PDX Round 1: Iona (Dev Host) vs. Siege 1 (Heavy Metal) - Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report

I had the pleasure of playing in the PDX open in Portland, Oregon this last weekend and I was initially planning on running the Zaadesh 2 Exalted/Xerxis 2 Imperial Warhost pairing that I have been playing a fair amount on Vassal. Sadly, the mail betrayed me and none of my models had arrived by the time I had to leave and so I ended up on Circle at the last minute.

Additionally, my car kind of exploded on me just before I had to leave, and in the rush out I was extremely disorganized. I had a pretty standard Iona/Wurmwood pair, and round one I was paired with a lovely gentleman named Ronald who had Siege 1 Heavy Metal and Siege 2 Gravediggers. I didn’t have to look too hard to realize I was going to play Wurmwood into both of those extremely gun heavy lists.

I took most of my models out of my case and realized, to my dismay, that I had left Megalith at home. Fortunately, Ronald let me play my other list, and so I could still play the game out.

Brighid and Caul put prey on the Firefly.

Siege 1
- Squire
- Lancer
- Triumph

Storm Strider
Storm Strider

Caine 0
- Ace
Alison Jakes
- Firefly

Alexia and Risen
- Murdoch

- Stalker
- Ghetorix
- Blood Shaman

Lord of the Feast
Night Witch
Ravager Shaman
Ravager White Mane

Boil Master and Cauldron
Brighid and Caul
Ravagers and CA
Ravagers and CA

Circle turn 1:

I was rattled as all get out and went completely on auto pilot this turn. Corpses on LotF, get some cover up the table. Everything else runs, Iona puts up Phantasm and Surefoot. I have this strange delusion that LotF has a prayer of surviving this turn.

Cygnar turn 1:

Fun fact - Lord of the Feast didn’t have a prayer of surviving this turn. He should have been way farther back. Between Triumph and Ace, the big guy goes down and everything shuffles to just outside of my threat ranges.

Circle turn 2:

I’ve already kind of conceded the game in my mind at this point, but I see a crazy opening to try and bait an assassination run and maybe kill a Storm Strider if I get a little lucky. I can Ambush and get four Weavers into it and under Iona feat they do like 20 damage. So if I spike a lot (like roll 13 for damage on each of them) it could theoretically go down.

Iona feats and charges to get in range of the ambushed Weavers landing zones. They fail to kill the Strider.

I run Ravagers up and then derp up massively and leave the Chieftains within 4 inches of each-other. Ghetorix moves back since I want a transfer battery, and my Stalker moves up aggressively to threaten the Striders.

I put a Nightwitch on the back flag, but again, put her within 4 inches of other, easily gotten to models.


Cygnar turn 2:

Siege Feats and Ground Pounds both Chieftains to death. A few more Tharn die horribly, and a Trick Shot off one kills the Nightwitch.

The damaged Storm Strider kills off all of the Nightwitches, and the Firefly runs into my zone, so I countercharge it with my Whitemane and contest his flag.

His Strider activates and does a bunch of damage to Caul and my objective.

Circle turn 3:

At a certain point during the last turn, after the Whitemane countercharged in and contested, I realized that I could actually maybe win the game this turn. He’s only contesting the central flag with a Lancer and the far flag with his Strider and a Thrall. If I kill his Objective and score the three flags, I win.

Ghetorix murders the contesting, nearly dead Firefly. The Whitemane moves over to the middle to give out a big Veteren leader bubble on the flag. Charging Tharn obliterate the objective and the Lancer.

The Shaman takes the bottom flag and the Blood Shaman puts Hunters Mark on the Strider.

The Stalker charges such that he can stop getting pushed back by the building, and despite double ones on an attack, kills off the Thrall and leaves the Strider on 8.

Brighid and Caul run into my zone to score it, and then Iona charges into the Strider and kills it with a few boosted attack rolls, ending her turn on the flag and scoring the fifth point.

Victory (undeserved) for Circle!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I really don’t feel like I played a very good game here. I got lucky that we were playing Mirage and that Ron had ran into my Zone in the place that he had. I am not totally certain how the game goes after this turn if I cannot score 5 to win, but I suspect it isn’t good. I cannot pac man through his Risen anymore with anything, I am going to have a hard time breaking Triumph, and the whole time I am going to be eating shots from the Striders. Not my idea of a good time.

Ron was an incredibly good opponent, graciously letting me play the game even though I’m pretty sure he could have just had me take an auto loss for presenting an illegal list, and I was happy to see that he went on to take a winning record out of the day.

Onwards to round 2!