Battle Report 101: Tanith (Storm Raptor, The Wild Hunt) vs. Thagrosh 1


I hadn't played a game with Circle in about a week, and I really wanted to bust Stormy out and put him on the table, so when my gaming group all were busy/out of town, I enlisted my roommate to let me get some of the Warmachine withdrawals out of my system.

I tossed together a really derpy list.

- Loki
- Pureblood
- Storm Raptor
- Woldwyrd x2
- Gorax

Shifting Stones x2

In the Wild Hunt theme to give the Storm Raptor tracker.

My opponent played:

Thagrosh 1
- Typhon
- Scythean
- Carnivean
- Seraph
- Protector

Deathstalker x2
Nyss Warlord

We rolled up Extraction, he won the roll off and correctly chose to go first.

I had forgotten how much Stormy makes taking pictures impossible. 

Off to the right, you can see my opponents homemade dice tray and then the Wyrmwood dice tray that I got sent last weekend to try out and review - expect that sometime soon!

Legion turn 1:

Fog of War goes up, which is annoying since Thagrosh will be too far back to really punish him for having the upkeep out. 

Everything runs at me, except the Deathstalkers who chill out. 

Circle turn 1:

Well I can move up and prevent him from charging me, but I can't really do much about his ranged presence. Fortunately, my opponent chose to put Typhon in the forest, and with that in mind, his threat range is really limited. 

Admonition ends up on Loki, who is in some Shifting Stones, and Scything Touch goes onto Stormy. I run the Gorax up the right side in case he doesn't contest on his next turn and I need something to take the flag with. 

Legion turn 2:

Another aggressive advance, the Seraph putting Flare onto both Loki and the Wyrd. His Carnivean moves up and shoots at the Woldwyrd, doing a small amount of damage. Typhon derps out of the forest, and the Protector moves up so it can shield guard the three combat heavies. 

Thagrosh moves outside of the killbox. 

Circle turn 2:

I get REALLY greedy this turn, and decide to try and shoot down at least one heavy and then commit Stormy to kill off another without Primal. 

Between Pureblood sprays and Wyrd shots, both Typhon and the Carnivean are on life support when Stormy does go in (I rolled really hot) and then proceeds to miss all but two (?) attacks, leaving them both alive. I should have just Primaled him.

Loki hooks in the Seraph but can't do enough damage to it. 

Tanith moves up, boosts a shot into the Carnivean and misses, hitting Stormy instead and doing 6 damage >< 

Stones port both Loki and Tanith back. I get a point from the Gorax, so...yay?

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 3:

Stormy dies to the Scythean plus Carnivean, and then Typhon forces to regen and charges my Pureblood killing it. 

The Protector runs up to the flag, taking it and standing in Shield Guard range of basically everyone. 

A Deathstalker runs up to contest the flag where the Gorax is hiding out. 

Score 1-1

Circle turn 3:

I figure I can try and kill all of his heavies with Loki and Wyrds (not impossible actually) OR I can try and win here with the opening I've been given. 

Wyrds do 95% of the Protectors boxes, with the last Wyrd missing 2 of 3 attacks. 

Tanith moves up and shoots down the Protector, Feating, and casting Affliction onto Thagrosh. She puts Primal onto Loki and camps one - I should have put Scything Touch on Loki. 

Loki gets ported up, warps Strength, and boosts a hit into Thagrosh, yanking him in. His free attack connects and leaves him on 1 (should have been five, forgot about the Strength debuff). 

He's on two transfers and I have three attacks at dice damage, needing 3s to hit. 

I hit all three attacks, doing enough to force him to transfer every time, even with five boxes. The last attack connects and he fails his tough check. 

(Undeserved) Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Man I made a mess out of this. If Tanith could have shot at the Carnivean before Stormy went in (translation, if I hadn't boxed her out turn 1) he would have murdered both him and Typhon. If I'd just put Primal up, the Storm Raptor lives for another turn, as does the Pureblood. 

I got extremely lucky on my last turn with Loki's attacks all hitting and doing enough damage AND my opponent not making a tough check. Any one of those things change and I lose this game, plain and simple. 

A goofy list, I probably won't be coming back to it without extensive revamping - Stormy has to be playable with more than just Kromac 2 right? 

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 86 - Spokane Team Championship Round 1: Tanith (The Wild Hunt) vs. Vlad 1 (Winter Guard Command)


This event was the first (hopefully) annual Team Tournament for Eastern Washington. Four captains were chosen from among the meta, and those four captains drafted teams from among a pool of pre-registered participants.

I was chosen as Captain of Team Mom (long story, ask at your peril), and we had 12 other people sign up for the event, meaning teams of four.

My team consisted of myself (Tanith/Baldur 2), my roommate (Fyanna 2/Lylyth 3), a Khador player (Vlad 2/Irusk 2), and our lone trolls player (Doomie 3/Ragnor).

Scoring for the event was based on the number of wins per team as first tie breaker, total control points as second tie breaker, and army points destroyed as third tie breaker.

My strategy for this event was basically to force the other captains to play me if I could in the pairing stage and to get at least one good matchup for Khador or Trolls while trusting Fyanna 2 or Lylyth 3 to pose serious problems for basically any pairing in the game.

Round 1 this worked out, and I ended up across the table from my good friend Adam running Strakhov 2 with Legion of Steel and Vlad 1 in Winter Guard Kommand.

My lists were:

Tanith (The Wild Hunt)
- Loki
- Wyrd x3
- Moonhound x2

Reeves and CA x2
Wolves and CA

Fuel Cache


Baldur 2
- Woldwrath
- Woldwrath
- Megalith

Sentry Stone x2
Stoneshaper x3

I knew my opponent could not drop Legion of Steel into Tanith. It's an all melee army based on single wound ARM spam with no less than three upkeeps. I also knew I could not drop Baldur 2 into his Vlad list easily since it had three Marauders in it.

This led to me picking Tanith and my opponent picking Vlad. I lost the roll, and my opponent opted to choose the side with the best defensive terrain.

Vlad 1
- Marauder x3
- Juggernaut x2

Rifle Corps (min) and 3 Rockeeteers x3
Field Gun
Mortar Crew

My opponent advanced moved his Jacks before I took a picture of his deployment, but they were basically all back 4 inches.

Circle turn 1:

I have to get up the table fast - those Jacks can run 16 inches on Vlad's feat turn, and I can only kill a couple of them per turn.

Fortunately, he is going to have to funnel all of his Winterguard into the middle or else risk losing half his army to ambushing Wolves.

Loki runs up, carefully staying just over fourteen inches away from his heavies (they're so fast!). Tanith puts Scything Touch on Loki and Admonition on herself, drops a fury, and advances.

Everything else runs up to just outside of shooting ranges on his Winterguard. I spread out the left side unit a LOT, carefully checking to make sure a 4 inch AOE from the Mortar can't clip more than a couple of them.

Khador turn 1:

Vlad casts Windwall, Feats, and charges into the trench. (Side note, I need a Pureblood in this list somewhere).

His Jacks all run at me. Greattt.

Winterguard move in, but the far left unit cannot get far enough away from the edge of the board...

That's a lot of Khador heavies in my face.

Circle turn 2:

I have to kill two heavies, preferably more, and all of the rockets this turn.

Time for an Ambush!

Wolves come in on the left side, and after Tanith leaches and upkeeps both spells, they charge in. Somehow, two of the Winterguard survive, but most die and I reposition to engage some of the other unit.

On the home front, the two Wyrds next to Loki's Marauder mostly kill it. Loki moves to the space between them, warps for no CRA's, and kills the mostly dead one before dinging up the second one.

Two big Reeve CRA's (they pop their mini feat) and a Wyrd nearly finish it, and the Moonhound walks up and puts him down.

Tanith moves up and out of killbox, pops her feat and channels Affliction onto the remaining Marauder.

She camps two, and the last unit of Reeves activate.

They move up, kill all six remaining rockets, and put 16 individual shots into the Marauder for 16 damage. That alone took nearly three minutes to roll out >< The Reeves on the right also pop their mini-feat. Lots of DEF 17 models.

Khador turn 2:

My opponent decides he needs to assassinate or lose here. He allocates two to his Juggernaut.

I'm a little curious as to how he is planning on making this work, since I have Admonition on Tanith (see the token on he picture above?), and then I remember that the Field Gun knocks down.

Then I also remember that it can only move four inches and I am pretty sure I am still safe.

My opponent has Vlad cast Signs and Portents. His right side Winterguard all CRA the Reeve in the way of his Juggernaut.

He moves up his other unit and take a pot shot at another Reeve, which I Shield Guard with Loki.

His Field Gun is indeed out of range, and he shoots at my Argus, missing.

At this point, I move the Admonition token and the Fury in front of Tanith to be sure it is visible.

My opponent activates his Marauder and kills a couple Reeves.

His right hand Juggernaut kills a couple more.

"Hey would you mind moving that token for me so I can put the Juggernaut in front of Tanith please?" (Side Note - he asked me to put this in the battle report, I would not do it to be mean, Adam and I are good buds)

I move the Admonition token out of the way for his Juggernaut to move up.

"Trigger Admonition, scoot three inches to the right".

The deflated Juggernaut kills a bunch of Reeves and the Woldwyrd.

Circle turn 3:

The Fury is pulled, the spells are upkept.

The Argus moves up and kills a Rifleman.

Loki warps Strength, rolls pretty hot, and kills the Juggernaut without assistance (I was counting on a couple of big CRAs to finish him off).

The right hand Reeves and the Wyrd kill the Marauder with a bunch more individual shots.

The other Wyrd kills a pair of Riflemen.

The left unit of Reeves kills off most of the remaining Riflemen.

The two living Winterguard from the Ambush annoyingly tie up half the unit of Wolves, but there are enough to charge over and kill the Field Gun and engage the Mortar.

Tanith moves up to the flag and re-casts Admonition.

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Khador turn 3:

The two remaining Winterguard run to contest. Joe kills a Wolf.

The Juggernaut kills the Argus and a Reeve, and then Vlad casts Blood of Kings on himself and charges Loki. He misses his charge attack and camps his three.

Score 1-0 
Advantage Circle
Circle turn 4:

I upkeep Scything Touch and Admonition.

First tie breaker is Wins, Second is Control Points, so even though I think Vlad is dead here, I decide to mop up the flags a bit.

Wolves kill Joe and Mortars and one Winterguard.

Wyrds kill the other Winterguard.

The right unit of Reeves run to form a lovely flower shaped clump around the flag.

Loki warps Strength and Headbutts Vlad, needing a boosted 11 to hit. He connects. His last two attacks barely scratch Vlad's paint.

Tanith activates, casts Affliction on Vlad, and my opponent concedes, scoring me three more control points for my team.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

With my opponent remembering Admonition, this game gets much worse as I believe Loki just dies. I still think I can kill off two more heavies the next turn by upkeeping and then recasting Affliction, but without the heavy beast there it gets much harder.

The Reeves having Hunter made a BIG difference this game, as I was able to snipe out the rockets from the trench without worrying too much about it. 7s to hit and 6s to kill isn't too bad when you get to take 44 shots a turn.

Another interesting point - I had forgotten how strong a bunch of infantry can be on attrition. When your opponent gets down to lower and lower numbers of attacks, he just cannot kill enough fast enough to get ahead on Scenario. This was one of the main tenants of Mark 2, and it is something I had forgotten.

My team had done well, having had Fyanna take down Issyria, Vlad 2 scenario out Iron Mother, and Ragnor sadly killboxing himself against Haley 2, for a round 1 score of 3 wins and 12 control points, with about 300 army points (122 from my game).

I lost two 40 mm bases and 8 30 mm bases this game, as well as winning it for a grand total of 120 reps of push ups and sit ups for Warmachine Fight Club. Ouch.

On to round two!

Battle Report 84: Tanith, the Feral Song (The Wild Hunt) vs. Amon Ad-Raza

Warmachine Fight Club:

My roommate and I play a fair amount of Warmachine, and it's been really fun to see him grow as a player.

Unfortunately, he's decided that the best way to get us into shape is to make working out connected to Warmachine.

Here's what he's come up with - every time you lose a model, you do a set of sit ups or push ups.

