Battle Report 22, i5 Team Tournament Round 2, Tanith vs. Vyros 2

Round 2 my team got paired against a team that had spent something like 100 hours on matchup theorizing.

Needless to say, I got crushed on the matchup selection, and the one good matchup I actually got for us got diced.

I got Vyros 2, which I believe is a terrible matchup for both of my lists. That being said, Star-Crossed is a really good effect against his list since if he can't get Synergy up, he's not hitting most of my models.

The Scenario was Recon, and my opponent was playing:

Vyros 2
-Griffon x5
-Aspis x2

3x Arcanist

Min Invictors with CA

I won the roll off and decided to go second, which in hindsight is really where I lost the game. I 100% should have gone first in this matchup since none of the terrain actually mattered to either of our lists and getting up the field should have been my priority.

His deployment:

My Deployment:

Ret turn 1:

He ran a me, and I realized how bad of an idea going Second had been instantly. I had no room to maneuver, and no where to hide against his whole battlegroup having Birds Eye.

Synergy and Deceleration both went up.

Circle turn 1:

I thought I could bait him into giving me Imperatus and a Griffon, so I positioned everything so that he could get at Snapjaw with Imperatus if he put a lot of other models up first.

Unfortunately, I also screwed up and put one of my Scarsfells right next to Snapjaw, so he had plenty to go after.

Ret turn 2:

Stuff kills stuff, Synergy gets to 3 and Imperatus gets the bonus damage from an Arcanist.

He does charge in and kill Snapjaw and a Scarsfell, but he's given me a chance to even out the attrition fight nicely.

Vyros Feats.

Circle turn 2:

I screw up major bad here. I shouldn't have put Primal on the Stalker, but rather feated and used the Grey Griffon to finish off a seriously banged up Imperatus (which happened anyway because of dice). Had I not put Primal on the Stalker here, I think the game goes very differently.

Tanith shoots Imperatus and puts Primal on the Stalker. I still can't believe I did that.

Anyway, Primal on the Stalker, he goes in at Imperatus, triggers Phoenix Protocol easily with Scything Touch and warping Strength, whacks the Griffon a bit too.

Grey Scarsfell charges in and finishes off Imperatus, a spray from the Pureblood kills the Griffon.

The Yellow Griffon goes into the far right Aspis and does about half its health.

Star Crossed is up.

Ret turn 3:

He goes into the Stalker with a few things, I believe missing his only two attacks of the game here.

I trigger Admonition on the Pureblood to threaten Vyros, and he puts his other lights between the two of them.

Side bar - I was a total moron in a number of ways this game, but this one really takes the cake. I put the Pureblood a millimeter closer to the Stalker than his Griffon was, so the Stalker would frenzy into the Pureblood next turn rather than into the Griffon. Yeah. Bad times were had.

He uses his far right jack to one round my Scarsfell.

Circle turn 3:

Stalker frenzies, actually hitting the Pureblood with his Mind out, and doing a couple of damage.

I kill a couple of lights with a Primaled, Scything Touch Pureblood, and put Admonition on the Stalker as well.

Despite my opponent going deep into the tank, I know the game is effectively over.

Ret turn 4:

The Invictors do a massive CRA into the Stalker, miss, and then re-roll cuz they're awesome and hit, polishing him off.

Both my Objective and Wrong Eye die, and Vyros charges into my Pureblood, killing it.

His remaining jack murders Una.

He gets 3 points.

Circle turn 4:

I chuck his lights into eachother with the Gorax, and try for the REALLY long shot assassination with Tanith since Vyros is camping nothing. The dice don't smile on me (needed 2 boosted 15s in a row sooo) and I concede.

Sadly, a Loss for the Druids

Post Game Thoughts:

This is both a freaking awful matchup for Circle, and yet not as bad as I thought it would be. Really, my own stupidity lost me this game. Three glaring mistakes - not going first, putting Primal on the Stalker, and moving the Pureblood too close to him all prevented me from really executing the attrition fight that I wanted to make. 

Also my opponent couldn't miss under Star-Crossed, it was pretty impressive, we were both laughing at it by the end of the game. 

My entire team got stomped this round, 0-5. We left for lunch with pretty low morale. 

Battle Report 20, October 8 Steamroller Round 4: Tanith vs. Butcher 3

This opponent and I have played each-other in the semi finals or finals of many, many, many tournaments. Even in the short time I've been documenting these games, you can read 2 of our Butcher 3 vs. Wurmwood games (I think we've had 4 or 5) and basically it always ends up with him tableing me more or less and then me getting a seemingly miracle assassination.

I decided to buck the norm and play Tanith.

-Scarsfell x3

Wrong Eye

Shifting Stones
Sentry Stones x2

Objective: Fuel Cache

And he dropped this whirling mass of insanity.

Butcher 3
-War Argus x2

Man O'War Drakhun x2
Alexia 2
Widowmaker Marksman

Kayazy Eliminators x2

We were playing Take and Hold (a big part of why I picked Tanith, this isn't a particularly live Scenario for Wurmwood). He won the roll off and slammed the side with the trees.

I deployed pretty centrally. I missed Una again. Sweet sweet Una.

He deployed with the clear intention of making a beeline for his flag.

Circle turn 1:

Stuff ran. I couldn't spray any of his models since he'd deployed them back 1.2 inches. Scything Touch on the Stalker and Admonition on the Pureblood. Notice a pattern? I put one Griffon way right to go and tie up his Drakhun for a turn or two.

Khador turn 1:

Lots of Mannikins died. His central Drakhun ran up pretty far, his battlegroup got Energized and Butcher thought pretty hard about Energizing himself before I pointed out that if he did and charged, Snapjaw could get to him. Suffice to say, he did not Energize the Butcher.

Circle turn 2:

I was in a unique position here of being able to actually kill Butcher's dogs since his positioning with Butcher won't let him Vengeance at all.

