Battle Report 14: Tanith vs. Wurmwood

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Ah Wurmwood, how I love thee. Well, how I love to play thee. How do I love to play against thee? Well...not so much turns out! 

Civil War time, Tanith vs. Wurmwood!


-Scarsfell x2

Wrong Eye


Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers Bellow Crew


-Argus Moonhound


Reeves of Orboros and CA
Farrow Brigands and CA
Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2

We were playing Outflank, and I won the roll off. Normally, I like to go second on this Scenario, but against Wurmwood you *have* to go first if you can. He's at his least potent turn 1 when he only has a guaranteed 7 fury, and you cannot let him dictate where he gets to be. 

I deployed pretty central, Una and her pair of Scarsfell's on one side, and Wrong Eye and Snapjaw anchoring the other. I felt pretty good about this particular Wurmwood list into me since he has so much shooting and only one way to ignore Stealth. I have the benefit of being able to trade my heavies 1 for 1 here and still come out ahead which is a big deal, and my Scarsfells will shred his Sentry Stones before they get to do too much work. 

He deployed his Brigands on my right and Reeves on my left. Prey went on my Stalker.

Circle Turn 1:

I run up the field as fast as possible. I'm trying to bait out a turn 1 feat here, and with the speed of my Griffons and the threat of my Stalker with all the buffs Tanith can put on him, I think he will. His models will need at least a turn of free set up before they can do anything, and so I'm happy to be very aggressive. 

Tanith does her usual thing when I play this list, Admonition on the Pureblood, Scything Touch on the Stalker, and then charge. 

Una sticks Guardian Beast up and advances. 

Pureblood warps Spell Ward and goes left, Stalker warps Prowl and goes into a cloud, praying it doesn't go out. 

He's deployed his important models behind that forest, so there's no point in doing the Sentry Stone trick. Snapjaw and Wrong Eye both cast Submerge and charge up. Griffons screech up the field. 

Other Circle...errr...Wurmwood turn 1:

He advances cautiously. Cassius runs up, Sentries spray stuff, and Wurmwood throws a Hellmouth at the forward Griffon, yanking models into it and killing a bunch of Mannikins. I can tell he wants to boost damage on the Griffon, but he can't do that and get Cassius back, and if Cassius dies this early I win. 

He casts Dark Path to yank Cassius back, and then pops feat to blunt my advance. 

Tanith turn 2:

I see an opportunity to kill both of his Sentry Stones this turn, and I decide to go for it. Tanith upkeeps her spells, Una upkeeps Guardian Beast

I have to do some work with my own Sentry Stones to get the landing zones for my Griffons, but they succeed in spraying down their targets. 

The glorious Golden Scarsfell on the left charges in and....doesn't even scratch the stone. Not one damage. Le sigh. He uses his last fury to cast Dodge. (note, the proxy base is where he is, not where his model is).

The drab, boring, uninteresting Scarsfell on the right charges in and murders his target with a fury to spare, so he casts Dodge. 

Snapjaw casts Submerge and taunts the Brigands by parking outside their charge range by .01 inches. He also riles for a bunch, and Wrong Eye casts both Submerge and Star Crossed. 

The Blue Griffon goes and gets cover, and the rest of my models durdle up. 

Wurmwood turn 2:

Okay this was a solid week ago, so some details are fuzzy. The Argus moves up and barks away my Stealth, and the Reeves double-tap a Sentry Stone to death. Both Griffons get murdered sadly. Critically, my opponent doesn't move a Reeve into the left zone. 

Brigands move up and shoot at the right stone but don't kill it. 

I get one point. 

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle...err...Tanith. Yeah the good guys. Them.

Tanith turn 3:

Well I wasn't expecting a control point, so that's a nice surprise. I see a good way to cripple that side of the table pretty permanently too, and ideally the Argus is going to die this turn. 

I'm also looking at a reasonably likely way for Snapjaw to get into his Stalker and start pounding on him. 

Tanith activates, pops her feat, and gets Affliction up on the Reeves. 

With a demonic smile on my face, my Pureblood and Sentry Stone Mannikins spray down all but a couple members of the unit, and also clear a way for Snapjaw to get to the Stalker. 

The Stalker goes into the Argus and...fails to kill it. Le Sigh. Una moves up and shoots him down. 

Wrong Eye moves up, casting Submerge and Star Crossed. 

Snapjaw charges the Stalker, doing decent damage. 

Tanith gets teleported into the rubble, and the Gorax follows her. 

I get another point. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Tanith

Wurmwood turn 3:

Well Star-Crossed is a thing, and the Stalker isn't able to take down Snapjaw, meaning the Feral has to go in as well after the Brigands ALSO fail to kill it and/or Wrong Eye. 

He contests the left zone with a couple of Reeves. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Tanith

Tanith turn 4:

I have a Stalker with a clear charge onto Wurmwood, who is camping 2. I pile on the buffs, but the dice rolls are incredibly bad, and Wurmwood survives. 
I clear and dominate the left zone again and start throwing things at the other side of the table in desperation because I know an Assassination run is coming. 

Score 4-0
Advantage Tanith

Wurmwood turn 4:

He can't actually get anything to Tanith except Wurmwood, so he ports over and tries to spell Assassinate her and fails, allowing me to dominate for 2 more points and the win. 

Score 6-0
Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I think that if this is the direction Wurmwood starts trending, Tanith is going to be a very solid drop into him. The massive amounts of Stealth added together with a Heavy that can't be shot at at all are going to give the list fits, and the sheer speed of the Griffons is going to force some pretty early and inopportune feats. I'm looking forward to trying this matchup again for sure though, Wurmwood is a scary, scary thing to face down.