Battle Report 64: February Masters Round 1: Anson Durst vs. Caine 2

In gearing up for the ATC in two weeks, I've built my Circle pairing running Loki in both lists. This unfortunately means that I'm not allowed to play him in events until next Wednesday, and my buddy Chandler needed someone to test out his Menoth pairing for him. 

I had nothing better to play, so I decided to help him out. 

Don't worry guys, I'm still a Druid at heart. 

Going into the event, these were my lists:

Anson Durst, ROCK OF FAITH (love that name)
- Heirophant (free! Theme!)
- Castigator x2
- Templar x2
- Indictor x2

Vassal x2 (free! Theme!)
Wrack x2
Min Choir x2


Theme: Creator's Wrath

And then Chandler's Sevy list:

Sevy 1
- Heirophant
- Blessing of Vengeance
- Hand of Judgment
- Eye of Truth

Avatar of Menoth
Vassal x2
Vassal Mechanik x2
Wrack x2

Min Choir
Rhoven and Co. 

Round one I got paired into a Cygnar player running Caine 2 and Haley 2. This is a no brainer drop - Durst has to be the one I play here. Caine kills Sevy far, far too easily. 

My opponent drops:

Caine 2
- Reinholdt
- Stormclad
- Lancer

- Firefly
Eiryss 1
Gun Mage Captain Adept

Tempest Blazers

We were playing Recon, and Durst absolutely loves this Scenario. I get to just run Jacks up the middle and dare my opponent to come at me. 

I won the roll off and windmill slammed going first. The Theme giving me Bulwark for free at the beginning of the game is so great since it allows me to put out three Boundless Charges on the first turn and increase the speed/move range of my speed four heavies by 1. 

Druidic Menites turn 1:

Well the plan is to run at him at him at him some more. 

Durst gets Harmonious Exaltation from the Heirophant, who then repositions up. 

Three Boundless Charges are cast, and Durst himself charges up. 

Everything else runs. 

Cygnar turn 1:

My opponent runs things at me, staying outside of my 11 inch threat ranges. Little does he know that I've no intention at all of charging him next turn. 

Fire for Effect goes onto the Gun Mage Captain Adept, and Caine and his battlegroup move up. 

Arcane Shield goes onto the Storm Lances. 

Druidic Menites turn 2:

I have basically the same plan for this turn, except swapping out Deceleration for Boundless Charge

Everything runs. Heirophant casts Harmonious Exaltation and repositions into a jack. 

Durst pulls from a Wrack and casts Deceleration, pops his feat, and then charges a Blazer to end base to base with a jack. 

His Devout runs up behind him, and so do all the choir members to hug their jacks. 

Cygnar turn 2:

My opponent is facing down a horde of angry looking warjacks, and goes into the tank hard. 

He begins by shooting my front right jacks with eLeap shots, eventually killing a couple of choir members. 

His Lancer charges my Castigator, and at dice off 10 does 7 damage to the four, leaving him on one cortex box. He then baps him with the shield and kills the last cortex box. Sighhhh

The Gun Mage Captain Adept aims and shoots at the Templar in front of Durst with Shadow Fire and Brutal damage. 

I shield guard the shot to the Devout, and he rolls absurd damage again, doing 8 to my poor jack. 

Lances back up, away from the jacks. Eiryss moves up and shoots the Templar in front of Durst again, making it Shadow Fired. 

Caine gets reloaded, and goes for the feat, only to find that Durst is able to suck shots off to his battlegroup (this was his first time against Durst). 

After doing one damage to the Templar, Caine casts Gatecrasher and gets behind the cloud. 

The Firefly moves up and zaps down the choir dude by the objective, bouncing into the objective, the Heirophant, and the Vassal. He kills the choir boy and the Heirophant sadly. 

Druidic Menites turn 3:

I've just got to kill the Objective and the Firefly to dominate the zone. 

It takes every attack I have. I just cannot hit the DEF 13 Firefly with anything, and the Devout has to go in and finish it off after I've committed multiple heavies to it. 