Tanith upkept her spells, I saluted my darling Una in my mind and pretended to upkeep Guardian Beast and Wrong Eye took Snapjaws Fury.

Wrong Eye put up Submerge and Star-Crossed before advancing.

Snapjaw charged and murdered the middle Drakhun.

The right Griffon charged and 2 damage to the Drakhun.

Unpainted Mannikin missed 2 boosted nines on the middle Kayazy. These two Kayazy single-handedly almost lost me the game. Read on.

The other Mannikins killed the other two Kayazy and a few widowmakers.

The Pureblood moved up to the tip of the wall and sprayed both Argii, missing the first and killing the second.

The Grey Griffon moved up and killed the first Argus, and then cast Dodge.

The Blue Griffon went into the remaining Kayazy and missed....3 boosted 11s.

"No problem, I've got a Stalker in the stones, port him up, kill on, sprint out, easy!"

He missed 3 boosted 11s too.

I'm in panic mode here, 'till I realize that Butcher won't get pathfinder on the charge now that his pups are dead.

Tanith feats, casting Rift for the first time EVER and getting the right Kodiak and Butcher, boosting damage on the man himself and doing a couple.

Sweating profusely, I end my turn.

Khador turn 2:

The left Kodiak headbutts the Grey Griffon, and Ruin kills it. The red Kodiak hits both initials and then throws Snapjaw into the Stalker, killing one Kayazy and knocking the Stalker, the Bird, and Snapjaw down.

The Drakhun half kills the yellow Griffon.

Butcher feats and moves onto the flag.

Score 1-0
Advantage Khador

Circle turn 3:

Well...I have one chance at this. The Pureblood is within walking range of the Butcher. 

Tanith drops her spells, pulls fury from him and the Stalker. The blue Griffon Frenzies at the Kodiak and doesn't do much. Snapjaw passes his Frenzy check somehow, and Wrong Eye cuts for 4. 

After agonizing about the best way to do things for about ten minutes, I start with Tanith who moves up, shoots Butcher, boosting to hit. She hits, and does another couple of damage with a boosted damage roll. She puts Scything Touch and Primal on the Pureblood. 

I try like crazy to spray the War Dog down, but whiff the damage rolls and he lives. 

The Pureblood activates and walks up to Butcher. I need to do 18 damage with 6 attacks at dice -3 once his power shield is taken into account. 

I spike the first couple of dice rolls and kill him. 

A Lucky Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I didn't really deserve this win I don't think. I did deliberately move the Pureblood over there to threaten Butcher should he choose to come to the flag, but I was expecting more of a spray than a walk and hit. The rough terrain forced him to charge in order to get to the flag and that was my only saving grace. 

Also, Tanith is the wrong drop, it should always be Wurmwood. 

At 4-0, I ended up taking first, and my round 4 opponent came second, with my round 3 opponent coming third! I had a real blast, some very interesting games were had, and the spread of factions was incredibly diverse outside the block of 3 Khador players.

The Western Washington PG's, of which I am a member, are hoping that we can get attendance up to 16-20 people by 2017, and I'm excited to see where the meta develops from here. We have a ton of new guys coming fresh out of a Journeyman League in about a month, and we're all pulling to have them keep playing once the league is over.

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 19, October 8 Steamroller Round 3: Tanith vs. Reznik 2

I am generally very happy with Warmachine and Hordes as a game.

Reznik 2, as a Hordes player, makes me seriously unhappy.

My opponent and I whined and griped for about 10 minutes before the round began. His other list was a Kreoss 1 pop and drop which Wurmwood laughs at, and we both knew he couldn't afford to risk that.

The Scenario was Recon, which is normally another windmill slam Wurmwood Scenario, but I've played against Reznik 2 a fair number of times now and I think it's a terrible matchup for Wurmwood.

Tanith, on the other hand, makes Reznik 2 play verrrry safe or else he dies, so I decided to drop her instead.

As mentioned previously, I had derped hardcore and left Una at home, so I had a Wilder in her place for this particular event.

-Scarsfell x3

Wrong Eye

Shifting Stones
Sentry Stones x2

Objective: Fuel Cache

And my opponent was playing typical Reznik 2.

Reznik 2
-Reckoner x2
-Scourge of Heresy
-Madelyn Corbeau
-Shield Guard Light Jack that did nothing all game

Choir of Menoth (min)
Idrians and CA
Rhoven and Co.

Alten Ashley
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

Objective; Armory

My opponent won the roll off and chose to go second, taking the side that he didn't want me to have.

I deployed very centrally, already missing Una like crazy. I might have to paint her up as a tribute to how much I missed her. That's how bad it was. Withdrawal pains like crazy.

And my opponent cannily deployed Alten and his Idrians 1.2 inches back from his AD line so I couldn't spray them round one. Darn. He puts prey on the blue Griffon. Again, the big red thing is a fire cloud.

Circle turn 1:

Turn 1 is a typical Tanith turn 1. Scything Touch on the Stalker and Admonition on the Pureblood.

Sentry Stones roll hot for Fury so I get some forests, Griffons run around.

Wrong Eye and Snapjaw both run.

Menoth turn 1:

He runs his right hand Reckoner through the rough terrain. Reznik puts up Lamentation to the surprise of no one. Idrians move up, killing me sacrificial Sentry Mannikins.

Alten does 8 damage to the Pureblood's Spirit. Fortunately, the Pureblood has like 12 boxes in his Spirit for some reason.

 Neither of the clouds go away.

Circle turn 2:

Commence the sprays! I briefly consider sacrificing a Griffon and my feat to kill Rhoven. His ability to hand out Eyeless Sight is pretty crucial in this matchup.

Tanith upkeeps her spells and Una...does not cuz she's not on the table. Le Sigh. The Shifting Stones leach a couple fury for me so nothing has to frenzy.

