Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Kromac 1 (CotW) vs. Old Witch 2 (LoS)

Thought I'd try out a list similar ish to one that I saw a fair amount in Mark II, with Kromac and a bunch of heavies using Warpath to run around like crazy. 

My opponent had a similar Legion of Steel list to the last report, with Old Witch taking the helm and swapping a Juggernaut for a Marauder because of the Warjack Points differences. 

Old Witch 2
- Juggernaut
- Juggernaut
-  Marauder


- Regular CA
Uhlans (min)
Uhlans (min)
Great Bears

Kromac 1
- Druid Wilder
- Ghetorix
- Stalker
- Feral

- Shadowhorn

- Wild Argus

Well of Orboros

Blackclad Wayfarer
Blacklad Wayfarer

Shifting Stones
- Stone Keeper

I lost the roll off and took the side without the burning hill, which we played as both a hill and a cloud effect as per the burning earth rules. 

Khador turn 1:

Everything runs at me. Witch puts Reconstruct on the Marauder and moves up the table. 

Circle turn 1:

I'm already pretty well penned in at this point. I think for a few minutes about the solo options for the Well of Orboros and ultimately decide that I want a Blood Shaman for constant Divine Inspiration. I cannot trade beasts with Primal on them for his heavies so I need some kind of damage buff. I'll sacrifice the Stonekeeper and Wilder, and then Blackclads if necessary. 

Everything moves up to stay just outside of threat ranges. Wild Aggression on the Stalker and Warpath on Kromac. 

Khador turn 2: 

He moves up with an aggressive Shield Wall, and jams the Marauder into the zone and the Juggernaut on the left toes it as well with Uhlans behind. 

On the right, Uhlans set up to take over that zone, with a Juggernaut for backup. 

Old Witch casts Windstorm with her 18 inch control range, catching the Well. 

I didn't get a picture of this turn, but almost nothing changed on the next turn so you can get a good look. 

Circle turn 2:

I land a Hunters' Mark on the Juggernaut, kill a Pikeman with a Rock Hammer to move Ghetorix with Warpath, and Ghetorix goes swinging in, warping Strength. He leaves the Juggernaut on just over ten boxes and has Spiny Growth up for free.

Quick Math time: One boosted PS 19, one PS 16, and four PS 19s into the Juggernaut should have killed it, but only barely. Oddsmachine says this is a 62% chance. 

In the middle, the Stalker gets Divine Inspiration from the Shaman killing off the poor Stone Keeper, and he charges in for free with Wild Aggression

He barely does the last damage on his last attack to trigger reconstruct, which means that I cannot use my last attack to kill a Pikeman and Lightning Strike out to safety. According to Oddsmachine, the chances of a Stalker "killing" a Khador heavy WITH Divine Inspiration and having one attack left over are 39% and the odds of doing that without Divine Inspiration are just 7.5%. His odds with all his attacks under Divine Inspiration go up to 60% and his odds with all attacks without it are just 26%. 

With the left side basically collapsed, the Well has one Pikeman in range with it's now 7 inch gun, boosts to hit and damage on it and the guy next to it, killing the initial target and nothing else. 

On the right, I position my models such that he can get the contesting goat with his Juggernaut but not his Uhlans and I pass the turn. 

Khador turn 3:

Old Witch starts things off by Feating, Blinding the Stalker, and Loading up all of her jacks that she can. She also casts Windstorm again. The Juggernaut on the left had a busted cortex, which is important because between an Uhlan charge, a Kovnik charge, and the two attacks from the Juggernaut, Ghetorix is down to five boxes. 

The Stalker takes a charge/slam from the Marauder and dies to the first bought attack.

The Shadowhorn on the right dies to two attacks from the Juggernaut

The Uhlans charge and kill the objective easily, clearing that zone out. 

His Pikemen shield wall up and call it a turn.  

Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Khador

Circle turn 3:

I've got nothing in range of the Well of Orboros, so it sits there this turn. 

I cannot afford to Primal anything still, so the Feral goes over and leaves the Juggernaut on about 10 boxes. 

