Battle Report 102: Una 2 (Devourer's Host) vs. Kreoss 2 (Exemplar Interdiction)


Following the recent discussion on Facebook regarding my assessment of the faction, I decided to break my longstanding "play it painted" rule for Circle and test out a list that I had formerly written off as sub-optimal.

I've been hearing talk of double Tharn Ravagers in Devourer's Host being good enough to play, and DGI even had a top 3 place with it as a third list, so I copied it model for model and decided to put it onto the table.

My opponent had chosen, unbeknownst to me, a very infantry heavy Kreoss 2 list, a list which I believe gives the Tharn a great opportunity to show off what they can do.

Una 2

- Gorax

- Scarsfell x5

The Death Wolves

Tharn Ravagers (max) x2

- CA x2 (free)

Tharn Bloodtrackers


Kreoss 2

- Vanquisher

- Fire of Salvation

Bastion Seneschal (free)

- Crusader

Wrack x2

Knights Exemplar

- CA


- CA


Rhoven and Co.

We rolled up Extraction, and I was able to go first - again, optimal conditions for my list.

Blood Pack on the right are Ravagers #2, and the Whiteman is their CA.

I put prey on the Errants, distribute my corpse tokens to the Death Wolves, and off we went.

Circle turn 1:

Una goes first and puts


on the right unit of Ravagers,

Hand of Fate

 on the Bloodtrackers, and advances.

Side note - I just got the Circle upgrade pack from Broken Egg Games, and it is SO nice to finally have the

Hand of Fate


The Bloodtrackers ran up to 10.1 inches away from the Errants, with Ravagers behind them. On the right, the Tharn run up and the Birds all fly into spaces where they can land.

Menoth turn 1:

Kreoss puts out some spells,


 on the Errants (ewww),

Inviolable Resolve

 on the Knights Exemplar, and then charges forward.

Errants assault a couple of targets, picking off a Bloodtracker and dinging up a Ravager on the right hand side, triggering Vengeance.

The Bastions run up behind the wall, and the Knights do as well.

On the right, Crusader and Seneschal move up.

Circle turn 2:

Una pulls Fury, upkeeps both spells, and Vengeance and Apparition extend the Ravagers threat range by 5 inches.

Una moves up first, shooting down two Errants.

With her up so far, I am able to move Griffons around, kill a couple Errants each, and then Sprint back.

By the time I get around to activating my Ravagers, there are only four Errants left, three behind the wall and then one on the flag.

My Ravagers activate, and the comedy of errors ensues. First of all, I screw up placement and let my opponent freestrike one as I charge the KE behind the right hand Errant (mark your arcs guys, it saves so many headaches).

Then I forget that the Bastion Seneschal has defensive strike and lose another one that way.

THEN I miss four attacks in a row needing 5s and 7s. I was laughing my head off by the end of that activation.

Tharn: 0, Exemplars: 2

The Bloodtrackers murder the remaining Errant over there, getting a knocked down guy thanks to


I toss a random spear into a Bastion and hit, doing 6 damage thanks to

Hand of Fate


Ravagers and Death Wolves move up.

Menoth turn 2:

Ravagers die en masse on the right side, leaving two alive at the end.

Kreoss puts


 on the Bastions and moves up.

The Bastions jam me, and Fire runs up over the wall rather than risk being trapped behind it for the rest of the game.

The Vanquisher gets Eyeless Sight from Rhoven and blasts my clump of Griffons, doing over half their health each and lighting them all on fire.

Circle turn 3:

I upkeep both spells, and somehow all but one griffon loses fire.

Apparition plus Vengeance = two dead Knights Exemplar and a Corpse Token on both my remaining Ravagers.

Bloodtrackers with

Hand of Fate

 gun down the Bastions and get knocked down all over the place. Silly girls, don't go falling for Exemplars, they'll just die on you. I run the back Griffon to engage Fire, use Una to heal a damage off each Griffon that was hurt, and pop Feat.

Gorax puts


up, and that Griffon walks into Melee with Fire, killing him.

Two more Griffons go in and only do about half the health on the Crusader.

I get one point after running the Ravagers into the flag.

I forgot to photograph this turn, but Circle moves to 1-0.

Menoth turn 3:

He's got about 8 models left, but with Kreoss' feat, I still lose nearly half my army, including two Griffons and a bunch of Tharn.

He contests my flag with Choir and gets a point.

Score 1-1


Circle turn 4:

With Knocked down Bloodtrackers, I can't do a whole lot. 

Tharn go in and kill Rhoven, but not his buddies. 

Una kills off the last two Knights Exemplar. 

The two usable Griffons kill off the Crusader, and one sprints out. Prey swaps to Rhoven and buddies. 

I take my flag again and go to 2. 

By this point, my opponent and I have combined 8 minutes left on our clock. 

Score 2-1

Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 4:

Kreoss charges in and kills off four Tharn. The Vanquisher and Seneschal leave the right hand Griffon on 1 box and on fire.

Gaius and Cassian charge in and kill a Tharn and a Griffon and contest. My opponent clocks himself in here somewhere but we keep going.

I didn't take a picture here, but look at the next turn picture and imagine Gaius and Cassian in there somewhere.

Circle turn 5:

Fire on the Griffon goes out!

The remaining Male Tharn kill off Gaius and Cassian, and Prey swaps to Kreoss.

Bloodtrackers with Prey and

Hand of Fate

 need sixes to hit Kreoss at dice -6, and the Warcaster dies under a hail of spears.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts: infantry list for my POW 13 weapons to handle, Bastions (which are insanely squishy and ineffective outside of Harbinger it turns out), and terrain that heavily favored me, and I still felt like I had serious options to lose the game despite these advantages. 

The only thing that was exceptional about this list, I felt, was

Hand of Fate

 on Bloodtrackers, and let's be honest -

Hand of Fate

 on weaponmasters has never been disputed as strong.

First impression of the list - I'm not particularly impressed so far. Had this been a bunch of Menoth heavies under Kreoss, I would have basically bounced off them with my Ravagers, killed a couple with Griffons (like I did) and then lost most of/all of my Griffons to the ensuing counter-feat. I'd kill another heavy with Bloodtrackers probably, and then run out of steam.

I don't think it's going to be very common to bring this many dudes without threat extensions, so next time I play this list I'm going to ask my opponent to bring a bunch of warjacks and see how it goes.

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 101: Tanith (Storm Raptor, The Wild Hunt) vs. Thagrosh 1


I hadn't played a game with Circle in about a week, and I really wanted to bust Stormy out and put him on the table, so when my gaming group all were busy/out of town, I enlisted my roommate to let me get some of the Warmachine withdrawals out of my system.

I tossed together a really derpy list.

- Loki
- Pureblood
- Storm Raptor
- Woldwyrd x2
- Gorax

Shifting Stones x2

In the Wild Hunt theme to give the Storm Raptor tracker.

My opponent played:

Thagrosh 1
- Typhon
- Scythean
- Carnivean
- Seraph
- Protector

Deathstalker x2
Nyss Warlord

We rolled up Extraction, he won the roll off and correctly chose to go first.

I had forgotten how much Stormy makes taking pictures impossible. 

Off to the right, you can see my opponents homemade dice tray and then the Wyrmwood dice tray that I got sent last weekend to try out and review - expect that sometime soon!

Legion turn 1:

Fog of War goes up, which is annoying since Thagrosh will be too far back to really punish him for having the upkeep out. 

Everything runs at me, except the Deathstalkers who chill out. 

Circle turn 1:

Well I can move up and prevent him from charging me, but I can't really do much about his ranged presence. Fortunately, my opponent chose to put Typhon in the forest, and with that in mind, his threat range is really limited. 

Admonition ends up on Loki, who is in some Shifting Stones, and Scything Touch goes onto Stormy. I run the Gorax up the right side in case he doesn't contest on his next turn and I need something to take the flag with. 

Legion turn 2:

Another aggressive advance, the Seraph putting Flare onto both Loki and the Wyrd. His Carnivean moves up and shoots at the Woldwyrd, doing a small amount of damage. Typhon derps out of the forest, and the Protector moves up so it can shield guard the three combat heavies. 

Thagrosh moves outside of the killbox. 

Circle turn 2:

I get REALLY greedy this turn, and decide to try and shoot down at least one heavy and then commit Stormy to kill off another without Primal. 

Between Pureblood sprays and Wyrd shots, both Typhon and the Carnivean are on life support when Stormy does go in (I rolled really hot) and then proceeds to miss all but two (?) attacks, leaving them both alive. I should have just Primaled him.

Loki hooks in the Seraph but can't do enough damage to it. 

Tanith moves up, boosts a shot into the Carnivean and misses, hitting Stormy instead and doing 6 damage >< 

Stones port both Loki and Tanith back. I get a point from the Gorax, so...yay?

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 3:

Stormy dies to the Scythean plus Carnivean, and then Typhon forces to regen and charges my Pureblood killing it. 

The Protector runs up to the flag, taking it and standing in Shield Guard range of basically everyone. 

A Deathstalker runs up to contest the flag where the Gorax is hiding out. 

Score 1-1

Circle turn 3:

I figure I can try and kill all of his heavies with Loki and Wyrds (not impossible actually) OR I can try and win here with the opening I've been given. 

Wyrds do 95% of the Protectors boxes, with the last Wyrd missing 2 of 3 attacks. 

Tanith moves up and shoots down the Protector, Feating, and casting Affliction onto Thagrosh. She puts Primal onto Loki and camps one - I should have put Scything Touch on Loki. 

Loki gets ported up, warps Strength, and boosts a hit into Thagrosh, yanking him in. His free attack connects and leaves him on 1 (should have been five, forgot about the Strength debuff). 

He's on two transfers and I have three attacks at dice damage, needing 3s to hit. 

I hit all three attacks, doing enough to force him to transfer every time, even with five boxes. The last attack connects and he fails his tough check. 

(Undeserved) Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Man I made a mess out of this. If Tanith could have shot at the Carnivean before Stormy went in (translation, if I hadn't boxed her out turn 1) he would have murdered both him and Typhon. If I'd just put Primal up, the Storm Raptor lives for another turn, as does the Pureblood. 

I got extremely lucky on my last turn with Loki's attacks all hitting and doing enough damage AND my opponent not making a tough check. Any one of those things change and I lose this game, plain and simple. 

A goofy list, I probably won't be coming back to it without extensive revamping - Stormy has to be playable with more than just Kromac 2 right? 

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 88 - Spokane Team Championship Round 3: Baldur 2 (Bones of Orboros) vs. Thyra


I felt like really crushed the pairing round for this matchup. I got my Vlad 2 player into the Captain of Team Salt who was running Caine 2 and Caine 3. I was able to match Fyanna into Non-Kreoss 1 Menoth, and I got Doomshaper into Karchev, which also felt like a good matchup.

Myself? I was playing my regular Menoth opponent, and we had played this matchup what felt like a dozen times. He had an Amon list that he had built to be all the desert things (Idrians, Amon, Punch Monks etc.) and also a Thyra list.

We were playing Recon, and there was an off center obstacle, so I knew I was playing Baldur.

He chose to drop Thyra.

Baldur 2 (Bones of Orboros)
- Woldwrath
- Woldwrath
- Megalith

Sentry Stone x2
Stoneshaper x3



- Blood of Martyrs
- Castigator
- Heirophant

Avatar of Menoth
Punch Monk x2

Choir of Menoth (Min)
Knights Exemplar
- CA
Daughters of the Flame

Fuel Cache

I won the roll off and decided to go first. He took the side where his Fuel Cache cloud and a forest would be able to block my LOS.

Circle turn 1:

Smalls and Tiny gallop up the field. I cannot even remember if I bothered to put up Roots of the Earth this turn since my opponent has no shooting.

Baldur moves up and Purifies himself.

Menoth turn 1:

I have given my opponent one Mannikin to charge if he wants to. He goes for it, and the rest run to engage.

Thyra puts up Silence of Death on the Knights, Occultation on the Flamebringers, and Gates of Death on herself.

Knights run up on the left, Flamebringers scream up the table on the right. His Jacks all move up behind the cloud/forest wall.

His Punch Monks do Shifting Sands Stance and move up.

Circle turn 2:

I'm about to get to try out one of the Woldwrath tricks I've been wanting to. I place a Mannikin in the middle of his Daughters and Monk.

Mannikins activate and spend an absurd amount of Fury to kill off two Daughters.

