Battle Report 28: Grayle vs. Reznik 1

It's been a pretty competitive last few weeks for me, with the i5 Team Event in Portland followed immediately by a High Reward Tournament at Mox Boarding House in Seattle.

I had actually intended to hang up the Circle hat for a few months after those events and focus on playing Minions or Legion for a bit, at least until I get my Storm Raptor.

Then, on a whim, I decided to put a Grayle list on the table last week, and once again I am all in on Circle.


War Wolf x2

Wolves of Orboros
Reeves of Orboros
Objective: Fuel Cache

List thoughts:

First of all, I chucked this together literally 30 seconds before we rolled off for sides in an attempt to jam the most Wolf Sworn models I could into a list while still playing something I felt was viable.

This list is capable of putting down a massive swathe of no shooting between Brennos' Ravaging Winds and Wind Blast, and a Feat that grants your army Stealth is nothing to sneeze at either when you're playing against many gunlines.

This list will struggle, and by that I mean fail in a spectacular fashion, to kill large amounts of high ARM targets, such as Khador, some Menoth, and some Convergence lists.

It's also a million guys, which is a style of play I haven't had to mess with in nearly five months, so order of activations are tricky (although man, Tactician [Wolf Sworn] helps with that immensely).

We were playing onto Line Breaker and I won the roll, opting to go second. My opponent was playing:


TFG and CA
Min Choir
Rhoven and Co.

Objective: Fuel Cache


Pre-Game Thoughts:

As soon as my opponent put all of his heavies skewed to one side of the table, and a side with a massive terrain funnel at that, I felt like my best and perhaps only chance at winning the game was to plant my Reeves opposite the Daughter cav and blow up 2-3 a turn, eventually running a War Wolf or Lanyssa over to the far flag once he had nothing left. 

I'd use Grayle, Morraig, and Skinwalkers to clear TFG and Daughter Cav off the shooting guys and just keep feeding him Wolves on the right. 

Menoth turn 1:

Stuff runs. Ignite goes onto the Castigator. 

Circle turn 1:

I advance cautiously, keeping my Reeves out of charge range from everything and giving him a sacrificial Skinwalker to trigger Death March after Grayle casts it on them.

I hide most of my important stuff behind the cloud/forest.

Grayle gets Storm Rager on himself and hangs out centrally. Wolves run up, and my beasts go into the trench.

Menoth turn 2:

My opponent decides that sacrificing his Daughter Cav to jam is a bad decision, running them off to the side.

The TFG charge and kill one Skinwalker. They also mini-feat to be ARM 16.

Jacks move up, and the Reckoner pops one Wolf to death. He runs his Castigator around the house to bait out my Wolves.

Circle turn 2:

I reallyyyy want to get 3 of the Daughter cav this turn so that I can run a War Wolf and control that flag.

Vengeance triggers, and 3 TFG die.

One War Wolf runs up to the flag.

Reeves move up, and I only have one in range of the back Cav model. He misses both shots. The others do a massive CRA into the one on the hill and end it.

I DO get the one off shot into the one on the forest though, and the War Wolf sics it, murdering it dead.

It charges another one and misses.

Morraig moves in and kills a few TFG before repositioning out.

Grayle charges in, kills a couple TFG, and then sprints outta there.

The Skinwalkers activate and kill the last few TFG.

The Wolves pop their mini-feat and charge. Their damage rolls were incredible. Dice off 9 on the Castigator, one wolf does 7, the next does 4, the one after that does 9, the next does 3, and the next does ELEVEN. I marked the three that rolled bananas and they're getting repainted with super cool paint jobs and possibly conversions.

Needless to say the Castigator dies, and Wolves Reposition.

Feeling pretty happy about life, I pass the turn.

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent can get Scourge onto my Feral, but it takes a big chunk of his turn to do it.

Reznik gets Engine of Destruction and charges a Wolf, kills it, and Scourge Advances. Reznik Perditions another Wolf, Scourge advances.

Scourge charges my feral and misses half his attacks needing 7s, leaving him on about 10 boxes.

The Daughter cav kill some Reeves.

Circle turn 3:

I murder two Daughter Cav with Grayle. The Reeves put some damage on the objective after CRAing into the other Cav and killing it.

The Skinwalkers charge the objective and it dies.

Lanyssa runs to the flag.

Wolves crowd into the gap, one engaging Scourge.

The Feral doesn't quite kill Scourge, so Brennos and Morraig come over and finish him off.

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 4:

My opponent has to make some big plays here. A battled up Revenger solidly murders the Feral and does some good damage to Brennos. Reznik kills a Wolf, makes a Wrack, hits the Wrack, and murders more Wolves with the blast. 

I get another point. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I'm in the odd position of not really having anything that can actually get to his army that matters this turn, so stuff just kinda runs, and Grayle stays safe.

Wait, that's what I should have done.

Morraig charges the Revenger. Grayle charges the Revenger, intending to Side Step twice into Reznik...but he kills him on the first attack.

He tries the Gallows, and it misses. Curses. He sprints out and I pile models between him and Reznik.

I get another point.

Score 4-0
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 5:

My opponent has to kill me, but he can't get to me thanks to Reznik's facing and my position. He does murder Brennos and a Skinwalker though. Reznik doesn't mess around.

Score 5-0

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

There is nothing as fun as a crazy monkey ninja guy running through your lines, killing some enemy stuff, and then running back. Grayle has proven to be more fun than I could have ever anticipated, and I fully intend on taking him to an event sometime soon! Probably paired idea :) 

Hope you enjoyed!