Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report: Morvahna 1 (Dev Host) vs. Thyron (Forges of War)

With this extremely dense update of the Circle CID, my mind went into instant overload as the insane amount of possibilities for list building opened up.

I was already planning on testing a Morvahna Dev Host list, when Bret messaged me and gave me an even better one to try out.

My opponent was using last week Retribution CID rules for his models in this game.

- Phoenix
- Phoenix
- Phoenix
- Discordia
- Fane Knight Guardian


Battle Mages
Battle Mages
House Shyeel Arcanists
House Shyeel Arcanists

Morvahna 1
- Stalker
- Stalker
- Brennos
- Blood Shaman

Lord of the Feast
Swamp Gobber Chef

- Nuala
Boil Master and Spirit Cauldron

He won the roll off and chose to go first. I took the side of the table with the insane flag advantages and after deployment put Prey on the unit of Battle Mages across from the Bloodtrackers.

Retribution turn 1:

With his upkeeps already out thanks to the theme benefit, most of the Retribution forces just run up the table. The Warjacks all make big Shield Guard bubbles, and his single box guys stay out of threat ranges from the Bloodpack and Bloodtrackers.

Circle turn 1:

I am careful to stay out of most of his meaningful threat ranges, but I forget that the Phoenix gun is an AOE so I clump my Bloodtrackers up too much (although they’re out of walk + stealth range).

I outthreat him with guns almost everywhere, so I opt to just wait, especially since I get to score first.

Morvahna puts Restoration on the Bloodtrackers, the Cauldron Seasons the Sauce for one and gives the corpse to the Lord of the Feast.

Retribution turn 2:

In an effort to draw the line of engagement hard on my side of the table, my opponent puts his Phoenix way up and engaging the Stalker on the right.

On the left, the other Phoenix walks up and deviates an AOE harmlessly away from the Bloodtrackers.

Force Barrier goes on both units of Battle Mages, and Discordia Imprints and runs up. His forward Phoenix has two Shield Guards in range.

Circle turn 2:

Brennos starts things off by moving up and throwing a boosted Ravaging Winds at the left side Phoenix.

Morvahna gets Puppet Master from the Cauldron and puts Mortality on the Jack, arcing through Brennos.

The Blood Pack activate next and put several points of damage into the Phoenix at dice off four, and then reposition around.

The Bloodtrackers go, switch Prey to the Phoenix, and kill it through Shield Guards. This includes two Bloodtrackers using Quick Work after killing a Battle Mage in melee. They reposition to contest the zone and keep Nuala safe, and Prey goes back on the Battle Mages.

On the right, the Blood Shaman RFPs a Bloodpack member to give the Stalker Divine Inspiration. This, combined with Warping Strength allows him to kill off the Phoenix there and then sprint back behind the house. I am too wary of him getting pulled out by Battle Mages for Thyron to kill because if that happens I probably lose the game eventually.

The Bloodpack on the right walk up and use the corpses from the theme to boost hits into the Battle Mages in Melee, killing 3 in Melee and two more with Ranged attacks.

Lord of the Feast uses his bird to hit Discordia and then kills the Arcanist and dings up Discordia a little bit, applying Grievous Wounds and contesting.

I pass the turn and score one.

Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Circle

Retribution turn 3:

My opponent goes into the tank a bit, and eventually decides to use his feat here.

The Magister charges and combo smites Lord of the Feast to death.

The single Battle Mage on the right charges and Beat Backs the Stalker before sidestepping into the zone to contest.

On the left, the Phoenix kills something like six Bloodtrackers thanks to Cleave and Sidestep.

The Battle Mages clear out the remaining Trackers in the zone.

Discordia moves up and sprays Brennos and then Imprints.

An Artificer runs to the flag and takes it, and my opponent scores three.

Score: 1 - 3
Advantage Retribution

Circle turn 3:

I have good chances to stem the scoring this turn. Morvahna brings back several Bloodpack with Restoration.

The Bloodpack aim and kill off all but one Battle Mage on the left, which allows the Trackers to kill the last one in melee, and shoot four shots into the Phoenix. I’m just shy of being able to charge it with my Stalker, so I run him to engage.

Brennos is used to arc a Mortality at Discordia, and then charges the Jack after the Blood Shaman RFPs a Tracker to give him Divine Inspiration. I get about halfway to killing him, and use my last bought attack to kill the Magister and shoot a Ravaging Winds to kill the Artificer.

The Stalker on the right kills his Battle Mage and sprints into the zone.

The Bloodpack charge and boost both hits on the Artificer on the flag, killing him.

I score once again, and my opponent does not.

Score: 3 - 2
Advantage Retribution

Retribution turn 4:

The Phoenix gets focus from the Mechanik unit, and fails to kill the Stalker.

Discordia kills Brennos with initials and the Chain Attack, and Imprints.

Thyron runs to engage the Stalker, and his Fane Knight charges a Bloodpack, kills it, and supplies Guard Dog.

I score again.

Score: 3 - 3

Circle turn 4:

The left hand Stalker is able to easily kill the Phoenix and move up into the zone. My Trackers move Prey around a couple times and wipe out the Mechanik unit.

The Blood Shaman eats another Tracker to give the Stalker on the right Divine Inspiration, and the Cauldron gives him Puppetmaster.

The Bloodpack try and fail to kill the Fane Knight, so the Stalker kills him with the first initial and then whacks Thyron, rerolling his one miss with Puppetmaster and leaving the tank of a caster on 9 boxes.

I run Morvahna away from Thyron, as that’s the only way I lose now, and my opponent concedes as his Arcanist unit and Thyron can’t stop me from scoring to win on my following turn.

CID Thoughts:

Red: Nothing

Yellow: My opponent thinks that Parry on Bloodtrackers is the single egregious thing in the list. It allowed them to go wherever they wanted and kill virtually whatever they wanted this game.

Green: Corpses on everything actually let’s Bloodpack serve as a very interesting multi-tool unit. I used them quite a bit this game which was fantastic.

Stalker: Seems fine at PS 19, he’s just himself.

Morvahna: We both felt that Mortality was just fine, and in fact after going over her card with my opponent he felt like she really needs it to be viable.

Brennos: Battle Wizard is cool. Arcing spells through him is neat.