Durst sits in the back with a bunch of focus. 

The Castigator on the left moves up and combusts on Eiryss, killing her. 

I get three points. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Druidic Menites

Cygnar turn 3:

My opponent has very few options here, and I'm desperately hoping he doesn't go for the assassination run. 

I really needed to not have to commit the Devout to killing the Firefly, and then everything would be fine. Instead, I feel extremely vulnerable to my opponent doing something like this:

GMCA aims and Flares/Brutal Damage shots Durst for an average of six (1 after focus soak) thanks for fire for effect. 

Each Tempest blazer that's not engaged shoots him for another 3 each on average.

Caine, with Reload, moves around and gets Durst in his sights, firing four fully boosted POW 12s, each doing 5 damage on average. 

Durst can soak 20 damage with focus and has 19 boxes, and my opponent does 28 damage on average here, and the way my opponents dice have been going, he's likely to do a lot more. 

Oddsmachine puts this in the 40% ish range of likelihood, which to be honest, is much better than any of his other options, even if it's not as likely to work as it is to fail. 

Fortunately, my opponent loads up his Stormclad and upkeeps Fire for Effect, and I breathe an internal sigh of relief. 

The GMCA still aims and Flare/Brutal damage shots at Durst, doing five which I power field. 

The Stormclad goes in and nearly wrecks the front Templar, leaving just the cortex and flail intact. 

The Blazers do shoot at Durst, but he takes minimal damage. At this point, I think I would have lived through Caine going at me, even if he hadn't loaded the Stormclad. Durst still had 16 hit points and three focus left, and Caine was only going to be able to do approximately half that much damage.

Stormlances charge the Castigator and the Indictor, wrecking the Castigator with some excellent damage rolls (dice -4 on three dice three times should only be 21 damage, not 32). 

The Lancer pokes at the other Templar's cortex. 

Druidic Menites turn 4:

It's go time, so I allocate a bunch of focus. 

Durst charges and wrecks the Lancer.

The Stormclad goes down between the two Templars, and it takes one Indictor to kill off the Stormlances under battle. 

I dominate the zone again, getting two more control points and the win.

Score 5-0
Victory for the Druidic Menites!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I got both extraordinarily unlucky and extraordinarily lucky here. I should have had ample resources to kill the Firefly sitting in the zone before the Devout went in, which would have meant I had very, very low chances of dying to shooting in this situation. 

Instead, I had to leave Durst sitting out naked against a bunch of accurate, boosted POW 10's and 12's. 

Other than that, the list did exactly what it was supposed to do. I ran up the table and pushed my opponent out of the important areas with a wall of nearly unkillable warjacks. 

On to game two!

Battle Report 25, High Reward Steamroller round 1, Wurmwood vs. Haley 2


I was able to attend a High Reward Steamroller at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue this last weekend, a format with an 8 person cap and a $25 buy-in price (which is a lot for an 8 man steamroller).

I took my tried and true pairing of Tanith and Wurmwood:

-Warpwolf Stalker
-Pureblood Warpwolf
-Scarsfell Griffon

-Scarsfell Griffon x2



Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers Bellow Crew
Obective: Fuel Cache

This is my Circle, Ret, and situationally Trolls, Mercs, or other dudespam drop. Scarsfell Griffons trade into squishy heavies really, really well, and they're not easy to kill on the backswing without significant investment.

My Wurmwood list is a bit of an oddball, with Brennos and Megalith being a module I haven't seen anywhere else. The idea here is that Brennos plus Megalith can literally shut down a colossal for an entire game. Brennos also has blessed naturally on his staff, and that has come up quite a few times for me now.

-Warpwolf Stalker

Gallows Grove

Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2
Min Bone Grinders
Gatormen Bokur and Shamblers
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Objective: Fuel Cache

The field was pretty non-diverse, with three Circle players all rocking Wurmwood and Tanith (one of the guys had the exact same Tanith list as I did!), two Ret players with Issyria/Kaelyssa and Rahn/Vyros 1, one Khador player with Butcher 3/Irusk 2, one Cygnar player with Haley 2/Caine 2, and one Skorne player running Rasheth with a billion Shamans/Zaal 2 with a billion immortals.