Both Sentry Stones roll a 1 for fury, and Mannikins do a decent job thinning the Idrian herd.

My opponent forgot the Pureblood has a spray, so Alten dies and I am happy.

Wrong Eye and Snapjaw move up with their typical Submerge and Star-Crossed silliness.

Stalker warps Prowl and goes for the cloud from my objective.

Griffons criss cross so that the preyed one is away from the Idrians.

Neither cloud goes out. Again.

Menoth turn 2:

His army starts to shift to my right. I can see Reznik really wants to go for that flag. Lamantation is upkept.

Idrians murder Mannikins. Rhoven gives Eyeless sight to the right Reckoner. Choir sings Battle.

Reznik moves up, pops feat, and casts The Flesh is Weak at the exposed Mannikin, making neither Griffon able to charge. He then repositions back. The blast damage and feat damage do about half of each Griffon's health.

The Reckoner blows up the farther up Sentry Stone.

The other Reckoner considers going for the Pureblood, but my opponent notices the Admonition token and after a couple of choice words about the spell, doesn't go for it.

The Fire Cloud goes out! (not pictured).

Circle turn 3:

Well my opponent hasn't contested the zone, the cloud is gone, and I've got an angry alligator in charge range.

Tanith upkeeps both spells.

Wrong Eye activates first, outside of Reznik's control area, casting Submerge and Star-Crossed. He then moves up.

Snapjaw charges and murders the objective, riling but not Submerging because Scourge of Heresy has Purgation.

Pureblood moves up and sprays the left Reckoner, missing.

Stalker runs over behind the Pureblood.

Tanith heals some damage off Griffons and moves into the zone behind a Shifting Stone bunker.

Mannikins spray yet more Idrians to death.

My gobbers replace the fire cloud.

I get 3 points.

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent isn't in a good spot here. Lamantation stays up. 

His Idrians move up, CRA, and kill my Griffon. 

Reznik tramples up to the flag, MISSING the Mannikin, and chucks a The Flesh is Weak at my other Griffon. I realized about 2 activations later he would have been in Star-Crossed range and missed, but oh well. My bad.

He repositions back to the flag. 

Choir sings Battle.

Scourge goes in and murders Snapjaw. 

The right Reckoner moves out of the rough terrain and shoots at the Pureblood. 

The left Reckoner charges the Pureblood....who uses Admonition to get away from him and into the forest. 

We had a good laugh since he'd made such a big deal of it the turn before. 

No points are scored, and the cloud goes out (not pictured).

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I'm in a fantastic spot here. My Pureblood can warp Ghostly and walk up to Scourge, my Stalker is in charge range of the Reckoner, and if I can't clear the zone, Tanith can either just run up to the flag after the Stalker murders the Reckoner or get teleported over there for a domination the next turn. 

His army is shifted so far to the right that he can only contest with a single Choir member, if that. 

Tanith upkeeps her one spell for free thanks to the Wilder. 

Gorax moves out of Lamentation and casts Primal on the Stalker. He charges in and murders the Reckoner. 

Tanith activates after much deliberation and Feats, casting Primal and Scything Touch on the Pureblood, before advancing into the Shifting Stone fort. 

The Pureblood warps Ghostly and moves up, killing Scourge on the second to last attack.

I get 2 more points. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I got lucky here and the central cloud went out right when I needed it to and not a moment earlier. 

That added to the fact that Reznik doesn't really have a feat against Tanith added to Scourge being the ONLY heavy he has that outthreats my models with Hunters Mark and terrain in the mix makes this matchup really hard for him. 

Most fun I've had playing against Menoth in a long time, very interesting game. 

Battle Report 18, October 8 Steamroller round 2: Wurmwood vs. Caine 2

Round two I was paired with one of my teammates for the upcoming i5 event in Portland, Oregon. His pairing is Stryker 2 and Caine 2, and Wurmwood just sucks for both of them. Add to that we were playing a live Scenario (Entrenched) on a table with very favorable terrain on one side, and he was not a happy camper.

The Stryker 2 list is a double Stormblade boat that just loses to Sentry Stones + Hellmouth, so I knew he was dropping Caine 2.

I dropped Wurmwood, since Tanith is not a great idea into someone who can easily kill her if he gets a bead.

Same Wurmwood list:


Gallows Grove

Bone Grinders (min)
Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2
Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

Objective: Fuel Cache


Caine 2

Gun Mage Captain Adept x2
Harlan Versh
Trencher Master Gunner

Trencher Cannon Crew
Max Trenchers

Objective: Fuel Cache

I won the roll off and windmill slammed going second to choose side.

He deployed with his scary shooting stuff across from my zone and his trenchers by his zone. Jacks pretty central. The big red thing is a fire cloud. I apparently forgot to photograph his deployment

I counter deployed, being very careful to leave nothing within 20" of Ace so I couldn't get trick-shotted turn 1.

Wurmwood goes near the close zone, beasts by the trench. DEF 18 Stalkers aren't any fun, even for Caine.

Note the curve of my AD line to avoid Ace
Cygnar turn 1:

His Trenchers advance cautiously and Dig in.

Caine puts Hightened Reflexes on the Trenchers and Fire for Effect on the Cannon Crew.

His right side scary shooting models all run.

Ace moves up behind the Trenchers.

Circle turn 1:

I have an amazing plan to run Cassius, Hellmouth Ace needing a boosted 7, kill the GMCA, 3-4 Trenchers, and put some damage on Caine. I also instantly get this nasty feeling I'm not going to actually hit an attack this turn.

The feeling is right.

I miss the boosted 7, and Wurmwood yanks Cassius back to safety.

My Sentry Stones miss the GMCA on the right.

Even my Bone Grinders have a hard time killing each-other, making my Gorax pitch in to help.

My beasts run to the trench, and I make sure Wurmwood is more than 19 inches away from Caine.