If you lose a:

30 mm - 5 reps
40 mm - 15 reps
50 mm - 30 reps
120 mm - 80 reps

If you win the game - 50 reps.

You can't do the same thing twice in a row, so you have to alternate between the two forms, and you can do any variation on them that you like.

Being as I am an avid Warmachine player and also verrryyy out of shape, this is going to suck.

The Game:

Tonight I got a chance to play my ridiculous Tanith list into Amon Ad-Raza, running a slightly less battlegroup heavy build and including Idrians:

- Heirophant
- Crusader
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Castigator
- Guardian

Punch Monk x2

Choir (max)
Idrians and CA

I was playing my silly Wolf Sworn Tanith list:

- Loki
- Wyrd x3
- Moonhound x2

Reeves (max) and CA x2
Wolves (max) and CA

We rolled up Extraction for the Scenario, and I won the roll off. I chose to go first, and my opponent took the side with the hill (the right call).

The Idrians put prey on my newest Woldwyrd, and we were off.

Circle turn 1:

Reeves on the left side ran up to just outside of 16 inches of his Idrians.

On the right, the unit ran up to just behind the forest.

Tanith put Scything Touch on Loki, put Admonition on herself, and moved up.

Everything else moved up.

Menoth turn 1:

The Idrians, outthreatened at every turn and with their mini-feat essentially useless, decided to run and get up on the hill and screen the Punch Monk.

The Choir sings "No Shooting".

The 'Jacks moved up to screen Amon after he cast Synergy and Mobility.

Circle turn 2:

No shooting is a problem for this list, but my opponent had deployed slightly wonky and two of his Jacks weren't going to get the benefit next turn.

I decided this was as good of a turn as any to Ambush my Wolves of Orboros.

Tanith pulled Fury and upkept both spells, and then the Wolves Ambushed on the left side.

They charged in, killing all but four Idrians and repositioning away.

The left Reeves killed the Punch Monk with a massive CRA, and then killed 3 of 4 Idrians.

A Wyrd killed the last one, and the right side of the table just moved up a little bit.

I knew my opponent would likely commit to get three scenario points, but I also felt like I could then kill two of his heavies and contest for the rest of the game.

Menoth turn 2:

Stuff commits. The two Jacks that don't get choir songs go in and clear/control the flag and almost kill the objective.

Fort Amon bunkers up again, and my opponent gets 2 points.

Score 0-2
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 3:

Time to go! The left Moonhound moves up to engage the Guardian for future Scything Touch silliness.

Loki moves up, warps Strength, and hooks the Reckoner in.

He then misses 3 attacks.

The left Reeves CRA the Reckoner down to about 10 boxes, and the first Wyrd finishes off the 'Jack.

Tanith moves up, Feats, puts Scything Touch on the Moonhound and shoots the Guardian with her gun. She hits, and then casts Affliction on him.

The remaining Wyrds kill him pretty handily and then the Reeves on the right CRA the Punch Monk to death.

The Wolves move around the forest to engage some Choir and be ready to pop mini-feat and charge next turn with the CA hiding behind the little forest.

Score 0-2
Advantage Menoth

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent sees the writing on the wall and decides to just inflict maximum sit up and push up pain on me.

Amon kills some wolves, the Crusader kills some Reeves.

I lose a Moonhound to the Castigator and then lose Loki and the objective to the Reckoner.

My opponent gets another point.

Score 0-3
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 4:

Tanith moves up and cranks her hit roll, Shadow Binding Amon. 

The Wolves pop mini-feat and charge in, the first attack taking the Warcaster down. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

If I want this list to play into Menoth, I really, really need a Pureblood. 

I really should have dropped my Baldur 2 list, but I still don't have my second Woldwrath painted up, and I didn't want to use my borrowed one. I expect that with better choir deployment, this game goes a lot worse for me. 

I must say though, this list is silly fun to play, an entire ambushing weaponmaster unit is AWESOME and having two units of Reeves means that the world is pretty much gonna die. 

At the end of the match, I had lost 6 small based models, 1 medium, 2 large, and won the game, for a grand total of 155 reps of various things. Ughhh. 

Battle Report 83: Tanith, the Feral Song (The Wild Hunt) vs. Fyanna (Ravens of War)


I had a very long and involved love affair with Tanith in early Mark III. I played her in dozens of variations, teching for nearly any matchup available.

I even went so far as to consider dropping Wurmwood from my pairing to play ADR with her and Baldur, and that at the high of Wurmwood's amazing pre-errata power.

It's been a while (five months I think), since I last put her on the table, but I did tonight and boy was it a game.

Coincidentally, my roommate had just gotten a girls number and was feeling rather impressed with himself - what better time to take him down a notch?

- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd
- Loki
- Argus Moonhound
- Argus Moonhound

Reeves of Orboros (max)
- CA (free!)
Reeves of Orboros (max)
- CA (free!)
Wolves of Orboros (max)
- CA (not free :( )


- Angelius
- Neraph
- Seraph
- Naga


Raptors (max)
Raptors (max)

For once, I had no Advanced Deployment to get screwed over by the theme.

I (critically) won the roll off and opted to go first. Ambushing Wolves get far, far worse when you don't get to ambush them right off the bat.

We were playing The Pit, and my opponent took the side with a big forest in front of his flag.

My deployment plan was essentially to set up for a turn two where I could threaten the other side of the forest with Reeves, Loki, and a Wyrd but also be able to put tremendous amounts of fire power in the middle of the table.

The Argus Moonhounds really negate Fyanna's Feat, and Hunter on the Reeves makes the trench in the middle largely irrelevant.

Add to that that the sides of the table are VERY dangerous, and I felt like I had a solid game plan.

Prey goes on a Moonhound.

Circle turn 1:

Stuff runs up. Reeves move to just outside max threat of the Raptors, and I basically give up on any notion of keeping four of them alive (Deathstalkers are a pain).

I certainly wasn't going to give up table space to mini-feat turn one.

Tanith puts Admonition on herself after all the beasts have run up, and then dumps fury and charges a Raptor, bouncing into the House, and conveniently outside of killbox.

Legion turn 1:

My opponent has a couple of very unhappy choices to make here. Normally, the correct play is to dance outside of your opponents' threat ranges and then Feat turn 2 with a decisive alpha.

The problem here is that my threat ranges are actually huge, and if he doesn't Feat this turn, he has to keep far, far back.

My opponent opts to Feat this turn and just get as far up the table as he can. I am not sure what the correct play here was, it's possible that dancing far back is right, but I feel like he gives up too much table space.

Deathstalker #1 kills off two Reeves.

Deathstalker #2 gets Shield Guarded by Loki.

Raptors run, Anyssa runs, and beasts run. At some point, Fyanna dumps three Fury and Feats before charging my Woldwyrd. She gets a pair of heavies in front of her as escorts.

Annoyingly, my opponent hasn't given me anywhere devastating to Ambush my Wolves yet.

Circle turn 2:

This list is sooo accurate.

Tanith upkeeps Admonition. 

I run some numbers. The far left Raptor wasn't in Fyanna's Feat, so I throw a Woldwyrd at it to start things off - I really need the Moonhound up the table.

The Wyrd misses all of its shots *sigh*.

I run up the Argus, and then I premeasure out so that the left unit of Reeves can aim with two front models and CRA off them to the far back of the hill.

I manage to put three Raptors down, but I miss the last shot needing a four, and the cavalry dodges away. I mini-feat with the left unit.

I run the other Moonhound up to just within 5" of the Angelius. The idea here is that Loki can hook it needing a boosted nine, and then I can put two REALLY big Reeve CRAs into it.

The Hook is POW 17, which boosted should do 11.

With Scything Touch on Loki, the Reeve shots are RAT 19 POW 21, doing 9 damage each. I can then follow that up with a Woldwyrd in the back arc, which should kill the Angelius if the previous shots do not.

I Feat, put Scything Touch on Loki and drop a bunch of Fury.

Loki moves way off to the right - if he fails here, I want the retaliation to be in charge range of the Wolves - and misses his hook.

The Reeves move up and mini-feat.

Legion turn 2:

Both my opponent and I were expecting him to have two less Raptors and one less Angelius at the end of this turn. 

He capitalizes on it, killing 5 Reeves from the right unit needing 8s and 9s to hit.

His Seraph Slipstreams his Neraph up, scooting to the right to get LOS to Loki and tagging him with a Flare bolt. He also tags the Argus Moonhound in the forest with a Flare shot. 

The Angelius gets Fury put on it, and then charges and kills Loki before overtaking into the forest some more. 

The Neraph kills the Moonhound and Sprints out. 

Circle turn 3:

I ambush my Wolves on the right side as I can get 3-4 on the Angelius, a couple onto the Deathstalker, and then 4-5 on the Seraph. 

I upkeep Admonition again. 

Wolves go first, pop their mini- feat, and then charge in. 

Three of them drop the Angelius to two boxes, one kills the Deathstalker, and then five more of them take the Seraph out. 

Repositioning happens all over the place, but I screw up and engage the Forsaken. 

My Woldwyrd near the Angelius moves up and kills it, but then realizes that it needs an 11 to hit the Forsaken now that it is engaged. 

I try anyway, but miss both it and the Wolf I miss onto. 

Meanwhile, the left side of the board goes nuts. The left unit of Reeves kills Anyssa AND a Raptor with 2 CRAs. 

The Wyrds finish off a couple more, and then the other unit of Reeves moves up and shoots down another few. 

At the end of the turn, my opponent is left with a Neraph, a couple Raptors, a Naga, a Deathstalker, and a Forsaken. 

Legion turn 3:

The Deathstalker aims and kills a pair of the Wolves engaging the Forsaken. 

The Neraph kills the close Wyrd before Sprinting to engage more Reeves.

His remaining Raptor charges in, misses both impact attacks, and kills its charge target. 

Fyanna kills the remaining Wolf engaging the Forsaken, and then overtakes into the zone. 

The Forsaken explodes, killing off yet more wolves. 

Circle turn 4:

Minimal things happen this turn. 

Wolves charge and kill the Forsaken, and those that didn't run Reposition into controlling range of the flag. 

Tanith shoots and hits the Neraph, Shadowbinding it and Fyanna. 

I leave the Neraph on two boxes after all the Reeves are done with it (Spirit is out critically), and my Wyrd kills the Raptor. 

The Naga and the left hand Wyrd continue their slap fight. 

I score 1 point. 

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 4:

My opponent can't shake Shadow Bind on the Neraph, and spends most of his resources trying to clear a charge lane for Fyanna to Tanith. 

Not only does that not work, but he then realizes that Tanith has Admonition on her, so Fyanna instead goes on a Reeve murdering spree. 

I score again. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

It's clean-up time. 

The left Wyrd spikes a damage roll and is able to kill the Naga. 

The Left unit of Reeves kills the Neraph, and my Woldwyrd moves up to shoot the Deathstalker down. 

Tanith moves up into the zone, and I score 3 more points to end the game. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I have to say, I am very impressed with the first impression of this Tanith list. It's fast, accurate, and it can hit like a truck. 

The Argus Moonhounds were a bit of a joke inclusion, but they felt very, very important to the list once I got it on the table. Being able to more or less negate Fyanna's feat is very strong, and the shear threat ranges of all the guns/crossbows and the constant threat of ambushing Wolves can really bully the table. 

More testing is required, but what started out as a somewhat janky and jokey list might end up being fairly legit. 

Battle Report 27, High Reward Steamroller Round 3, Tanith vs. Rasheth


I was surprised and delighted to be in the finals for this event, but the list pairing I had in front of me was making me panic a little. It didn't help that I hadn't eaten anything in nearly 8 hours and was starving.

My opponent had Rasheth with 6 Cyclops Shamans and stuff and Zaal 2 with 3 units of Immortals.

I was pretty darn sure Wurmwood was a terrible matchup here, even though typically he loves to play into Recon, so I dropped Tanith.

I wasn't really surprised when he dropped Rasheth into me.

Dominar Rasheth
-Raider x2
-Shaman x6

Soulward x2
Willbreaker x2
Void Spirit

Min Beast Handlers

He won the roll and opted for first. Since the only thing Shamans don't ignore from terrain is elevation, I went for the side with the hill that poked into the zone.