Smalls shoots the central Mannikin, killing all four Daughters there, and doing enough damage to the Monk to force a Tough Check, which it passes (curses!).

Tiny shoots the Knight in the zone, boosting blast damage on the Punch Monk next to him but failing to kill.

At the end of the turn, I've put a huge no-go zone for his Knights if they want to be relevant.

Megalith puts Roots of the Earth on Tiny and Baldur casts Rock Wall to prevent the Avatar from getting to either of my Wraths.

Menoth turn 2:

My opponent chances his left Punch Monk moving up, and it dies to the lightning storm. The other one moves up out of the one he was in.

The Avatar pops Gaze and runs, catching Tiny in it.

Flamebringers run again, one going to engage Baldur.

Circle turn 3:

Well...I can't really say no to the Avatar can I?

Mannikins move out of the way and spray the objective. Tiny charges and smashes the Avatar to bits.

I put a lot more into the objective, ending with Smalls' gun, and it still doesn't die. That being said, there's a lovely 5 inch AOE of death to Knights Exemplar between them and Tiny.

Smalls also cast Druid's Wrath and a Stoneshaper sprays down the Flamebringer engaging Baldur.

Megalith pops Undergrowth and the other Stoneshaper kills the Punch Monk (yes!).

Baldur moves over, pops a Rock Wall, and uses his Feat.

Menoth turn 3:

Blood gets two Focus and Apparates up. Thyra charges Tiny and Feats.

The Choir awkwardly cannot get to Blood without going through the AOE of Death, but they do battle the Castigator.

He moves up and Combusts the two Mannikins away before bashing Tiny with a bought attack.

Blood charges Tiny. Daughter Cav charge Tiny.

At the end, Tiny has about 33 boxes left. Thyra pops over to the flag with Gates of Death. 

Circle turn 4:

Tiny smashes Blood to bits and then knocks the Castigator down.

Mannikin and Stoneshaper Sprays kill off all but one KE and all but one Flamebringer.

Smalls charges and kills the Castigator but cannot quite reach the objective.

Look, the Wraths are having a conversation, how nice!
Menoth turn 4:

Thyra goes ABSOLUTELY ham here. She charges Tiny at dice - 9 and does 25 damage in three boosted attacks.

The Daughter Cav does another five, and the lone remaining KE goes in and finishes Tiny off.


Many tears were shed. My opponent and I agree that Menoth ought to raise Thyra's husband from the dead as payment for this.

My opponent scores a point.

Score 0-1
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 5:

Smalls, in a fit of rage, tramples over four guys and kills them all before realizing he cannot see the objective anymore.

Stoneshapers and Mannikins and Megalith and Baldur ALL have to put spells into killing the last two guys in the zone.

A Stoneshaper kills off the remaining Flamebringer, and another goes with him to contest.

I score 3 points.

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 4:

Thyra charges and kills a Stoneshaper before Strangleholding the other one to Death and porting back to her flag to score a final control point.

I also score two, going to five.

Score 5-2

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Pow 11 Weaponmasters do not deal with ARM 23 58 box stone monkeys very well, and even less so when I can trivially put down a wall to prevent their poor pathfinder-less selves from charging me from all angles. 

Thyra going bananas there was quite a sight to behold, truly terrifying. 

As for the team? The matchups paid off. Kayazy Eliminators under Vlad's feat killed Caine, Doomie Ground out 5 control points against Karchev, and Fyanna killed Feora, leading my team to 9 wins overall and first place!

Most impressive? The event started at 9:30 and we were done by 3:30, including a thirty minute lunch break. Props to our EO, I have never been to an event with such a tight time-line. 

Battle Report 87 - Spokane Team Championship Round 2: Baldur 2 (Bones of Orboros) vs. Kaya 3


I had not known specifically what the other team captains were playing ahead of time (we had to submit lists by a certain date), but I had had a pretty good idea, and I had deliberately teched for their play styles.

Unfortunately, this worked too well round 2, and the Captain of Team Friends United in the Chorus of Kaen and Menoth Everywhere chickened I mean whimped I mean strategically chose to match himself into something a little less hostile towards him.

That meant that I was paired into the other Circle player in the Meta playing Krueger 2 and Kaya 3.

Krueger 2 was a slam dunk loss for Tanith, and so Baldur 2 was coming out to play.

My list was:

Baldur 2 (Bones of Orboros)
- Woldwrath
- Woldwrath
- Megalith

Sentry Stone x2
Stoneshaper x3


And my opponent dropped Kaya 3:

Kaya 3
- Feral Warpwolf
- Shadowhorn Satyr x2
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Scarsfell Griffon x3


Wolf Riders
Swamp Gobbers

Fuel Cache

I got to go first on Extraction. The plan was simple - march my Woldwraths up to the flags and sit there, putting a Rock Wall in front of whichever one is likely to get charged by more things.

Good Circle turn 1:

Baldur got his Wurm token, and everything ran up. He kept his Wurm token and took a damage. Turn 1 for this list is really boring usually. 

There was a bit of a problem with this table though, since the wall on the right was going to make placing that Woldwrath tricky. 

I've been playing too much Infinity, look at the right side Manikins
Baa-aaaad Circle turn 1:

My opponent used the Wolf Riders to jam me up. Goats ran up everywhere. 

A cloud was placed next to the one from the Fuel Cache.

Kaya cast Synergy and Soothing Song to figure out Fury problems and passed the turn.

Good Circle turn 2:

I basically just need to get the Wraths within 4 of the flags this turn and keep them out of the charge range of the Feral. I also need to keep Baldur way, way away from the Shadowhorns. 

Mannikins aim and kill a few Wolf Riders. Forests are placed again, and the Sentry Stones port behind them. 

The left Wrath moves up and blasts a Wolf Rider down, doing about 1/3 of the health on the two Griffons. 

The Right Woldwrath (that one is named Tiny by the way) moved up and finished off the remaining central Wolf Rider (and several Mannikins). 

Baldur activated, healed one from Megalith, Feated, and cast a rock wall next to him just in case I had not considered every threat range from the Shadowhorns. He took two more from his tokens and I passed the turn.

Baaa-aaad Circle turn 2:

Griffons charge in to start the Synergy train. 

The Wolf Rider moves up and shoots at a Stoneshaper, doing 1, and then backing up. 

The central Shadowhorn moves around the house, leaps in, and only kills one Sentry Stone thanks to my feat, and then repositions out of the way.

The Blackclad charges (!!!) Tiny and ACTUALLY HURTS HIM (!!!!!).

My opponent passes.

Good Circle turn 3:

I pour a lot of resources into killing the closest Griffon so that the Woldwrath (That one is called Smalls) can move up, take the flag, and kill the other one. 

Megalith kills the impertinent Shadowhorn, staying 10 inches from the Gnarlhorn. Tiny fails to kill the Blackclad. 

Baldur casts Druid's Wrath and also puts Rock Wall down between the Gnarlhorn and Smalls. 

I score 1 point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Good Circle

Baa-aad Circle turn 3:

Well...with the Blackclad not dying, I think I am about to lose Megalith. 

Kaya moves over and Feats. 

The Griffon starts the Synergy, the Feral moves over and puts Primal on the Gnarlhorn, and the Blackclad Hunters' Marks Megalith. 

The Gnarlhorn goes in, and cannot quite seal the deal, leaving Megalith on 8 boxes. 

Score 1-0
Advantage Good Circle

Good Circle turn 4:

I make a Mannikin and beasts Heal from the theme. 

The Mannikin sprays Smalls in the back, boosting to hit the contesting Gobber and succeeding. 

Smalls turns and punches the Mannikin, knocking the Griffon over and then killing it.

Tiny manages to kill the Blackclad after putting ALL of his attacks into it. 

Megalith barely kills the Gnarlhorn.

Baldur kills the Wolf Rider and I get two more points. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Good Circle

Baa-aad Circle turn 4:

My opponent wants to get a control point for his team, so Kaya charges Smalls. The Feral puts Primal on the Shadowhorn, which goes in and kills the objective. My opponent concedes, and I score two more points. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This went basically as expected. Without multiple heavies starting out at PS 18 or higher and a Pureblood, Kaya 3 has very little game into an ARM skew this extreme. 

This team was the leading team after round 1. My team managed to split 2-2 with them, but they got 5 more control points than us, leading us by 7 control points overall. Round 3 we would have to win at least one more game than them or score at least 8 more control points than they did. A tall order. 

This game, I lost 7 30 mm, 1 40 mm, and 1 50 mm model as well as a win, for a total of 130 reps of push ups and sit ups. 

Battle Report 86 - Spokane Team Championship Round 1: Tanith (The Wild Hunt) vs. Vlad 1 (Winter Guard Command)


This event was the first (hopefully) annual Team Tournament for Eastern Washington. Four captains were chosen from among the meta, and those four captains drafted teams from among a pool of pre-registered participants.

I was chosen as Captain of Team Mom (long story, ask at your peril), and we had 12 other people sign up for the event, meaning teams of four.

My team consisted of myself (Tanith/Baldur 2), my roommate (Fyanna 2/Lylyth 3), a Khador player (Vlad 2/Irusk 2), and our lone trolls player (Doomie 3/Ragnor).

Scoring for the event was based on the number of wins per team as first tie breaker, total control points as second tie breaker, and army points destroyed as third tie breaker.

My strategy for this event was basically to force the other captains to play me if I could in the pairing stage and to get at least one good matchup for Khador or Trolls while trusting Fyanna 2 or Lylyth 3 to pose serious problems for basically any pairing in the game.

Round 1 this worked out, and I ended up across the table from my good friend Adam running Strakhov 2 with Legion of Steel and Vlad 1 in Winter Guard Kommand.

My lists were:

Tanith (The Wild Hunt)
- Loki
- Wyrd x3
- Moonhound x2

Reeves and CA x2
Wolves and CA

Fuel Cache


Baldur 2
- Woldwrath
- Woldwrath
- Megalith

Sentry Stone x2
Stoneshaper x3

I knew my opponent could not drop Legion of Steel into Tanith. It's an all melee army based on single wound ARM spam with no less than three upkeeps. I also knew I could not drop Baldur 2 into his Vlad list easily since it had three Marauders in it.

This led to me picking Tanith and my opponent picking Vlad. I lost the roll, and my opponent opted to choose the side with the best defensive terrain.

Vlad 1
- Marauder x3
- Juggernaut x2

Rifle Corps (min) and 3 Rockeeteers x3
Field Gun
Mortar Crew

My opponent advanced moved his Jacks before I took a picture of his deployment, but they were basically all back 4 inches.

Circle turn 1:

I have to get up the table fast - those Jacks can run 16 inches on Vlad's feat turn, and I can only kill a couple of them per turn.

Fortunately, he is going to have to funnel all of his Winterguard into the middle or else risk losing half his army to ambushing Wolves.

Loki runs up, carefully staying just over fourteen inches away from his heavies (they're so fast!). Tanith puts Scything Touch on Loki and Admonition on herself, drops a fury, and advances.

Everything else runs up to just outside of shooting ranges on his Winterguard. I spread out the left side unit a LOT, carefully checking to make sure a 4 inch AOE from the Mortar can't clip more than a couple of them.

Khador turn 1:

Vlad casts Windwall, Feats, and charges into the trench. (Side note, I need a Pureblood in this list somewhere).

His Jacks all run at me. Greattt.

Winterguard move in, but the far left unit cannot get far enough away from the edge of the board...

That's a lot of Khador heavies in my face.

Circle turn 2:

I have to kill two heavies, preferably more, and all of the rockets this turn.

Time for an Ambush!

Wolves come in on the left side, and after Tanith leaches and upkeeps both spells, they charge in. Somehow, two of the Winterguard survive, but most die and I reposition to engage some of the other unit.

On the home front, the two Wyrds next to Loki's Marauder mostly kill it. Loki moves to the space between them, warps for no CRA's, and kills the mostly dead one before dinging up the second one.

Two big Reeve CRA's (they pop their mini feat) and a Wyrd nearly finish it, and the Moonhound walks up and puts him down.

Tanith moves up and out of killbox, pops her feat and channels Affliction onto the remaining Marauder.

She camps two, and the last unit of Reeves activate.

They move up, kill all six remaining rockets, and put 16 individual shots into the Marauder for 16 damage. That alone took nearly three minutes to roll out >< The Reeves on the right also pop their mini-feat. Lots of DEF 17 models.

