't do that, Wurmwood is up on Scenario fairly handily. 

We were locked into first and second, and we just threw models around until I timed out exploring different threat ranges and how the matchup goes. I think I will have an in-depth article about the Haley 2 vs. Wurmwood matchup sometime in the near future. 

A loss for the druids....