The Gobbers Stealth up the Stalker who is a very important 10 inches away from my opponents' objective.

Cygnar turn 2:

With way more models left alive than he has any right to have, my opponent wastes no time in gunning down both Sentry Stones and my Gallows Grove. 

His Trenchers gum up his zone, and his heavies all come central to scare me off. 

I forgot to take a picture 'till Brennos, the Shamblers, and the Stalker had activated, but imagine a line of Trenchers on the close edge of his zone. 

Circle turn 2:

I'm getting two points this turn, dice be darned!

The Shamblers spawn and run to engage his Jacks, especially Rowdy so he can't countercharge. 

Brennos shoots his AOE at the trenchers between the Stalker and the objective, boosting blast damage and murdering 4 of them. 

Wurmwood gets ported up so that the Stalker will still be in control, and the Stalker charges and destroys the objective, sprinting back to the trench. 

Megalith moves on up. 

Cassius runs, and Wurmwood arcs a Hellmouth at the left hand Cannon crew gunner, boosting damage on Runewood and Versh. All of them die, to my infinite satisfaction. 

Wurmwood then feats, and I get 2 points. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 3:

He can't really see much to do much. 

Rowdy moves over to block kill a pair of Shamblers. Gallant kills his. 

Trenchers charge and run to engage. 

Caine runs wayyyy over to the right (advances, casts Bullet Dodger on self and then casts Gatecrash). 

Ace uses Infiltrate so that both he and Caine are Stealth. 

Critically, he doesn't want to sacrifice his GMCA to contest, so I get another point. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 3:

I get a Shambler into the ring of Trenchers, and Brennos blasts it, killing all but the closest one. Another Shambler has once again engaged Rowdy.

Cassius runs, and Wurmwood boosts a Stranglehold into the GMCA in the zone, killing him. He then boosts another into Lanyssa, hits, and then rolls a boosted 4 for damage, not killing her. 

Megalith tramples into the zone, boosts a Stranglehold at her, and she dies. 

I get two more points for the win. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Caine is pretty screwed no matter what he does here. 

If he contests with the GMCA, I kill him the next turn pretty easily, and then make a big forest wall in front of Wurmwood while he toes the zone. 

I've got distance to both Rowdy and Gallant with the Stalker and Megalith respectively, and at that point all he has left is Caine and a Trencher Master Gunner. 

Even if he'd left Rowdy in the zone, the Stalker had a charge lane right at him, and a Stalker with Primal on it will wreck any Cygnar heavy even on sub-par dice. This is just a grossly hard match-up for Caine, and I did my best to never let him get an opening to do real work until it was far too late. 

Battle Report 17, October 8 Steamroller Round 1: Wurmwood vs. Helga

I had the opportunity to play in a 12 man Steamroller Event this weekend, which is a landmark for Eastern Washington as far as size goes. We had 3 new players (less than 20 games) show up to play, and we had a smattering of less common tournament attendees.

Had all the tournament regulars shown up, we would have had a proper 16 man event!

I was originally planning on playing Skorne at this event to test out my teammates pairing for our upcoming team tournament, but I had also brought my Circle bag since one of the newer guys had expressed interest in playing in the event if he could borrow an army.

He ended up wanting to play Skorne, so I gleefully ran back to my bag to pull out my beloved druids, only to discover that my Una model had been left at home! (Approx 3 hour drive away)

After much debating, I kept the Tanith list the exact same, minus Una, plus a Druid Wilder. While this mostly was fine, I sure missed those boosted POW 10s a number of times.

Round one, I got paired against a gentleman running double pigs - Carver and Helga.

For once, someone actually requested that I play Wurmwood into them! And since the table was pretty good for the tree anyway, I went ahead and agreed.


Gallows Grove

Bone Grinders (min)
Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2
Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

Objective: Fuel Cache

He dropped his Helga list, which is a reasonable decision. Wurmwood piece trades with Carver fairly well thanks to Stranglehold and the Stalker having access to Sprint.

Helga, the Conquerer
- Splatter Boar x2
- Gun Boar x2

Razorback Crew x2
Slaughterhousers x2
Meat Thresher x2

Objective: Fuel Cache

We were playing on Linebreaker and my opponent won the roll off, choosing to go first. I didn't get a picture of his deployment, but it's basically his turn 1 advance but back 10 inches. I was looking forward to playing Linebreaker, since after the testing I did for my Linebreaker article (you can read it here), I was pretty convinced that this was a very live Scenario and I wanted a chance to document it.

I deployed like so. I had identified that his right flank was strangely the weak one, since my Stalker outthreats both of his battle engines by 1" and I also have plentiful access to Stranglehold to tie them down until I can kill them. The way he deployed his brigands and the nature of the terrain meant he was going to have to bunch them up turn 1 unless he ran his battle engines to the extreme edge of the table, and that meant I'd likely be able to Hellmouth a bunch of them to death on turn 1.

On the left side, I'd just face a billion shots from high explosive or brutal damage guns, and that didn't look like something I wanted my important pieces going into.

Minions turn 1:

He puts Defenders Ward on one of the Slaughterhouse units. Everything runs up the table. The water feature on the left really hampers his advance, and I'm not too worried about getting shot up for a turn or two. The light green circles are acid pits just.

Circle turn 1:

I measure out threat ranges, and Megalith is half an inch out of trampling up and casting a Stranglehold to begin the chain of silliness.

My Bone Grinders murder each-other to fuel the Tree and the Bokur.

Megalith tramples over a Mannikin. Lanyssa advances and kills a Mannikin.

My Sentry Stones both go, getting a couple each and either can't hit the Slaughterhousers with boosted sprays or can't roll the six needed to force a tough check. They do manage to make one take a tough check, which he passes, and both Stones make a forest in front of Megalith.