I was pretty nervous going into this event, I hadn't really stretched my competitive wings for solo events in nearly 4 months, and I was worried that I had lost any edge I once had.

Round one, I was paired with the Cygnar player. His lists were interesting, Caine 2 was running two Stormclads and Haley was running:

Haley 2


Max Stormlances
Black 13th
Objective: Bunker

Ultimately, I had a very strong feeling he would drop Haley 2, and since there was so much Circle for me to drop Tanith into and this was a good chance to test Wurmwood into Haley, I ultimately dropped Wurmwood.

We were playing Extraction, and my opponent won the roll off and opted for first.

One side had a forest right in front of the middle deployment zone, and the other had a forest up and to the right. There was a wall on that side, a hill on the edges of the Scenario, and a cloud in the center with a trench on the far side.

I opted for the side with the more central forest and wall, hoping that the forest in his face would force him to split his army, and it did.

Cygnar Deployment:

I counter-deployed:

The important things here are really just the forest and the wall and the trench. The cloud is going to go away most likely, and the forest here allows me to completely hide Wurmwood from his entire army. I lined up the Stalker across from the Lances since the game plan was to bait them with the Sentry Stones and then kill as many as possible.

Cygnar turn 1:

He's pretty aggressive here.

Arcane Shield goes onto the Stormlances and the Jr. moves up behind the forest. The Black 13th run and spread out to avoid Hellmouth. Thorn and Thunderhead run, the Stormclad gets TKed, and Haley puts up Deceleration, moving almost into the trench. The Sentinel runs.

As you can see, the sun was pretty bright and this would lead to issues for pics.

Circle turn 1:

I go into the tank for a while and then decide that since I'm the one going second, I'd really like to just bubble up and force him to commit. If he does and feats, I counterfeat and get a control point most likely, which is a bad place for him to be.

I place my cloud, and Cassius runs. I try for an unboosted Curse of Shadows on the Stormlances and miss, then I Dark Path Cassius back and cast Wild Growth to continue my wall of LOS denial.

Bone Grinders murder eachother, as usual.

Everything else advances or cross runs to get into better position for next turn. I do like one point of damage to a Stormlance with a Mannikin spray.

Cygnar turn 2:

He thinks about it for a bit, and then measures from Thunderhead to the farthest up Sentry Stone, finding he can get within five of it with a TK. Thunderhead gets two focus, Jr. upkeeps Arcane Shield.

The Centurion moves and shoots the Mannikin blocking the black Stormlance. Thorn shuffles to get LOS to Thunderhead.

Thunderhead gets TKed, and so does the Stormlance at the very top of the above picture.

Haley moves into the trench, no feat.

Thunderhead moves up and murders the painted Sentry Stone.

The Stormlances go in and murder the other Sentry Stone, actually doing a few damage to Brennos with eLeaps.

Black 13th move up and do nothing. The cloud goes away.

Circle turn 2:

I measure it out and I can get Megalith into Thunderhead, and I think I can kill 3 Stormlances. This is critical because the less models Haley gets to Alpha with on her feat turn, the better the game goes for me.

Shamblers get placed and one runs between the three stormlances that I don't expect Brennos to kill.

Cassius runs up.

Brennos charges in anddddd whiffs damage on the second lance, leaving it on one.

Wurmwood casts Curse of Shadows on Thunderhead and Hellmouths the Shambler to yank Stormlances closer together.

The Stalker goes in and kill two Lances, and then Sprints out into some Shifting Stones, who port him to the other side of Wurmwood.

Megalith charges in and kills Thunderhead with a fury to spare, so I throw an unboosted Stranglehold at Thorn, but miss.

The sun made picture taking impossible, so here's this Vassal diagram.
Brennos is the green empty base. 

