Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Warmachine Weekend 2018 Champs Round 4 - Morvahna 1 vs. Krueger 2

I really wanted to play in Hardcore on Saturday, which started at 11, so everyone else was gracious enough to start at 7 AM local time. Unfortunately, I didn’t calculate the time change (I live two hours earlier than St. Louis) so I rolled out of bed at 4:30 AM according to my body.

Everyone else was in a pretty similar state, so we slowly, painfully set up tables and began the semi-finals.

I was paired with Matt McWatters, who is another amazing player that I had never had the opportunity to play against, and given the amount of forests on the table I was expecting a Morvahna 1 mirror match. Instead, Matt dropped Krueger 2, won the roll, and chose to go second.

Krueger 2 (Bones)
- Megalith
- Woldguardian
- Woldwarden
- Woldwarden
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Blackclad Wayfarer
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

Sentry Stone
Sentry Stone
Shifting Stones

Morvahna 1 (Devourer’s Host)
- Tharn Blood Shaman
- Brennos
- Gnarlhorn Satyr

Ravager Shaman
Ravager White Mane
Lord of the Feast

- Nuala
- CA
- CA
Brighid and Caul
Boilmaster and Spirit Cauldron


Brighid and Caul put prey on the Woldguardian, and the Trackers put prey on the left hand Sentry Stone.

Morvahna Turn 1:

Everything runs up more or less. I try and spread my Bloodtrackers out such that he cannot get more than one per spray and to ensure that the Sentry Mannekins cannot aim.

I completely blank on Brennos’ amazing new animus, which would have been insanely useful here to prevent the inevitable Rebuke from landing on a unit of Ravagers.

Lord of the Feast gets loaded up with corpses from the Cauldron and he runs way to the right.

Morvahna gets Restoration on the Bloodtrackers.

A note about how I am tracking corpses in this game - at Matt’s suggestion, I only marked models with no corpses (with a blue marker) and models with more than one corpse with the number of corpses that they actually had. It’s still a mess late game, but it’s way easier to manage for the first few turns.


Krueger Turn 1:

The right hand Gallows Grove moves up to within 10 inches of the White/Green Ravager unit, and Krueger walks up next to it to cast Rebuke onto them, put Windstorm up, and camp 1.

Matt then realizes that the Grove is within three inches of Krueger, which means that if he leaves it alive Lord of the Feast will probably just kill the Druid (especially since I can run Brennos up to arc Mortality first). With that in mind, his Woldwyrd murders the tree.

On the left, I lose a couple of Bloodtrackers to sprays and the Woldwyrd guns down my Whitemane.


Morvahna Turn 2:

Restoration brings back the Trackers that died.

Brennos walks up and shoots a Ravaging Winds at the Woldwyrd, doing reasonable damage.

Morvahna arcs a Mortality into it, and between swapping Prey via the mini-feat and quick working shots into it, the Trackers finish off the Wyrd and reposition to be hard to remove all at once. I also kill every Mannekin on that side.

On the right, Lord of the Feast swings way wide out of Windstorm, hits the bird shot on the Sentry Stone, and then through some truly bad damage rolls fails to kill the Woldwyrd or even break any systems after killing the Sentry Stone.

The Ravagers move up to hopefully not all get killed/pushed out of the Zone, and I put the Shaman on the flag.


Krueger Turn 2:

Matt is looking to score three points this turn. Megalith moves up and blasts some Trackers down with a Lightning Storm. The spawned Mannekin kills a few more.

The Woldguardian gets +2 Strength, gets Telekinesised forward, and then murders the Gnarlhorn with initials.

Krueger feats and pushes a lot of Ravagers around, but he doesn’t quite clear out that zone.

Lord of the Feast gets murdered by the Woldwyrd and the Stoneshaper that comes up, and Matt passes the turn scoring 2.

Critically, Krueger needed to upkeep Rebuke and cast Telekinesis twice, so he is not able to put Windstorm up.


Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Krueger

Morvahna turn 3:

Morvahna brings back three Bloodtrackers (woot!) and the Blood Shaman lands a Mortality on Megalith.

I kind of thought about charging Megalith with Brennos, but he is my only transfer target now and I need him alive, so I just put a boosted Ravaging Winds into the other character heavy.

Trackers move up, contest, and seriously mess Megalith up. He has body intact at this point I believe, and is only on 5-6 boxes total.

On the right, Brighid and Caul do their thing and kill their prey target handily, transferring prey to one of the Woldwardens. Ravagers just move up the table some more, and I score a point.


Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Krueger

Krueger turn 3:

The Sentry Stone Mannikin and the Wayfarer clear off Matt’s flag, and his Woldwardens come barreling in. Matt’s dice are atrocious here, missing 6 of his 9 attacks with the heavies. The three attacks that connect force me to roll tough, which I make all three times and heal max boxes on each.

The Wyrd moves up, forces tough, I pass, heal to 4, forces tough, I pass, heal to 4, forces tough, I fail.

The Stoneshapers both move up and fail to kill anything, and I heal max health on everything that they touch.

By the end of the turn I have only lost one Ravager and three Bloodtrackers, and I have also healed for almost 40 boxes of health across the two Ravager units. By all rights, I should be down about four more models.


Score: 1 - 3
Advantage Krueger

Morvahna Turn 4:

I upkeep Restoration and bring back 3 more Bloodtrackers. I am able to get a single Ravager charge into Megalith, which is enough, and that unit also kills their Woldwarden so that Brighid and Caul can go mess up the other one.

The Trackers finally get to kill their Sentry Stone prey target, and by the end of the turn, Krueger, the Wayferer, and two Shifting Stones are all that is left on Matt’s side of the table.

I score two here to bring the score back to parity.


Score: 3 - 3

Krueger turn 4:

Matt decides to see if Krueger can kill Brighid and Caul, doesn’t, and concedes as he cannot prevent me from scoring five points next turn or from killing Krueger.


Victory for Morvahna!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Rebuke is really, really good, but it doesn’t end up mattering post turn 3 I think when your Rebuke target still threatens 11 inches walking and can boost their damage rolls.

Also, Restoration was money this game. I brought back 11 Bloodtrackers total I think, and the unit was always at full strength for contesting.

Mortality is an incredible spell, and I’m finding Morvahna to make great use of it through the newly improved Brennos.

Matt’s turn of insanely bad dice coupled with my very good tough checks definitely sucked, but I am not totally convinced it would have changed the course of the game. At worst, I just kill one Warden and completely take over the left side of the table and start winning on scenario, which also seems okay for me.

If this was the version of Krueger with a Fulcrum, I think the game is much much much harder though, so we shall see how this ends up playing out in other Champions events for the next few months.