Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Krueger 2 (Bones) vs. Locke (Prima Materia)

Krueger 2 is a caster that I, to my infinite shame, haven't played since the themes dropped, and before that I think I only put him on the table once. When I played Circle before, I was all in on the Wurmwood train and I was always looking for something to pair well with that. Sadly, a lot of the things that mess with Wurmwood mess with Krueger so he did not see the table much. 

I plan on rectifying that over the next little bit here as I've had a taste and now I might be hooked. 

I shamelessly stole Tomasz Mucha's list from Discount Games Inc. Tomasz is a very good player and I figured his list is the best place to start out. 

- Alyce
- Toro
- Toro
- Toro
- Suppressor
- Vindicator
- Retaliator

- Suppressor
Crucible Guard Mechanik

Combat Alchemists
Combat Alchemists

Krueger 2 (Bones)
- Megalith
- Woldwarden
- Woldwarden
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Celestial Fulcrum

Blackclad Wayfarer
Blackclad Stoneshaper (proxied by a Druid)
Blackclad Stoneshaper (proxied by a Druid)
Bog Trog Mist Speaker

Sentry Stones
Sentry Stones
Shifting Stones

I won the roll off to go first, and opted to do so. 


We corrected the right hand Alchemists deployment so he didn't lose two of them top of one to the Fulcrum. 


Circle turn 1:

This is a very difficult list to figure out on turn 1. First off, I realized that I could kill two of the Combat Alchemists top of one if Phil did not fix their deployment, so we did that quickly. The way that would work is by casting Telekinesis on the Fulcrum to get it into the Shifting Stones, using the Shifting Stones to port it up, and then fire off the Electrical gun for a total threat of 23 inches, which conveniently gets me to his AD line. 

I believe I still cast Telekinesis on the Fulcrum and then cast Windstorm and charged with Krueger. I am almost certain this was a mistake, as casting Telekinesis on each of my Woldwardens would have projected their threat a lot farther the next turn, but I was not totally sure what to do turn one here. 

Everything else basically ran, with Shifting Stones getting friendly with the Fulcrum for next turn, and making sure to put enough Fury on the table for the Fulcrum to take 3. 


Crucible Guard turn 1:

The Combat Alchemists, with an effective range of 1 inch on their grenades thanks to Windstorm, simply move up and Cloudwall. 

His Jacks mostly run forward, with the Vindicator getting Sentry on itself and a Toro on the right hand getting Redline after Locke advances approximately two inches onto the hill. 


Circle turn 2a:

I see a reasonable assassination run here. Locke is camping 1 and she's about six inches away from the clouds. I can get all three Wolds up far enough to cast either Gallows or Telekinesis and then both the Fulcrum and the Wyrds in addition to Krueger can all take shots at her once she's turned around. 

The left hand Woldwarden charges the Combat Alchemist in the center of the table and boosts a Gallows into Locke. It hits, and I roll a five for distance. 

The second Woldwarden tramples up and casts a Telekinesis on her, placing her on the clear side of the objective and turning her around and touching the cloud so that I can see her through it. 

The Celestial Fulcrum gets teleported up and needs sixes to hit, boosting damage on all three shots, and puts Locke down before Krueger, the Wyrd, or Megalith get to activate. 


Assassination Victory for the Druids!

Circle turn 2b:

Since I only activated three models, we decided to roll that back and continue playing the game. I already typed up most of this battle report and then lost it, so in the interest of time I won't be elaborating much beyond the motions of the game. 

On the right, Telekinesis on the left Toro turns it around and the Fulcrum and Wyrd nearly kill it and also leave it on fire. The Stones port the Fulcrum out of range of everything. 

On the left, I space that Crucible Guard Mechanics give out pathfinder, so I use the other Warden to Telekinesis the far left Toro backwards and around. 

I probably should have Feated this turn, but I do not, and Krueger just casts Windstorm and sits in the zone. 


Crucible Guard turn 2:

My lapse on the Mechanik costs me my Woldwarden on the left, as Road to War turns the Toro around and Redline makes sure that it gets to me and contests my zone. 

Things on the other side of the table shuffle around, including the Toro on one box now thanks to the fire roll. 

Phil scores a point!


Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Crucible Guard

Circle turn 3:

Redline is a death sentence against Woldwyrds, and the Toro goes down between a Wyrd shooting and Megalith. 

On the right, I leave the Warden in charge range of the Toro if it gets Redlined and moved with Road to War, which was a severe mistake. 

On the left, my Mannequins begin charging the Suppressor en masse. 

Krueger feats at some point, clearing out the right hand zone and letting me score two points to Phil's one. 


Score: 2 - 2

Crucible Guard turn 3:

Locke allocates two to the Toro, and moves Redline over to him. She Feats. 

Something triggers Road to War for it (I think a Suppressor killed a Mannequin and sprayed Rust on the Woldwarden), and it comes up and kills my heavy easily. 

We both score again after the Suppressor on the left continues the slap fight with the Sentry Stone. 


Score: 3 - 3

Circle turn 4:

There's another assassination run on the table here, with Locke camping 2 and on the hill but within Telekinesis and Shoot range of Krueger and the Woldwyrd and a teleported Celestial Fulcrum. I do not see it at the time, and instead just go for attrition once more, killing off the Toro with a Wyrd (outside of Locke's control range) and the Fulcrum. 

Megalith Telekinesis' the Suppressor and kills him without spending Fury in Locke's control range either. The slap fight between the Mannequins and the Suppressor continues on the left, and we both score again. 


Score: 4 - 4

Crucible Guard turn 4:

The busted up Toro has been repaired by the objective for numerous rounds now, and he is able to get into Megalith with Redline and stomp him flat. 

The Vindicator, which has been taking shots with Sentry every turn moves up and shoots my objective, but doesn't quite kill it. 

The Toro is in my zone though, so I don't score here. 


Score: 4 - 5
Advantage Crucible Guard

Circle turn 5:

I am able to kill off the Toro and the Alchemist in my zone. The Fulcrum moves up the table a bit, and the Wyrd nearly kills the Vindicator. 

Once again, we both score. 

I don't have pictures of this turn sadly :/ 

Score: 5 - 6
Advantage Crucible Guard

Crucible Guard turn 5:

Phil decides to effectively end the game here, with Locke putting Engine of Destruction on herself and three shotting my Fulcrum. 

The Vindicator kills my Blackclad and Sentry Mannequin, and Prospero kills my objective. 

Phil scores two to my none. 

I didn't get a picture here either, sorry!

Score: 5 - 8
Advantage Crucible Guard

Circle turn 6:

The Wyrd kills both remaining heavies, and Krueger tries like crazy to kill Prospero but can't. He does get him out of the zone, so we both score one again. 


Score: 6 - 9
Advantage Crucible Guard

Crucible Guard turn 6:

Phil keeps Locke outside of Krueger's threat ranges and contests my zone and clears the right hand zone to win on Scenario 6 - 11. 


A well deserved win for the Crucible Guard!

Post-Game Thoughts: 

Man Krueger is one complicated caster. There is a ton of nuance to his placement, and I can already tell I need at least a dozen more games with him before I start to feel comfortable. That being said, there's very little he can't reach out and kill if he really wants to, and that's a crazy feeling. 

Locke seems extremely potent, and I am curious to see what her list looks like with a Vulcan in it as I've heard a lot of people are having success with that kind of build. 

Thanks for reading!