I deployed pretty centrally. I had no real solid game plan here. Survive his feat turn and I might be okay? Maybe? If I could jam with enough Griffons I might be able to blunt the shooting somewhat. Keeping Una alive was going to be hard.

Skorne turn 1:

Everything ran. Rasheth got thrown.

Circle turn 1:

Poor placement and movement made it so that I couldn't get everything I wanted to on the hill.

Stealth all around was going to be interesting though since he could only get four real shots onto things.

Scything Touch went on the Grey Griffon, Admonition on the Pureblood.

Skorne turn 2:

Feat time!

He aimed with basically everything, and both units of Stones died, and the Grey Scarsfell was left with 3 boxes after a couple of shots plus an arced Breath of Corruption through the Void Spirit.

Circle turn 2:

I didn't have distance to the objective (bad play Jaden, bad!) but I could get the yellow Griffon to charge the Raider and/or Shaman on the right, which I did.

I didn't have the resources to mess with the Void Spirit, so I ignored it. things piled onto the hill, the Pureblood warped Spell Ward and sprayed the Objective and Rasheth, doing a few points to each.

I ran the blue Griffon to engage the foremost Shaman on the left.

Snapjaw advanced and riled, Wrong-Eye cast Submerge and Star-Crossed.

Clouds went up from the Gobbers and the central cloud rolled out.

Skorne turn 3:

He shoots more stuff, but with three models engaged and forgetting about Stealth on all the Griffons, he doesn't actually do much but kill the Grey Griffon and charge the Stalker with the Void Spirit, doing ten damage.

He also puts a bunch of hurt into Snapjaw.

Circle turn 3:

I'm shocked to have this much stuff left, and I feel myself rallying. The Pureblood goes in and kills the objective and dinging up the Raider to the right.

Snapjaw charges the Soulward, killing her and healing. He then kills the Shaman and heals as well.

The Blue Griffon charges into the Shaman on the right, killing him.

Wrong Eye advances, casts Submerge and Star-Crossed again.

Everything else chills on the hill, with Tanith toeing the zone for a total of 3 points this turn after casting Scything Touch on the Stalker and camping 4 to prevent getting murdered.

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Skorne turn 4:

He uses a lot of time thinking here, before starting things off.

A Shaman charges the Blue Griffon, doing about 2/3 of it's health. I trigger Admonition off of it and the Pureblood backs up.

Shamans and Gladiator get Enraged from the Beast Handlers.

He uses two more Shamans to kill the first Shaman so that his Gladiator can get to my Pureblood.

His remaining attacks go into Snapjaw, who dies.

Rasheth casts Rush and Carnivore onto the Gladiator, who charges in. Star-Crossed means he misses two attacks, leaving the Pureblood on 2.

He passes the turn.

Proxy base is the Gladiator.
Circle turn 4:

I just have to kill a Gladiator and two Shamans.

The Stalker gets Primaled by the Gorax, walks up, and murders both the Gladiator and far Shaman.

Tanith moves up and casts Scything Touch and Primal on the blue Griffon.

This was my first mistake this turn. He had finally not cast Castigate so I should have just feated and used the Pureblood as an arc node to do this.

Una moves up and drops fury.

I actuvate the Blue Griffon....and realize it's Spirit is crippled and Una should have healed it rather than dropping fury.

I don't even ask for the take back, I screwed up and I knew it. The Griffon is MAT 8, effective POW 16/15/15, doing an average of 25 damage if he connects with everything.

He doesn't, leaving the Shaman on 6.

The other Griffon moves over, staying in melee with his other Shaman. His MIND is out, so I boost to hit, and connect. At straight dice, I boost damage and kill the Shaman, getting 2 more control points.

Score 5-0

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I had played such a clean and tight event right up until the last 3 activations of the whole thing, and that nearly cost me the game. Now to be fair, I was still very likely to kill the Shaman even with those aspects out, but if they'd been live it wouldn't have even been close. 

ALWAYS check to see if your beasts need healing before sending them in. The irony is that I had made sure the Stalker was okay before I activated him, just forgot about the Griffons. 

This is an interesting matchup to be sure. He gets one turn of shooting before I start to engage his models and he really has to make that count. On the flipside, if he makes it count, I probably lose. It's a very coin flippy matchup, and I'm certainly intrigued by his lists. 

Overall this was a great event at an awesome venue. Anyone who has the chance to visit Mox Boarding House should really do so, you won't regret it!

Battle Report 26, High Reward Steamroller Round 2, Tanith vs. Tanith


As I mentioned in my previous post, there were 2 other Circle players in this event. One of them had lost round one to my Khador buddy, and the other had won round 1 vs. Issyria playing Wurmwood.

We also had the Skorne player winning his first round, so I was slated to get either Khador, Skorne, or Circle.

Out of the three, I really didn't want to play against Khador since 1) he's my good friend and we'd both commuted quite a ways to get to Mox and 2) his lists were the ones I felt I had the worst matchups into.

The stars shined on me and I was dropped into the Circle player who was running a Wurmwood list with 4 heavies and the exact same Tanith list as me!

Unsurprisingly, we both picked Tanith, and we both played:

-Warpwolf Stalker
-Pureblood Warpwolf

-Scarsfell x2

Wrong Eye


Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

He won the roll off and opted to go first on Incursion. I picked the side that would give me the best protection from his heavies thanks to a nicely placed forest and away we went.

He deployed skewed to the right because of the forest, with only Sentry Stone unit 1 and Wrong Eye/Snapjaw over there.

Looking at his deployment, I immediately decided this game was going to be a Scenario game. If he wants to keep contesting that far left flag, he's going to have to sacrifice something to keep contesting.

If that something is Wrong Eye and Snapjaw, then his army doesn't get Star-Crossed and I'll massively win that fight barring goofy dice. If he decides to move them central like he needs to for them to be a big impact on the game, then I get to kill one unit of Sentry Stones and run Lanyssa to control that flag for a few turns.

I deploy very centrally with that in mind.

Bad Guy Tanith Turn 1:

He does exactly what I normally do, Scything Touch on a Griffon and Admonition on the Pureblood.

Una casts Guardian Beast and everything runs up. He tries to bait me with a single Mannikin out of the left unit, but I'm not going to take it.

Good Guy Tanith Turn 1:

Well I do...pretty much the same thing! Except that I get to actually make attacks this turn.

I kill one of my own Mannikins on the right and get a spray into the Scarsfell he has with Scything Touch, cranking the damage a bit and doing 10.

I put my Griffons out of charge range of his Griffons by a sliver, except one which I'm happy to give him if he wants to heal the hurt Griffon and then commit his Scything touch model to somewhere it's not going to do much except maybe kill another Griffon. I'd also put Evasive on the one Griffon he could get to, so if he misses an attack, I get to capitalize.

I DO NOT take the bait, leaving his Mannikin on the left alive, and just generally make a beeline for the hill, staying out of his charge ranges with everything.

His Lanyssa is way off to the side, and I can already feel him shifting his momentum right and abandoning the left flag. He's going to have a hard time contesting meaningfully on the center next turn as well without giving me a really good charge target.

Wrong Eye has Star-Crossed up, but one transfer instead of Submerge. There are enough things around that he can target other stuff with sprays and still get to him.

An important note here - My Tanith stays central after casting Scything Touch on a Griffon and Admonition on the Pureblood, whereas his Tanith is already scooting off to the side.

Bad Guy Tanith Turn 2:

He upkeeps all of his spells and goes to work. Tanith heals the one Griffon and moves over again before it charges in, boosting hits and killing my Yellow Griffon. Darn.

He moves another Griffon up to the flag so that if I don't contest he gets to score.

His Pureblood warps Spell Ward and sprays my unpainted Sentry Stone, leaving it on one.

His Mannikins have a hard time hitting Star-Crossed 10s and kill one Mannikin of mine.

Good Guy Tanith Turn 2:

It's time to score!

I upkeep my spells and start my turn. Tanith moves first, advancing to 10 inches away from his Pureblood and boosting a shot at it, connects, and then whiffs damage and only does 1.

The Gorax moves up and Primals the Grey Scarsfell.

It charges into the Pureblood, who tries to trigger Admonition. I remind him he is Shadow Bound, and the Pureblood goes nowhere. The Griffon kills him handily.

Side note - this list is designed to trade Griffons for heavies, and this is the first time I've ever pulled it off thanks to other attempts getting diced, and it felt pretty awesome to have it work.

The Grey Sentry unit activates, gets more Fury, caps the flag and Sprays the left hand Sentry Stone itself down to 2 boxes. A forest is made for Tanith to hide behind.

The Pureblood moves up and finishes off the Sentry Stone with another Spray.

The Blue Griffon moves up and headbutts the bad Griffon, then buys an attack and does some damage.

Una moves up, shoots him a few times, and then gets ported back with the Shifting Stones.

The Painted Stone unit rolls 3 fury, places a Mannikin contesting the right flag and in the bad Griffons back arc. A forest is made to complete Tanith's wall, and the Mannikin boosts damage on a Spray, killing that Griffon dead.

I can't get anything over to the far left flag, but Lanyssa runs for next turn.

Star-Crossed goes up again with Wrong Eye right in the middle of the table.

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Good Guy Circle

Bad Guy Tanith turn 3:

The remaining Sentry Unit sprays down the Grey Stone on my side and kills the contesting Mannikin.

The Stalker gets Admonition put on him, and Tanith advances.

The Stalker charges in and murders the Sentry Stone.

He spends the activation of Una, a Griffon, and Snapjaw to kill the Grey Griffon.

The other Griffon charges but fails to kill my Blue Griffon.

Lanyssa caps his flag. Star-Crossed and Submerge go on Wrong Eye, but he's really far away from anything important.

His Shifting Stones go wayyy back, and the leader model is in the middle. I'm still not sure what the intent was here.

He gets one point.

Score 1-1
Tied Game

Good Guy Tanith turn 3:

My central placement of Tanith is about to pay off once more. She upkeeps Admonition and then moves around Wrong Eye to the hill. She shoots the Stalker, boosting hit and damage, and making him Shadow Bound. 

Wrong Eye moves up to cap the flag, casting both Submerge and Star-Crossed. Snapjaw charges in and murders the Stalker. 

Lanyssa runs to the far flag. The Pureblood advances and sprays at the Shifting Stone behind Wrong Eye, boosting hit and damage on him, doing enough to kill! And then he toughs. Darn!

Stalker runs up. 

Between Una and the Blue Griffon getting Primaled, the other Griffon dies. 

I get two more points and contest with the Shifting Stones. 

Score 3-1
Advantage Good Guy Circle

Bad Guy Tanith turn 4:

We measure it out and he can't contest the far flag with anything, but he wants to murder stuff so he charges in and kills Wrong Eye. Stuff runs futilely. 

I get another point.

Score 4-1
Advantage Good Guy Circle

Good Guy Tanith turn 4:

I'm not a fan of rubbing a win in, so I just activate everyone and do nothing, getting a fifth control point and the win. 

Score 5-1

Victory for the (good) Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

So Tanith is really good, and this game basically came down to where we both placed our Tanith's. My central placement allowed me to get around Admonition and murder his relevant models without any retaliation of note.

The other thing that I did which he did not was place Wrong Eye in such a way that Star-Crossed actually mattered, and it did matter. 

Really interesting matchup, and a very good game. 

Skorne had won against Khador, so I was in for a rough time in the finals...

Battle Report 22, i5 Team Tournament Round 2, Tanith vs. Vyros 2

Round 2 my team got paired against a team that had spent something like 100 hours on matchup theorizing.

Needless to say, I got crushed on the matchup selection, and the one good matchup I actually got for us got diced.

I got Vyros 2, which I believe is a terrible matchup for both of my lists. That being said, Star-Crossed is a really good effect against his list since if he can't get Synergy up, he's not hitting most of my models.

The Scenario was Recon, and my opponent was playing:

Vyros 2
-Griffon x5
-Aspis x2

3x Arcanist

Min Invictors with CA

I won the roll off and decided to go second, which in hindsight is really where I lost the game. I 100% should have gone first in this matchup since none of the terrain actually mattered to either of our lists and getting up the field should have been my priority.