Cygnar turn 3:

Haley hems and haws. Because I've placed the Stalker so far back and within charge range of where Megalith is, Haley would have to expose herself a lot to Feat and catch him to prevent the countercharge if the Stormclad goes into Megalith.

Side note - when two control casters play, generally whichever one feats first without getting a monstrous attrition or Scenario advantage, they lose.

He loads up the Stormclad and drops Arcane Shield.

Haley casts Temporal Acceleration on the Stormclad and does not feat, camping four in the trench. The Stormclad assaults in and murders Brennos. The Stormlances kill the Bokur (sad!).

His Sentinel shoots Megalith and rolls fire for damage. The Black 13th come in and do some Brutal Shots at Megalith, rolling pretty hot as well and leaving him on half. Thorn runs away.

Circle turn 3:

I'm surprised he didn't feat here, and so I spend a few minutes rethinking my turn. I measure from Megalith to Haley and realize she's less than 15 inches away.

I've got ten fury thanks to Stormlances and the Bokur dying, and I can get my new Shambler leader within 3 of Haley, and one Gobber within 3 of Megalith.

I decide to go for it.

Shambler runs. Gobber runs. Shifting Stones port up in front of his Sentinel so that it can't get dragged with Hellmouth.

Cassius runs.

I arc a Hellmouth through Cassius a the Shambler, hitting, and pulling Haley in. I boost damage on her and roll 6, 5, 4, doing 8 damage even after he cancels out five with a focus.

I arc another Hellmouth at the Gobber, boosting to hit, and drag Megalith 3 inches closer.

Megalith heals a d3, and charges Haley. I opt not to boost the charge attack since she has set defense.

Here was my math:

She's got 7 boxes left (averages say she should have 11 left but hey, dice). I miss my first attack, boost the second needing a nine and hit, doing 5 damage after focus reduction (dice +3 = 10, minus 5 = 5). She's now DEF 13, and Megalith buys two more attacks and kills her.

Instead...I roll the hard 11 on the charge and murder her.


Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I actually had several plays open to me here. and I really like both the play I went with and the other option, which was to use a Hellmouth to drag the Sentinel out of control from the Jr. and away from the objective, Hellmouth a placed Shifting Stone to murder all of the Black 13th, and then Feat. 

Port Wurmwood into the center ish part of the table so the forest covers literally everything, have Megalith blow up the objective from trample plus 3 bought attacks, and then have the Stalker control the flag for a point. Following turn, 

I expect him to feat but get no points if I contest with a bunch of shamblers, and I don't actually know if anything was in range to contest the right hand flag, so I could possibly be at 3 points at the end of his turn. 

I'd just need to Stranglehold both light jacks the following turn, possibly murdering Thorn with the Stalker, and keep Wurmwood safe before eventually killing off all of his models and winning on Scenario. 

Battle Report 18, October 8 Steamroller round 2: Wurmwood vs. Caine 2

Round two I was paired with one of my teammates for the upcoming i5 event in Portland, Oregon. His pairing is Stryker 2 and Caine 2, and Wurmwood just sucks for both of them. Add to that we were playing a live Scenario (Entrenched) on a table with very favorable terrain on one side, and he was not a happy camper.

The Stryker 2 list is a double Stormblade boat that just loses to Sentry Stones + Hellmouth, so I knew he was dropping Caine 2.

I dropped Wurmwood, since Tanith is not a great idea into someone who can easily kill her if he gets a bead.

Same Wurmwood list:


Gallows Grove

Bone Grinders (min)
Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2
Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

Objective: Fuel Cache


Caine 2

Gun Mage Captain Adept x2
Harlan Versh
Trencher Master Gunner

Trencher Cannon Crew
Max Trenchers

Objective: Fuel Cache

I won the roll off and windmill slammed going second to choose side.

He deployed with his scary shooting stuff across from my zone and his trenchers by his zone. Jacks pretty central. The big red thing is a fire cloud. I apparently forgot to photograph his deployment

I counter deployed, being very careful to leave nothing within 20" of Ace so I couldn't get trick-shotted turn 1.