Cassius runs, and I get a Hellmouth onto 5 of the remaining Slaughterhousers, killing all of them. Wurmwood yanks him back with Dark Path.

The Stalker warps Prowl and goes into the forest with the Gallows Grove. Brennos chills out behind said forest so as not to get shot by the incoming battle engines.

The Stones port Wurmwood into the left Forest to give him Stealth.

I apologize for the blur. I had forgotten my tablet, so my phone was pulling double duty as camera and warroom, so some of the shots were really hurried. 

Minions turn 2:

Losing an entire unit of Slaughterhousers wasn't great for my opponent, and I haven't given him hardly anything to shoot at or attack.

Helga upkeeps Defenders Ward. The battle engines stay away from my Stalker and shoot down Mannikins. The last Slaughterhouser from the dessicated unit moves up and engages 2 Mannikins, and the others run/charge to my left.

His artillery pieces run to get out of the water, and his lights throw some corrosion on various things.

Helga stays safe behind the wall.

Circle turn 2:

Well I can't score this turn, so that means it isn't Feat turn yet. What I can do is Stranglehold both of his battle engines, get Curse of Shadows on one in preparation for next turn, and hopefully get a lucky drift from Brennos to prevent them both from shooting.

Wurmwood gets 10 fury, and the Bokur makes some Shamblers.

The Grove shifts up on the right, and the Sentry Stones Slaughterhouser?

Cassius runs, Wurmwood casts Dark Path to get over to him, chucks Curse of Shadows on the left Battle Engine and Stranglehold on the right one. Then he drops a forest on the Gallows Grove to complete my line of trees. The second Sentry unit charges the now Cursed Thresher and deals a few damage.

Megalith casts Stranglehold on the left one, and Brennos gets a drift onto the left Thresher.

My Shamblers charge his Slaughterhousers, but I can't roll 6 to hit or to kill, Defenders Ward really pulling some weight. My Gobbers make a cloud.

Minions turn 3:

Between Slaughterhousers and shots, he manages to kill most of the Shamblers and both of the Swamp Gobbers (darn). His Cursed battle engine backs up, taking a free strike at dice off 6 andddddd my dice continue to hate me, doing no damage.

The other Thresher shoots some stuff.

Circle turn 3:

It's go time! Lanyssa is within 16 inches of the far right Thresher, I can port a Stone around Megalith to port him to the objective, and Wurmwood is going to feat to keep me safe.

I upkeep Curse of Shadows. Lanyssa moves up through the morass and lands Hunters Mark on the Thresher. My Gallows Grove gets out of the way.

Both Sentry Stones activate. The unpainted one on the right gets a pretty good pair of charges into the Thresher, knocking it down to 11 boxes.

The one on the left charges the Splatter Boar and misses.

I port one of the green stones around Megalith with the grey stones, and the green stones port Megalith to the objective, which he puts down handily.

The Shamblers throw themselves at the Slaughterhousers, actually killing one this time! The Bokur murders the Gun Boar that was there by chewing through half his unit of Shamblers to buy and boost attacks.

Cassius advances to within 10" of the Thresher.

Brennos activates and tries to drift his AOE onto the Thresher again, but this time it deviates back and murders a Mannikin!

Wurmwood activates, throws a boosted Stranglehold at the Meat Thresher, spiking and doing 8 damage. He throws another one out, killing it, and pops Feat.

I get 2 points.

Outside edge of the red beads is the forest.
Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Minions turn 4:

My opponent has exactly zero models to contest with, so he jut makes a beeline for my left flag. He also kills all the remaining Shamblers. 

We both get a point. 

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

Cassius is within 14 inches of the flag. He runs, Wurmwood casts Dark Path to get himself base to base with the flag, and I get 2 more points for the win. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Brennos and Megalith are in this list specifically to prey on Huge Based models with guns, and I am incredibly happy with how they performed this game. 

It's kind of counter-intuitive to see two battle engines as the weak side of the table, but I'm much more afraid of the Slaughterhousers than I am of the Meat Threshers. The Slaughterhousers with Dash threaten as far as the Stalker does without Hunters Mark and 3-4 of them will reliably kill said Stalker. 

The central obstruction played a huge role in allowing me to pivot my army around the table like I wanted to. My original plan was actually to play for attrition. Once the Slaughterhousers are dead and the Threshers are Strangleholded every turn, Helga is really the only thing that I worry about for making her feat work, and she can't actually do that much against Wurmwood and Megalith. 

I felt pretty advantaged going into this matchup, but I feel Wurmwood is really strong into almost everything that Minions has except Rask. 

A very fun game, and to all of you naysayers who don't think Linebreaker is very live, take that!

Battle Report 10. September 9 Steamroller round 3; Wurmwood vs. Haley 2

I've read a lot of reports on this matchup, and I believe that it is probably in Wurmwood's favor. That being said, when you haven't played the match up before, you will just lose.

Round three I was playing into my teammate for the i5 event, and we had already agreed to split prizes (we're both from an MTG background) AND this was a match-up we both wanted practice with.

Haley 2

Gobber Tinker
Journeyman Warcaster

Min Storm lances.

We were playing Recon, which I think is a fantastic scenario for both casters. I won the roll off and decided I didn't want the side with the massive forest right in the way, so I went second.

I don't have a ton of pictures or a big write-up for this game since we pretty much just talked it out. 

We explored how I lose top of two by having Wurmwood within 2 inches of the cloud wall so Thorn runs up and TKs me into it and I get charged by an Ironclad and blown up with a Stormwall cannon volley. 

We also explored how if I don't do that, Wurmwood is up on Scenario fairly handily. 

We were locked into first and second, and we just threw models around until I timed out exploring different threat ranges and how the matchup goes. I think I will have an in-depth article about the Haley 2 vs. Wurmwood matchup sometime in the near future. 

A loss for the druids....