His deployment:

My Deployment:

Ret turn 1:

He ran a me, and I realized how bad of an idea going Second had been instantly. I had no room to maneuver, and no where to hide against his whole battlegroup having Birds Eye.

Synergy and Deceleration both went up.

Circle turn 1:

I thought I could bait him into giving me Imperatus and a Griffon, so I positioned everything so that he could get at Snapjaw with Imperatus if he put a lot of other models up first.

Unfortunately, I also screwed up and put one of my Scarsfells right next to Snapjaw, so he had plenty to go after.

Ret turn 2:

Stuff kills stuff, Synergy gets to 3 and Imperatus gets the bonus damage from an Arcanist.

He does charge in and kill Snapjaw and a Scarsfell, but he's given me a chance to even out the attrition fight nicely.

Vyros Feats.

Circle turn 2:

I screw up major bad here. I shouldn't have put Primal on the Stalker, but rather feated and used the Grey Griffon to finish off a seriously banged up Imperatus (which happened anyway because of dice). Had I not put Primal on the Stalker here, I think the game goes very differently.

Tanith shoots Imperatus and puts Primal on the Stalker. I still can't believe I did that.

Anyway, Primal on the Stalker, he goes in at Imperatus, triggers Phoenix Protocol easily with Scything Touch and warping Strength, whacks the Griffon a bit too.

Grey Scarsfell charges in and finishes off Imperatus, a spray from the Pureblood kills the Griffon.

The Yellow Griffon goes into the far right Aspis and does about half its health.

Star Crossed is up.

Ret turn 3:

He goes into the Stalker with a few things, I believe missing his only two attacks of the game here.

I trigger Admonition on the Pureblood to threaten Vyros, and he puts his other lights between the two of them.

Side bar - I was a total moron in a number of ways this game, but this one really takes the cake. I put the Pureblood a millimeter closer to the Stalker than his Griffon was, so the Stalker would frenzy into the Pureblood next turn rather than into the Griffon. Yeah. Bad times were had.

He uses his far right jack to one round my Scarsfell.

Circle turn 3:

Stalker frenzies, actually hitting the Pureblood with his Mind out, and doing a couple of damage.

I kill a couple of lights with a Primaled, Scything Touch Pureblood, and put Admonition on the Stalker as well.

Despite my opponent going deep into the tank, I know the game is effectively over.

Ret turn 4:

The Invictors do a massive CRA into the Stalker, miss, and then re-roll cuz they're awesome and hit, polishing him off.

Both my Objective and Wrong Eye die, and Vyros charges into my Pureblood, killing it.

His remaining jack murders Una.

He gets 3 points.

Circle turn 4:

I chuck his lights into eachother with the Gorax, and try for the REALLY long shot assassination with Tanith since Vyros is camping nothing. The dice don't smile on me (needed 2 boosted 15s in a row sooo) and I concede.

Sadly, a Loss for the Druids

Post Game Thoughts:

This is both a freaking awful matchup for Circle, and yet not as bad as I thought it would be. Really, my own stupidity lost me this game. Three glaring mistakes - not going first, putting Primal on the Stalker, and moving the Pureblood too close to him all prevented me from really executing the attrition fight that I wanted to make. 

Also my opponent couldn't miss under Star-Crossed, it was pretty impressive, we were both laughing at it by the end of the game. 

My entire team got stomped this round, 0-5. We left for lunch with pretty low morale. 

Battle Report 20, October 8 Steamroller Round 4: Tanith vs. Butcher 3

This opponent and I have played each-other in the semi finals or finals of many, many, many tournaments. Even in the short time I've been documenting these games, you can read 2 of our Butcher 3 vs. Wurmwood games (I think we've had 4 or 5) and basically it always ends up with him tableing me more or less and then me getting a seemingly miracle assassination.

I decided to buck the norm and play Tanith.

-Scarsfell x3

Wrong Eye

Shifting Stones
Sentry Stones x2

Objective: Fuel Cache

And he dropped this whirling mass of insanity.

Butcher 3
-War Argus x2

Man O'War Drakhun x2
Alexia 2
Widowmaker Marksman

Kayazy Eliminators x2

We were playing Take and Hold (a big part of why I picked Tanith, this isn't a particularly live Scenario for Wurmwood). He won the roll off and slammed the side with the trees.

I deployed pretty centrally. I missed Una again. Sweet sweet Una.

He deployed with the clear intention of making a beeline for his flag.

Circle turn 1:

Stuff ran. I couldn't spray any of his models since he'd deployed them back 1.2 inches. Scything Touch on the Stalker and Admonition on the Pureblood. Notice a pattern? I put one Griffon way right to go and tie up his Drakhun for a turn or two.

Khador turn 1:

Lots of Mannikins died. His central Drakhun ran up pretty far, his battlegroup got Energized and Butcher thought pretty hard about Energizing himself before I pointed out that if he did and charged, Snapjaw could get to him. Suffice to say, he did not Energize the Butcher.

Circle turn 2:

I was in a unique position here of being able to actually kill Butcher's dogs since his positioning with Butcher won't let him Vengeance at all.

Tanith upkept her spells, I saluted my darling Una in my mind and pretended to upkeep Guardian Beast and Wrong Eye took Snapjaws Fury.

Wrong Eye put up Submerge and Star-Crossed before advancing.

Snapjaw charged and murdered the middle Drakhun.

The right Griffon charged and 2 damage to the Drakhun.

Unpainted Mannikin missed 2 boosted nines on the middle Kayazy. These two Kayazy single-handedly almost lost me the game. Read on.

The other Mannikins killed the other two Kayazy and a few widowmakers.

The Pureblood moved up to the tip of the wall and sprayed both Argii, missing the first and killing the second.

The Grey Griffon moved up and killed the first Argus, and then cast Dodge.

The Blue Griffon went into the remaining Kayazy and missed....3 boosted 11s.

"No problem, I've got a Stalker in the stones, port him up, kill on, sprint out, easy!"

He missed 3 boosted 11s too.

I'm in panic mode here, 'till I realize that Butcher won't get pathfinder on the charge now that his pups are dead.

Tanith feats, casting Rift for the first time EVER and getting the right Kodiak and Butcher, boosting damage on the man himself and doing a couple.

Sweating profusely, I end my turn.

Khador turn 2:

The left Kodiak headbutts the Grey Griffon, and Ruin kills it. The red Kodiak hits both initials and then throws Snapjaw into the Stalker, killing one Kayazy and knocking the Stalker, the Bird, and Snapjaw down.

The Drakhun half kills the yellow Griffon.

Butcher feats and moves onto the flag.

Score 1-0
Advantage Khador

Circle turn 3:

Well...I have one chance at this. The Pureblood is within walking range of the Butcher. 

Tanith drops her spells, pulls fury from him and the Stalker. The blue Griffon Frenzies at the Kodiak and doesn't do much. Snapjaw passes his Frenzy check somehow, and Wrong Eye cuts for 4. 

After agonizing about the best way to do things for about ten minutes, I start with Tanith who moves up, shoots Butcher, boosting to hit. She hits, and does another couple of damage with a boosted damage roll. She puts Scything Touch and Primal on the Pureblood. 

I try like crazy to spray the War Dog down, but whiff the damage rolls and he lives. 

The Pureblood activates and walks up to Butcher. I need to do 18 damage with 6 attacks at dice -3 once his power shield is taken into account. 

I spike the first couple of dice rolls and kill him. 

A Lucky Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I didn't really deserve this win I don't think. I did deliberately move the Pureblood over there to threaten Butcher should he choose to come to the flag, but I was expecting more of a spray than a walk and hit. The rough terrain forced him to charge in order to get to the flag and that was my only saving grace. 

Also, Tanith is the wrong drop, it should always be Wurmwood. 

At 4-0, I ended up taking first, and my round 4 opponent came second, with my round 3 opponent coming third! I had a real blast, some very interesting games were had, and the spread of factions was incredibly diverse outside the block of 3 Khador players.

The Western Washington PG's, of which I am a member, are hoping that we can get attendance up to 16-20 people by 2017, and I'm excited to see where the meta develops from here. We have a ton of new guys coming fresh out of a Journeyman League in about a month, and we're all pulling to have them keep playing once the league is over.

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 19, October 8 Steamroller Round 3: Tanith vs. Reznik 2

I am generally very happy with Warmachine and Hordes as a game.

Reznik 2, as a Hordes player, makes me seriously unhappy.

My opponent and I whined and griped for about 10 minutes before the round began. His other list was a Kreoss 1 pop and drop which Wurmwood laughs at, and we both knew he couldn't afford to risk that.

The Scenario was Recon, which is normally another windmill slam Wurmwood Scenario, but I've played against Reznik 2 a fair number of times now and I think it's a terrible matchup for Wurmwood.

Tanith, on the other hand, makes Reznik 2 play verrrry safe or else he dies, so I decided to drop her instead.

As mentioned previously, I had derped hardcore and left Una at home, so I had a Wilder in her place for this particular event.

-Scarsfell x3

Wrong Eye

Shifting Stones
Sentry Stones x2

Objective: Fuel Cache

And my opponent was playing typical Reznik 2.

Reznik 2
-Reckoner x2
-Scourge of Heresy
-Madelyn Corbeau
-Shield Guard Light Jack that did nothing all game

Choir of Menoth (min)
Idrians and CA
Rhoven and Co.

Alten Ashley
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

Objective; Armory

My opponent won the roll off and chose to go second, taking the side that he didn't want me to have.

I deployed very centrally, already missing Una like crazy. I might have to paint her up as a tribute to how much I missed her. That's how bad it was. Withdrawal pains like crazy.

And my opponent cannily deployed Alten and his Idrians 1.2 inches back from his AD line so I couldn't spray them round one. Darn. He puts prey on the blue Griffon. Again, the big red thing is a fire cloud.

Circle turn 1:

Turn 1 is a typical Tanith turn 1. Scything Touch on the Stalker and Admonition on the Pureblood.

Sentry Stones roll hot for Fury so I get some forests, Griffons run around.

Wrong Eye and Snapjaw both run.

Menoth turn 1:

He runs his right hand Reckoner through the rough terrain. Reznik puts up Lamentation to the surprise of no one. Idrians move up, killing me sacrificial Sentry Mannikins.

Alten does 8 damage to the Pureblood's Spirit. Fortunately, the Pureblood has like 12 boxes in his Spirit for some reason.

 Neither of the clouds go away.

Circle turn 2:

Commence the sprays! I briefly consider sacrificing a Griffon and my feat to kill Rhoven. His ability to hand out Eyeless Sight is pretty crucial in this matchup.

Tanith upkeeps her spells and Una...does not cuz she's not on the table. Le Sigh. The Shifting Stones leach a couple fury for me so nothing has to frenzy.

Both Sentry Stones roll a 1 for fury, and Mannikins do a decent job thinning the Idrian herd.

My opponent forgot the Pureblood has a spray, so Alten dies and I am happy.

Wrong Eye and Snapjaw move up with their typical Submerge and Star-Crossed silliness.

Stalker warps Prowl and goes for the cloud from my objective.

Griffons criss cross so that the preyed one is away from the Idrians.

Neither cloud goes out. Again.

Menoth turn 2:

His army starts to shift to my right. I can see Reznik really wants to go for that flag. Lamantation is upkept.

Idrians murder Mannikins. Rhoven gives Eyeless sight to the right Reckoner. Choir sings Battle.

Reznik moves up, pops feat, and casts The Flesh is Weak at the exposed Mannikin, making neither Griffon able to charge. He then repositions back. The blast damage and feat damage do about half of each Griffon's health.

The Reckoner blows up the farther up Sentry Stone.

The other Reckoner considers going for the Pureblood, but my opponent notices the Admonition token and after a couple of choice words about the spell, doesn't go for it.

The Fire Cloud goes out! (not pictured).

Circle turn 3:

Well my opponent hasn't contested the zone, the cloud is gone, and I've got an angry alligator in charge range.

Tanith upkeeps both spells.

Wrong Eye activates first, outside of Reznik's control area, casting Submerge and Star-Crossed. He then moves up.

Snapjaw charges and murders the objective, riling but not Submerging because Scourge of Heresy has Purgation.