Average damage should be 6 PS 17s at 4 each and 1 PS 16 at 3 for a total of 27. Oddsmachine puts the chances of the Feral killing the Juggernaut at a sad 13.8%. 

The Shadowhorn moves up, jumps into the zone, and kills two Uhlans before casting Elusive for free. We talked about attempting to kill the Juggernaut instead, and decided that the Uhlans were more valuable at this point since three charging Uhlans kills a Shadowhorn easily and can reposition to avoid the Feral getting into more than one. 

The Argus moves up, Doppler Barks, and kills a Pikeman. 

Ghetorix gets healed for 3 by Kromac who moves into the Stones. Ghetorix kills the Juggernaut and only has enough steam left to kill two Uhlans and the Kovnik. He casts Spiny Growth and hangs out. 

I contest with some other stuff and Kromac moves to the right. 

Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Khador

Khador turn 4:

Markov charges and kills Ghetorix. The Uhlan charges and kills my Blackclad, and the Marauder gets Boundless Charge and kills the Well with attacks to spare. 

His IFP in the center barely fail to kill my Argus. His Juggernaut kills the Shadowhorn in two hits again and he contests the right zone with two solos. 

Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Khador

Circle turn 4:

I go beast mode with Kromac this turn, and the Feral is able to kill the Juggernaut this turn. Kromac moves and jumps, killing the two solos. 

I contest with a Shifting Stone, and Doppler Bark again with the Argus and kill another Pikeman. 

I score this turn. 

Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Khador

Khador turn 5:

He just crowds me out of his zone here, and kills off my Argus. The Great Bears sit in the back of the zone and make it really difficult for me to come into him. 

We both score again. 

Score: 2 - 3
Advantage Khador

Circle turn 5:

I can trample the Feral into the Old Witch if I warp speed, so I move Kromac to human form and move him up to try and kill the Great Bears with Rifts

Primal goes on the Feral as well, I have nothing left to use with Divine Inspiration, and then we run the math and see that the remaining pair of Great Bears will do an average of 20 damage to the Feral with their countercharges and even if the Feral makes it through that without losing a system, the Old Witch has a high probability chance of living through his attacks without spending any Focus so we call it.

CID Thoughts:


Well of Orboros. I'm not going to talk about it's ranged output since it was clearly a poor matchup, but even if it had been firing at maximum capacity every turn, I still don't understand why this thing is 15 points. Circle doesn't have any solos so abusive as to be ridiculous with this thing and it's gun would have killed 4-5 more IFP over the course of the game. 

Bigger control range was nice for Warpath on it, but it can't use over half it's rules in any given game and I think that's a huge problem for the piece.

Possible Suggestions: 

Swap Awakening the Stones for Force Barrier within command, or some other effect that makes shooting at your things less appealing.
Make it a spray 8 and let it channel through FF warrior models within command for a d3 damage roll, similar to how Rasheth channels spells. 
Reduce points cost to 13 or 12. The Shrine and Blockhouse both recur more points of models per game than this thing produces, they both have better damage output and longer ranged guns. 

Ghetorix: This is our premier beatstick heavy? A free charge is required to get it to killing a Khador heavy with more than 50% likelihood. Primaling a 19 point model like this is only ever going to be worth it if it wins you the game. I like the Pathfinder on him, I find his damage output to be lacking, and Warp Snacking to be borderline useless. 

Suggestions: Up STR by 3, remove Warp Strength, give him more interesting warps and passive abilities, bring his points back up to 20. Look at Mulg and Typhon, now back at this guy. There's a huge discrepancy here. 


Circle Living Beast Survival: Each of my heavies that died (aside from Ghetorix who had a broken Warjack and two models nearly kill him even with Inviolable Resolve and Spiny Growth) died in 2-3 swings from opposing heavies. This is absurdly low. 

The Khador list was MAT 7 at minimum, and these kinds of accuracy values are common throughout the game now. DEF 13-14 isn't going to matter unless the ARM value of the model requires enough hits to make that DEF relevant. 


Warpwolf StalkerSee Ghetorix for list of complaints. This guy doesn't hit hard enough and can't take a hit. 


Pathfinder everywhere felt good :)