Wurmwood goes near the close zone, beasts by the trench. DEF 18 Stalkers aren't any fun, even for Caine.

Note the curve of my AD line to avoid Ace
Cygnar turn 1:

His Trenchers advance cautiously and Dig in.

Caine puts Hightened Reflexes on the Trenchers and Fire for Effect on the Cannon Crew.

His right side scary shooting models all run.

Ace moves up behind the Trenchers.

Circle turn 1:

I have an amazing plan to run Cassius, Hellmouth Ace needing a boosted 7, kill the GMCA, 3-4 Trenchers, and put some damage on Caine. I also instantly get this nasty feeling I'm not going to actually hit an attack this turn.

The feeling is right.

I miss the boosted 7, and Wurmwood yanks Cassius back to safety.

My Sentry Stones miss the GMCA on the right.

Even my Bone Grinders have a hard time killing each-other, making my Gorax pitch in to help.

My beasts run to the trench, and I make sure Wurmwood is more than 19 inches away from Caine.

The Gobbers Stealth up the Stalker who is a very important 10 inches away from my opponents' objective.

Cygnar turn 2:

With way more models left alive than he has any right to have, my opponent wastes no time in gunning down both Sentry Stones and my Gallows Grove. 

His Trenchers gum up his zone, and his heavies all come central to scare me off. 

I forgot to take a picture 'till Brennos, the Shamblers, and the Stalker had activated, but imagine a line of Trenchers on the close edge of his zone. 

Circle turn 2:

I'm getting two points this turn, dice be darned!

The Shamblers spawn and run to engage his Jacks, especially Rowdy so he can't countercharge. 

Brennos shoots his AOE at the trenchers between the Stalker and the objective, boosting blast damage and murdering 4 of them. 

Wurmwood gets ported up so that the Stalker will still be in control, and the Stalker charges and destroys the objective, sprinting back to the trench. 

Megalith moves on up. 

Cassius runs, and Wurmwood arcs a Hellmouth at the left hand Cannon crew gunner, boosting damage on Runewood and Versh. All of them die, to my infinite satisfaction. 

Wurmwood then feats, and I get 2 points. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 3:

He can't really see much to do much. 

Rowdy moves over to block kill a pair of Shamblers. Gallant kills his. 

Trenchers charge and run to engage. 

Caine runs wayyyy over to the right (advances, casts Bullet Dodger on self and then casts Gatecrash). 

Ace uses Infiltrate so that both he and Caine are Stealth. 

Critically, he doesn't want to sacrifice his GMCA to contest, so I get another point. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 3:

I get a Shambler into the ring of Trenchers, and Brennos blasts it, killing all but the closest one. Another Shambler has once again engaged Rowdy.

Cassius runs, and Wurmwood boosts a Stranglehold into the GMCA in the zone, killing him. He then boosts another into Lanyssa, hits, and then rolls a boosted 4 for damage, not killing her. 

Megalith tramples into the zone, boosts a Stranglehold at her, and she dies. 

I get two more points for the win. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Caine is pretty screwed no matter what he does here. 

If he contests with the GMCA, I kill him the next turn pretty easily, and then make a big forest wall in front of Wurmwood while he toes the zone. 

I've got distance to both Rowdy and Gallant with the Stalker and Megalith respectively, and at that point all he has left is Caine and a Trencher Master Gunner. 

Even if he'd left Rowdy in the zone, the Stalker had a charge lane right at him, and a Stalker with Primal on it will wreck any Cygnar heavy even on sub-par dice. This is just a grossly hard match-up for Caine, and I did my best to never let him get an opening to do real work until it was far too late. 

Battle Report 13: Wurmwood vs. Sloan

Same table, different opponent, different list!

My opponent for this game has a noted dislike of Wurmwood, but wanted to see if his favorite list of mark 3 had any game into it at all.