Pureblood moves up and sprays the left Reckoner, missing.

Stalker runs over behind the Pureblood.

Tanith heals some damage off Griffons and moves into the zone behind a Shifting Stone bunker.

Mannikins spray yet more Idrians to death.

My gobbers replace the fire cloud.

I get 3 points.

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent isn't in a good spot here. Lamantation stays up. 

His Idrians move up, CRA, and kill my Griffon. 

Reznik tramples up to the flag, MISSING the Mannikin, and chucks a The Flesh is Weak at my other Griffon. I realized about 2 activations later he would have been in Star-Crossed range and missed, but oh well. My bad.

He repositions back to the flag. 

Choir sings Battle.

Scourge goes in and murders Snapjaw. 

The right Reckoner moves out of the rough terrain and shoots at the Pureblood. 

The left Reckoner charges the Pureblood....who uses Admonition to get away from him and into the forest. 

We had a good laugh since he'd made such a big deal of it the turn before. 

No points are scored, and the cloud goes out (not pictured).

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I'm in a fantastic spot here. My Pureblood can warp Ghostly and walk up to Scourge, my Stalker is in charge range of the Reckoner, and if I can't clear the zone, Tanith can either just run up to the flag after the Stalker murders the Reckoner or get teleported over there for a domination the next turn. 

His army is shifted so far to the right that he can only contest with a single Choir member, if that. 

Tanith upkeeps her one spell for free thanks to the Wilder. 

Gorax moves out of Lamentation and casts Primal on the Stalker. He charges in and murders the Reckoner. 

Tanith activates after much deliberation and Feats, casting Primal and Scything Touch on the Pureblood, before advancing into the Shifting Stone fort. 

The Pureblood warps Ghostly and moves up, killing Scourge on the second to last attack.

I get 2 more points. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I got lucky here and the central cloud went out right when I needed it to and not a moment earlier. 

That added to the fact that Reznik doesn't really have a feat against Tanith added to Scourge being the ONLY heavy he has that outthreats my models with Hunters Mark and terrain in the mix makes this matchup really hard for him. 

Most fun I've had playing against Menoth in a long time, very interesting game. 

Battle Report 14: Tanith vs. Wurmwood

Image result for wurmwood, tree of fate

Ah Wurmwood, how I love thee. Well, how I love to play thee. How do I love to play against thee? Well...not so much turns out! 

Civil War time, Tanith vs. Wurmwood!


-Scarsfell x2

Wrong Eye


Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers Bellow Crew


-Argus Moonhound


Reeves of Orboros and CA
Farrow Brigands and CA
Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2

We were playing Outflank, and I won the roll off. Normally, I like to go second on this Scenario, but against Wurmwood you *have* to go first if you can. He's at his least potent turn 1 when he only has a guaranteed 7 fury, and you cannot let him dictate where he gets to be. 

I deployed pretty central, Una and her pair of Scarsfell's on one side, and Wrong Eye and Snapjaw anchoring the other. I felt pretty good about this particular Wurmwood list into me since he has so much shooting and only one way to ignore Stealth. I have the benefit of being able to trade my heavies 1 for 1 here and still come out ahead which is a big deal, and my Scarsfells will shred his Sentry Stones before they get to do too much work. 

He deployed his Brigands on my right and Reeves on my left. Prey went on my Stalker.

Circle Turn 1:

I run up the field as fast as possible. I'm trying to bait out a turn 1 feat here, and with the speed of my Griffons and the threat of my Stalker with all the buffs Tanith can put on him, I think he will. His models will need at least a turn of free set up before they can do anything, and so I'm happy to be very aggressive. 

Tanith does her usual thing when I play this list, Admonition on the Pureblood, Scything Touch on the Stalker, and then charge. 

Una sticks Guardian Beast up and advances. 

Pureblood warps Spell Ward and goes left, Stalker warps Prowl and goes into a cloud, praying it doesn't go out. 

He's deployed his important models behind that forest, so there's no point in doing the Sentry Stone trick. Snapjaw and Wrong Eye both cast Submerge and charge up. Griffons screech up the field. 

Other Circle...errr...Wurmwood turn 1:

He advances cautiously. Cassius runs up, Sentries spray stuff, and Wurmwood throws a Hellmouth at the forward Griffon, yanking models into it and killing a bunch of Mannikins. I can tell he wants to boost damage on the Griffon, but he can't do that and get Cassius back, and if Cassius dies this early I win. 

He casts Dark Path to yank Cassius back, and then pops feat to blunt my advance. 

Tanith turn 2:

I see an opportunity to kill both of his Sentry Stones this turn, and I decide to go for it. Tanith upkeeps her spells, Una upkeeps Guardian Beast

I have to do some work with my own Sentry Stones to get the landing zones for my Griffons, but they succeed in spraying down their targets. 

The glorious Golden Scarsfell on the left charges in and....doesn't even scratch the stone. Not one damage. Le sigh. He uses his last fury to cast Dodge. (note, the proxy base is where he is, not where his model is).

The drab, boring, uninteresting Scarsfell on the right charges in and murders his target with a fury to spare, so he casts Dodge. 

Snapjaw casts Submerge and taunts the Brigands by parking outside their charge range by .01 inches. He also riles for a bunch, and Wrong Eye casts both Submerge and Star Crossed. 

The Blue Griffon goes and gets cover, and the rest of my models durdle up. 

Wurmwood turn 2:

Okay this was a solid week ago, so some details are fuzzy. The Argus moves up and barks away my Stealth, and the Reeves double-tap a Sentry Stone to death. Both Griffons get murdered sadly. Critically, my opponent doesn't move a Reeve into the left zone. 

Brigands move up and shoot at the right stone but don't kill it. 

I get one point. 

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle...err...Tanith. Yeah the good guys. Them.

Tanith turn 3:

Well I wasn't expecting a control point, so that's a nice surprise. I see a good way to cripple that side of the table pretty permanently too, and ideally the Argus is going to die this turn. 

I'm also looking at a reasonably likely way for Snapjaw to get into his Stalker and start pounding on him. 

Tanith activates, pops her feat, and gets Affliction up on the Reeves. 

With a demonic smile on my face, my Pureblood and Sentry Stone Mannikins spray down all but a couple members of the unit, and also clear a way for Snapjaw to get to the Stalker. 

The Stalker goes into the Argus and...fails to kill it. Le Sigh. Una moves up and shoots him down. 

Wrong Eye moves up, casting Submerge and Star Crossed. 

Snapjaw charges the Stalker, doing decent damage. 

Tanith gets teleported into the rubble, and the Gorax follows her. 

I get another point. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Tanith

Wurmwood turn 3:

Well Star-Crossed is a thing, and the Stalker isn't able to take down Snapjaw, meaning the Feral has to go in as well after the Brigands ALSO fail to kill it and/or Wrong Eye. 

He contests the left zone with a couple of Reeves. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Tanith

Tanith turn 4:

I have a Stalker with a clear charge onto Wurmwood, who is camping 2. I pile on the buffs, but the dice rolls are incredibly bad, and Wurmwood survives. 
I clear and dominate the left zone again and start throwing things at the other side of the table in desperation because I know an Assassination run is coming. 

Score 4-0
Advantage Tanith

Wurmwood turn 4:

He can't actually get anything to Tanith except Wurmwood, so he ports over and tries to spell Assassinate her and fails, allowing me to dominate for 2 more points and the win. 

Score 6-0
Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I think that if this is the direction Wurmwood starts trending, Tanith is going to be a very solid drop into him. The massive amounts of Stealth added together with a Heavy that can't be shot at at all are going to give the list fits, and the sheer speed of the Griffons is going to force some pretty early and inopportune feats. I'm looking forward to trying this matchup again for sure though, Wurmwood is a scary, scary thing to face down. 

Battle Report 12: Tanith vs. Haley 1

Captain Victoria Haley, the boogeyman of the Cryx boogeyman in mark 2. My teammate for the upcoming i5 event is rocking a Sloan/Haley 1 pairing and he wanted some practice into Circle.

We are never going to drop him into a pairing that includes Wurmwood, since both of his lists have a very hard time with his LOS denial, and we went through the motions of how Sloan would do into Tanith (surprise, she slaughters a stealth-based army), and ultimately decided that it would be a more interesting and productive game if he played his Haley 1 list and I played my Tanith list.



Wrong Eye


Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Fuel Cache

And his list was something like:

Haley 1

Maxwell Finn

Trencher Commandos
-Scattergunners x3
Tempest Blazers
Fuel Cache

Unbeknownst to us, our friend who was setting up Scenario and Terrain for us has been reading my article on terrain and deployment and decided to give us something of a doozy...(For those curious, you can find that article here)

Yup, that's a house in the middle of the table. In hindsight, that wall was slightly illegal, whoops. 

My opponent won the roll and opted to go first, and I decided that I wanted the trench. I deployed a Sentry Stone on each side of the house, planning on really gumming up the things he could get at easily. 

Pre-Game Thoughts:

The Sentry Stones plus the terrain is going to give me a huge advantage this game. I'm going to get to largely ignore his Trenchers, focus on killing his Blazers, and blunt the impact his Stormwall will have until it's too late. I can probably take over whichever side of the table the Stormwall and Haley aren't on and start pressuring Scenario pretty quickly. 

Cygnar turn 1:

Stuff ran. Arcane Shield went on both Haley and the Stormwall. Cygnar turn 1s are so exciting. 

Circle turn 1:

I seriously have to respect the Blazers in this matchup. If I let them, they will murder my entire list, and that just won't do. 

With this in mind, I put one Griffon on the hill within the 14" they can shoot him at, and the other just moves up and puts up Dodge after killing a painted Mannikin. Una drops 3 fury and RUNS, keeping the yellow griffon just in control.

The painted Sentry unit activates, rolls 3 for fury, and murders a blazer before putting up a forest. 

The left unit kills...a trencher? Nope, misses trenchers, and puts up a forest.

Tanith puts Scything Touch on the Stalker and Admonition on the Pureblood. 

The wolves warp prowl or spell ward and runs. Wrong Eye and Snapjaw both cast Submerge. Tanith's Griffon cheekily sits right behind the house. 

With the flat house....
With a real house!
Cygnar turn 2:

My opponent looks at the table and can already see the writing on the wall. Barring some insane dice on his end and some really bad placement on mine, this game is going to swing my way pretty quickly. 

Both Arcane Shield's are upkept and the Hunter and Stormwall each get a focus.

Haley casts Temporal Barrier and moves up to the hill. The Trenchers activate and spray down/shoot down Mannikins. 

The Blazers move over and try for unboosted 10s on the Scarsfell, missing all three shots, and repositioning. The Stormwall draws LOS to the Pureblood and puts some significant damage into it with a boosted big gun, and then puts down Covering Fire. 

Circle turn 2:

I upkeep both Scything Touch and Admonition. I nearly forget Temporal Barrier gives -2 speed, but then I do remember, so I try to cast Hunters Mark on the Stormwall. Haley negates it with her focus. 

I put Snapjaw in harms way to bait out the colossal, eating a Trencher with him and riling for a bunch after casting Submerge. Wrong Eye casts Star Crossed and Submerge. The griffon behind the building walks over it and kills a Trencher, then puts up Dodge. 

Una runs back to the right and the hill, and the Yellow Scarsfell charges and kills a Blazer before casting Dodge.

The left unit of Sentry Stone makes a Mannikin. The Mannikin aims, boosts, and kills the Squire, and the Stone ports up and makes a forest. 

The Pureblood warps Spell Ward again and sprays down a Blazer. The right Sentry Unit caps the flag for me. The Blue Griffon runs. 

I score 1 point. 

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Cygnar turn 3:

My opponent doesn't like it, but he's going to be feating this turn. Arcane Shield's are upkept everywhere, and a focus is given to each jack. 

Strangeways gives the Stormwall another focus. Haley pops feat and Temporal, before blasting the grey Griffon for a few damage, and then misses her second shot into him so he dodges away. 

Stormwall murders Snapjaw and gets Wrong Eye down to 2 boxes with e-leaps and a boosted pod. 

The Trenchers charge the Grey Griffon, but they have to position in such a way that if they miss their first attack he can dance away from them. 1 ends up connecting, but doesn't finish him off. 