Khador turn 2:

My opponent decides he needs to assassinate or lose here. He allocates two to his Juggernaut.

I'm a little curious as to how he is planning on making this work, since I have Admonition on Tanith (see the token on he picture above?), and then I remember that the Field Gun knocks down.

Then I also remember that it can only move four inches and I am pretty sure I am still safe.

My opponent has Vlad cast Signs and Portents. His right side Winterguard all CRA the Reeve in the way of his Juggernaut.

He moves up his other unit and take a pot shot at another Reeve, which I Shield Guard with Loki.

His Field Gun is indeed out of range, and he shoots at my Argus, missing.

At this point, I move the Admonition token and the Fury in front of Tanith to be sure it is visible.

My opponent activates his Marauder and kills a couple Reeves.

His right hand Juggernaut kills a couple more.

"Hey would you mind moving that token for me so I can put the Juggernaut in front of Tanith please?" (Side Note - he asked me to put this in the battle report, I would not do it to be mean, Adam and I are good buds)

I move the Admonition token out of the way for his Juggernaut to move up.

"Trigger Admonition, scoot three inches to the right".

The deflated Juggernaut kills a bunch of Reeves and the Woldwyrd.

Circle turn 3:

The Fury is pulled, the spells are upkept.

The Argus moves up and kills a Rifleman.

Loki warps Strength, rolls pretty hot, and kills the Juggernaut without assistance (I was counting on a couple of big CRAs to finish him off).

The right hand Reeves and the Wyrd kill the Marauder with a bunch more individual shots.

The other Wyrd kills a pair of Riflemen.

The left unit of Reeves kills off most of the remaining Riflemen.

The two living Winterguard from the Ambush annoyingly tie up half the unit of Wolves, but there are enough to charge over and kill the Field Gun and engage the Mortar.

Tanith moves up to the flag and re-casts Admonition.

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Khador turn 3:

The two remaining Winterguard run to contest. Joe kills a Wolf.

The Juggernaut kills the Argus and a Reeve, and then Vlad casts Blood of Kings on himself and charges Loki. He misses his charge attack and camps his three.

Score 1-0 
Advantage Circle
Circle turn 4:

I upkeep Scything Touch and Admonition.

First tie breaker is Wins, Second is Control Points, so even though I think Vlad is dead here, I decide to mop up the flags a bit.

Wolves kill Joe and Mortars and one Winterguard.

Wyrds kill the other Winterguard.

The right unit of Reeves run to form a lovely flower shaped clump around the flag.

Loki warps Strength and Headbutts Vlad, needing a boosted 11 to hit. He connects. His last two attacks barely scratch Vlad's paint.

Tanith activates, casts Affliction on Vlad, and my opponent concedes, scoring me three more control points for my team.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

With my opponent remembering Admonition, this game gets much worse as I believe Loki just dies. I still think I can kill off two more heavies the next turn by upkeeping and then recasting Affliction, but without the heavy beast there it gets much harder.

The Reeves having Hunter made a BIG difference this game, as I was able to snipe out the rockets from the trench without worrying too much about it. 7s to hit and 6s to kill isn't too bad when you get to take 44 shots a turn.

Another interesting point - I had forgotten how strong a bunch of infantry can be on attrition. When your opponent gets down to lower and lower numbers of attacks, he just cannot kill enough fast enough to get ahead on Scenario. This was one of the main tenants of Mark 2, and it is something I had forgotten.

My team had done well, having had Fyanna take down Issyria, Vlad 2 scenario out Iron Mother, and Ragnor sadly killboxing himself against Haley 2, for a round 1 score of 3 wins and 12 control points, with about 300 army points (122 from my game).

I lost two 40 mm bases and 8 30 mm bases this game, as well as winning it for a grand total of 120 reps of push ups and sit ups for Warmachine Fight Club. Ouch.

On to round two!

Battle Report 84: Tanith, the Feral Song (The Wild Hunt) vs. Amon Ad-Raza

Warmachine Fight Club:

My roommate and I play a fair amount of Warmachine, and it's been really fun to see him grow as a player.

Unfortunately, he's decided that the best way to get us into shape is to make working out connected to Warmachine.

Here's what he's come up with - every time you lose a model, you do a set of sit ups or push ups.

If you lose a:

30 mm - 5 reps
40 mm - 15 reps
50 mm - 30 reps
120 mm - 80 reps

If you win the game - 50 reps.

You can't do the same thing twice in a row, so you have to alternate between the two forms, and you can do any variation on them that you like.

Being as I am an avid Warmachine player and also verrryyy out of shape, this is going to suck.

The Game:

Tonight I got a chance to play my ridiculous Tanith list into Amon Ad-Raza, running a slightly less battlegroup heavy build and including Idrians:

- Heirophant
- Crusader
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Castigator
- Guardian

Punch Monk x2

Choir (max)
Idrians and CA

I was playing my silly Wolf Sworn Tanith list:

- Loki
- Wyrd x3
- Moonhound x2

Reeves (max) and CA x2
Wolves (max) and CA

We rolled up Extraction for the Scenario, and I won the roll off. I chose to go first, and my opponent took the side with the hill (the right call).

The Idrians put prey on my newest Woldwyrd, and we were off.

Circle turn 1:

Reeves on the left side ran up to just outside of 16 inches of his Idrians.

On the right, the unit ran up to just behind the forest.

Tanith put Scything Touch on Loki, put Admonition on herself, and moved up.

Everything else moved up.

Menoth turn 1:

The Idrians, outthreatened at every turn and with their mini-feat essentially useless, decided to run and get up on the hill and screen the Punch Monk.

The Choir sings "No Shooting".

The 'Jacks moved up to screen Amon after he cast Synergy and Mobility.

Circle turn 2:

No shooting is a problem for this list, but my opponent had deployed slightly wonky and two of his Jacks weren't going to get the benefit next turn.

I decided this was as good of a turn as any to Ambush my Wolves of Orboros.

Tanith pulled Fury and upkept both spells, and then the Wolves Ambushed on the left side.

They charged in, killing all but four Idrians and repositioning away.

The left Reeves killed the Punch Monk with a massive CRA, and then killed 3 of 4 Idrians.

A Wyrd killed the last one, and the right side of the table just moved up a little bit.

I knew my opponent would likely commit to get three scenario points, but I also felt like I could then kill two of his heavies and contest for the rest of the game.

Menoth turn 2:

Stuff commits. The two Jacks that don't get choir songs go in and clear/control the flag and almost kill the objective.

Fort Amon bunkers up again, and my opponent gets 2 points.

Score 0-2
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 3:

Time to go! The left Moonhound moves up to engage the Guardian for future Scything Touch silliness.

Loki moves up, warps Strength, and hooks the Reckoner in.

He then misses 3 attacks.

The left Reeves CRA the Reckoner down to about 10 boxes, and the first Wyrd finishes off the 'Jack.

Tanith moves up, Feats, puts Scything Touch on the Moonhound and shoots the Guardian with her gun. She hits, and then casts Affliction on him.

The remaining Wyrds kill him pretty handily and then the Reeves on the right CRA the Punch Monk to death.

The Wolves move around the forest to engage some Choir and be ready to pop mini-feat and charge next turn with the CA hiding behind the little forest.

Score 0-2
Advantage Menoth

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent sees the writing on the wall and decides to just inflict maximum sit up and push up pain on me.

Amon kills some wolves, the Crusader kills some Reeves.

I lose a Moonhound to the Castigator and then lose Loki and the objective to the Reckoner.

My opponent gets another point.

Score 0-3
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 4:

Tanith moves up and cranks her hit roll, Shadow Binding Amon. 

The Wolves pop mini-feat and charge in, the first attack taking the Warcaster down. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

If I want this list to play into Menoth, I really, really need a Pureblood. 

I really should have dropped my Baldur 2 list, but I still don't have my second Woldwrath painted up, and I didn't want to use my borrowed one. I expect that with better choir deployment, this game goes a lot worse for me. 

I must say though, this list is silly fun to play, an entire ambushing weaponmaster unit is AWESOME and having two units of Reeves means that the world is pretty much gonna die. 

At the end of the match, I had lost 6 small based models, 1 medium, 2 large, and won the game, for a grand total of 155 reps of various things. Ughhh. 

Battle Report 81: Baldur 2 (Bones of Orboros) vs. Fyanna 2 (Ravens of War)


I'm testing for the Seattle Open this weekend (I have NO idea what I'm playing yet guys D: ), and this Baldur 2 list seemed really strong. I needed one more Stoneshaper to play it painted, so last night I sat down for an hour and finished the third one up before rolling up scenario.

My opponent opted for another Fyanna 2 theme force, which meant no AD for me.

Baldur 2
- Woldwrath
- Megalith
- Woldwarden
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Stoneshaper x3 (all free)
Gallows Grove

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones


Fyanna 2
- Archangel
- Seraph
- Angelius

Death Stalker
Spell Martyr

Max Raptors

The Scenario was Extraction, and my opponent won the roll off. He opted for first (dang it) so I took the side with the forest.

My plan here is to put the Wrath away from almost everything else so he can't get to Megalith and Baldur by charging the Wrath. I could also use Rock Wall to ensure that the Archangel didn't get into the fight until I wanted it to.

Also quick shout out to Broken Egg Games for sending me a preview set of the Circle War Sticks (you can see them forming my deployment line there). I'll be writing a review of them up in the next day or two time permitting, but suffice to say they are very pretty and they are VERY useful.

My opponent puts Prey from Anyssa on the right side Woldwyrd.

Legion turn 1:

Everything runs. The Seraph casts Slipstream to move the Angelius up, the Forsaken eats a ton of fury, and the Raptors are already in my face.

Fyanna dumps 3, feats, and charges the Woldwrath.

Remember that nice, empty table? Yeah it's not anymore.

Circle turn 1:

Well I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I really don't get much of a chance to advance anywhere major, and I don't think I want to Feat just yet.

The forest is going to do a great job of preventing the Archangel from getting a charge onto anything but the Woldwrath, and he's going to have to Slipstream his Angelius around to have LoS to anything other than the Wrath as well.

Furthermore (as my thought process goes), if he puts Fury on anything, ANYTHING, it's dead if I keep my Woldwyrds alive.

Alright, we have a plan, let's execute it.

I premeasure out where the Archangel can and can't go, and then I premeasure my Woldwrath's movement and the Rock Wall. The Woldwrath runs (not for free guys because apparently Baldur only lets them charge and trample and throw for free).

His entourage of Stoneshapers moves up base to base with him.

I apply Sentry Mannikins to jam up the side. Megalith advances and puts Roots of the Earth on the Woldwrath.

Baldur moves up, casts Rock Wall and Roots of the Earth on Megalith, and forgets to purify again. Doh!

The Waldwarden moves up and casts Roots of the Earth on himself.

Both Woldwyrds hide in the bunker of heavies, and the Shifting Stones port around Baldur.

Legion turn 2:

Now it's my opponents turn to be on the back foot!

He pulls fury and thinks. He's got two real choices here - back up and shoot a bit OR go all in.

This is Warmachine and Hordes guys, he goes all in.

Slipstream on the Seraph puts the Angelius in range of and in LoS of Megalith.

The Raptors clear out Mannikins with impact attacks and kill one of the Sentry Stones.

The Archangel moves up and shoots Megalith twice, but does no damage.

The Angelius charges Megalith, and does about a third to a half of his health boxes.

Circle turn 2:

I pull in my fury, place a Mannikin, and drop Rock Wall. Megalith heals 3 damage between the Feat and the Theme force, and Baldur heals his one.

The Warden tries a double handed throw on the Raptor next to him and...misses. He buys an attack and hits, killing it.

The Wyrd behind him aims and shoots down the Raptor in front of Megalith. Megalith charges the Angelius for free, boosts to hit, and does good damage. He uses two more attacks to kill off the beast.

The Woldwrath goes into the Seraph, killing it.

All three Stoneshapers move up and pull a Fury off of the Woldwrath each.

The Stones port up out of the way, and the other Woldwyrd rolls a bit hot on his damage rolls and kills two more Raptors.

An aiming Sentry Mannikin nearly kills Annyssa, and Baldur moves up.

I have two choices here - I can save Megalith with the Rock Wall or I can try and save the Woldwrath.

I run some quick math in my head and determine that even with super hot rolls, the Wrath survives an Archangel with Fury on it, so I place the Rock Wall so that the Archangel can't land anywhere near Megalith. Baldur Feats and I pass the turn.