Same Wurmwood list as last time:


Gallows Grove

Bokur and Shamblers
Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones x2
Swamp Gobbers Bellow Crew


-Hunter x6

Trencher Infantry

I won the roll and opted to go first, I wanted to get up the table as quick as possible. I decided before this game to see if ignoring the hunters and just playing for scenario was a feasible game (it's not usually I don't think) and as a result I made a lot of questionable plays this game. My Wurmwood list is also the weakest version of the list that I've had to play into Sloan since it relies on three heavies which is exactly what she wants to see. After this game, I think I might have to bring back my previous version with a bunch of brigands if I want a more generalist Wurmwood list.


Circle turn 1:

Pretty standard. Stuff ran and Bone Grinders killed eachother. The plan was for the Shamblers to run up into the left gap turn 2 and have Cassius murder a few of them and then have Wurmwood cast Wild Growth in the right gap to seal that off. 

Wurmwood gets ported forward and casts Wild Growth between the left forest and the house. 

I use the "kill your own mannikin" trick and put a Mannikin far enough up to spray a trencher down. 

Cygnar turn 1:

I totally discounted the idea of Trenchers doing anything but cloud walling, but some reallyyyy hot dice and CRA's combined with a hunter shot or two managed to take down BOTH Sentry Stones and the Gallows Grove. I hadn't considered putting up a forest around them since the Hunters would just ignore it anyway if they were going to go for it. 

My opponent has skewed far to my right and there is a ton of infantry for my various AOEs to murder next turn though. 

Circle turn 2:

Alrighty it's go time. Brennos moves up and...only kills two Trenchers because of tough. 

Megalith scoots over to that side as well (another mistake, he should have been farther back I think). 

My spawned Shamblers get murdered by Cassius, making two forests for me. Wurmwood gets teleported to the OTHER side of the house, casts a Hellmouth at one of the KD'd trenchers and kills a few more, before casting Dark Path back to Cassius and Wild Growth on the other side of the table. 

This was almost a great turn here, but I forgot to put something on the left flag to pressure my opponent on Scenario and it was going to cost me. 

Cygnar turn 2:

My opponent can't do a lot, but I didn't pressure him on scenario either so he just runs a couple of rangers up to engage Cassius. 

His Trenchers manage to hit one of the Bellows Crew, and the rest just jam me up. 

He gets three Hunter shots onto Brennos, spiking the first two (at dice -3, boosted, they both did 12 damage) and whiffing the last shot to leave him alive. 

Circle turn 3:

It's definitely feat turn. The two rangers jamming up Cassius are sure annoying though. I had a lot of ways to approach this, and in the end went with the one I like the least in hindsight. 

My Stalker gets ported behind them, kills them both and then sprints to my flag. If I had actually gone for this, he should have sprinted farther up the table but safely within my forest. A primaled stalker will kill 2-3 hunters in one activation and I should have threatened his jacks. 

Megalith tramples over some trenchers after popping Undergrowth. This was another massive mistake, he should have just sat safely inside the forest-to-be and attacked them. 

Brennos moved over to the left, and got healed by the shifting stones. 

Lanyssa and Gorax take out the Trenchers that toughed from Megalith. 

Wurmwood gets a talisman from the Bone Grinder, tosses a Hellmouth at the objective which kills three rangers, and then feats. 

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 3:

Sloan casts Guided Fire and feats. Hunters murder Megalith with prejudice, and the Trenchers roll hot again and kill the other Gobber. 

Finn contests my flag, and the other Hunter runs away. 

He scores a point. 

Score 1-1

Circle turn 4:

I need to contest his flag, cap mine, and kill that objective this turn if I want even a snowballs chance of winning this game now. 

Cassius walks over to Finn and kills him. 

The Shamblers cap the flag. 

The Gorax attempts a double handed throw on the tinker and misses his boosted 8 >< Would have been nice to have to KD'd hunters with Brennos' no shooting AOE. 

Brennos does decent damage to the Hunter he plugs with his shot. 

Lanyssa forces tough on a Trencher (man there were a lot of those). 