His Blazers shoot my Griffon's, connecting once and doing decent damage. They Reposition to contest the flag. The Hunter murders the Sentry Stone.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I think I can kill his Colossal here, clear the flag, and keep Tannith safe. 

She goes first, after upkeeping both spells again, and pops feat, sticking Wraithbane on the Stalker and healing the Griffon for a couple. 

Lanyssa gets the Hunters Mark off, and the Stalker goes in, doing about 3/4 of the Stormwall's health. 

Wrong Eye also charges, contributing a few more damage. 

Una's Griffons murder the Murder Ponies, and Una runs to the flag. 

The Pureblood casts Wraithbane on itself and assaults at the Stormwall, needing a boosted 10 to kill it. I land it, and after I move a couple more models around and pass the turn, my opponent concedes.

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

The terrain decided this game. If my opponent hadn't had to deal with that house in the middle of the table, I would have had to play Tanith far more defensively, and I wouldn't have been able to just ignore his Stormwall until I could kill it. That being said, this much stealth for a non-Sloan gunline is a big deal, and the high DEF of the Warpwolves and Griffons combined with Star Crossed is an infuriating combination to play against, although this is somewhat deadened by Temporal Barrier, which is still a fantastic spell. 

Battle Report 8, September 9 Steamroller round 1: Tanith vs. Ossrum

I had the opportunity yesterday to play in a 10 person Steamroller event in a meta I'm very friendly with about 2.5 hours away from where I live.

I was particularly excited about this one because I'd managed to get 3 of the 4 other guys on my team to attend (well...2 of them were already going, the third had to be dragged a little), which was important since our lists are due in 11 days as of this writing (eek!).

I took the lists I will likely be playing for the i5 team event in Portland coming up in October:

Tanith (apparently one "n" is the correct spelling folks)
-Warpwolf Stalker
-Pureblood Warpwolf
-Scarsfell Griffon

-Scarsfell Griffon
-Scarsfell Griffon

Wrong Eye

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Gallows Grove (this was supposed to be Swamp Gobbers, but I somehow left them out of my bag, whoops)

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stones


-Warpwolf Stalker

Gallows Grove

Farrow Bone Grinders (min)
Farrow Brigands (max)
Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers
Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2

Round one I was paired with our local merc player, running Ossrum (specifically to counter Wurmwood I think) and Thexus. I was 99% certain he would be dropping Ossrum, so I thought I'd be cute and put Tannith down. I totally glossed over the fact that he had Kayazy in his list or that would have changed.


Dirty Meg

Herne and Jonn
Forgeguard (max)
Alexia 1 and the Risen
Kayazy Assassins (max)

The scenario was The Pit (another reason I should have played Wurmwood) and I won the roll off choosing to go first. My opponent chose the top edge of the table. I chose to go first here since I really want to limit the number of turns Earthbreaker gets to shoot before I murder it. With Hunters Mark, Scything Touch, and Primal I feel like my two heavies will one round it pretty trivially, while affliction will make short work of his Forgeguard.

I am also okay with either table edge. The rubble doesn't affect me much since I've got a lot of pathfinder and I like cover, and on the other side of the table is a nice wall for me to sit behind. The central thing in the zone will also be annoying for my opponents colossal if he wants to charge stuff, and it will help me block LOS to Tanith/Wolves.

With the rubble (rough terrain, gives cover) right in front of me, I decided that my Stalker was going to chill there until he became relevant, and I skewed Tanith and Wrong Eye/Snapjaw left. I thought this was going to be a Scenario game for me, holding off his stuff and just dominating the flag every turn. 

He deployed Alexia AND the Kayazy across from Tanith and the Forgeguard over on the right. Earthbreaker went central. I glanced over his cards and somehow missed that Ossrum's feat only affects Rhulic models and in addition to speed also gives them ARM. In my defense, I had gotten 4 hours of sleep and just driven 3 hours to get there, but this will be a common thread throughout this event report. I was in total derp mode. 

Circle turn 1:

Stuff ran pretty much. I was careful to keep important things out of range of the Earthbreakers quake guns, even with Snipe, unless he wanted to blow his feat turn one. 

Admonition went on the Pureblood and Scything Touch went on the Stalker. 

Snapjaw and Wrong Eye both ran around to the left, and Griffons just sort of went where they wanted. I rolled a 3 for fury on both Sentry Stone units and made a little forest wall for Tanith to hide behind. 

Una cast Guardian Beast on herself. 

Lanyssa ran up after I took that picture, but before handing time over to my opponent. 

Mercs turn 1:

Risen and Kayazy ran up. Forgeguard ran as well, getting tough from Rhupert.

Ossrum cast Snipe on the Earthbreaker, Bullet Dodger on himself, and advanced.

Thor moved around the Earthbreaker and tuned him up. The Earthbreaker then proceeded to do 17 damage at range with 2 attacks to my Pureblood. (Side note - my dice this game were abysmal and my opponents dice were insane. He rolled a string of 14-17s on three dice and only rolled below average twice when attempting to kill a Sentry Stone).

Circle turn 2:

I upkeep Admonition and Scything Touch.

My Sentry Stones go first, each rolling for a couple more fury. I proceed to blow their entire stacks to make the forest wall again and then kill exactly 1 (one) risen and 1 one) Kayazy, clipping Alexia with one boosted spray and forcing her to sac a bunch of other risen.

My nearly dead Pureblood warps Ghostly, goes into the rubble and Regen's for a couple.

Stuff shifts around. I know he's going to pop feat next turn and be in my face and I don't want to get charged by Forgeguard.

Snapjaw riles and casts Submerge while Wrong Eye cast Star-Crossed and Submerge himself.

I put a Griffon with Dodge up in front of them, inside the Star-Crossed bubble.

Mercs turn 2:

My opponent upkeeps both of his spells. 

Ossrum goes first, puts Fire For Effect on Jonn (the bigger of the two) and feats.

Reinholdt scoots over around the wall and he tries to use spyglass on the blue Scarsfell. I inform him that Reinholdt has to be base-to-base with his warcaster to do that and he re-reads his card and realizes this is so. I let him take it back, he moves Reinholdt to be buddies with Ossrum and strips stealth off him. 

The Earthbreaker moves up and prepares to shoot before my opponent realizes he didn't tune up. 

Side Bar - This is something I struggle with a lot. I don't want to be a total jerk and tell people they can't go back, but this game actually hinged on me allowing my opponent several take-backs. Without them, I would have been in a much better position after this turn. If he hadn't moved the Earthbreaker up yet, I would have happily let him activate Thor first, as it was, the Earthbreaker had already advanced and declared a shot. 

I'm still not sure what the right call here is. I understand the argument of "this is a tournament, therefore no take backs" but at the same time saying no makes me feel like a huge jerk. This is something I will definitely need to think about before I go to my next event. It hasn't come up very often, so I haven't had to deal with it much. 

As for myself, I do not take back things in an event, even if it royally screws me up. 

End Side Bar. 

I allow my opponent to move Thor up and tune the Earthbreaker up. The Earthbreaker lands the first boosted 13 he needed to KD the Pureblood in the rough terrain and then blows him up with some massive unboosted damage rolls after rolling the other torpedo on the now un-stealthed Griffon and knocking him down too. 

The Forgeguard charge/run and kill the Gallows Grove. 

The Kayazy charge in and do an absurd amount of damage to Snapjaw. 4 of them charging left him on 4 health. Averages there say one should have missed thanks to Star-Crossed and the rest should have done 12-15 damage. He also hits the first Star-Crossed seven on my Griffon before missing and letting me dodge out of melee with the third. 

Two go into the Sentry Stone and knock it down to 2 health. 

Alexia moves up, crafts a thrall and sits there. The thrall walks up to the Sentry Stone and matches ARM.  My opponent then realizes he didn't move Rhupert up to tough the Forgeguard. He asks for another take back and I dice him for it, and I win so they don't get tough. 

Circle turn 3:

Tanith upkeeps Scything Touch and Una upkeeps Guardian Beast. Tanith activates first and feats, putting Primal on the unpainted Griffon and the Stalker and Admonition on herself. She also puts Affliction on the Forgeguard. She also shoots Snapjaw with her Shadow Bind gun, catching all four Kayazy around him. 

My Mannikins spray the Forgeguard down, leaving the cluster on the right alive. I make a huge mistake here and don't move Una up an inch, so she only kills the front two Forgeguard. 

Lanyssa puts Hunters Mark on the Earthbreaker and my Stalker charges in, expecting to be dice +2. Then I find out his feat gives +3 ARM as well. Stalker cripples one side and does some to the other as well. 

The Gorax moves up and puts Primal on the Blue Griffon, which also charges (forced to stand) and does some more damage, and finally the yellow, unprimaled Griffon charges as well and doesn't do hardly anything (rolled really poorly here, I don't actually think the yellow Griffon did any damage). 

Wrong-Eye casts Star-Crossed and kills one of the Kayazy near the Sentry Stone.

Snapjaw RFPs all the Kayazy around him to heal up. I realize that the second forest (the one on the left) isn't really there (we'd left it there because there were too many models) so the shifting stones move up to block LOS to Tanith from everything.

The grey Griffon with Primal on it (it was a mistake putting it there I think) kills Alexia and puts up Dodge.
The yellow Griffon is actually where the proxy base by Rhupert is.

Mercs turn 3:

Bad things happen to me this turn. His one remaining Forgeguard charges the Stalker and gets the Crit Smite, knocking him into the Earthbreaker and half killing him. The Kayazy get Wrong Eye down to one. 

Jonne shoots the Shifting Stone on the right, blowing it up. 

Meg repairs the Earthbreakers crippled arm. 

The Earthbreaker murders the Stalker and the Blue Griffon. Ossrum moves out of the Grey Griffon's LOS so I can't frenzy at him. The nearly dead Sentry Stone takes 1 damage, becoming even more nearly dead. 

Circle turn 4:

I don't have a lot left, but he's running out of stuff too, and his remaining things are really slow....

Snapjaw murders the Kayazy around him, healing Wrong-Eye. Wrong Eye murders the Kayazy by the Sentry Stone and the Mannikins finish off the Thrall Warrior. I get two boosted charges from Mannikins into Jonn, miss the first one and then force him to tough on the second, which he does. 

Una puts THREE boosted shots into Rhupert and fails to kill him, so Lanyssa charges him and finishes him off. The Yellow Griffon beats on the Earthbreaker to little effect. Crucially, I dominate my flag for 1

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Mercs turn 4:

He continues murdering my stuff. 

Ossrum shoots the colored Mannikin and kills it, and then Herne melee attacks the other so that Jonn can shoot at...something? Yeah something, not sure what it was. Oh! It was a shifting stone, and it didn't kill it. Right, yes. 

The Forgeguard dude, who I had foolishly left alive AGAIN moves over and misses Una. The Earthbreaker declares a shot at the Sentry Stone with one box. I tell him it has stealth so he auto misses and then he says that the Earthbreakers guns ignore concealment so they ignore the prowl. 

This is not how that actually works, since a model just has to have concealment, not be benefiting from it, so once again I allow him to take back and he pounds the Griffon into the dirt. 

I get another control point. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

I took the forest rings off before I remembered to take a pic. They were there. 

Circle turn 5:

I've got about 12 minutes on the clock and my opponent has 7, time is short. Mannikins murder Herne but can't kill Jonn and I make a forest. 

The Griffon moves up and kills Jonn, 

Lanyssa kills the Forgeguard engaging Una, who moves up and boosts all her shots into Dirty Meg, killing her. 

Snapjaw riles and runs, and Wrong Eye casts Star-Crossed and charges the Earthbreaker. I should have cast Submerge too. 

I score a third point.

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Mercs turn 5:

Thor tunes up the Earthbreaker. 

The Earthbreaker moves up and shoots down Wrong Eye, and then torpedos Tannith now that he has line of sight, landing two shots, one of which I transfer to the Gorax which kills him exactly. 

Ossrum is out of range to shoot her as well, so he moves up and kills the Griffon. 

Reinholdt contests. 

We were down to 2 minutes him, 5 minutes me at this point and I didn't pause to take a picture

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6:

Tanith pays to stand. I do a quick check, and the Earthbreaker is out of range to contest the flag, but Thor is in range. Una moves up and kills him, Lanyssa runs to the far flag. 

