Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Warmachine Weekend 2018 Champs Round 5 - Morvahna 1 vs. Siege 2

For the finals of Champions, I was once again playing against the debonair Mr. Simon, who had successfully smashed down Charles Soong’s Cephalyx with Siege 2.

This time, I did not feel like playing Krueger 2 since the second round win against this list had felt like pure luck, and Morvahna’s Mortality seemed like a good way to ensure I could just murder entire units at a time with the Ravagers.

I lost the roll off for the fifth time in a row (sadness!) and had to go first on Spread the Net, which is great when you have ambushers and not so hot the rest of the time.

Siege 2 (Gravediggers)
- Triumph
- Ironclad

Trench Dog
Trench Buster
Trench Buster
Trencher Master Gunner
Maxwell Finn

Express Team
Express Team
Trencher Infantry (min)
- CA
Trencher Commandos
- CA
- WA x3
Ayanna and Holt
- Murdoch

Morvahna 1 (Dev Host)
- Tharn Blood Shaman
- Brennos
- Gnarlhorn Satyr

Ravager Shaman
Ravager White Mane
Lord of the Feast

Boilmaster and Spirit Cauldron
Brighid and Caul
- Chieftain
- Chieftain
- Nuala


Brighid and Caul put prey on the Commandos unit, which looking back was really poor. The Bloodtrackers put it on the Trenchers.

Circle turn 1:

Thankfully, there are few ways to ignore Stealth in the Siege list, but Desperate Pace makes the Trenchers still threaten a respectable 13 inches against the Bloodtrackers.

Morvahna casts Harvest on herself and Restoration on the metal unit of Ravagers. The Croc Pot fills up Lord of the Feast and moves up.

Everything else cautiously advances. I do not want to lose too much this turn, and I really do not want to lose the Shaman or either Chieftain.


Cygnar turn 1:

Brent considers a feat turn here which would put Brennos in charge range of Siege, but he opts against it. Hallowed Avenger goes on the Ironclad, and things move up to just outside of Ravager threat range on the left.


Circle turn 2:

I think I can kill most of the Trencher infantry this turn with the Bloodtrackers charging in and quick-working their way through the unit.

Sadly, Brent rolls amazingly well on his tough checks, and at the end only one Trencher dies.

Brennos throws Ravaging Winds at the Trench Dog, and he also toughs. Blast damage fails to kill any Trenchers either.

I run and jam him with three Ravagers from the Restoration unit, and Lord of the Feast sits on the flag.


Cygnar turn 2:

Fury goes on the Commandos, and the Express Crew uses their shots to push the Chieftain out of command from the jamming Ravagers - really strong play there.

Because of that, Brent is able to trivially remove the entirety of the metal Ravagers from the table and also contest the flag.

On the right, Trenchers mini-feat and charge in after Finn kills 6 Bloodtrackers on his own. Ouch.

Various gun shots and an Express team have left my Gnarlhorn on 2 boxes, one each in Body and Mind.

The Trench Dog takes the flag, and Brent scores 2.


Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Cygnar

Circle turn 3:

I’ve lost a lot of models, but Brent has given me the most beautiful Ravager target in the entire world. Mortality gets into the Commandos, and Morvahna opts not to Feat so that I can actually overtake through all of them.

Approximately 25 models proceed to die as the Ravagers eat all 15 Commandos, 4 express team, and Ayanna AND Ragman. Yummmm.

Lord of the Feast Birds to the Trench Buster, kills him, and then leaves Siege on 9 boxes even through focus.

On the right, the nearly dead Gnarlhorn slams the other Trenchbuster into the obstacle and kills it (yay free slams!).

Nuala avenges her ladies by swapping Prey to fin, killing him, swapping Prey back to the Trenchers, and killing another with quickwork.

The Ravager Whitemane clears the zone for Brennos to hold down.

I derp up and don’t contest the center with Caul here, but I do score 2 points to Brent’s one.


Score: 2 - 3
Advantage Cygnar

Cygnar turn 3:

Brent spends a few moments measuring out some things, and by happy luck the only thing that can contest my flag is Triumph if he runs. That would require Holt and Jonas to kill 2 Ravagers between them (including taking a free strike from one in order to get to the second) to clear his zone and still have Siege in a good position to score both.

Ultimately, Brent continues to attrition me down. The lone Trencher hits the 8 to hit Nuala and kills her. The Ironclad moves around to kill the Gnarlhorn and the Whitemane countercharges to contest the zone and stay outside of melee range from the Ironclad.

Between Triumph, Siege’s turret, and the Master Gunner, the Ravager and Blood Shaman get taken off the table. Siege plays way back, his 9 boxes and limited focus being an issue now.

Holt and Murdoch kill off their Ravager, and we both score a point.


Score: 3 - 4
Advantage Cygnar

Circle turn 4:

Between the White Mane and Brennos, the slightly dinged up Ironclad goes down, and Brennos is able to Battle Wizard Ravaging Winds into the contesting Trencher and Brent fails the tough check.

Spectral Lash drags Triumph close enough to Caul, and Morvahna puts Mortality on him. By this point, he is also the Twins’ prey target.

Between them and a Ravager charge, the Warjack goes down.

I cannot get anything into the Turret, so I cannot score the center zone, but I do score two points to Brent’s one.


Score: 5 - 5

Cygnar turn 4:

Siege and his Turret kill Brighid and the Ravager, but he whiffs his second attack into Caul so he fails to kill him.

I score two more to Brent's one.


Score: 7 - 6
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

I opt to just kill Siege here. He’s on 9 boxes and no camp and I can Mortality him, hit him with a Spectral Lash, maybe charge him with Brennos if the Spectral Lash moves Siege 2 inches, and then charge him with a Ravager and the Shaman.

I run Caul away so that Siege is not engaged. Siege splatters him with the hammer pretty easily.

Mortality lands, and then the Spectral Lash does a few damage and pulls him 1 inch. Brennos cannot charge, so Brennos moves up and finishes off Siege with a Ravaging Winds.


Victory for Circle!

Post-Game Thoughts:

After the game, Brent and I decided that he should have gone for the Siege move to the right side of the table, bubble wrapped him so that Brennos could not get to him, and then take over the right side since I had so little over there to handle that zone.

That Mortality Ravager Pac Man turn might be the single most glorious turn I have ever experienced. So many things died….

Brent was a fantastic opponent as he was in the second round, and it was really fun to get to try both lists into Siege, especially piloted by such an accomplished player. Thanks for the games sir!

And with that, Champions was over. It was really nice to measure myself against my performance from last year (I came third at WMW Champs 2017) and see how much I have grown.

Also, feels real good to be back in Circle guys. Thanks for reading!