Battle Report 13: Wurmwood vs. Sloan

Same table, different opponent, different list!

My opponent for this game has a noted dislike of Wurmwood, but wanted to see if his favorite list of mark 3 had any game into it at all.

Same Wurmwood list as last time:


Gallows Grove

Bokur and Shamblers
Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones x2
Swamp Gobbers Bellow Crew


-Hunter x6

Trencher Infantry

I won the roll and opted to go first, I wanted to get up the table as quick as possible. I decided before this game to see if ignoring the hunters and just playing for scenario was a feasible game (it's not usually I don't think) and as a result I made a lot of questionable plays this game. My Wurmwood list is also the weakest version of the list that I've had to play into Sloan since it relies on three heavies which is exactly what she wants to see. After this game, I think I might have to bring back my previous version with a bunch of brigands if I want a more generalist Wurmwood list.


Circle turn 1:

Pretty standard. Stuff ran and Bone Grinders killed eachother. The plan was for the Shamblers to run up into the left gap turn 2 and have Cassius murder a few of them and then have Wurmwood cast Wild Growth in the right gap to seal that off. 

Wurmwood gets ported forward and casts Wild Growth between the left forest and the house. 

I use the "kill your own mannikin" trick and put a Mannikin far enough up to spray a trencher down. 

Cygnar turn 1:

I totally discounted the idea of Trenchers doing anything but cloud walling, but some reallyyyy hot dice and CRA's combined with a hunter shot or two managed to take down BOTH Sentry Stones and the Gallows Grove. I hadn't considered putting up a forest around them since the Hunters would just ignore it anyway if they were going to go for it. 

My opponent has skewed far to my right and there is a ton of infantry for my various AOEs to murder next turn though. 

Circle turn 2:

Alrighty it's go time. Brennos moves up and...only kills two Trenchers because of tough. 

Megalith scoots over to that side as well (another mistake, he should have been farther back I think). 

My spawned Shamblers get murdered by Cassius, making two forests for me. Wurmwood gets teleported to the OTHER side of the house, casts a Hellmouth at one of the KD'd trenchers and kills a few more, before casting Dark Path back to Cassius and Wild Growth on the other side of the table. 

This was almost a great turn here, but I forgot to put something on the left flag to pressure my opponent on Scenario and it was going to cost me. 

Cygnar turn 2:

My opponent can't do a lot, but I didn't pressure him on scenario either so he just runs a couple of rangers up to engage Cassius. 

His Trenchers manage to hit one of the Bellows Crew, and the rest just jam me up. 

He gets three Hunter shots onto Brennos, spiking the first two (at dice -3, boosted, they both did 12 damage) and whiffing the last shot to leave him alive. 

Circle turn 3:

It's definitely feat turn. The two rangers jamming up Cassius are sure annoying though. I had a lot of ways to approach this, and in the end went with the one I like the least in hindsight. 

My Stalker gets ported behind them, kills them both and then sprints to my flag. If I had actually gone for this, he should have sprinted farther up the table but safely within my forest. A primaled stalker will kill 2-3 hunters in one activation and I should have threatened his jacks. 

Megalith tramples over some trenchers after popping Undergrowth. This was another massive mistake, he should have just sat safely inside the forest-to-be and attacked them. 

Brennos moved over to the left, and got healed by the shifting stones. 

Lanyssa and Gorax take out the Trenchers that toughed from Megalith. 

Wurmwood gets a talisman from the Bone Grinder, tosses a Hellmouth at the objective which kills three rangers, and then feats. 

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 3:

Sloan casts Guided Fire and feats. Hunters murder Megalith with prejudice, and the Trenchers roll hot again and kill the other Gobber. 

Finn contests my flag, and the other Hunter runs away. 

He scores a point. 

Score 1-1

Circle turn 4:

I need to contest his flag, cap mine, and kill that objective this turn if I want even a snowballs chance of winning this game now. 

Cassius walks over to Finn and kills him. 

The Shamblers cap the flag. 

The Gorax attempts a double handed throw on the tinker and misses his boosted 8 >< Would have been nice to have to KD'd hunters with Brennos' no shooting AOE. 

Brennos does decent damage to the Hunter he plugs with his shot. 

Lanyssa forces tough on a Trencher (man there were a lot of those). 

The Stalker charges the objective, puts it down, and then Lightning Strikes over to engage Sloan. 

Wurmwood puts down Wild Growth and heals Brennos for a bunch.

I get two points.

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 4:

My opponent hems and haws for a bit, then walks Sloan out of melee with my Stalker after Reinholdt goes and reloads her. The Stalker misses the free strike. 

Sloan murders Brennos, and casts Guided Fire. The Hunters all shoot at the Stalker, but thanks to Reinholdt the first three miss. The third one manages to hit and kill Reinholdt, so the other two hit and nearly kill the Stalker, leaving him on 2. 

The remaining Hunter really wants to kill him, but I remind my opponent that if he doesn't contest, I win, so the Hunter runs up. 

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

The Shamblers combined with boosted hits from Cassius kill the Hunter. 

Wurmwood heals the Stalker. 

I see a chance to end the game here, but my Gorax would have to hit a double handed throw!

He doesn't, so Sloan remains upright, and the Stalker misses her a number of times, connecting once for minimal damage. 

Brennos' AOE shouldn't be where it is, we forgot to pick it up. 

I get one point,

Score 4-1
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 5:

Sloan takes another free strike and this time I connect, which does a bit of damage. 

Her Hunters murder the Gorax and the Stalker. One runs over to contest. 

His Trencher continues his and Lanyssa's slap fight, once again not connecting.

Score 4-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6a:

Wurmwood gets ported up to the Hunter, casts Curse of Shadows at it and Strangleholds it a few times. 

Shamblers and Cassius kill the Hunter and I go to 5 points. 

Circle turn 6b:

We realize that in a tournament, what I should do to get max everything is to Teleport Wurmwood to the other side of the house, and have him kill Sloan who's only got 6 boxes left and is camping one. 

Lanyssa kills the Trencher.

Wurmwood gets ported to the other side of the house, and boosts two Strangleholds into Sloan, who dies, giving me max Army Points and 5 Control Points. (Imagine Wurmwood on the other side of the house, a dead Trencher next to Lanyssa, and Sloan knocked over and covered with roots).

Victory for the Druids!