Tannith aims, boosts a shot into Reinholdt, connects, boosts damage, and kills him, allowing me to dominate the flag again and go to five. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

I don't even know what to say about this game. The dice were so screwy and my play was so incredibly poor in places that I don't even have a reflection on the matchup. I spent the entire game just trying to survive it felt like, which is a position I don't like to be in. At the end, I had 4 minutes left on time and he had 2, so I suppose I could have just spent the next two minutes running Tannith away from things if I had to, but holy heck that was a close game. 

Battle Report 7: Tanith vs. Harkevich

I've been asked to post more of my painted models, so I think at the beginning of each report I'll post one that's relevant to the thread. I present the most savage Griffon in all the land for your viewing pleasure today. 

Sometimes you just can't get in a real game, and when I can't, I turn to Vassal and play with my buds from across the country.

Tom Guan won Wargames Con with an awesome Tannith list, featuring three Scarsfell Griffons, which readers of this blog will know are favorites of mine with her. As soon as I saw this list I knew I had to try it, so I booted up Vassal and got in a game with a good friend of mine, a competitive Khador player trying out a new Harkevich list he'd been tossing around with 3 Kodiaks to make a giant cloud wall every turn.

My list:

- Gorax 
- Scarsfell
- Pureblood
- Stalker
- Scarsfell
- Scarsfell
Wrong Eye & Snap Jaw
Sentry Stone 
Sentry Stone 
Bellows Crew
Shifting Stones

I absolutely love this list. Scarsfells are monsters with Tannith, Scything touch and Primal bringing them up to excellent numbers. I like the Stalker for applying Scything touch in a lot of places, and he's also just an excellent beast. The Pureblood adds to the ranged game of the list and Wrong Eye and Snapjaw pile Star-Crossed on top of already hard to hit Griffons with Dodge to create some truly brutal dice math for your opponent. 

And my opponent dropped:


-Kodiak x3
-Juggernaut x2
Widowmaker Marksmen

Which basically puts up a 12 inch cloud wall every turn and has six heavy warjacks in the list....seems good!

We played Take and Hold, and I won the roll off. My opponent opted for the side of the table with the trench, and I deployed. 

My opponent has played against Sentry Stones enough to know that he needs his Widowmakers wayyyy away from them, so they're more than 20 inches away and on the right. 

Sorry for the limited bottom edge of the screen, I had to edit my buddies Skype info out. 

Circle turn 1:

Stuff pretty much ran. Scything Touch got put on the Warpwolf Stalker, and Admonition on the Pureblood. Una cast Guardian Beast. Both Sentry Stones did pretty well for fury (2 each) and I prepared for a forest wall on the left side of the table. 

Gobbers stuck a big cloud over Tannith and the Shifting Stones made a triangle around the important things. 

Khador turn 1:

I haven't played against the new Widowmaker Marksmen enough. I totally spaced that he can do 3 damage to whatever he wants, and as a result, one of my Shifting Stones and a Mannikin die from him and the unit. 

He makes a cloud wall after Harkevich casts Mobility. I predict a long game somewhere in this turn. 

Circle turn 2:

It's another extremely exciting turn. I move Tannith over and get her close to the flag so I can take it next turn. My Sentry Stone on the right kills the Marksmen and my Pureblood kills a couple more Widowmakers.

Wrong Eye casts Submerge and Star-Crossed and advances. Snapjaw riles for three, casts Submerge and advances as well.

I make it so that the only models my opponent can charge at are Griffons under Star-Crossed with Dodge up OR at Mannikins which I don't care about anyway. Una begins her long journey around that forest, she will stay there the entire game.

Khador turn 2:

This is likely Harkevich's feat turn +3 ARM while within his control area) and we both know it.

In fact, Harkevich activates first, casts Mobility and does indeed pop his feat.

The Kodiaks advance, vent steam, and repo back behind the cloud. Side note, that's an amazing field marshal and I want it in Circle really badly.

On the second one, I admo the Pureblood in closer to his lines, and he runs a Juggernaut up to engage it.

Behemoth activates before the third Kodiak, boosts a hit into the Gobbers crew thanks to powerful shot and kills both of them. Sad days!

The third Kodiak makes a cloud and the other Jugger advances.

Circle turn 3:

Tannith upkeeps Scything Touch and the Shifting Stone pulls one fury of the Pureblood. 

We realize that Harkevich's feat is an aura rather than a pulse, so I activate the Pureblood and have him throw the Jugger towards the Stalker. 

Tannith feats, casts Primal on Una's Scarsfell (the central red one) and Admo back on the Pureblood, as well as healing the Stalker back up to full from the damage Behemoth's guns did to him. 

The Scarsfell with Primal charges the KD'd Jugger and does a couple damage. The Stalker kills him. 

The Sentry Stones use their Mannikins to jam and they build a forest wall in front of Tannith and the flag. 

One of Una's Griffons and one of Tannith's Griffons run way into my opponent's backfield to threaten Harkevich next turn. 

Scar-Crossed and Submerge go back up, and then Shifting Stones port up in front of my opponent. 

I get one point. 

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Khador turn 3:

My opponent is in a bit of a bind. He needs to cast Mobility to get his models where they need to go, but he also needs a lot of focus out there and he ALSO needs to worry about the two Griffons behind him. In the end, he gives one to Behemoth and camps two.

We talk a lot about his assassination potential here, but the Sentry Stones can't be moved or placed so he can't throw them, We also discover that Vent Steam doesn't damage Mannikins since they're neither alive nor dead, but constructs.

He decides to go for attrition, and he runs his two Widowmakers behind my Pureblood to pin him in.

He casts Mobility and moves up to the flag with Harkevich, and the right Kodiak goes into the Pureblood, missing 2 of 3 attacks and doing a few damage.

The left-most Kodiak tramples through the Mannikins, missing both of them needing 5's and contests the flag. Because of that, he can't put another heavy in position to throw the Kodiak at Tannith either.

The middle Kodiak kills the left Shifting Stone and Repositions back to Harkevich, and the Juggernaut charges the Pureblood as well. The DEF 14 saves the beast again as he misses the charge and connects with his fist, doing a few more damage.

Behemoth moves up and spikes some crazy damage rolls, killing the Gorax with two shots, and then Repositioning back to Harkevich.

I have one Shifting Stone contesting his flag.

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Key: Left jack with a "2" is a Kodiak, top Jack with a "1" is Juggernaut, next lower Jack is a Kodiak, and the unmarked Jack is Behemoth. 

Circle turn 4:

Tannith pulls fury, and the Scarsfell with Primal from last turn charges the Jugger and does I believe one damage. Scything Touch gets upkept, but not Admonition.

The Pureblood passes his frenzy check.

The Pureblood goes first, warps Strength, and bashes the Juggernaut for a few damage. The Stalker advances to get both the Kodiak and the Jugger with Scything Touch and puts the Jugger into the dirt, rolling poorly though so it uses all his fury.

The two Griffons at the bottom charge Harkevich, doing a few each. Iron Sentinel is good. (+2 DEF and ARM whilst base-to-base with a 'jack).

The yellow Sentry unit sprays Harkevich, missing or not hurting him, but rolling the hard 11 to hit my own griffon TWICE and then doing FIFTEEN damage to it between two pow 10 sprays. Sheesh....

The other Sentry unit moves up and charges the Kodiak, doing a few. Both Sentries made a forest this turn.

Snapjaw eats the poor Kodiak. Wrong-Eye casts Submerge and Star-Crossed and charges the Kodiak on the far right so he can influence more of the table.

Tannith realizes she doesn't have any transfer targets, so she heals some damage and puts Admonition on herself before moving away from the flag and behind Snapjaw.

Una drops some fury and moves up.

Khador turn 4:

Harkevich is engaged by two Griffons, there are a bunch of heavies under Star-Crossed in his face, and Tannith is not really a viable assassination target. 

Harkevich hands out 2 focus to the top Kodiak and Behemoth.

The top Kodiak moves outside of Star-Crossed, hits both his initials and hucks the Pureblood towards the Stalker, falling an inch short.

The second Kodiak walks up and does the same, boosting the throw into the Stalker and connecting. He Repositions back towards Harkevich. 

Behemoth tramples over to the KD'd Stalker and buys two attacks, failing to kill him by 4. (Dice plus 3, two attacks does 20 and the Stalker had 24 left so this wasn't a likely plan. He ended up rolling just shy of average and did 19 damage). 

He repositions back to Harkevich and the Widowmaker shoots the Pureblood, dealing the last point. 

Harkevich can't get base-to-base with either of his Jacks without taking free strikes, so just goes to the opposite side of the flag. One Griffon connects and spikes the damaage, forcing Harkevich to take five damage even after the focus (rolled a 14 for damage). 

My opponent looks at the table, sees that I can get a Stalker and two Griffons into Harkevich on one focus, and concedes. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

The Harkevich list has some serious potential, that much LOS denial is an amazing tool, and at speed six, Khador 'jacks are really, really scary. It's also absurdly hard to kill those things under his feat. Unfortunately, the list is very focus starved and against the list I was playing, that meant less boosted attacks, which are pretty much required when you need 7's under Star-Crossed.

As for the Tannith list, I think I'm in love. It takes everything I love about the six Griffon version of the list and adds in more hitting power and more versatility and more DEF skew. Star-Crossed effectively adds 2 to your DEF when the math gets worked out, so DEF 16 heavies and DEF 17 Griffons with Dodge are just a nightmare for any list that doesn't have a lot of DEF debuffs or massive accuracy buffs. It hits hard, it's really fast, and it can play into lots of match-ups. I'll be taking this exact list to a Steamroller this weekend, so look forward to that. 

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 2: Tanith vs. Garryth

Another game of Warmachine against Retribution, this time against Garryth! I've had some pretty scary encounters with this warcaster in mark 2, as his own personal assassination threat is pretty nuts and his feat can absolutely wreck an unprepared player. Not being able to transfer is a terrible position for a warlock to be in and Garryth's feat stops not just transfering, but spending focus or fury, casting spells, or channeling.

I also took many more pictures this time around, lesson learned from last time!

My list was once again my Tannith list running six scarsfell griffons.

Tannith, the Feral Song
-Druid Wilder
-Feral Warpwolf
-Scarsfell Griffon x4

-Scarsfell Griffon x2

Alten Ashley
Lanyssa Ryssyl
Bloodweaver Night Witch x2

Sentry Stone and Mannikin x2

Objective: Fuel Cache

And my opponent was playing a very speedy looking Garryth list:

-Sylys Wyshnallyr
-Moros (proxied by an aspis for the first couple of turns)


Dawnguard Destors
Dester Thane (proxied by Skareth Issyan)

Arcanist Mechanic x3
Mage Hunter Assassin x2
Souless Voidtracer

Nayl made me raise my eyebrows a bit, remembering his awfulness in mark 2. He hasn't changed much, but the only shooting I have is arcing spells on Tannith's feat turn or sentry stones which will probably be dead to Destors pretty quickly anyway. Nayl removes focus and fury from models within 8 inches of him when he is killed by an enemy attack, and then prevents them from casting spells or being forced for a round.

We rolled up Scenario 1: Entrenched.

My opponent won the roll and opted to go first. It took me less than a second to decide on the bottom half of the table. The objective being so close to that forest would be a big deal with the ability to place a 4" cloud every turn, and I could run my griffons up behind the central forest pretty aggressively without fear of retaliation. The trench was an added bonus, lots of my models like having cover. 

My opponent skewed his destors right to take advantage of the relatively terrain free half of the board. 

I deployed fairly centrally, dedicating Una and one sentry stone to the far zone and Tannith's much larger battlegroup towards the right. I stuck the Feral in the middle as sort of a flex piece, he can go either way depending on how the lines get drawn. 

The most important pieces placement wise here are the sentry stones. The Mage Hunter Assassins are very, very capable of killing a griffon in one attack (Dice -4 on four dice = 10 damage, double that for decap and you're looking at 20 damage per on average, and the griffons only have 22 boxes), and I cannot afford to lose two of them early since they are what the list is completely built around. 