Legion turn 3:

The Raptor on the right hand side charges the Sentry Stone, dropping it to two boxes.

Anyssa moves up, kills the Mannikin, and puts a shot into the Stone, doing nothing.

The Spell Martyr runs to control the flag, the Deathstalker moves up to control THAT flag, and Fyanna moves behind the house to cast Fury on the Archangel.

The Archangel moves up and proceeds to roll CRAZY FIRE DICE.

Quick math: Archangel gets 5 dice -1 attacks (that's 30 damage average) and 2 dice -2 attacks (another 10 damage) for 40 damage total.

Yeah not even close. The Wrath takes 51 damage and nearly dies. I was scared guys.

After that minor heart attack, my opponent scores two points and calls it a turn.

See the health boxes on the iPad??

Score 0-2
Advantage to the Blight

Circle turn 3:

Things heal one point. The Shifting Stones pull 2 from Megalith and one from the Wrath, and Baldur pulls four from the Wyrds.

The Wyrds go first, and drop the Archangel to 10 boxes. Love me some Purgation shots.

The Shifting Stones pop a Healing Field. Megalith moves up, contests the flag, and kills the Archangel before casting Crevasse at the Spell Martyr, killing it, and then boosting attack and damage on the Raptor, killing it.

The Woldwrath moves up and punches both solos to death, landing on the flag.

My Sentry Mannikin controls the flag while the Stone sits behind the forest.

The Woldwarden charges and misses Anyssa.

The Stoneshapers move up and heal 15 damage off of the Woldwrath. Nice.

Baldur moves up and puts Roots of the Earth on both Megalith and the Woldwrath.

This time I score two points.

Score 2-2
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 4:

Fyanna moves up and tries to kill Megalith. Anyssa punches the Warden.

I score another point.

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I'm sure many of you are going "Fyanna is RIGHT THERE, just kill her already!"

Let's do some math here guys - you win if you get 5 points and you win if you kill their warlock. 

To get five points, I have to kill an auto hit objective at dice +1 and put a solo on one of two flags if I can kill a nearly dead Cavalry model with Megalith. 

To kill Fyanna, I have to hit every attack because she has Dodge, which will ruin my plans. 

I'm definitely going to go for the easy way out here. 

I put down another Sentry Mannikin on the right side flag. 

Megalith charges and kills Anyssa. 

The Wrath moves up and kills the objective, and his entourage heals him another 11 damage. Sweet. 

I end my turn and score 2 more points.

Score 5-2

Victory for the Druids!


My opponent played a really aggressive turn 1 this game. I was backpedaling for the first two turns of the game, and the only reason I was able to survive was a combination of Rock Wall and my opponent not having a Naga in his list to hand out Wraithbane. My opponent could also have saved his Feat for one more turn I think, and I would have been in much bigger trouble.

I don't think Baldur can safely drop into a lot of Legion lists if they have the Naga.

Definitely a cool list, I'm excited to keep playtesting it - gotta love big stone monkeys punching stuff right?

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 80: Baldur 1 (Bones of Orboros) vs. Thagrosh 1


I've been really thinking about Bones of Orboros as an effective gunline for the last couple weeks, and there are a few casters that really piqued my interest.

Baldur 1 sticks out for a couple of reasons. First of all, he's got a great feat to let you get 2-3 rounds of shooting in. He also has a great ARM buff for the Woldwrath, and he can heal Woldwyrds (a big plus). Add to that a great spell for Geomancy (Earth Spikes is amazing), and you've got a gunline that can reasonably kill a heavy a turn and also has a PS 21 ARM 22 Colossal running around at the back.

I tossed together a Bones of Orboros tier list to play since I was already playing mostly Wolds, and I discovered that I was DRASTICALLY under points in terms of painted models available. My ideal list would drop the second Shifting Stone unit and both Gallows Groves for another Wyrd (since I'm playing two points down) OR for two Stoneshapers and keep the second Stone unit.

Either way, I need to paint a Wyrd or two Stoneshapers before I can try it. Sometimes playing painted is hard.

My pair for this list was a Kromac 1 list with a billion beasts and a couple Wyrds. I can't not put Wyrds in lists guys, they're fantastic.

My opponent had for me Thagrosh 1 beast brick and Lylyth 3 with double Archangel.

No way on Earth am I dropping Kromac into a gunline that strong, so Baldur it was. My opponent decided on Thagrosh.

Baldur 1
- Druid Wilder (Free!)
- Woldwrath
- Megalith
- Woldwyrd x3

Blackclad x2 (Free!)
Gallows Grove x2

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2


Thagrosh 1
- Proteus
- Carnivean
- Scythean
- Seraph
- Protector
- Naga

Shepherd x2
Forsaken x2

We were playing Outlast, and my opponent won the die roll, taking the side he liked better.

Gotta say, I love two extra inches of deployment.

Circle turn 1:

Full speed ahead! Wanna know what's great? Running without forcing.

Both Sentry Stones rolled max fury and ported up, making forests.

Megalith riled and ran into Stones, which ported him up as well.

Everything else ran full speed, except Baldur. He advanced, cast Stone Skin on the Woldwrath and put up Solid Ground. 

Legion turn 1:

I'm pretty far up the table already, and he can't really put up defensive animi or the Woldwyrds melt his heavies.

He Slipstreams Typhon forward, and puts the sprays into Megalith, doing 26 damage at dice -6 over three attacks. That means 41 pips on 9 dice, which for those counting at home is 10 over average. Oucchhhh.

Fortunately, he's just out of range of every other ranged attack in his list.

Both Forsaken get loaded up after beasts rile and run.

Circle turn 2:

Well Megalith wasn't supposed to be nearly so close to dead, but he lived and heals 4 (d3 from himself, 1 from the theme).

I measure it out, and the Woldwrath can get onto the Scythean if I Hunters Mark him, even with Stone Skin, so I upkeep both spells.

I do some quick math, and I think there's a reasonable chance of killing Typhon with shooting. I can get two Wyrds into him, a Blackclad spray, two fully boosted Earth Spikes, and some boosted Mannikin sprays. It's better to spray him here since Thagrosh's Strength Sapping aura makes the Mannikins PS 9.

I get that ball rolling first, and am able to kill Typhon without committing Baldur's Earth Spikes.

The Blackclad on the righ lands his Hunters Mark on the Scythean, and at dice +3, Tiny puts him down quite easily. (Max reach kept me just outside of Thagrosh's aura).

With that, I move Baldur up and Feat, healing Megalith for two and standing on the hill. Cover plus elevation means I'm DEF 19 against non-sprays, and DEF 15 against sprays.

Finally, my far right Wyrd moves up and shoots his Forsaken down.

Legion turn 2:

Since I've moved Megalith back, his only real target is the Woldwrath.

He puts Draconic Blessing on the Carnivean, and Wraithbane on both the Carnivean and the Seraph, and the beasts go in, doing about half the Wrath's health between them.

He Feats Typhon back, and keeps him in front of Thagrosh. His Protector charges the tree since he was going to contest anyway, and one Gallows Grove dies. The right zone gets both of the Shepherds in it, and the left has a Forsaken in the corner.

Circle turn 3:

Models heal (man I love that) and Baldur drops Solid Ground. Shifting Stones leach four Fury, letting me pull most of it back.

I start things off by shooting Typhon down again with roughly the same amount of models.

The Woldwrath punches the Carnivean to death, and then kills the Naga in two attacks. He buys a last one at the Seraph, actually hits it, and leaves it on six. (Dice +5 baby!)

The middle Woldwyrd moves around the Seraph to it's back arc and shoots it, hitting, boosting damage, and killing it.

I can't move Baldur into either zone without being in range of a Mutagenesis assassination, so he stays on the hill and I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 3:

The writing is on the wall as he literally cannot contest, but my opponent wants blood. He puts every attack he has into Megalith, and the mighty Wold goes down.

I get another point.

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

The Blackclad starts things off by moving to the Forsaken's back arc and spraying her to death, dinging up the Protector a bit, critically knocking him down. 

After that, Wyrds aim and shoot, and the Wrath fires his big gun in to finish off the poor Nephilim. 

I walk Baldur into the right zone and go to 5. 

Score 5-0
Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I tossed this together as sort of a trolly, fluffy gunline works really well? I really want to play with a fourth Wyrd in this list, I think that pushes the potential damage output up to silly levels. 

Excited to keep messing around with this build (and others like it). I think Circle is probably best as a gunline right now, which is a really strange feeling. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Battle Report 77: Baldur 2 vs. Fyanna 2 (Ravens of War)

Time to try Baldur again! Same list as last time, no alterations.

This time, I was playing into Legion in the Ravens of War theme list, and my opponent had a Naga. I knew that was going to be hard, but I had no idea how hard! Blessed really, REALLY makes Baldur 2 sad.

Baldur 2
- Loki
- Ghetorix
- Pureblood
- Megalith
- Gorax

Gobber Chef
Ogrun Bokur (cliented to Sentry)

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers Bellow Crew


Fyanna 2
- Angelius
- Seraph
- Neraph
- Naga

Deathstalker x2
Annyssa Ryssyl

Raptors x2

We were playing Recon. I won the roll off and opted for first (always the right choice against this theme list I feel) and we were off to the races!

Circle turn 1:

Everything ran or ported up max distance. I chucked a Rock Wall out and dropped Fury with Baldur, forgetting, once again, to Purifying Prayer myself.

Legion turn 1:

My opponent screens the unit of Raptors with Fury on them with his other unit of Raptors. His battlegroup skews hard left, and he blocks off easy hook paths to the Naga with guys. Dang.

Circle turn 2:

Well...I can get Ghetorix onto two guys without charging and he can warp Murderous to make it as efficient as possible.

Loki can hook a third, and Sentry Stones probably kill a fourth? A boosted Crevasse from Megalith should mess up the back lines pretty good too.

I go for it.

I end up killing all of the front line bar 1 (!!!), two of the back line, and seriously messing up two of the remaining ones with the Crevasse spray.

The Pureblood sprays Anyssa to death.

Ghetorix cast Spiny Growth on himself, and Baldur moves up, Feats, and purifies himself.

Legion turn 2:

Wanna know how to two shot Ghetorix? Apply a Wraithbaned, Furied Angelius to him.

So yeah...Seraph casts Slipstream and moves over, bringing the Angelius forward. He tags Ghetorix with a flare shot (hit the 13, what can you do).

The Naga casts Wraithbane on the Angelius. Fyanna moves up, Feats, and puts up Fury on the Angel, who charges in and kills Ghetorix in two swings.

Uh oh.

Circle turn 3:

Under Fyanna's feat, I can't get much done. Megalith casts Undergrowth and kills a couple raptors. Loki misses his aimed hook on the Angelius, and Sentry Stones kill the Strider on the right.

I really can't do anything here, so I just set up for good Comfort Food targets next turn and hope to survive.

Legion turn 3:

Megalith dies horribly to the Neraph/Angelius.

Raptors kill the Bokur, and the Strider kills some stickmen.

Circle turn 4:

I Primal up the Pureblood and walk him behind the Angelius, who dies rather easily. Loki hooks and dings up the Neraph and then puts up Evasive. Baldur finishes off the Neraph and camps 3.

I put up a cloud on the Pureblood, and put a boosted spray into the Forsaken, which refuses to die.

Legion turn 4:

Fyanna Slipstreams the Forsaken, and then comes in and kills everything in the Seraph's way and puts Fury on it.

The Forsaken blows up and puts some hurt on the beasts. The Raptor charges in and finishes off my Pureblood.

The Seraph charges Baldur, but can't kill him.

Circle turn 5:

I *should* just try and kill Fyanna here, but I want to see how well I can attrition from here.

Baldur kills the Seraph after stepping into some Shifting Stones.

The Gorax charges and kills the Raptor.

Loki walks up and kills the objective before putting up Evasive.

I port Baldur out of there and pin Fyanna in with Sentry Stones.

I get two points.

Legion turn 5:

He charges Loki with the Naga, and misses, letting me dodge backwards.

Fyanna hits him a couple times and also misses then, letting me dodge Loki back into Baldur's control area.

No points are scored.