Battle Report 9, September 9 Steamroller round 2: Wurmwood vs. Butcher 3

I've been playing against this particular opponent a lot on VASSAL since neither of us have a super active local meta and driving to Spokane for casual games gets expensive and time consuming really fast.

We had actually tried this matchup out the previous evening, and I knew it was going to be interesting.

Butcher 3
-War Argus x2

Man O'War Drakhun x2
Alexia 2
Widowmaker Marksman

Kayazy Eliminators x2

Man O'War Drakhuns are a nightmare for Circle. They're fast, accurate, hit like a train, and are insanely hard to kill. I've had to commit heavies in the past, nothing else has cut it.

I played my Wurmwood list. His other list was Vlad 2 which seems like a bad time into Wurmwood and I didn't think Tannith had the ability to deal with Butcher himself.

We were playing entrenched. I won the roll off and chose to go second since I wanted the side with the forest to make my wall of things. We both had Fuel Cache as our objectives, and with the clouds in the middle of the table, I felt like this table edge was better. In hindsight, in a Scenario this dead, going first probably would have been the better choice.

He skewed deployment left with only Ruin, Widowmakers, and a Drakhun on the right.

I counter deployed by putting the Brigands across from the Kodiak I wanted them to prey on and the Shamblers near the water.

Khador turn 1:

I'd screwed up my AD, measuring just from my edge and not from his models, so his Widowmakers were able to kill all of one unit of Sentry Stones' Mannikins. Ruin ran up, the Drakhuns flanked hard. His battlegroup moved up. Pretty typical turn 1.

Circle turn 1:

I premeasured it out and thought I could kill his entire unit of Widowmakers and the marksman AND a Kayazy this turn. 

Cassius ran up, Wurmwood activated, boosted out a Hellmouth and murdered all but one Widowmaker. He then cast Dark Path to pull Cassius back. A Mannikin murdered the other Widowmaker, and I ran the Shamblers up. 

Bone Grinders murdered each-other so that Wurmwood would have souls and the Bokur would have corpses. 

Brigands advanced to outside of the Drakhuns charging threat, and my heavies stayed central. 

Khador turn 2:

My opponent committed Ruin to killing my Sentry Stones and just barely didn't kill the second one. His Kodiaks trampled up and vented steam. Eliminators on the left got in my face.

Circle turn 2:

I screwed up a lot this turn. 

The Bokur and Shamblers charged Ruin and the Drakhun, and with five bought and boosted attacks Ruin was down to 20 boxes. 

Megalith went in and murdered Ruin dead. 

Now I start screwing up. 

What I should have done is cast Hunters Mark on the Drakhun out on the right, charged the Stalker in, murdered it, sprinted back to control the flag, and then have Wurmwood feat to protect my advantage. 

Instead I cast Hunters Mark on the red Kodiak and put Primal on the Stalker, who charges in and just barely squeaks out the kill (I rolled garbage for my first three rolls and needed an unboosted nine at the end, which I got). I then activated Wurmwood, intending to put Curse of Shadows on the grey Kodiak so that my Brigands could murder it, and instead I got Stranglehold happy, killing off both the of the left Eliminators. 

Now I've got both heavies too far up the table, no way to get points this turn, no way to feat and get anything meaningful done with the Brigands, and no plan. I should have feated and gotten Wurmwood out of there, but I decided not to. 

Brigands move up and do 12 damage to the grey Kodiak, perfectly average. They reposition back. 

Khador turn 3:

My opponent doesn't hesitate. Butcher charges in and yanks Megalith towards him, killing him with his feat. He couldn't quite get the Stalker thanks to placement of other things. 

The Drakhun charges and kills Lanyssa, and then repositions into my Brigands. The other Drakhun kills some Shamblers. 

I'm in big trouble. 
Notice the lack of a Megalith? yeahhh

Circle turn 3:

The Stalker frenzied and killed a War Argus.

Cassius charged the Kayazy behind the Bokur and missed a boosted nine. Buy boost, miss. Buy boost, miss. Buy boost, finally hit, boost damage.

I got incredibly tunnel visioned there, leaving Wurmwood with hardly any Fury left to play with. I had to take a good 15 seconds to calm down at this point since I had felt that my dice were consistently poor both games and the first game had really rattled my calm. I hardly ever go on tilt, but I almost did here.

The Bokur activated once I'd gotten myself under control and made Butcher Stationary.

I charge the Drakhun with some Brigands, and do 9 damage.

Wurmwood pops feat and chills.

Khador turn 4:

Butcher can't Vengeance because shaking stationary happens in control phase and Vengeance happens in Maintenance. He does shake though. 

My opponent can't charge Cassius with Alexia because he's 3.1 inches away, so she advances and misses the 8 she needs. She crafts a thrall warrior who also misses. The Drakhun can't get to Cassius either. 

My opponent messes up his Ragman placement and Butcher can't benefit from Death Field. He still murders the Stalker though. 

The Drakhun on the left kills a couple of Brigands, giving Wurmwood some souls. 

Circle turn 4:

Butcher is only camping one, and so I cobble together a plan. Wurmwood will cast Curse of Shadows on Butcher, Hellmouth him closer and then Primal the Gorax. The Shifting Stones will port backwards so the Gorax has a throw target and he will toss Butcher at it. I can then charge 3 Brigands after getting 4 shots with Hog Wild. 

I go for it, putting decent damage on Butcher between Hellmouth and the throw damage. 

The Brigands charge in and put him down. 

Victory (somehow!) for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

That was a super strange, incredibly jank assassination run. I think this is a really hard matchup for both players, and I need to learn to use Wurmwood's feat better and settle for incremental advantages rather than going for massive alpha strikes, especially against a caster like the Butcher. 

Well played game by my opponent, I'm going to remember this one for a long time. 