The Stalker charges the objective, puts it down, and then Lightning Strikes over to engage Sloan. 

Wurmwood puts down Wild Growth and heals Brennos for a bunch.

I get two points.

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 4:

My opponent hems and haws for a bit, then walks Sloan out of melee with my Stalker after Reinholdt goes and reloads her. The Stalker misses the free strike. 

Sloan murders Brennos, and casts Guided Fire. The Hunters all shoot at the Stalker, but thanks to Reinholdt the first three miss. The third one manages to hit and kill Reinholdt, so the other two hit and nearly kill the Stalker, leaving him on 2. 

The remaining Hunter really wants to kill him, but I remind my opponent that if he doesn't contest, I win, so the Hunter runs up. 

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

The Shamblers combined with boosted hits from Cassius kill the Hunter. 

Wurmwood heals the Stalker. 

I see a chance to end the game here, but my Gorax would have to hit a double handed throw!

He doesn't, so Sloan remains upright, and the Stalker misses her a number of times, connecting once for minimal damage. 

Brennos' AOE shouldn't be where it is, we forgot to pick it up. 

I get one point,

Score 4-1
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 5:

Sloan takes another free strike and this time I connect, which does a bit of damage. 

Her Hunters murder the Gorax and the Stalker. One runs over to contest. 

His Trencher continues his and Lanyssa's slap fight, once again not connecting.

Score 4-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6a:

Wurmwood gets ported up to the Hunter, casts Curse of Shadows at it and Strangleholds it a few times. 

Shamblers and Cassius kill the Hunter and I go to 5 points. 

Circle turn 6b:

We realize that in a tournament, what I should do to get max everything is to Teleport Wurmwood to the other side of the house, and have him kill Sloan who's only got 6 boxes left and is camping one. 

Lanyssa kills the Trencher.

Wurmwood gets ported to the other side of the house, and boosts two Strangleholds into Sloan, who dies, giving me max Army Points and 5 Control Points. (Imagine Wurmwood on the other side of the house, a dead Trencher next to Lanyssa, and Sloan knocked over and covered with roots).

Victory for the Druids!

Battle Report 12: Tanith vs. Haley 1

Captain Victoria Haley, the boogeyman of the Cryx boogeyman in mark 2. My teammate for the upcoming i5 event is rocking a Sloan/Haley 1 pairing and he wanted some practice into Circle.

We are never going to drop him into a pairing that includes Wurmwood, since both of his lists have a very hard time with his LOS denial, and we went through the motions of how Sloan would do into Tanith (surprise, she slaughters a stealth-based army), and ultimately decided that it would be a more interesting and productive game if he played his Haley 1 list and I played my Tanith list.



Wrong Eye


Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Fuel Cache

And his list was something like:

Haley 1

Maxwell Finn

Trencher Commandos
-Scattergunners x3
Tempest Blazers
Fuel Cache

Unbeknownst to us, our friend who was setting up Scenario and Terrain for us has been reading my article on terrain and deployment and decided to give us something of a doozy...(For those curious, you can find that article here)

Yup, that's a house in the middle of the table. In hindsight, that wall was slightly illegal, whoops. 

My opponent won the roll and opted to go first, and I decided that I wanted the trench. I deployed a Sentry Stone on each side of the house, planning on really gumming up the things he could get at easily. 

Pre-Game Thoughts:

The Sentry Stones plus the terrain is going to give me a huge advantage this game. I'm going to get to largely ignore his Trenchers, focus on killing his Blazers, and blunt the impact his Stormwall will have until it's too late. I can probably take over whichever side of the table the Stormwall and Haley aren't on and start pressuring Scenario pretty quickly. 

Cygnar turn 1:

Stuff ran. Arcane Shield went on both Haley and the Stormwall. Cygnar turn 1s are so exciting. 

Circle turn 1:

I seriously have to respect the Blazers in this matchup. If I let them, they will murder my entire list, and that just won't do. 