Circle turn 6:

Sentry Stone Mannikins eat the Naga, and Baldur stays back, scoring me a third point, at which point my opponent concedes as all I have to do next turn is walk Baldur into the zone and get two more points.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Yeah I can't drop this list into ANYTHING that has blessed in it. Circle, Legion, and Menoth are straight up off the table. That's valuable information. Even though I ended up winning here, I didn't feel like I was in control of the game right up until the end, and even then my game plan relied on Baldur tanking a Seraph with Fury on it. 

Not a great place to be. 

Up next, another Baldur 2 game, this time with my newly painted Woldwrath....

Battle Report 64: February Masters Round 1: Anson Durst vs. Caine 2

In gearing up for the ATC in two weeks, I've built my Circle pairing running Loki in both lists. This unfortunately means that I'm not allowed to play him in events until next Wednesday, and my buddy Chandler needed someone to test out his Menoth pairing for him. 

I had nothing better to play, so I decided to help him out. 

Don't worry guys, I'm still a Druid at heart. 

Going into the event, these were my lists:

Anson Durst, ROCK OF FAITH (love that name)
- Heirophant (free! Theme!)
- Castigator x2
- Templar x2
- Indictor x2

Vassal x2 (free! Theme!)
Wrack x2
Min Choir x2


Theme: Creator's Wrath

And then Chandler's Sevy list:

Sevy 1
- Heirophant
- Blessing of Vengeance
- Hand of Judgment
- Eye of Truth

Avatar of Menoth
Vassal x2
Vassal Mechanik x2
Wrack x2

Min Choir
Rhoven and Co. 

Round one I got paired into a Cygnar player running Caine 2 and Haley 2. This is a no brainer drop - Durst has to be the one I play here. Caine kills Sevy far, far too easily. 

My opponent drops:

Caine 2
- Reinholdt
- Stormclad
- Lancer

- Firefly
Eiryss 1
Gun Mage Captain Adept

Tempest Blazers

We were playing Recon, and Durst absolutely loves this Scenario. I get to just run Jacks up the middle and dare my opponent to come at me. 

I won the roll off and windmill slammed going first. The Theme giving me Bulwark for free at the beginning of the game is so great since it allows me to put out three Boundless Charges on the first turn and increase the speed/move range of my speed four heavies by 1. 

Druidic Menites turn 1:

Well the plan is to run at him at him at him some more. 

Durst gets Harmonious Exaltation from the Heirophant, who then repositions up. 

Three Boundless Charges are cast, and Durst himself charges up. 

Everything else runs. 

Cygnar turn 1:

My opponent runs things at me, staying outside of my 11 inch threat ranges. Little does he know that I've no intention at all of charging him next turn. 

Fire for Effect goes onto the Gun Mage Captain Adept, and Caine and his battlegroup move up. 

Arcane Shield goes onto the Storm Lances. 

Druidic Menites turn 2:

I have basically the same plan for this turn, except swapping out Deceleration for Boundless Charge

Everything runs. Heirophant casts Harmonious Exaltation and repositions into a jack. 

Durst pulls from a Wrack and casts Deceleration, pops his feat, and then charges a Blazer to end base to base with a jack. 

His Devout runs up behind him, and so do all the choir members to hug their jacks. 

Cygnar turn 2:

My opponent is facing down a horde of angry looking warjacks, and goes into the tank hard. 

He begins by shooting my front right jacks with eLeap shots, eventually killing a couple of choir members. 

His Lancer charges my Castigator, and at dice off 10 does 7 damage to the four, leaving him on one cortex box. He then baps him with the shield and kills the last cortex box. Sighhhh

The Gun Mage Captain Adept aims and shoots at the Templar in front of Durst with Shadow Fire and Brutal damage. 

I shield guard the shot to the Devout, and he rolls absurd damage again, doing 8 to my poor jack. 

Lances back up, away from the jacks. Eiryss moves up and shoots the Templar in front of Durst again, making it Shadow Fired. 

Caine gets reloaded, and goes for the feat, only to find that Durst is able to suck shots off to his battlegroup (this was his first time against Durst). 

After doing one damage to the Templar, Caine casts Gatecrasher and gets behind the cloud. 

The Firefly moves up and zaps down the choir dude by the objective, bouncing into the objective, the Heirophant, and the Vassal. He kills the choir boy and the Heirophant sadly. 

Druidic Menites turn 3:

I've just got to kill the Objective and the Firefly to dominate the zone. 

It takes every attack I have. I just cannot hit the DEF 13 Firefly with anything, and the Devout has to go in and finish it off after I've committed multiple heavies to it. 

Durst sits in the back with a bunch of focus. 

The Castigator on the left moves up and combusts on Eiryss, killing her. 

I get three points. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Druidic Menites

Cygnar turn 3:

My opponent has very few options here, and I'm desperately hoping he doesn't go for the assassination run. 

I really needed to not have to commit the Devout to killing the Firefly, and then everything would be fine. Instead, I feel extremely vulnerable to my opponent doing something like this:

GMCA aims and Flares/Brutal Damage shots Durst for an average of six (1 after focus soak) thanks for fire for effect. 

Each Tempest blazer that's not engaged shoots him for another 3 each on average.

Caine, with Reload, moves around and gets Durst in his sights, firing four fully boosted POW 12s, each doing 5 damage on average. 

Durst can soak 20 damage with focus and has 19 boxes, and my opponent does 28 damage on average here, and the way my opponents dice have been going, he's likely to do a lot more. 

Oddsmachine puts this in the 40% ish range of likelihood, which to be honest, is much better than any of his other options, even if it's not as likely to work as it is to fail. 

Fortunately, my opponent loads up his Stormclad and upkeeps Fire for Effect, and I breathe an internal sigh of relief. 

The GMCA still aims and Flare/Brutal damage shots at Durst, doing five which I power field. 

The Stormclad goes in and nearly wrecks the front Templar, leaving just the cortex and flail intact. 

The Blazers do shoot at Durst, but he takes minimal damage. At this point, I think I would have lived through Caine going at me, even if he hadn't loaded the Stormclad. Durst still had 16 hit points and three focus left, and Caine was only going to be able to do approximately half that much damage.

Stormlances charge the Castigator and the Indictor, wrecking the Castigator with some excellent damage rolls (dice -4 on three dice three times should only be 21 damage, not 32). 

The Lancer pokes at the other Templar's cortex. 

Druidic Menites turn 4:

It's go time, so I allocate a bunch of focus. 

Durst charges and wrecks the Lancer.

The Stormclad goes down between the two Templars, and it takes one Indictor to kill off the Stormlances under battle. 

I dominate the zone again, getting two more control points and the win.

Score 5-0
Victory for the Druidic Menites!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I got both extraordinarily unlucky and extraordinarily lucky here. I should have had ample resources to kill the Firefly sitting in the zone before the Devout went in, which would have meant I had very, very low chances of dying to shooting in this situation. 

Instead, I had to leave Durst sitting out naked against a bunch of accurate, boosted POW 10's and 12's. 

Other than that, the list did exactly what it was supposed to do. I ran up the table and pushed my opponent out of the important areas with a wall of nearly unkillable warjacks. 

On to game two!

Battle Report 63: Las Vegas Open Invitational Round 3 - Wurmwood vs. Baldur 2


Going into the Semi-Finals, there were three Circle players and a Convergence player. I really didn't feel great into any of the lists (or the players, the shark tank at LVO is real!), and looking back at it, I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink in about 8 hours at this point. 

Pro tip - stay hydrated and eat snacks at big events, it's important. 

Ready or not, I was paired with Tom Guan in the Semi-finals. He had a Wurmwood list that was similar to mine and a REALLY cool Baldur 2 list with the Storm Raptor on Una 1. 

He dropped Baldur, I dropped Wurmwood. 

Baldur 2:
- Megalith 
- Pureblood

Una 1
- Stormraptor
Ogrun Bokur x2 (clients to Sentry Stones)
Gobber Chef

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers Bellow Crew


- Cassius
- Megalith
- Pureblood
- Woldwyrd x3

Gallows Grove
Blackclad Wayfarer

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2
Min Bone Grinders
Gatormen Bokur

I won the roll off and chose second, taking the side with the big forest. 

Also I forgot that Una 1 gives her battlegroup Birds Eye - I haven't played her with anything but Scarsfells in so long that I just remember they have tracker. 

Baldur turn 1:

He runs at me turn 1. No spells up, nothing. Una snuggles into the Storm Raptor and stays in the trio of Shifting Stones.

Megalith tramples at the very end and puts Roots of the Earth on the Storm Raptor.

Wurmwood turn 1:

This turn kind of signals how the rest of the game is going to go, and it all starts so innocently.

The Bone Grinders craft Wurmwood a talisman and then try and ritualistically murder eachother like they do every game, but I miss two attack rolls.


I have a Woldwyrd shoot two of them, but miss once and then the second one toughs.

Basically I can't get to three souls on the tree to save my ilfe.

I port Wurmwood to exactly 12 inches from the Storm Raptor, and Tom kindly reminds me about Birds Eye, so I try, and fail, to Stranglehold the Raptor before camping four.

Megalith tramples up and also tries to Stranglehold the Raptor, but fails.

I brace for impact. Tom likes to go for assassinations I've been told, and Wurmwood is within charge range.

Unfortunately I really don't have a choice here. He's up a gargantuan to my three lights, and I need to bait it out in order to have a chance.

I flood the zone and pass the clock.

Baldur turn 2:

Tom's Sentry Mannikins go nuts and blow up everything the Storm Raptor needed dead.

Una gets ported up, casts Dog Pile at Wurmwood and misses somehow, and then casts it again and hits.

The Storm Raptor charges in but fails to kill Wurmwood. Phew.

Everything else he has toes the zone and he passes the turn. Una is camping nothing.

Wurmwood turn 2:

I place a Mannikin in melee with Una, and another in the zone.

Wurmwood gets nine fury.

Una dies to the first Mannikin attack, and I breath a sigh of relief. I was still playing in my head with Mark 2 wild beast rules, which meant that I thought the Raptor was stuck where he was. (Spoilers, I was wrong).

Lanyssa casts Hunters Mark at the Bokur in front of bad Megalith (she couldn't reach Megalith with it).

Wurmwood gets Curse of Shadows onto bad Megalith, and yanks Cassius back.

My Megalith charges and kills bad Megalith, but for some reason I don't buy my last attack on the knocked down Bokur.

One of my Woldwyrds kills his Central Sentry Stone, and I push into the zone with Shamblers.

I score 1 point, and Baldur does not thanks to a contesting Mannikin.

Score 1-0
Advantage Wurmwood

Baldur turn 3:

Tom spends a few minutes reading the Wild rules, and then has me look at them to confirm we both get it. Turns out, you can literally run a Wild warbeast anywhere now. Uh oh.

He clears a landing spot for the Storm Raptor.

His Pureblood warps Strength and kills Megalith (remember, I had to transfer to him).

The Raptor runs, taking one pretty good free strike. Baldur walks up and spends a fury to restart the engine, and I'm suddenly in big trouble again. Baldur Feats, and casts a Rock Wall as well.

I score again.

Score 2-0
Advantage Wurmwood

Wurmwood turn 3:

This is the turn where things started to go really wrong.

I get Curse of Shadows on the Storm Raptor and put Wraithbane on one Woldwyrd and the Pureblood.

And then I don't Feat because I want the Bokur to charge the Pureblood.

What I SHOULD have done is simply put Wraithbane on both Wyrds and Strangleheld the Storm Raptor before popping feat.

This would have let me shoot the Raptor down to about half health, protected Cassius, and let me get another point, all the while making his entire list basically useless.

Instead, I get greedy and charge the Storm Raptor.

I miss my charge and one bought attack, and my Woldwyrds whiff for damage rolls, leaving the thing on 17 boxes.

I jam the Pureblood with the Bokur (again, he should have been hanging out in the back of the zone under Wurmwoods feat here).

I get another point.

Score 3-0
Advantage Wurmwood

Baldur turn 4:

Turns out, Curse of Shadows lets any model move through the model.

The Gobber Chef and Bokur do some damage to the Pureblood, and then Baldur finishes it, putting Roots of the Earth on the Storm Raptor.

The Storm Raptor kills the Bokur, and the Pureblood assaults Cassius, killing him and the Sentry Stone next to him AND contesting.

Score 3-0
Advantage Wurmwood

Wurmwood turn 4:

I see an opening here. If I can kill the Raptor with two wyrds, a charging pair of Shamblers, and Lanyssa, I can use the other to kill the contesting Shifting Stone. I can port Wurmwood into the zone, Hellmouth the Pureblood OUT of the zone, and Hellmouth the two contesting models to death (if the Sentry Stones don't kill them first).

