PDX Round 5: Iona (Dev Host) vs. Vayle 1 (Primal Terrors) - Warmachine and Hordes Circle Battle Reports

Going into round 5, there were only three undefeated players - myself, Charles aka Omnus, and Brandon, and so there was a chance that this would be the finals.

Charles and I got paired, and I knew he was going to play Vayle out of his Vayle/Thagrosh 2 pairing. I figured I would just play Iona and go with it, but in hindsight I think Wurmwood would have been a great drop as well. His lists really don’t like a ton of guns and I have a bunch in my Wurmwood list.

Charles won the roll, and decided to go second. He says this is his modus operandi against Tharn and that it’s been working pretty well for him.

Vayle 1
- Golab
- Neraph
- Ammok


Ogrun Warmongers
- Gorag
Chosen of Everblight
Chosen of Everblight

- Ghetorix
- Stalker
- Blood Shaman

Lord of the Feast
Ravager Shaman
Ravager White Mane
Night Witch

Boilmaster and Spirit Cauldron
Brighid and Caul
Ravagers and CA
Ravagers and CA

I’d like to talk about my deployment for a second here. I deliberately am overwhelming his side of the table because I want to be able to kill that Hellmouth in his zone and make it harder for him to contest my flag. I’m going to anchor my zone with Ghetorix who, I think, can actually take a full charge from a unit of Chosen, survive, and then kill most of them on the backswing. My Stalker is going to be the flex piece here and my Tharn are the battering ram.

Prey goes on the Hellmouth close to me. I’m going to need either Caul or Lord of the Feast to kill that thing.

Circle turn 1:

I run at him. I put Surefoot on a unit of Ravagers and don’t bother with Phantasm.

Legion turn 1:

Charles uses Leash on Golab and puts Chiller on the Warmongers. Vayle moves up camping three.

Charles runs up and clumps central to avoid the ambushing Bloodweavers as best he can.

He very VERY carefully positions Golab in a way which didn’t become readily apparent to me until most of the way through the next turn.

Circle turn 2:

I decide I don’t want a long game here and opt to try and assassinate. Ambushing Weavers run to range, Iona feats and puts a Hunters Mark onto Vayle.

Lord of the Feast is Divinely Inspired and gets Puppetmaster and BOY IS THAT a good thing since he misses his first and second bird shots into the Warmonger in front of Vayle. Between his four attacks, Vayle ends on 4 boxes and no transfers. We realized two days after the event that I couldn’t have boosted his initial attack on Vayle and gotten a corpse back because Golab was in range to prevent a corpse from being made.

The Stalker clears out charge ranges, and I actually have two potential charges with Ravagers here. My Whitemane runs up to give out Veteran Leader, and the first Ravager charges in.

Charles then triggers DARK SENTINEL which I had COMPLETELY forgotten about. Fortunately for me, Golab’s mind is out but he hits the attack after he moves up. He needs a boosted 9 to kill the Ravager and completely end my assassination run since he’s now blocking Line of Sight to Vayle and….he rolls 4, 3, 1 so the Ravager survives.

The super freaking lucky Ravager boosts his attack into Vayle and at dice + 4 kills her.

A (lucky) victory for Circle!

Post-Game Thoughts:

So I had a lot of options here, and to be honest if I had remembered Dark Sentinel I would have gone with something like this.

Iona doesn’t feat, and stays outside of Golab’s impressive 16 inch threat range.

Lord of the Feast gets all the trimmings and then charges into the Chosen unit. We roll this out, and he actually kills every member of the Chosen unit, a Warmonger, and a couple of Rot Wings.

At that point, the Ravagers come in in waves and…we see what happens, but I’m set up to score two on his turn if he doesn’t come in to contest.

Either way, got lucky and Brandon won his game so off we go to the finals.