Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Warmachine Weekend 2018 Champs Round 3 - Morvahna 1 vs. Lylyth 1

After an extremely lucky round 2, I was paired with a very nice guy named Tony who had Anamag in Primal Terrors and Lylyth 1 in Oracles of Annihilation. I was really hoping he would drop Anamag so that I could try the matchup with Morvahna, but he played Lylyth instead.

Then I looked at his list again and realized he had double Throne and this game was going to be very interesting.

Sadly, I once again lost the roll off and went second, taking the side with a ton of forests.

Lylyth 1 (Oracles of Annihilation)
- Seraph
- Angelius
- Angelius
- Nephilim Bolt Thrower

Throne of Everblight
Throne of Everblight

Sorceress on Hellion
Sorceress on Hellion

Blackfrost Shard

Morvahna 1 (Devourer’s Host)
- Tharn Blood Shaman
- Brennos
- Gnarlhorn Satyr

Ravager Shaman
Ravager White Mane
Lord of the Feast

- Nuala
- CA
- CA
Brighid and Caul
Boilmaster and Spirit Cauldron


Brighid and Caul put prey on the Right hand Throne and the Bloodtrackers put it on the left hand one.

Legion turn 1:

Everything runs at me. His list is full of speed 7+ things, and they really book it up the table. His Thrones do a cross over maneuver to avoid Brighid and Caul.


Circle turn 1:

This turn I really just want to threaten the majority of the zones and give him really bad charge targets for his beasts. I want to give him 1-2 models per beast to charge so that if he commits, I trade up in massive ways.

Lord of the Feast gets loaded up from the Spirit Cauldron and goes to threaten the objective on turn 2. Brennos and the Gnarlhorn have to move a little awkwardly, since the Bloodtrackers want to spread out and not move up too far.

Brighid and Caul just hang out back. I could have gone and taken a shot at the Sorceress, but it wasn’t likely to kill it and losing Brighid is really bad.


Legion turn 2:

Tony opts to stay back with most things, and he shoots and kills one Ravager with a shot from the left hand Angelius.

He’s toeing all three zones, so it’s going to be difficult to score here.

Critically, he has a whole bunch of stuff bunched around his objective.


Circle turn 2:

Time for Lord of the Feast to go nuts I guess?

The unit of Ravagers that lost a guy Vengeance up. Sadly, they are not the unit with Restoration on them, but I’ll take a 3 inch extension.

On the right, Brennos moves up and boosts a Ravaging Winds into the Seraph for a good chunk of damage.

Morvahna channels a Mortality into it and steps into the trench. Bloodtrackers mini-feat to kill off the Seraph and reposition around to be annoying, putting prey back on their Throne.

Lord of the Feast gets Puppetmaster from the Cauldron, and the Cauldron also loads up Caul.

Lord of the Feast lands his bird on the objective and Reapers into the Sorceress, a Blackfrost Shard member, the objective, and the Angelius. He kills the Shard member and the Sorceress straight off, and then nearly kills the Angelius as well.

Charging Ravagers finish off the objective for a point and also murder the Angelius.

Brighid and Caul move up into the forest and Brighid takes a shot at the Angelius on the right. She spikes the damage and takes out the Spirit. At this point, the Angelius can’t actually get into the twins because it cannot trample and the Sorceress seems unlikely to hit Brighid needing a nine.

I score a point.


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 3:

His Thrones come in and kill almost all of my Bloodtrackers and a few Ravagers under Lylyth’s feat.

The Angelius kills the objective, and Tony scores three points after all is said and done.


Score: 1 - 3
Advantage Legion

Circle turn 3:

While I am massively down on Scenario, I can easily start cleaning up the table now.

Vengeance clears off the zone on the left, and Mortality lands on the right hand Throne since I think I’ll get less attacks into it.

Ravagers and Beasts make short work of both Thrones, and Prey swaps to the Angelius.

Brighid and Caul charge in, and Brighids’ assault shot and charge attack kill the Beast. Her quick work goes into their new prey target (the Sorceress) and also kills that model, so prey swaps to the Forsaken in the zone.

Poor placement means I don’t score here, but Tony would have to score three points next turn to win, and he simply doesn’t have the attacks to make that happen.


Score: 1 - 3
Advantage Legion

Legion turn 4:

Lylyth shoots, Parasites, and shoots again at Brennos. The Blight Bomb from the Forsaken actually finishes him off (!!!!), but the Bolt Thrower makes up for it by not even coming close to killing the Lord of the Feast.

The Shepherd charges in, HITS, and then leaves the Lord on 1 box.

No points are scored again.


Score: 1 - 3
Advantage Legion

Circle turn 4:

It’s clean up time. Morvahna runs to the left zone, the Gnarlhorn kills the pesky Forsaken so prey swaps to Lylyth.

Lord of the Feast and Ravagers kill off the Bolt Thrower and Shepherd.

Brighid and Caul charge Lylyth. Once again, Brighid’s assault shot and charge attack murder their target, and Caul is left waving his axe around angrily after having made no attacks at all this game and being completely upstaged by his sister.


Score: 4 - 3
Victory for the Circle!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This matchup felt very favored for Morvahna. I’ve got lots of high quality attacks with extremely good threat ranges. Mortality is really good into the Thrones since they want to snack on things to improve their survivability, and Treewalker is an amazing buff to Brighid and Caul.

Poor Caul…better luck next time man.

I’d like to thank Tony for being a fantastic opponent throughout this whole game. It was an extremely friendly table with lots of joking and banter the entire time, I truly enjoyed it.

With that, we cut to the top four, which consisted of myself, Charles Soong, Matt McWatters, and Brent Simon sneaking in as the 2-1 that made the top four. We would adjourn for the evening and reconvene very early the next morning for round 4….