Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Jeffcon 1 - Krueger 2 (Bones) vs. Stryker 3 (Storm)

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the first IG qualifiers of the season this last weekend at MOX Boarding House in Bellevue (pronounced Bellvue by the natives). I took “the” Krueger 2 list optimized by the legendary Tomasz and my version of the “Good Bois” list created by Andrew. The goal of the day was to just play Krueger and practice for WMW since I have had very little practice with him and I knew I would get some excellent games in with him here.

Round one, I was paired with a gentleman named Jared who had Haley 3 Gravediggers and Stryker 3 Storm Division. I felt like Kaya 3 was probably not the best drop into either of these, which was fine since I wanted the Krueger practice anyway!

Jared chose Stryker 3 because he felt like the prevalence of magical guns, non-blast damage AOEs, and Windstorm would make Haley 3 sad.

Stryker 3
- Ol’ Rowdy
- Hammersmith

Storm Strider

Stormblade Captain
Journeyman Warcaster
- Charger
Rhuper Carvolo

Storm Blades
- Captain and Standard
Storm Lances
Storm Lances (min)

Krueger 2
- Megalith
- Woldwarden
- Woldwarden
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Celestial Fulcrum

Blackclad Stoneshaper
Blackclad Stoneshaper
Blackclad Wayfarer

Sentry Stone
Sentry Stone
Shifting Stones

I won the roll off (very fortunate against such a fast list) and Jared took the side of the table without the massive amounts of rough terrain for him to deal with err….the least amount of rough terrain rather, since both sides were pretty terrain dense.


Circle turn 1:

Full speed ahead on everything. I get a little sloppy and put a Woldwyrd on the right about an inch too far forward so even with Windstorm up the Charger can get a double tap on him.

I put enough fury on the table to get Krueger and the Fulcrum to full on my next turn, and Krueger puts Windstorm up and charges forward.


Jared has to respect a lot of threat ranges here. He does a really good job limiting my ability to get at his Storm Lances by screening them with forests, and he jams his unit of Iron Zealed Stormblades down the middle of the table,

The aforementioned double tap happens on my Wyrd, and Jared rolls 15 and 16 to hit respectively and then rolls very low on the damage, leaving the Wyrd on about half health.

I am settling in for an attrition/feat/Rebuke turn when Jared casts Escort on Stryker and moves him up just behind the forest and my vision goes a funny red color…


A quick premeasure tells me that I’m in trample and Telekinesis range, but I need to Telekinesis my Warden to be able to actually see Stryker. Stryker also has much worse defensive stats than I expected, being 15/16 instead of the 16/17 or 15/17 I expected.

The aforementioned Telekinesis on my Warden allows him to trample up and hit the boosted Telekinesis on Stryker.

The first Wyrd drops him to about half health, but I have to clear a couple Stormblades for the other Wyrd to get there, and he refuses to die, making 2-3 tough checks and having my POW 10 sprays bounce off ARM 18 multiple times before he finally dies. The Wyrd moves around into the space where the Fulcrum will go (I can Telekinesis him out of the way if he doesn’t kill Stryker) and puts the Lord General down.


Victory for Circle!

Jared and I discussed alternate ways this game could go if Stryker had been either out of Telekinesis range or hadn’t cast Escort and we determined that without being able to shoot at me, his army would likely slowly grind down. We did some checking and this turn I could get Krueger to Rebuke the max unit of Lances, kill all the Stormblades, and Feat to ensure I don’t get retaliated on. After that it’s a matter of killing off a heavy a turn with shooting or by fishing them out with Telekinesis and Gallows and grinding out the game. Haley 3 would have been the correct drop here we agreed, but they’re both rough.

There were 5 top of 2 assassinations in round 1, so I spent an enjoyable hour and a half chatting with people before being paired for round 2.