Long story short, it takes every single attack I have to kill the Raptor, and I don't kill the Chef.

I Hellmouth the Pureblood away from the flag, and then I just sit on four fury with no transfer targets instead of healing up to 10 boxes. I feat.

I surround the Pureblood with Shifting Stones and score again.

Score 4-0
Advantage Wurmwood

Baldur turn 5:

Tom has Baldur heal the Pureblood to full. The Pureblood Warps Ghostly and tramples to Wurmwood, killing him.

Victory for the (other) Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This was such a grind. There were probably ten people watching this game just shaking their heads at the craziness as Tom and I traded advantages back and forth. I feel like I made a couple of critical mistakes in the later turns that cost me the game, although the only reason I've found them is by looking back at the game over and over and over again. ( I had a long plane ride home with not much else to do). 

If I'd gone with the plan of Feating a turn earlier and whittling the Storm Raptor down, my Pureblood would have lived, and the Raptor would have been dead after one more turn of shooting and having the Pureblood charge at the end of that. If I'd healed Wurmwood every turn after the first, I would have likely liver through the Pureblood assassination. 

Those two mistakes cost me the game. I'm incredibly impressed that Tom was able to salvage his situation after turn 2 - the guy is an incredible player. 

I'll be writing a "what now" article at some point in the next couple of days, but I was very happy with my performance at the LVO. Breaking into the semi-finals undefeated was a huge accomplishment for me, and I'm extremely excited to look ahead to the next set of tournaments in 2017. 

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 61: Las Vegas Open Masters Invitational Round 1 - Wurmwood vs. Una 2

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

The mythical day two.

Naturally this is a good time to panic right?

In consultation with Bret F. (chocobsessed) and a few other people, I made a quick pair of swaps in my Wurmwood list.

- Brennos
- Blackclad

- Pureblood
- Lanyssa

The reason for these changes was simple - there was a lot of armor buffs in the top 16, and there was a LOT of Una 2. The Pureblood is better into both of these, and Lanyssa can randomly strip flight off a few birds, making them much less scary.

Of course, this meant that I was destined to play Bret round 1.

I was very nervous going into this game. Bret is one of the most respected players in the states, and he's also been playing Circle for a lot longer than I have.

He had Tanith and Una, and we had both agreed his Tanith list had next to no chance into my Wurmwood gunline, so I knew he was playing Una and he knew I was playing Wurmwood.


Una 2
- Scarsfell x8
- Pureblood
- Gorax

Wrong Eye
- Snapjaw
Gobber Chef

Sentry Stone x1

Arcane Wonder

and me!

- Cassius
- Pureblood
- Megalith
- Woldwyrd x3

Gallows Grove

Shifting Stones x2
Sentry Stones x2
Min Bone Grinders
Gatormen Bokur

Fuel Cache

I won the roll off and windmill slammed going first, and Bret took the side with the trench for Una to hide in.

We were playing on the sweet, sweet table that Tyson had made for LVO. The Terrain for Bret's side is a trench and a forest and a huge obstacle.

On my side, it's a forest, a pond, and a hill.

I deployed nice and centrally. I needed to force him to come to me with his feat to run around my models or I didn't have a chance, and I actually present quite a significant shooting threat to his list. 

The many.

I should also point out that this game was played pre-Una 2 nerf, so her original feat was still here and so was the Scarsfells having Long Leash.

Good Circle turn 1:

I basically run like mad. I need to project as many threats as possible. I keep Megalith and the Pureblood central, there are so many griffons on my right side that I suspect he's going for Scenario here and I want to keep my options open.

The Bokur is great into the birds, he stops so many landing spots, and he keeps on coming.

Bad Circle turn 1:

He skews the Griffons hard to the right and puts Una into the trench. Mirage is on a Griffon, and he doesn't cast Hand of Fate, electing to shoot down Sentry Mannikins with Una instead.

Good Circle turn 2:

I see an opening. I can Hellmouth Una out of the trench with a Mannikin. She's only camping two, and I can get two Woldwyrds, Megalith's animus, and a Pureblood spray on her.

I run Shamblers around like crazy, keeping them in command. We premeasure it out, and Una gets Hellmouthed out of the trench. I boost damage and she transfers.

Megalith tramples up, pops his animus to make her DEF 13, and Strangleholds her for a few more.

The two Woldwyrds leave her on a few boxes, and the Pureblood sprays her to death.

Victory for the (good) Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

We had a decent laugh after this game because I'd talked about how this tended to happen and Bret told me what I already knew - put two heavies in front of your caster and this is basically impossible. 

If that hadn't have worked, I think I was going to be able to get a really, REALLY good Winter Storm of with Lanyssa by walking her over to the obstacle and making....all? of the Griffons lose flight the next turn. I don't think that he could have walked more than one over to her, and I could have stopped that by blocking her in with a Woldwyrd. 

I'm really glad I didn't have to play this out, since I don't think I am favored in this matchup. 

That being said, after consulting with various other Circle players since then, I think that a Wurmwood gunline can be built to have a very strong matchup into pre-nerf Una 2 (not that that matters anymore), and with the loss of long leash, I think Wurmwood is actually quite favored into the matchup now, since Una has to be constantly afraid of dying. 

Battle Report 58: Las Vegas Open Masters Qualifier Round 2 - Una 2 vs. Makeda 1


In case you hadn't heard, Skorne is a strong faction now, and Makeda 1 is one of their Warlocks that I really don't want to play against unless the Scenario massively favors me. 

Unfortunately, that's what I ended up playing against. My opponent had a shooting heavy Morghoul 2 list with no Soulward, and that ultimately meant he would be playing Makeda 1 against my massively Stealth heavy lists. 

Makeda 1
- Marketh
- Molik Karn
- Gladiator
- Krea


Legends of Halaak
Min Beast Handlers

I dropped Una:

Una 2
- Pureblood
- Gorax
- Scarsfell x7

Shifting Stone x2
Sentry Stone x2
Blackclad x2

I won the roll off and windmill slammed going first. The Scenario was Extraction. 

My opponent deployed pretty central, just like me. Side note - beautiful paint jobs man.

And we were off!

Circle turn 1:

Time to run at him and force out his feat turn 1. 

Mirage on the Pureblood, Hand of Fate on a Sentry unit, and everything runs. Una gets into the little pocket of clouds and forests where she will stay the entire game. 

Skorne turn 1:

He does something similar. Quicken on the Keltarri, Ferox runs. 

He spends about five minutes carefully arranging the models around Makeda so that no small bases can fit next to her, and he does an amazing job of screening off his beasts from charges. 

Unfortunately for him, his placement in the back wasn't quite so perfect, and I was about to capitalize on that. 

Circle turn 2:

This turn began the long hilarity of both players' dice. I couldn't hit fives for anything, and he got to dodge his Ferox around no less than six times. 

Una kept her spells, and she went first and popped Feat. 

Griffons ran, three engaging Karn in the backfield, and a few more getting in around Radheim. 

I killed a few Keltarri with Hand of Fate and back arcs getting me the odd hit here and there, but that was basically my turn. 

Skorne turn 2:

He was in a bit of a mess and he knew it. His Keltarri attacked Mannikins, Shifting Stones, and a Blackclad. I'd made the Stones sacrificial lambs to stop his Legends from doing much. 

He got one or two Ferox onto the Pureblood, but he also couldn't roll to hit and so the beast took a few points. 

Circle turn 3:

I leached Fury, and the first Griffon went to work on Karn, doing....five. 

I was able to kill Karn with a second Griffon, headbutt Makeda with a third, and wail on her with a fourth, but because I was a moron and didn't kill the Gladiator like I should have before going in on her (Hand of Fate on the Pureblood would have done it I think), she survived box? I did kill the Gladiator, all the Ferox, a few more Keltarri, and most of the Krea though. 

Skorne turn 3:

He gets to do things, and birds start dying. 

One of the legends smites a griffon into another griffon, rolling all sixes for damage and one shotting the bird. Various other griffons get massively wounded, but Makeda is still engaged by two Griffons at the end of the turn. 

Circle turn 4:

I try for Scenario, but I can't kill the Keltarri worth anything, and settle for getting one point. 

Makeda dies to beaks and claws. 

Score 1-0
Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

My opponent played such a tight game here. He gave me exactly one opening and man did I go after it hard. I was super impressed with his play and with his list AND with his painting ANDDDD with his manner. He was super friendly and extremely enjoyable to play with. 

On to round three. 

Batrep 35: Grayle vs. The Witch Coven of Gharlghast

Long before these girls dominated the Cryx competitive meta in mark 3, my good friend and regular opponent played the ever living crap out of them in mark 2. I probably clocked in 40 games against them in six months.

They haven't changed much in mark 3, people are just finally realizing A) That they're really good and B) That they're one of Cryx's few answers to gunlines. They also have some pretty sweet game into melee armies too.

As I've mentioned in previous battle reports, the meta I'm working in is brimming with newer players. We just finished a journeyman league up, and we're gradually expanding our player base. As such, when our resident Cryx player wanted to throw down, I resisted the impulse to reach for Wurmwood as my stock reaction to Cryx and instead threw something down that I thought would be an interesting game.


War Wolf x2

Wolves and CA
Reeves and CA
Skinwalkers and CA

And he dropped:

The Witch Coven
-Withershadow Combine
-Inflictor (proxied by Seether)
-Deathripper x2

Pistol Wraith x2

Satyxis Raiders and CA

My opponent won the roll off, and opted to go second after we discussed how one half of the board would basically kill any potential his Kraken had to do anything. If you look at the table edge I'm deploying on, the house would have prevented him from getting into the zone significantly, while the forest would have given me a lot of leeway for a couple of turns by blocking LOS from the Kraken but not too the Kraken.

I deployed pretty central. The Kraken is bad news for this list, as are most colossals. My one saving grace here is that, for a Colossal, the Kraken is squishy.

My opponent immediately makes things hard for me by putting the Raiders opposite my Reeves and the Kraken opposite my Wolves. Ick.

Circle turn 1:

Operation RUN commences. Grayle casts Storm Rager on himself and Death March on the Skinwalkers. The plan there is that the Skinwalkers will slowly win an attrition war with the Raiders.

Grayle then charges the Kraken, hiding behind the cloud from my Fuel Cache and the forest.

Everything else runs. Skinwalkers move up fast, Reeves move central to stay away from the Raiders, and Wolves spread way out.

Cryx turn 1:

He runs at me. Infernal Machine goes on the Kraken and Occultation goes on the Raiders, who pray for Force Barrier.

He pops feat. Looking back at this, that might have been premature. I can't actually get at very many things here except with Reeve shots. I feel he should have been slightly more aggressive in order to justify the feat.

Circle turn 2:

Well I can't do much here. Grayle upkeeps both spells. Skinwalkers pop their mini feat and run at the Raiders.

Reeves pop their mini feat and run. One of the Reeves moves up so I can get a spray onto a Witch with the pureblood. I classically nail my own dude with an unboosted 8 and then miss the Witch. Darn.

Wolves run and jam some more.

Cryx turn 2:

His Pistol Wraiths do terrible things to me this turn.

The left side one murders the Alpha from the Skinwalkers. The right side one murders the Wolves Chieftan and a War Wolf.

The Satyxis hit two Crit Knockdowns (impressive) but fail to kill any more Skinwalkers.

The Kraken eats 3 Wolves and Kill Shots into the Pureblood.

Curse of Shadows gets cast on the Wolves, and the Deathripper moves up and murders one.

Apparently I didn't take a picture of this turn. Hmmm.....

Circle turn 3:

Well I have a plan here, but it's not great. I can get a Pureblood with Primal onto the Kraken, two PS 12 charges, and two POW 15 Reeve shots. The Pureblood does 40 damage on average, the two PS 12 charges do another 8 ish, and the two POW 15 shots do 6 for a grand total of 52. I also have the option to feat and walk the Feral around the forest Warping Speed, but I really don't want to do tha.

Skinwalkers Vengeance and kill a couple raiders.

Grayle activates, Primals the Pureblood, and feats.

Lanyssa lands Hunters Mark on the Kraken.

The Pureblood goes in and....does way less than 40 damage thanks to missing an attack (double ones, yeahhhh).

The War Wolf runs up. Wolves get a charge order, dinging the Kraken for a few.

