Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Wurmwood (Dev Host) vs. Zerkova 1 (LoS)

For this game, I was playing Wurmwood with a pile o' Tharn and my opponent was trying out one of the Khador lists that won the WiTC. At the time, we did not have final rules for the Bloodweaver attachment, so she was not playtested (although you better believe she would have been!)

Let's go!

Zerkova 1
- Juggernaut
- Juggernaut
- Juggernaut


- Regular CA
Uhlans (min)
Uhlans (min)
Great Bears


- Ghetorix
- Feral

Wolf Rider Champ (free)
Wolf Rider Champ (free)
Ravager White Mane (free)
Ravager Shaman

Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Bloodweavers (no CA)
Bloodweavers (no CA)
- CA
- Nuala

I lost the roll off, and my opponent opted to go first. I took the side of the table with the advantage into the far flag, and opted to ambush one unit of Bloodweavers. 

The Bloodtrackers put Prey on the left unit of Uhlans after deploying opposite them.


Khador turn 1:

Pretty standard turn here. Everything runs up, staying just outside of my threat ranges with most things and putting up a cloud wall for me to deal with. 

The IFP with Advance Move already get a Shield Wall Order since any farther and they start getting charged. 


Circle turn 1:

It's critical that I keep things out of threat range for Zerkova's feat. If she feats on most of my army, he can jam me with Juggernauts and I think I'll have a hard time removing them without charges. 

With that in mind, my Bloodtrackers move off to the side in an arc to stay out of Uhlan threat ranges. 

My right side Wolf Rider Champ jumps and throws a Spear at an Uhlan, but at dice off 10 does very little. She repositions back to max range to try and bait the unit to the edge of the table. 

My non-ambush unit of Bloodweavers moves up conga line style and screams "FOR WURMWOOD" as they slaughter eachother. 


The Wolves move up to get into the Stones, and Wurmwood puts a Wild Growth forest up in the middle of the cloud and house to block charge lanes for most things. 

Ravagers shuffle around and I pass the turn. 


Khador turn 2:

My opponent opts to kill my Wolf Rider Champ, since she's going to be a problem if she survives (which is a weird thing to hear about this model). 

He opts to just bunker down again, with his models largely staying out of the way of things that can charge them. 

We discuss how Zerkova probably dies if he doesn't screen her (double Hellmouth Ghetorix forward and feat to cover a trample/warp murderous), so he puts a Juggernaut in the way. 


Circle turn 2:

I ambush the Weavers, and they activate first. With Gang they go to MAT 8 PS 11 which does about 3 damage to a Wall of Steel Uhlan, and so all three Uhlans die and I contest the flag. 

I jam up the other unit with my other Wolf Rider Champ and contest his zone. I put the Shaman on my flag, and then decide to port Ghetorix up to the Juggernaut with the stones. Wurmwood goes up with the other stones, puts Curse of Shadows on the Juggernaut (order of activations causing me to need a boost since he's now engaged) and Feating to create a big forest. 

Ghetorix munches down the Juggernaut and casts Spiny Growth on himself. 

I score a point since the Feral ate the remaining Bloodweavers for Wurmwood's soul count and is blocked off from the zone. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Circle

Khador turn 3:

Zerkova puts Ghost Walk on the Bears and decides that moving up to get a Hex Blast on Ghetorix, so she moves back and Feats. 

The Great Bears Walk up and swing away at Ghetorix, and they plus a 3 man CMA from the Iron Fang PIkemen leave him on about ten boxes. We rolled back a double ones miss here. Expected damage output against Ghetorix is 6 ish per Great Bear and 4 from the IFP, so this makes sense. 

His Uhlans get cleared off by the Kovnik, and they move up to jam the Bloodtrackers. 

I score again since he cannot get to my flag. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 3:

I am able to walk the Bloodtrackers away from the Uhlans thanks to parry, and they get outside of Zerkova's feat and kill all of the Cavalry before repositioning back into the zone. 

Ghetorix Warps Snacking and munches down a number of guys before casting Spiny Growth again and sitting on about 22 boxes. 

Tharn Ravagers walk up into the IFP and kill five of them with their mini-feat before they miss twice in a row each. 

Cassius runs to my zone, and Wurmwood casts Dark Path to get over next to him. With no way to get into my zone next turn and very little hope of stabilizing, my opponent concedes at this point as I am likely to win on Scenario within a turn. If the concession had not happened, a Forest would have plopped down right in front of Ghetorix to screen him from charges. 


Victory for the Druids!

Red: Nothing

Orange: My opponent felt that parry on the Bloodtrackers was egregious. We both agreed that id didn't significantly change the outcome of the game, as they still would have killed two of three Uhlans anyway, but that is his feedback. 

Yellow: Nothing

Green: Pathfinder on Ghetorix gives Wurmwood a ton of options with him in this theme. Ambushing Bloodweavers give this theme force a lot of play on Spread the Net with it's spread out scoring pieces. The point cost reductions felt excellent, and although the Wolf Rider Champs didn't do much this game, them being free is an excellent incentive to play them.