Battle Report 24, i5 Team Tournament Round 4: Wurmwood vs. Lylyth 2

For our final round, my opponent's team threw their Legion player to the wolves and I got Lylyth 2 AND I got to choose the table on Take and Hold. His other list was an eTwins list that looked like it had even less game into Wurmwood, so I was not surprised when he dropped.....

Lylyth 2
- Ravagore x2
- Bolt Thrower
- Naga Nightlurker

Max Raptors
Blackfrost Shard

Anyssa (Not Lanyssa)
Shepherd x3
Strider Deathstalker x2

I won the roll off and asked to go second, taking the side where the forest would protect the friendly flag.

His deployment:

After seeing the way he deployed, I immediately made two important decisions.

1) I was giving him nothing but stealth models and stones on the right side of the table for his raptors to shoot at. Everything else in the list could prey on things with Prowl, but the Raptors don't ignore stealth and I needed to capitalize on that.

2) I was going to build me a forest wall to advance behind until I could get my Stalker into his Ravagore. I don't need Primal to kill it, and once it's dead, he has to trade his other Ravagore for it, assuming that the Raptors are dead.

With that in mind, I deployed with Wurmwood and not much else on the right, as well as the Gobbers to give him Stealth.

Anyssa chose....a Sentry Stone unit? as her prey and the game began!

Legion turn 1:

His stuff all ran up. He doesn't have anything to shoot at and he doesn't have any reason not to. Mirage goes on the Raptors, and it's a darn good spell. I forgot about it on a crucial turn later in the game, and I'm lucky it didn't cost me. 

Circle turn 1:

The other reason I had chosen this side was the trench, and man was I going to abuse it. Without aiming, his Ravagores need boosted 13s to hit a Stalker in a trench, and that was the only target I wanted to give him.

I pulled the usual Sentry Stone trick on the right and killed one of his Deathstalkers (yay!).

Then I decided to activate Brennos and see if I could get lucky. I shot Ravaging Winds at the Ravagore and it scattered right onto him.

My turn was suddenly immensely easy.

Cassius ran up. Wurmwood cast Stranglehold and boosted damage, doing a couple points to the middle Ravagore. He also cast Dark Path and Wild Growth to get Cassius safe and complete the forest wall.

The other Sentry unit completed the forest wall for Megalith and co to hide behind.

Bone Grinders murdered eachother, and the Shamblers ran, the Bokur getting into the trench. The Bellows Crew made a nice big cloud for Wurmwood.

Lanyssa ran up between the different sections of the forest, and the Stalker ran into the trench, more than 14 inches from his Ravagores.

Legion turn 2:

My opponent considers feating this turn, but he doesn't have many good targets, and one Ravagore is totally out of commission.

Instead, he moves up and murders my left side Sentry Stone with one Ravagore, moves the other Ravagore behind the forest, and moves Lylyth up so as not to killbox herself.

One Raptor contests and the others get closer. He takes a shot at the Bokur, but misses.

Circle turn 2:

It's definitely feat turn. I can get models into his Ravagore, attacks on the Naga, and then probably Stranglehold the other Ravagore again while still killing the Blackfrost Shard dudes with Stalker and Megalith.

I measure it out and start my turn.

Sentry Stone unit sprays and does....not much, I think they kill the Deathstalker.

Brennos charges the Raptor on the flag and murders him dead.

Megalith charges the right hand Shard member, and then Strangleholds the left Ravagore.

Shamblers charge at the Naga.

The Stalker charges the other Shard member and sits there.

The Shifting Stones port Wurmwood to the flag.

Cassius runs, and Wurmwood Strangleholds the Raptor in the forest to death before popping feat and yanking Cassius back with Dark Path.

Lanyssa moves up and uses Winter Storm, catching the Ravagore and 2 raptors in her command range.

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 3:

My opponent is in rough shape. He's got two heavy warbeasts he can't touch in charge range of Lylyth and a bunch of models that can't do much this turn. He upkeeps Mirage and his Raptors apparition...meaning one can get to Lanyssa and one can get to Wurmwood. Whoops....

The Raptors fail to hit Lanyssa, and they also don't damage Wurmwood. Phew. 

The Nightlurker munches a Shambler, the Strangled Ravagore does nothing, the other Ravagore backs up, and Lylyth runs to the right, away from my guys. 

Circle turn 3:

Alright, time to worry about dying again with the feat down.

I reeve fury after the stones leach one from Brennos, which means Megalith still has one on him.

The Stalker moves over, murders the Naga, and Sprints up the table to engage the Ravagore.

Shamblers charge the Ravagore for a few.

Brennos moves up, and casts Ravaging Winds at the Ravagore, doing a few damage. He then buys and boosts an attack into the Raptor next to Wurmwood, which kills it.

Cassius runs over to the far flag. Wurmwood Strangleholds 2 Raptors to death and then casts Dark Path to get to the flag.

Megalith moves up and Strangleholds the right hand Ravagore.

I get two more points.

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 4:

My opponent pops Lylyth's feat, does some damage to Brennos, and then contests with a Shepherd.

The left Ravagore tramples over some dudes.

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

My opponent requests that Cassius do the honors of killing his contesting Shepherd. 

He does so, and I go to 5 points. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Well Legion is definitely not something Circle has to fear nearly as much in mark 3 as it was in mark 2; My opponent and I laughed about how easy this would have been for him to win with Mark 2 Lylyth 2 and Eyeless Sight. 

I did get lucky with the turn 1 Brennos scatter, but other than that I felt like I controlled the game very deliberately and very well. Props to my opponent for being a super pleasant guy to play against, even while handling probably the hardest matchup his list had.

After I finished, only two other games had finished, both with game losses for my team. Then our Caine player was able to drop Egregore and our Madrak 2 player ground their Sevy 2 player down and won on clock.

Overall the team won 12 of 20 games, scoring 1 more control point than every other team with our win record, which meant we got Second Place!

We were all pretty thrilled, much pizza and rejoicing was had.

Next year, there will be much, much, much more prep!