The War Wolf gets to Sic 'em, and rolls bananas for damage to make up for his big brother Pureblood.

The Reeves move up andddddd leave the Kraken on one box, with a Necrotech right behind.

The Skinwalkers murder more Raiders, triggering the feat twice, once for Morraig to move over, and once for the Feral to. The Feral Warps Speed, moves around the forest, and does the last point of damage to the Kraken. Feat trigger moves the Pureblood up to the Inflictor so that I don't have to worry about his Frenzy.

Morraig charges and murders the right side Pistol Wraith, then repositions into melee with the Deathripper.

Cryx turn 3:

Losing the Kraken is a big deal.

His Raiders wail on my Skinwalkers, knocking another one down. The Inflictor misses 3 of 5 attacks on the Pureblood. The Necrotech whacks the Pureblood for a few.

He decides that his Deathripper needs to get LOS to Grayle for a last ditch assassination attempt. but Morraig makes a massive free strike and tears out its Arc Node, and my opponent concedes.

Post Game Thoughts:

That was a really tense game at points. I feel like my opponents one mistake was not being more aggressive with his feat turn. He could have moved up a little bit more perhaps and been okay, but it's more of a balancing act there for sure.

I did a really good job of keeping Grayle safe, which is important, and he did a pretty darn good job of keeping the Coven safe, which is also important.

Also the Coven's focus manipulation rules are absurd. Egregore can take 15 damage, send 5 to each Witch, and then each Witch can spend a focus to negate that damage. Geezeeeeee.

Hope you enjoyed!

Battle Report 29: Grayle vs. Issyria

Continuing my train of self abuse, I decided to drop Grayle into the local Ret player, little realizing that he would be playing Issyria with a mountain of angry jacks!

This is a really bad matchup in most cases since I can't kill most of his army fast enough, and his feat really negates my feat. I would have to force him to pop feat first in order to even have a chance.

My list, same as last time:


War Wolves

Max Reeves
Max Wolves
Max Skinwalkers

His list:



Pain Knight Skareth Issyan
Eiryss 2
Mage Hunter Assassin x2
Arcanist x3

We rolled Outlast for a Scenario. I won the roll off and opted to go first, thinking I needed to get Grayle's upkeeps out on a turn when he couldn't accidentally die. additionally, there really wasn't a table edge that I didn't want, so I felt pretty good about going first.

Also, my list is really fast and pretty much melee based, and that's a good reason to go first.

Note how I've deployed my feral - he's the more important beast here and his role is to load Brennos up with Primal one turn, and then get sent in to murder whatever kills Brennos. As such, he gets deployed behind the lines like a defensive beast.

Right away I've noticed something kind of huge here - my opponent has almost given me the right side of the table, and there's a nice big piece of LOS blocking terrain there for me to exploit. He *is* going to jam Nayl down my throat turn 1, but I can't do much about that, and Grayle can usually handle loosing fury.

Circle turn 1:

Pretty standard. Grayle puts Storm Rager on himself and Death March on the Skinwalkers before charging.

Literally everything else runs. I skew my heavy beasts and the Skinwalkers left to tie up his Hyperion if he goes for that zone. The Feral plus Brennos can actually likely take the colossal down in one activation too, so that's something.

Lanyssa is really bad in this particular matchup thanks to Arcane Vortex on Issyria and Witch Hunter on Eiryss, PLUS the Wailing on the Banshee. She's mostly going to contest.

Ret turn 1:

My opponent puts Inviolable Resolve on Hyperion and Admonition on Issyria. Speed of Death goes up from Elara (holy crap that's a good spell) and everything runs. Nayl goes to the left zone as well, leaving a lone Mage Hunter Assassin in the right zone to contest.

Circle turn 2:

I upkeep both spells.

Brennos goes first and casts Ravaging Winds at the Banshee. Eiryss shoots him back with Witch Hunter, but fails to do anything.

Brennos connects and then boosts damage on both the Banshee and Eiryss, sadly not killing the solo, but doing a little damage to the Banshee.

The Feral moves up, and then Grayle charges Nayl. Before making my charge attack, I put down two Gale Winds right in front of Hyperion so that he can't shoot his Starburst (hereforward called the Sparkleburst because that's what I call it) cannon at anything important. Grayle then murders Nayl, loses his fury, side steps, and then Sprints back behind the forest. Cheeky little begger.

Skinwalkers run and mini feat, Wolves run. War Wolves run. Reeves....yeah they run too.

Look at that awesome "no shooting" zone! :D
Ret turn 2:

His Mage Hunter Assassin in the right zone murders the poor War Wolf.

The Pain knight murders the other War Wolf.

The Banshee moves up and kills the Skinwalker engaging Eiryss.

Moros fails to kill a Skinwalker, and so does a Mage Hunter Assassin (woot!), meaning Hyperion goes in and kills them himself.

No points are scored.

Circle turn 3:

Well I was moderately expecting to be down on Scenario here, but I'll take it! Grayle cuts for six (ouch) and upkeeps his spells.

Lanyssa lands the Hunters Mark on the Banshee.

Brennos charges in and misses 3 of 5 attacks. Yay.

The Skinwalkers charge Hyperion (they Vengeanced at the beginning of the turn and killed the MHA) and Sylys respectively. Despite hitting him, my Skinwalker fails to kill Sylyss with a charge attack. Awkward.

The Feral moves back. Morraig moves through my own models to kill the MHA and then Repositions up.

Grayle casts two more Wind Blasts and backs up into the zone.

Wolves move up, whack the Banshee, and reposition, waiting for a better mini feat turn. Two 8 man CRA shots fail to dismount the Pain Knight.

I get two points!

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Ret turn 3:

We spend a LONG time trying to figure out how my opponent can contest with the Pain Knight without taking a free strike. 

Eventually, Issyria pops feat, and the Pain Knight charges in, impacting one Wolf and then killing a second, before Repositioning into the zone. 

The Banshee trivially murders Brennos. No big deal. Crippled weapon even. *sigh*

Hyperion moves up after the Skinwalkers are dealt with and shoots the Feral, doing about half it's health. *sigh*. 

Lanyssa dies to...something? Eiryss maybe? My opponent gets a point. 

Score 2-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

Alright, he's got ONE model that can contest once the Pain Knight dies, and it's a moderately banged up Banshee.

Grayle charges the Pain Knight and pops his feat, killing the elf and moving a Wolf into the forest. He heals the Feral for a bunch. He then Sprints back to safety. Dang I love doing that.

The Wolves mini feat and charge, killing the Banshee, and then repositioning into the left zone.

Morraig runs and engages half his remaining models.

I get two more points.

Score 4-1
Advantage Circle

Ret turn 4:

My opponent knows he can't catch me here, so he opts to just murder as much stuff as he can. 

He ends his turn after killing 2/3 of my remaining models, and I get 2 more points to his 1. 

Score 6-2
Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Yeah this is a terrible matchup for Grayle in general. Sure, I won, but my opponent almost gave me the right hand zone, and at the end of the game I had half a unit of Reeves, a Feral, Morraig, and Grayle to his almost completely healthy Hyperion, Moros, and Eiryss. 

Not a great matchup there if the game keeps going. 

I still can't get over how much fun Grayle is, looking forward to playing him a whole bunch more in the next little while!

Battle Report 28: Grayle vs. Reznik 1

It's been a pretty competitive last few weeks for me, with the i5 Team Event in Portland followed immediately by a High Reward Tournament at Mox Boarding House in Seattle.

I had actually intended to hang up the Circle hat for a few months after those events and focus on playing Minions or Legion for a bit, at least until I get my Storm Raptor.

Then, on a whim, I decided to put a Grayle list on the table last week, and once again I am all in on Circle.


War Wolf x2

Wolves of Orboros
Reeves of Orboros
Objective: Fuel Cache

List thoughts:

First of all, I chucked this together literally 30 seconds before we rolled off for sides in an attempt to jam the most Wolf Sworn models I could into a list while still playing something I felt was viable.

This list is capable of putting down a massive swathe of no shooting between Brennos' Ravaging Winds and Wind Blast, and a Feat that grants your army Stealth is nothing to sneeze at either when you're playing against many gunlines.

This list will struggle, and by that I mean fail in a spectacular fashion, to kill large amounts of high ARM targets, such as Khador, some Menoth, and some Convergence lists.

It's also a million guys, which is a style of play I haven't had to mess with in nearly five months, so order of activations are tricky (although man, Tactician [Wolf Sworn] helps with that immensely).

We were playing onto Line Breaker and I won the roll, opting to go second. My opponent was playing:


TFG and CA
Min Choir
Rhoven and Co.

Objective: Fuel Cache


Pre-Game Thoughts:

As soon as my opponent put all of his heavies skewed to one side of the table, and a side with a massive terrain funnel at that, I felt like my best and perhaps only chance at winning the game was to plant my Reeves opposite the Daughter cav and blow up 2-3 a turn, eventually running a War Wolf or Lanyssa over to the far flag once he had nothing left. 

I'd use Grayle, Morraig, and Skinwalkers to clear TFG and Daughter Cav off the shooting guys and just keep feeding him Wolves on the right. 

Menoth turn 1:

Stuff runs. Ignite goes onto the Castigator. 

Circle turn 1:

I advance cautiously, keeping my Reeves out of charge range from everything and giving him a sacrificial Skinwalker to trigger Death March after Grayle casts it on them.

I hide most of my important stuff behind the cloud/forest.

Grayle gets Storm Rager on himself and hangs out centrally. Wolves run up, and my beasts go into the trench.

Menoth turn 2:

My opponent decides that sacrificing his Daughter Cav to jam is a bad decision, running them off to the side.

The TFG charge and kill one Skinwalker. They also mini-feat to be ARM 16.

Jacks move up, and the Reckoner pops one Wolf to death. He runs his Castigator around the house to bait out my Wolves.

Circle turn 2:

I reallyyyy want to get 3 of the Daughter cav this turn so that I can run a War Wolf and control that flag.

Vengeance triggers, and 3 TFG die.

One War Wolf runs up to the flag.

Reeves move up, and I only have one in range of the back Cav model. He misses both shots. The others do a massive CRA into the one on the hill and end it.

I DO get the one off shot into the one on the forest though, and the War Wolf sics it, murdering it dead.

It charges another one and misses.

Morraig moves in and kills a few TFG before repositioning out.

Grayle charges in, kills a couple TFG, and then sprints outta there.

The Skinwalkers activate and kill the last few TFG.

The Wolves pop their mini-feat and charge. Their damage rolls were incredible. Dice off 9 on the Castigator, one wolf does 7, the next does 4, the one after that does 9, the next does 3, and the next does ELEVEN. I marked the three that rolled bananas and they're getting repainted with super cool paint jobs and possibly conversions.

Needless to say the Castigator dies, and Wolves Reposition.

Feeling pretty happy about life, I pass the turn.

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent can get Scourge onto my Feral, but it takes a big chunk of his turn to do it.

Reznik gets Engine of Destruction and charges a Wolf, kills it, and Scourge Advances. Reznik Perditions another Wolf, Scourge advances.

Scourge charges my feral and misses half his attacks needing 7s, leaving him on about 10 boxes.

The Daughter cav kill some Reeves.

Circle turn 3:

I murder two Daughter Cav with Grayle. The Reeves put some damage on the objective after CRAing into the other Cav and killing it.

The Skinwalkers charge the objective and it dies.

Lanyssa runs to the flag.

Wolves crowd into the gap, one engaging Scourge.

The Feral doesn't quite kill Scourge, so Brennos and Morraig come over and finish him off.

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 4:

My opponent has to make some big plays here. A battled up Revenger solidly murders the Feral and does some good damage to Brennos. Reznik kills a Wolf, makes a Wrack, hits the Wrack, and murders more Wolves with the blast. 

I get another point. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I'm in the odd position of not really having anything that can actually get to his army that matters this turn, so stuff just kinda runs, and Grayle stays safe.

Wait, that's what I should have done.

Morraig charges the Revenger. Grayle charges the Revenger, intending to Side Step twice into Reznik...but he kills him on the first attack.

He tries the Gallows, and it misses. Curses. He sprints out and I pile models between him and Reznik.

I get another point.

Score 4-0
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 5:

My opponent has to kill me, but he can't get to me thanks to Reznik's facing and my position. He does murder Brennos and a Skinwalker though. Reznik doesn't mess around.

