Battle Report 142: Baldur 2 (Wold CID in Bones) vs. Zaal 2 (Exalted Theme)


Ughhhh it feels good to be writing a Circle battle report. I can actually write "Circle turn x" and leave it there instead of deleting it and putting something else in its place. 

My opponent and I were both throwing some models at the table. We were testing...essentially three things at this point.

1) Can Zaal's theme force break ARM well enough to deal with multiple ARM 20+ heavies?
2) How does the new Exalted Theme force feel?
3) Obviously, how are the new Wolds? And with Baldur specifically can they deal with infantry spam?
4) Bonus! How many non-living models can we stick on the table....(answer: 53 in this game)

I picked my I didn't. 

Sorry, momentary lapse (why is there a random pumpkin growing on my shoulder?). We rolled for first and I chose to go second with the excellent piece of defensive terrain in the way. 

Side Note: I'm going to touch lightly on where dice went off the walls, since this was a CID game. Ultimately, the few times they did were irrelevant, but still important to note. 


Zaal 2
- Raider
- Shaman
- Savage
- Agonizer
- Krea

Ancestral Guardian
Ancestral Guardian
Ancestral Guardian

- CA
- CA
- CA
Beast Handlers (min)

Baldur 2 (Bones)
- Megalith
- Wold Guardian
- Wold Warden
- Wold Warden
- Wold Watcher
- Wold Watcher
- Wold Wight (proxied by a Woldwyrd)


Sentry Stone
Sentry Stone
Shifting Stones


So many dudes!

So many heavies for a Circle list o.O


Skorne turn 1:

Everything runs at me, staying just outside of the Sentry Stone Mannikin threat ranges. 

Zaal puts up Aura of Power on himself and Vision on an Ancestral Guardian on the left. 


Circle turn 1: 

I make...a couple of errors here. 

First of all, I move up the left Watcher and put a shot into the Ancestral Guardian. My opponent opts not to use Vision and I crank the damage roll. He then Stone Forms

Everything else moves up, the other Watcher Stone Forms, and I get Roots of the Earth on it from the Warden next to it but....I forget to put it on the left hand one. 

Baldur casts a Rock Wall and Roots of the Earth on himself, and takes a damage from his Wurm Token. 

The Stones healing field it off of him.

The Sentry Stones just prepare for be useless for a couple of turns and not die until they can start killing Immortals. 


Skorne turn 2:

I pay for my lack of Roots of the Earth on the left, as charging Immortals do about 14 damage between four attacks (averages say 12 so not too far above).

Zaal moves up and Feats. The Shaman shoots at a Shifting Stone and I Shield Guard it to the Guardian. 

I get swarmed with dudes, but critically Hakaar is in a pond, so even though he can get Righteous Vengeance if I kill off the CA on the left, he can't get out of the pond. 

The Agonizer moves up and reduces beast strength by 2 within 8. 


Circle turn 2:

The Theme heals the WoldWatcher for one.

I start off by trying to spray down the Agonizer, but thanks to the Krea I miss everything. 

I "enrage" Megalith, move him into the left zone and kill off one Immortal and Crevasse the CA down, RFPing her and a Beast Handler as well. 

Both Watchers get Stone Form again. My beasts toe the zones and don't make attacks to avoid Vengeance. 

I put the Stones around the Guardian and where Baldur will be. The Wight moves up to Shield Guard Range of two Stones and Baldur AND two Stoneshapers. 

Baldur pops his feat and sticks a wall in front of Hakaar. 


Skorne turn 3:

The charges come in. Really good dice leave Megalith on 8 boxes with 7 attacks (averages say he should have had around 24 boxes left). 

On the right side, his Immortals largely bounce off the Warden and Guardian. 

Hakaar can't get around the wall. The Agonizer sings -2 for damage again. 

Zaal moves up on 2 Fury after all the boosting damages his Immortals did this turn with Aura of Power


Circle turn 3:

The Theme and Mend heal up my heavies so they don't have any crippled systems. 

Between Megalith, both Wayfarers, the right hand Warden, and the Sentry Stones, I clear off a frankly ridiculous amount of guys. 

I then try to figure out what I'm doing with the Guardian and realize Zaal is in range to port to, and even though he has roughly 15 souls at this point, I figure that I can just sort of beat on him, maybe kill him, and then force him to spend ALL of his fury on the Guardian next turn.

I "enrage" the Guardian, port up, and roll fairly low, leaving Zaal on 8 boxes with 4 connected attacks (one miss). 

The Woldwatcher on the right moves up and shoots Zaal, hitting and then cranking damage to kill him. 

Had that not killed him, I could have trampled the Warden on the left up and Crevassed the Immortal CA on the right for another spray attack into Zaal. 

The picture has a couple adjustments from the final position, with the green measurement marker showing where the Guardian would have gone had Zaal not moved up. 

We figure that I kill Hakaar, the Guardian, and both lights this turn if Zaal stays back, and that my opponent won't have a good way to stay in the game past that. 


Victory for the Druids!

CID thoughts:


Nothing here. Everything seemed to be out of the dregs. 


Woldwatchers made me feel like I was never, ever going to lose on Scenario here. Unfortunately, other than the final shot, they also did nothing for the list except sit in zones. 

This was partially because of their half inch melee range, but also because they have to use a Fury to go Stone Form and couldn't do as much boosting as they otherwise might with Fury 2. 

With as aggressively as I played them, I did not miss Shield Guard very much, and I think I'm starting to see the reason they don't have it - they're going to sit in front of your army and take the alpha. 

Suggested options: 1" melee range, possible fury 3. 

Wold Guardian: This beast felt like he had no place compared to the Wardens. Two extra points for extra ARM and PS didn't feel like it was worth it because, frankly, Geomancy is amazing and Wardens can now hit hard if they need to. I also felt like Fury 3 was extremely limiting on this model. 

I would like, as most others, to see a different animus on him since Irresistible Force is not something he's going to cast most of the time. I would also like to have him tested at Fury 4. 

Megalith: might be a touch too expensive compared to a Woldwarden. I think the list would be much improved by dropping him and a Watcher for two more Wardens. 


Woldwardens: felt awesome. I loved being able to fit the four heavies into the list, and I think they are the premier Wold heavy now. 

Stoneshapers: absolutely loved these guys, they're perfect the way they are.