PDX Round 4: Wurmwood (Bones) vs. Sorscha 1 (Wolves of Winter) - Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Report

I had yet to have a sub 1 hr 45 min game, and going into round four I was pretty brain dead. My opponent, a lovely fellow named Asher, had a Sorcsha 1 Wolves of Winter list paired with a Sorscha 3 Armored Corps list.

I knew I couldn’t drop Iona into a caster with a Stationary spell, and by this point the benevolent Richard had brought me a Megalith to play with so the clear course of action was Wurmwood.

Asher picked out Sorscha 1 and then promptly won the roll off to go first. Ick.

Sorscha 1
- Greylord Adjunct
- Ruin
- Decimator

Koldun Lord
Koldun Lord
Eiryss 1
Greylord Forge Seer

- Escort
- Escort
- Escort
Greylord Outriders (min)
Greylord Ternian

- Cassius
- Megalith
- Wold Guardian
- Woldwarden
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

Sentry Stones
Sentry Stones
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones

Bone Grinders (min)

Khador turn 1:

Everything runs at me, although his Doom Reavers have to be awfully conservative with their placement since I can boost a bunch of sprays into them next turn. He bunkers down with a bunch of things behind the forest as well.

Sorscha started the game with Fog of War up and used Wind Rush to push her DEF up to 18 base and get up the table a bit.

Circle turn 1:

He’s left me a couple of targets on the left, so after I roll up 2 Fury on each stone, the left unit moves up and sprays a couple of Doomreavers down. One toughs and is cleaned up by the Wyrd on that side.

I see a sweet Hellmouth target in the far left Outrider. If I tag him, I get the Escort, two Doomreavers, the Outrider himself, his Outrider buddy AND a Ternian guy all in one fell swoop.

Cassius runs up, Wurmwood boosts a Hellmouth and as a stark reminder of what this caster can be like for my first game with him in years, I miss the boosted six. Cassius gets Dark Pathed back, and then Wurmwood and Cassius get a nice little forest wall built in front of them by the Warden and Sentry Stone.

Bone Grinders murder eachother for the tree to have some souls, the Stones shift around to cover basically everything in my list, and I pass the turn.

Khador turn 2:

He cannot actually do all that much here. I’ve left him a couple of Mannikins to go after, even with Apparition on one unit, and so he Apparates the unit behind the forest up.

Sorscha upkeeps Fog of War.

The four remaining left side Doomreavers come in and mulch two of my Mannikins. The right hand ones bunker up in front of a Koldun Lord for some protection in his “no shooting” spell.

The other Koldun Lord also puts that up, and the middle unit of Doomreavers puts themselves in front of Sorscha/other important models.

His Decimator thinks about being brave until Asher realizes I can just Hellmouth it into range of my Woldwarden to port up and so it hangs back.

His Outriders move up and two of them get within ten of my Woldwyrd for their sprays, which means that I get to use Witch Mark AND MY WYRD IS A HERO AND MURDERS AN OUTRIDER!!!!

Seriously, well done little dude, you’re getting a better paint job sometime soon here.

The Outriders reposition, one to engage a Mannikin and the other to just hang back. The Ternian choose some models for clouds and that’s the turn.

Circle turn 2:

Now, I’m not totally sure if I can get to Sorscha this turn since she’s behind some dudes and in a forest and DEF 20 against shooting, but man she has an upkeep on her and I have to at least think about how I’m going to do it.

Wurmwood pulls all the Fury in, going to 10 with souls converting, the Stones each make 2-3 Fury and Spawn Mannikins.

The thing that’s niggling in my mind is the Outrider engaging my Mannikin. I start thinking about throws. I consult a judge to see if I can throw it at a Doomreaver and if the thrown model centers on it or stops upon contact (it stops on contact). This makes things a little less easy since My Warden can only walk up to the thing at an angle, so throwing directly away would get the Outrider way off to the left.

I keep chewing on it for a second and then realize that I can teleport Megalith up to it. All I need to do is move the Mannikin in front of the Outrider to clear a landing spot.

I didn’t get a good picture of this turn (it was super blurry), so below is a diagram of what happened and I’ll go in order with the colors.

1 - Red) Left Sentry Stone teleports to the right and the spawned Mannikin (the red x) aims. The other Mannikin walks around to engage the Doomreaver on the side. The aiming Mannikin kills two Doomreavers and the other Mannikin kills the third.

2 - Green) Shifting Stones teleport Megalith up into base to base with the Outrider such that directly away from him six inches will clip Sorscha.

3 - Magenta) Megalith activates, pops his animus for -2 DEF, does a throw and boosts to hit. He cannot lose the strength contest and then I call a judge over to resolve the throw for me so that nothing gets bumped. Sorscha gets knocked down, takes a few damage off the pow 12, and

4 - Light Blue) is displaced about a half inch forward and left

5 - Dark Blue) The Wyrd in the center is able to walk to a position where he can get Line of Sight to Sorscha, be in range, and be out of the Koldun Lord “don’t shoot” spell. He’s only dice off 3 and he gets a 3 dice shot at not snakes to hit followed by a 4 dice shot for damage thanks to Purgation and boosting. I roll pretty darn well and put her down in the first two shots, but Oddsmachine assures me that this was a 55% assassination run with just the Woldwyrd.

Victory for Circle!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I actually felt like this was a very safe play to make here since even if it failed, Sorscha would be all but dead next turn and I have a tremendous amount of options for the rest of my turn since I have only activated 3 things. I have already killed three Doomreavers, and on the right side my Wyrd can clear a line to the Koldun Lord, kill him, and then let me run a Sentry Mannikin up to Hellmouth the entire unit off the table.

My Wyrd on the left kills a few more Doomreavers since there’s no way to get to Sorscha with him I don’t think, and my Warden can put a boosted Stranglehold into the not KDed Outrider.

Wurmwood would feat this turn, get teleported right next to Megalith, and then I watch Sorscha’s army not do much while Sorscha beats a hasty retreat and I get to do another turn of shooting afterwards, leaving a couple of Doomreavers and the heavies to handle on the table which seems very doable.

Either way, it was nice to play a short game. Asher was incredibly amiable during the entire procedure and I was delighted to see that he took seventh overall - great job man!

Round five coming soon!