Score 5-0

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

There is nothing as fun as a crazy monkey ninja guy running through your lines, killing some enemy stuff, and then running back. Grayle has proven to be more fun than I could have ever anticipated, and I fully intend on taking him to an event sometime soon! Probably paired idea :) 

Hope you enjoyed!

Battle Report 27, High Reward Steamroller Round 3, Tanith vs. Rasheth


I was surprised and delighted to be in the finals for this event, but the list pairing I had in front of me was making me panic a little. It didn't help that I hadn't eaten anything in nearly 8 hours and was starving.

My opponent had Rasheth with 6 Cyclops Shamans and stuff and Zaal 2 with 3 units of Immortals.

I was pretty darn sure Wurmwood was a terrible matchup here, even though typically he loves to play into Recon, so I dropped Tanith.

I wasn't really surprised when he dropped Rasheth into me.

Dominar Rasheth
-Raider x2
-Shaman x6

Soulward x2
Willbreaker x2
Void Spirit

Min Beast Handlers

He won the roll and opted for first. Since the only thing Shamans don't ignore from terrain is elevation, I went for the side with the hill that poked into the zone.

I deployed pretty centrally. I had no real solid game plan here. Survive his feat turn and I might be okay? Maybe? If I could jam with enough Griffons I might be able to blunt the shooting somewhat. Keeping Una alive was going to be hard.

Skorne turn 1:

Everything ran. Rasheth got thrown.

Circle turn 1:

Poor placement and movement made it so that I couldn't get everything I wanted to on the hill.

Stealth all around was going to be interesting though since he could only get four real shots onto things.

Scything Touch went on the Grey Griffon, Admonition on the Pureblood.

Skorne turn 2:

Feat time!

He aimed with basically everything, and both units of Stones died, and the Grey Scarsfell was left with 3 boxes after a couple of shots plus an arced Breath of Corruption through the Void Spirit.

Circle turn 2:

I didn't have distance to the objective (bad play Jaden, bad!) but I could get the yellow Griffon to charge the Raider and/or Shaman on the right, which I did.

I didn't have the resources to mess with the Void Spirit, so I ignored it. things piled onto the hill, the Pureblood warped Spell Ward and sprayed the Objective and Rasheth, doing a few points to each.

I ran the blue Griffon to engage the foremost Shaman on the left.

Snapjaw advanced and riled, Wrong-Eye cast Submerge and Star-Crossed.

Clouds went up from the Gobbers and the central cloud rolled out.

Skorne turn 3:

He shoots more stuff, but with three models engaged and forgetting about Stealth on all the Griffons, he doesn't actually do much but kill the Grey Griffon and charge the Stalker with the Void Spirit, doing ten damage.

He also puts a bunch of hurt into Snapjaw.

Circle turn 3:

I'm shocked to have this much stuff left, and I feel myself rallying. The Pureblood goes in and kills the objective and dinging up the Raider to the right.

Snapjaw charges the Soulward, killing her and healing. He then kills the Shaman and heals as well.

The Blue Griffon charges into the Shaman on the right, killing him.

Wrong Eye advances, casts Submerge and Star-Crossed again.

Everything else chills on the hill, with Tanith toeing the zone for a total of 3 points this turn after casting Scything Touch on the Stalker and camping 4 to prevent getting murdered.

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Skorne turn 4:

He uses a lot of time thinking here, before starting things off.

A Shaman charges the Blue Griffon, doing about 2/3 of it's health. I trigger Admonition off of it and the Pureblood backs up.

Shamans and Gladiator get Enraged from the Beast Handlers.

He uses two more Shamans to kill the first Shaman so that his Gladiator can get to my Pureblood.

His remaining attacks go into Snapjaw, who dies.

Rasheth casts Rush and Carnivore onto the Gladiator, who charges in. Star-Crossed means he misses two attacks, leaving the Pureblood on 2.

He passes the turn.

Proxy base is the Gladiator.
Circle turn 4:

I just have to kill a Gladiator and two Shamans.

The Stalker gets Primaled by the Gorax, walks up, and murders both the Gladiator and far Shaman.

Tanith moves up and casts Scything Touch and Primal on the blue Griffon.

This was my first mistake this turn. He had finally not cast Castigate so I should have just feated and used the Pureblood as an arc node to do this.

Una moves up and drops fury.

I actuvate the Blue Griffon....and realize it's Spirit is crippled and Una should have healed it rather than dropping fury.

I don't even ask for the take back, I screwed up and I knew it. The Griffon is MAT 8, effective POW 16/15/15, doing an average of 25 damage if he connects with everything.

He doesn't, leaving the Shaman on 6.

The other Griffon moves over, staying in melee with his other Shaman. His MIND is out, so I boost to hit, and connect. At straight dice, I boost damage and kill the Shaman, getting 2 more control points.

Score 5-0

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I had played such a clean and tight event right up until the last 3 activations of the whole thing, and that nearly cost me the game. Now to be fair, I was still very likely to kill the Shaman even with those aspects out, but if they'd been live it wouldn't have even been close. 

ALWAYS check to see if your beasts need healing before sending them in. The irony is that I had made sure the Stalker was okay before I activated him, just forgot about the Griffons. 

This is an interesting matchup to be sure. He gets one turn of shooting before I start to engage his models and he really has to make that count. On the flipside, if he makes it count, I probably lose. It's a very coin flippy matchup, and I'm certainly intrigued by his lists. 

Overall this was a great event at an awesome venue. Anyone who has the chance to visit Mox Boarding House should really do so, you won't regret it!

Battle Report 26, High Reward Steamroller Round 2, Tanith vs. Tanith


As I mentioned in my previous post, there were 2 other Circle players in this event. One of them had lost round one to my Khador buddy, and the other had won round 1 vs. Issyria playing Wurmwood.

We also had the Skorne player winning his first round, so I was slated to get either Khador, Skorne, or Circle.

Out of the three, I really didn't want to play against Khador since 1) he's my good friend and we'd both commuted quite a ways to get to Mox and 2) his lists were the ones I felt I had the worst matchups into.

The stars shined on me and I was dropped into the Circle player who was running a Wurmwood list with 4 heavies and the exact same Tanith list as me!

Unsurprisingly, we both picked Tanith, and we both played:

-Warpwolf Stalker
-Pureblood Warpwolf

-Scarsfell x2

Wrong Eye


Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

He won the roll off and opted to go first on Incursion. I picked the side that would give me the best protection from his heavies thanks to a nicely placed forest and away we went.

He deployed skewed to the right because of the forest, with only Sentry Stone unit 1 and Wrong Eye/Snapjaw over there.

Looking at his deployment, I immediately decided this game was going to be a Scenario game. If he wants to keep contesting that far left flag, he's going to have to sacrifice something to keep contesting.

If that something is Wrong Eye and Snapjaw, then his army doesn't get Star-Crossed and I'll massively win that fight barring goofy dice. If he decides to move them central like he needs to for them to be a big impact on the game, then I get to kill one unit of Sentry Stones and run Lanyssa to control that flag for a few turns.

I deploy very centrally with that in mind.

Bad Guy Tanith Turn 1:

He does exactly what I normally do, Scything Touch on a Griffon and Admonition on the Pureblood.

Una casts Guardian Beast and everything runs up. He tries to bait me with a single Mannikin out of the left unit, but I'm not going to take it.

Good Guy Tanith Turn 1:

Well I do...pretty much the same thing! Except that I get to actually make attacks this turn.

I kill one of my own Mannikins on the right and get a spray into the Scarsfell he has with Scything Touch, cranking the damage a bit and doing 10.

I put my Griffons out of charge range of his Griffons by a sliver, except one which I'm happy to give him if he wants to heal the hurt Griffon and then commit his Scything touch model to somewhere it's not going to do much except maybe kill another Griffon. I'd also put Evasive on the one Griffon he could get to, so if he misses an attack, I get to capitalize.

I DO NOT take the bait, leaving his Mannikin on the left alive, and just generally make a beeline for the hill, staying out of his charge ranges with everything.

His Lanyssa is way off to the side, and I can already feel him shifting his momentum right and abandoning the left flag. He's going to have a hard time contesting meaningfully on the center next turn as well without giving me a really good charge target.

Wrong Eye has Star-Crossed up, but one transfer instead of Submerge. There are enough things around that he can target other stuff with sprays and still get to him.

An important note here - My Tanith stays central after casting Scything Touch on a Griffon and Admonition on the Pureblood, whereas his Tanith is already scooting off to the side.

Bad Guy Tanith Turn 2:

He upkeeps all of his spells and goes to work. Tanith heals the one Griffon and moves over again before it charges in, boosting hits and killing my Yellow Griffon. Darn.

He moves another Griffon up to the flag so that if I don't contest he gets to score.

His Pureblood warps Spell Ward and sprays my unpainted Sentry Stone, leaving it on one.

His Mannikins have a hard time hitting Star-Crossed 10s and kill one Mannikin of mine.

Good Guy Tanith Turn 2:

It's time to score!

I upkeep my spells and start my turn. Tanith moves first, advancing to 10 inches away from his Pureblood and boosting a shot at it, connects, and then whiffs damage and only does 1.

The Gorax moves up and Primals the Grey Scarsfell.

It charges into the Pureblood, who tries to trigger Admonition. I remind him he is Shadow Bound, and the Pureblood goes nowhere. The Griffon kills him handily.

Side note - this list is designed to trade Griffons for heavies, and this is the first time I've ever pulled it off thanks to other attempts getting diced, and it felt pretty awesome to have it work.

The Grey Sentry unit activates, gets more Fury, caps the flag and Sprays the left hand Sentry Stone itself down to 2 boxes. A forest is made for Tanith to hide behind.

The Pureblood moves up and finishes off the Sentry Stone with another Spray.

The Blue Griffon moves up and headbutts the bad Griffon, then buys an attack and does some damage.

Una moves up, shoots him a few times, and then gets ported back with the Shifting Stones.

The Painted Stone unit rolls 3 fury, places a Mannikin contesting the right flag and in the bad Griffons back arc. A forest is made to complete Tanith's wall, and the Mannikin boosts damage on a Spray, killing that Griffon dead.

I can't get anything over to the far left flag, but Lanyssa runs for next turn.

Star-Crossed goes up again with Wrong Eye right in the middle of the table.

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Good Guy Circle

Bad Guy Tanith turn 3:

The remaining Sentry Unit sprays down the Grey Stone on my side and kills the contesting Mannikin.

The Stalker gets Admonition put on him, and Tanith advances.

The Stalker charges in and murders the Sentry Stone.

He spends the activation of Una, a Griffon, and Snapjaw to kill the Grey Griffon.

The other Griffon charges but fails to kill my Blue Griffon.

Lanyssa caps his flag. Star-Crossed and Submerge go on Wrong Eye, but he's really far away from anything important.

His Shifting Stones go wayyy back, and the leader model is in the middle. I'm still not sure what the intent was here.

He gets one point.

Score 1-1
Tied Game

Good Guy Tanith turn 3:

My central placement of Tanith is about to pay off once more. She upkeeps Admonition and then moves around Wrong Eye to the hill. She shoots the Stalker, boosting hit and damage, and making him Shadow Bound. 

Wrong Eye moves up to cap the flag, casting both Submerge and Star-Crossed. Snapjaw charges in and murders the Stalker. 

Lanyssa runs to the far flag. The Pureblood advances and sprays at the Shifting Stone behind Wrong Eye, boosting hit and damage on him, doing enough to kill! And then he toughs. Darn!

Stalker runs up. 

Between Una and the Blue Griffon getting Primaled, the other Griffon dies. 

I get two more points and contest with the Shifting Stones. 

Score 3-1
Advantage Good Guy Circle

Bad Guy Tanith turn 4:

We measure it out and he can't contest the far flag with anything, but he wants to murder stuff so he charges in and kills Wrong Eye. Stuff runs futilely. 

I get another point.

Score 4-1
Advantage Good Guy Circle

Good Guy Tanith turn 4:

I'm not a fan of rubbing a win in, so I just activate everyone and do nothing, getting a fifth control point and the win. 

Score 5-1

Victory for the (good) Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

So Tanith is really good, and this game basically came down to where we both placed our Tanith's. My central placement allowed me to get around Admonition and murder his relevant models without any retaliation of note.

The other thing that I did which he did not was place Wrong Eye in such a way that Star-Crossed actually mattered, and it did matter. 

Really interesting matchup, and a very good game. 

Skorne had won against Khador, so I was in for a rough time in the finals...