Battle Report 8, September 9 Steamroller round 1: Tanith vs. Ossrum

I had the opportunity yesterday to play in a 10 person Steamroller event in a meta I'm very friendly with about 2.5 hours away from where I live.

I was particularly excited about this one because I'd managed to get 3 of the 4 other guys on my team to attend (well...2 of them were already going, the third had to be dragged a little), which was important since our lists are due in 11 days as of this writing (eek!).

I took the lists I will likely be playing for the i5 team event in Portland coming up in October:

Tanith (apparently one "n" is the correct spelling folks)
-Warpwolf Stalker
-Pureblood Warpwolf
-Scarsfell Griffon

-Scarsfell Griffon
-Scarsfell Griffon

Wrong Eye

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Gallows Grove (this was supposed to be Swamp Gobbers, but I somehow left them out of my bag, whoops)

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones


-Warpwolf Stalker

Gallows Grove

Farrow Bone Grinders (min)
Farrow Brigands (max)
Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers
Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2

Round one I was paired with our local merc player, running Ossrum (specifically to counter Wurmwood I think) and Thexus. I was 99% certain he would be dropping Ossrum, so I thought I'd be cute and put Tannith down. I totally glossed over the fact that he had Kayazy in his list or that would have changed.


Dirty Meg

Herne and Jonn
Forgeguard (max)
Alexia 1 and the Risen
Kayazy Assassins (max)

The scenario was The Pit (another reason I should have played Wurmwood) and I won the roll off choosing to go first. My opponent chose the top edge of the table. I chose to go first here since I really want to limit the number of turns Earthbreaker gets to shoot before I murder it. With Hunters Mark, Scything Touch, and Primal I feel like my two heavies will one round it pretty trivially, while affliction will make short work of his Forgeguard.

I am also okay with either table edge. The rubble doesn't affect me much since I've got a lot of pathfinder and I like cover, and on the other side of the table is a nice wall for me to sit behind. The central thing in the zone will also be annoying for my opponents colossal if he wants to charge stuff, and it will help me block LOS to Tanith/Wolves.

With the rubble (rough terrain, gives cover) right in front of me, I decided that my Stalker was going to chill there until he became relevant, and I skewed Tanith and Wrong Eye/Snapjaw left. I thought this was going to be a Scenario game for me, holding off his stuff and just dominating the flag every turn. 

He deployed Alexia AND the Kayazy across from Tanith and the Forgeguard over on the right. Earthbreaker went central. I glanced over his cards and somehow missed that Ossrum's feat only affects Rhulic models and in addition to speed also gives them ARM. In my defense, I had gotten 4 hours of sleep and just driven 3 hours to get there, but this will be a common thread throughout this event report. I was in total derp mode. 

Circle turn 1:

Stuff ran pretty much. I was careful to keep important things out of range of the Earthbreakers quake guns, even with Snipe, unless he wanted to blow his feat turn one. 

Admonition went on the Pureblood and Scything Touch went on the Stalker. 

Snapjaw and Wrong Eye both ran around to the left, and Griffons just sort of went where they wanted. I rolled a 3 for fury on both Sentry Stone units and made a little forest wall for Tanith to hide behind. 

Una cast Guardian Beast on herself. 

Lanyssa ran up after I took that picture, but before handing time over to my opponent. 

Mercs turn 1:

Risen and Kayazy ran up. Forgeguard ran as well, getting tough from Rhupert.

Ossrum cast Snipe on the Earthbreaker, Bullet Dodger on himself, and advanced.

Thor moved around the Earthbreaker and tuned him up. The Earthbreaker then proceeded to do 17 damage at range with 2 attacks to my Pureblood. (Side note - my dice this game were abysmal and my opponents dice were insane. He rolled a string of 14-17s on three dice and only rolled below average twice when attempting to kill a Sentry Stone).

Circle turn 2:

I upkeep Admonition and Scything Touch.

My Sentry Stones go first, each rolling for a couple more fury. I proceed to blow their entire stacks to make the forest wall again and then kill exactly 1 (one) risen and 1 one) Kayazy, clipping Alexia with one boosted spray and forcing her to sac a bunch of other risen.

My nearly dead Pureblood warps Ghostly, goes into the rubble and Regen's for a couple.

Stuff shifts around. I know he's going to pop feat next turn and be in my face and I don't want to get charged by Forgeguard.

Snapjaw riles and casts Submerge while Wrong Eye cast Star-Crossed and Submerge himself.

I put a Griffon with Dodge up in front of them, inside the Star-Crossed bubble.

Mercs turn 2:

My opponent upkeeps both of his spells. 

Ossrum goes first, puts Fire For Effect on Jonn (the bigger of the two) and feats.

Reinholdt scoots over around the wall and he tries to use spyglass on the blue Scarsfell. I inform him that Reinholdt has to be base-to-base with his warcaster to do that and he re-reads his card and realizes this is so. I let him take it back, he moves Reinholdt to be buddies with Ossrum and strips stealth off him. 

The Earthbreaker moves up and prepares to shoot before my opponent realizes he didn't tune up. 

Side Bar - This is something I struggle with a lot. I don't want to be a total jerk and tell people they can't go back, but this game actually hinged on me allowing my opponent several take-backs. Without them, I would have been in a much better position after this turn. If he hadn't moved the Earthbreaker up yet, I would have happily let him activate Thor first, as it was, the Earthbreaker had already advanced and declared a shot. 

I'm still not sure what the right call here is. I understand the argument of "this is a tournament, therefore no take backs" but at the same time saying no makes me feel like a huge jerk. This is something I will definitely need to think about before I go to my next event. It hasn't come up very often, so I haven't had to deal with it much. 

As for myself, I do not take back things in an event, even if it royally screws me up. 

End Side Bar. 

I allow my opponent to move Thor up and tune the Earthbreaker up. The Earthbreaker lands the first boosted 13 he needed to KD the Pureblood in the rough terrain and then blows him up with some massive unboosted damage rolls after rolling the other torpedo on the now un-stealthed Griffon and knocking him down too. 