With this in mind, I put one Griffon on the hill within the 14" they can shoot him at, and the other just moves up and puts up Dodge after killing a painted Mannikin. Una drops 3 fury and RUNS, keeping the yellow griffon just in control.

The painted Sentry unit activates, rolls 3 for fury, and murders a blazer before putting up a forest. 

The left unit kills...a trencher? Nope, misses trenchers, and puts up a forest.

Tanith puts Scything Touch on the Stalker and Admonition on the Pureblood. 

The wolves warp prowl or spell ward and runs. Wrong Eye and Snapjaw both cast Submerge. Tanith's Griffon cheekily sits right behind the house. 

With the flat house....
With a real house!
Cygnar turn 2:

My opponent looks at the table and can already see the writing on the wall. Barring some insane dice on his end and some really bad placement on mine, this game is going to swing my way pretty quickly. 

Both Arcane Shield's are upkept and the Hunter and Stormwall each get a focus.

Haley casts Temporal Barrier and moves up to the hill. The Trenchers activate and spray down/shoot down Mannikins. 

The Blazers move over and try for unboosted 10s on the Scarsfell, missing all three shots, and repositioning. The Stormwall draws LOS to the Pureblood and puts some significant damage into it with a boosted big gun, and then puts down Covering Fire. 

Circle turn 2:

I upkeep both Scything Touch and Admonition. I nearly forget Temporal Barrier gives -2 speed, but then I do remember, so I try to cast Hunters Mark on the Stormwall. Haley negates it with her focus. 

I put Snapjaw in harms way to bait out the colossal, eating a Trencher with him and riling for a bunch after casting Submerge. Wrong Eye casts Star Crossed and Submerge. The griffon behind the building walks over it and kills a Trencher, then puts up Dodge. 

Una runs back to the right and the hill, and the Yellow Scarsfell charges and kills a Blazer before casting Dodge.

The left unit of Sentry Stone makes a Mannikin. The Mannikin aims, boosts, and kills the Squire, and the Stone ports up and makes a forest. 

The Pureblood warps Spell Ward again and sprays down a Blazer. The right Sentry Unit caps the flag for me. The Blue Griffon runs. 

I score 1 point. 

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 3:

My opponent doesn't like it, but he's going to be feating this turn. Arcane Shield's are upkept everywhere, and a focus is given to each jack. 

Strangeways gives the Stormwall another focus. Haley pops feat and Temporal, before blasting the grey Griffon for a few damage, and then misses her second shot into him so he dodges away. 

Stormwall murders Snapjaw and gets Wrong Eye down to 2 boxes with e-leaps and a boosted pod. 

The Trenchers charge the Grey Griffon, but they have to position in such a way that if they miss their first attack he can dance away from them. 1 ends up connecting, but doesn't finish him off. 

His Blazers shoot my Griffon's, connecting once and doing decent damage. They Reposition to contest the flag. The Hunter murders the Sentry Stone.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I think I can kill his Colossal here, clear the flag, and keep Tannith safe. 

She goes first, after upkeeping both spells again, and pops feat, sticking Wraithbane on the Stalker and healing the Griffon for a couple. 

Lanyssa gets the Hunters Mark off, and the Stalker goes in, doing about 3/4 of the Stormwall's health. 

Wrong Eye also charges, contributing a few more damage. 

Una's Griffons murder the Murder Ponies, and Una runs to the flag. 

The Pureblood casts Wraithbane on itself and assaults at the Stormwall, needing a boosted 10 to kill it. I land it, and after I move a couple more models around and pass the turn, my opponent concedes.

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

The terrain decided this game. If my opponent hadn't had to deal with that house in the middle of the table, I would have had to play Tanith far more defensively, and I wouldn't have been able to just ignore his Stormwall until I could kill it. That being said, this much stealth for a non-Sloan gunline is a big deal, and the high DEF of the Warpwolves and Griffons combined with Star Crossed is an infuriating combination to play against, although this is somewhat deadened by Temporal Barrier, which is still a fantastic spell.