The Forgeguard charge/run and kill the Gallows Grove. 

The Kayazy charge in and do an absurd amount of damage to Snapjaw. 4 of them charging left him on 4 health. Averages there say one should have missed thanks to Star-Crossed and the rest should have done 12-15 damage. He also hits the first Star-Crossed seven on my Griffon before missing and letting me dodge out of melee with the third. 

Two go into the Sentry Stone and knock it down to 2 health. 

Alexia moves up, crafts a thrall and sits there. The thrall walks up to the Sentry Stone and matches ARM.  My opponent then realizes he didn't move Rhupert up to tough the Forgeguard. He asks for another take back and I dice him for it, and I win so they don't get tough. 

Circle turn 3:

Tanith upkeeps Scything Touch and Una upkeeps Guardian Beast. Tanith activates first and feats, putting Primal on the unpainted Griffon and the Stalker and Admonition on herself. She also puts Affliction on the Forgeguard. She also shoots Snapjaw with her Shadow Bind gun, catching all four Kayazy around him. 

My Mannikins spray the Forgeguard down, leaving the cluster on the right alive. I make a huge mistake here and don't move Una up an inch, so she only kills the front two Forgeguard. 

Lanyssa puts Hunters Mark on the Earthbreaker and my Stalker charges in, expecting to be dice +2. Then I find out his feat gives +3 ARM as well. Stalker cripples one side and does some to the other as well. 

The Gorax moves up and puts Primal on the Blue Griffon, which also charges (forced to stand) and does some more damage, and finally the yellow, unprimaled Griffon charges as well and doesn't do hardly anything (rolled really poorly here, I don't actually think the yellow Griffon did any damage). 

Wrong-Eye casts Star-Crossed and kills one of the Kayazy near the Sentry Stone.

Snapjaw RFPs all the Kayazy around him to heal up. I realize that the second forest (the one on the left) isn't really there (we'd left it there because there were too many models) so the shifting stones move up to block LOS to Tanith from everything.

The grey Griffon with Primal on it (it was a mistake putting it there I think) kills Alexia and puts up Dodge.
The yellow Griffon is actually where the proxy base by Rhupert is.

Mercs turn 3:

Bad things happen to me this turn. His one remaining Forgeguard charges the Stalker and gets the Crit Smite, knocking him into the Earthbreaker and half killing him. The Kayazy get Wrong Eye down to one. 

Jonne shoots the Shifting Stone on the right, blowing it up. 

Meg repairs the Earthbreakers crippled arm. 

The Earthbreaker murders the Stalker and the Blue Griffon. Ossrum moves out of the Grey Griffon's LOS so I can't frenzy at him. The nearly dead Sentry Stone takes 1 damage, becoming even more nearly dead. 

Circle turn 4:

I don't have a lot left, but he's running out of stuff too, and his remaining things are really slow....

Snapjaw murders the Kayazy around him, healing Wrong-Eye. Wrong Eye murders the Kayazy by the Sentry Stone and the Mannikins finish off the Thrall Warrior. I get two boosted charges from Mannikins into Jonn, miss the first one and then force him to tough on the second, which he does. 

Una puts THREE boosted shots into Rhupert and fails to kill him, so Lanyssa charges him and finishes him off. The Yellow Griffon beats on the Earthbreaker to little effect. Crucially, I dominate my flag for 1

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Mercs turn 4:

He continues murdering my stuff. 

Ossrum shoots the colored Mannikin and kills it, and then Herne melee attacks the other so that Jonn can shoot at...something? Yeah something, not sure what it was. Oh! It was a shifting stone, and it didn't kill it. Right, yes. 

The Forgeguard dude, who I had foolishly left alive AGAIN moves over and misses Una. The Earthbreaker declares a shot at the Sentry Stone with one box. I tell him it has stealth so he auto misses and then he says that the Earthbreakers guns ignore concealment so they ignore the prowl. 

This is not how that actually works, since a model just has to have concealment, not be benefiting from it, so once again I allow him to take back and he pounds the Griffon into the dirt. 

I get another control point. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

I took the forest rings off before I remembered to take a pic. They were there. 

Circle turn 5:

I've got about 12 minutes on the clock and my opponent has 7, time is short. Mannikins murder Herne but can't kill Jonn and I make a forest. 

The Griffon moves up and kills Jonn, 

Lanyssa kills the Forgeguard engaging Una, who moves up and boosts all her shots into Dirty Meg, killing her. 

Snapjaw riles and runs, and Wrong Eye casts Star-Crossed and charges the Earthbreaker. I should have cast Submerge too. 

I score a third point.

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Mercs turn 5:

Thor tunes up the Earthbreaker. 

The Earthbreaker moves up and shoots down Wrong Eye, and then torpedos Tannith now that he has line of sight, landing two shots, one of which I transfer to the Gorax which kills him exactly. 

Ossrum is out of range to shoot her as well, so he moves up and kills the Griffon. 

Reinholdt contests. 

We were down to 2 minutes him, 5 minutes me at this point and I didn't pause to take a picture

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6:

Tanith pays to stand. I do a quick check, and the Earthbreaker is out of range to contest the flag, but Thor is in range. Una moves up and kills him, Lanyssa runs to the far flag. 

Tannith aims, boosts a shot into Reinholdt, connects, boosts damage, and kills him, allowing me to dominate the flag again and go to five. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I don't even know what to say about this game. The dice were so screwy and my play was so incredibly poor in places that I don't even have a reflection on the matchup. I spent the entire game just trying to survive it felt like, which is a position I don't like to be in. At the end, I had 4 minutes left on time and he had 2, so I suppose I could have just spent the next two minutes running Tannith away from things if I had to, but holy heck that was a close game.