The sentry stones can keep the mage hunters off of me for at least a turn just by being there. My opponent also has a very healthy respect for them due to past games and doesn't like to sit inside the 20" threat turn 1. 

The other piece of note is Hutchuk - he's very central but skewed left. My idea here is that my opponent will have to split his forces to contest his own zone and that means Hutchuk will get to rust one heavy and probably live to rust the next one.

Ret Turn 1:

My opponent has a pretty standard turn here. The Phoenix and Moros run up the table on the right, while Garryth sticks Sentry on the Sphinx, Psychic Vampire on himself, and Mirage on the Phoenix. The apparition on his arc node is going to be very annoying if I can't kill it in one turn. 

His Mage Hunter Assassin's park themselves 20.1 inches away from my sentry stones, and Elara's battlegroup moves up on the right, with the Sphinx sitting behind the wall. I had no idea what a Sphinx did, and apparently its gun allows any friendly faction model to get +2 inches of range on their spells against whatever it shoots. That combined with Speed of Death which Elara cast on herself and Sentry which allows it to make a ranged attack during his maintenance phase could be very problematic with Gallows on Garryth's spell list. 

Elara moves up and casts the aforementioned Speed of Death and the Destors scream up the side as expected. The Thane moves up behind them to give them Unyielding and the mechanics and other sundry solos run up as well.


Circle turn 1:

I place the cloud generated from my objective so that it connects with the forest to block LOS to everything behind it. 

My left sentry stone activates first, gets one fury and ports forward, with the mannikins running up in front to screen it. Una casts guardian beast and advances to well outside threat from the MHA and Phoenix and her Griffons activate, one casting Dodge on itself and charging and the other just running up to slightly outside the MHA threat range of 14". 

On the right, I again roll 1 for fury on the Sentry Stone after killing a Mannikin with a Nightwitch. The placed Mannikin aims, the other two advance. I manage to hit but not damage one Destor with sprays. 

Tannith casts Scything Touch on a Griffon and Admonition on herself before advancing. The Griffons mostly advance and animus up this turn, while the Feral warps armor and runs. Hutchuk goes mid ish and so does Alten, pinging the Phoenix for nothing but giving it a completely inconsequential Grievous Wound. 

Lanyssa chills out behind the forest with the Nightwitches since I probably need Hunter's Mark over there more. 

Ret turn 2:

The cloud/forest wall has thrown my opponent for a bit of a turn. I think he was expecting to hurl cavalry at me and instead is only presented with two Mannikins that I don't really care about. I've also managed, totally on accident, to put the frontmost Mannikin 10.5 inches from the Sphinx so he doesn't get to benefit from Sentry. 

He upkeeps all three of his spells from Garryth and Speed of Death on Elara. One focus is given to the Phoenix and one to Moros after the Phoenix apparitions up and to the left, mostly out of the rough terrain. 

His left mage hunter charges in and kills a Mannikin, and his Phoenix charges the yellow Scarsfell. I get cute here and trigger Guardian Beast and move the blue Scarsfell up around behind the Phoenix. My opponent, seeing this, chooses to combust the Phoenix rather than make his charge attack, lighting both of them on fire and frying another Mannikin. One bought and boosted attack later and the yellow Griffon is on two boxes, and is also on fire. 

We debated pretty hard before he went in here whether this was going to be worth it. He didn't think that the Feral with Paralysis was going to be enough to kill his Phoenix and he also was banking on one of those two Griffons dying. The math on that isn't great though, the fire damage should do about six to it, and then a bought POW 17 should do another 11. He cranked that second damage roll, but he would have needed a 12 to kill it with the one attack. 

The Destors move up and shoot things, notably killing my poorly faced Nightwitch. They reposition back and around, but critically he fails to kill the farthest up Mannikin. The Griffon (his Griffon, not mine, cuz, you know, we both have them) charges in at it and ALSO fails to hit it, so no triggering Silence of Death and waltzing out. 

Nayl runs straight at me, he had move up so very little on my opponents' turn that I had forgotten about him. He's about six inches away from Tannith and I'm more than a little concerned. 

Moros moves up and shoots my feral with a paralyzing shot, doing decent damage. 

Elara has to move up a touch to keep her jacks in control. She camps three. 

Garryth moves up and doesn't do much, and the other Mage Hunter Assassin runs behind a Destor. 

Circle turn 2:

I get lucky here and the fire on the nearly dead Scarsfell rolls out. The other one is not so fortunate and takes seven damage to his mind, crippling it. 

I've got a lot of models in my face, but I have a decent plan here. If I can throw the Phoenix into Moros, Hutchuk can Rust them both. I can have Una heal her scarsfells, which should be enough to kill them both if I can get Scything Touch onto one of them. 

With this in mind, I don't upkeep Scything Touch but I do upkeep Admonition

The cloud stays, but moves back a bit to keep his Destor out of it. 

The Feral is 6.5 inches from the Phoenix, so he activates first, warping Strength. He walks up to the jack and boosts a double handed throw into him, hitting, winning the strength check, and then boosting to hit Moros, which also connects. So far so good. 

Hutchuk walks up as far as he can and throws a rust bomb at the Phoenix. I roll double 1's. Fortunately, the rust bomb can only deviate 2.5 inches which is not enough to fall off the Phoenix, although it doesn't catch Moros with the drift. 

Tannith activates and feats, using the Feral as an arc node to channel Scything Touch onto the blue Scarsfell and putting Primal on a couple Scarsfell's near her (the brown one and the one curled up in a ball). She then puts Dodge on herself. 

Una activates and heals both of her Scarsfells to full aspect use, before pumping three shots into the Phoenix and not doing much damage. Her Griffons charge in, killing the Phoenix and leaving Moros on 7. 

The left Sentry Stone activates and makes a Mannikin and another fury (kept rolling one for those this game). The Mannikin charges the knocked down Moros and...doesn't quite kill him. Alten charges in, kills Moros, and repositions out of there. 

The Griffon to Tannith's left walks up and boosts a double handed throw into Nayl, chucking him towards Elara and killing him, which strips his fury, her focus, the focus off the sentry stone, and catching the Scarsfell with Primal on him right in front of Tannith so he cannot be forced. 

The brown Griffon charges the Destor Thane and kills him, critically getting rid of the other Destors Unyielding, then puts Dodge on himself. The curled up Griffon walks up and kills the Destor engaging the Mannikin. I see a good opening here and the other one walks up and throws the Ret Griffon away as well. This allows my Sentry Stone to activate, roll 2 for fury (yesss), pop out a Mannikin within 8 of Elara and have him aim. One boosted spray later and she's off the table, rendering the Sphinx and Griffon inert. 

The remaining Nightwitch flubs her attack rolls and doesn't kill the Destor she goes into. 

This is one of the most janky turns I've ever had, power attacks everywhere! Unfortunately, Moros not dying meant that I couldn't use the Mannikin to try and kill the Mage Hunter Assassin, and the other Mage Hunter Assassin lived because the Nightwitch failed to kill the Destor (not that I really expected her to).

Ret turn 3:

Well my opponent surely isn't happy. I've killed his two main damage jacks and made the other two pretty much useless. He still has four Destors left, but that's not going to do much since they can't see Tannith. 

He upkeeps Psychic Vampire and lets Sentry drop. His Destors kill the Griffon closest to them in the zone, as well as the Nightwitch. They reposition slightly. The Mage Hunter Assassin on the right charges in needing a 6 to hit the blue Griffon and misses. The Arcanist charges it as well and also misses, although he needed an 8. 

Garryth shoots Alten to death, and moves up to feat, although I believe this was a mistake and he should have moved over and reactivated the Sphinx this turn. 

So many things are going to frenzy on my turn....

Circle turn 4, in which birds freak out and murder their brethren:

Una yanks three from the blue Scarsfell, and Tannith pulls some from the Feral. Una's remaining Griffon frenzies into the Mannikin in front of it. The curled up Griffon frenzies into the Mannikin next to it. The brown Scarsfell frenzies into the inert Ret Griffon. Tannith upkeeps Scything Touch and Admonition.

The blue Griffon kills both the Mage Hunter Assassin and the Arcanist, and the Sentry Stone Mannikin that gets spawned charges the objective. Despite some pretty hot rolls there, I can't get anything else to dent it much and I leave it on one after Una boosts three shots into it, Hutchuk bombs it, and Lanyssa ice bolts it. 

The Feral warps armor and runs to the right zone. The not frenzied Griffon flies over the objective and kills both the Destors in the zone. Tannith measures and finds she is 10" from the Mage Hunter Assassin, so walks six towards it and shoots it to death, conveniently catching the upper Destor with Shadow Bind and allowing me to dominate my zone for 1. The Druid Wilder pulls the fury off the Feral (say that ten times fast, I dare you).

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Ret turn 5, in which a Jack gets reactivated and elves on horses go bird hunting.

My opponent goes into the tank, wishing he'd cast Mirage on Garryth rather than upkeeping Psychic Vampire. He activates the Destors first, moving them up. I trigger Admonition and walk away from Garryth with Tannith, I have no desire to randomly die if I've forgotten something. He shoots the brown Griffon for trivial damage.

Sylys whispers Arcane Secrets to Garryth, who moves up, reactivates the Sphinx, and casts Gallows at the close Griffon until it dies. He charges an Arcanist at the Sentry Stone, needing an 18 to kill it and rolling a 17, phew!

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5, in which a bird tries to throw an elf and another bird goes horse elf hunting.

Tannith upkeeps Scything Touch for free, although in hindsight the Druid Wilder may have been too far away for that to happen....hmmm...must remember to check that every turn they're not practically base to base. 

The blue Scarsfell has a daring plan, so Una walks up and heals both her birds up. At some point turns previously the second fire had rolled out.

The blue Griffon walks up to Garryth and attempts to throw him, but misses. The Feral whines a little bit because he wanted to snack on an elf, but Tannith keeps him in check. 

The yellow Griffon charges the poor Arcanist and murders him. 

A spawned Mannikin on the left charges and kills the objective, and Hutchuk runs to control the zone. 

The Griffon in the right zone walks over and puts down both cavalry models. A spawned Mannikin boosts and kills the Arcanist in the zone, and Tannith casts Admonition on herself and walks up into the zone but behind the cloud. The Druid Wilder runs over. 

Score 4-0
Advantage Circle

Ret turn 6, in which Garryth is a boss. 

My opponent knows it's over, but he wants to kill stuff regardless. Garryth casts Gallows at the Griffon engaging him until it dies, then walks over to the other Griffon and hits it twice to kill it. 

The Sphinx runs to the zone and contests, and the void tracer runs to the bottom zone to contest. 

Score 4-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 6, in which the Feral finally gets to kill something.

We want to see how many attacks it takes a Feral with Primal and Scything Touch to kill his Sphinx. Hutchuk backs up and the Sphinx misses it's free strike! He rusts it up. 

Tannith applies said buffs to the Feral, which charges the Sphinx and kills it with two initial attacks - swinging at dice +4 does crazy things to the math. 

The two Griffons on the right kill the inert Ret Griffon, and a Sentry Stone Mannikin murders the Void Tracer so Tannith dominates the bottom zone again. 

Victory for the Druids!

For fun, my opponent wanted to see what Garryth could do had he not lost that turn. He proceeded to charge the Feral and roll 6,6,6,6 for damage, killing it in two hits before murdering Hutchuk with a boosted Gallows

Post Game Thoughts:

Forests are this lists best friends. Every piece of terrain on the board is going to negatively affect my opponent in some way, but not most of this list. The damage that birds can get up to is absurd under the layers of buffs. Definitely need to keep Hutchuk safe, he is the lynchpin of this list into Warmachine lists. 

The other thing this list has going for it is a gross amount of out of activation movements. I've had games where a Griffon dodges away from 2 heavy jacks and just laughs as about 40 points worth of models went in and failed to kill it. The following turn, Hutchuk rusted them up and they blew up. 

This is not an easy list to play, but it is a ton of fun. I think I could have played Lanyssa a little tighter, she did almost nothing that entire game. Other than that, I think I played pretty well. My opponent gave me some openings that perhaps he should not have, but I don't think anyone looking at the table the turn I killed half his list would have foreseen 3 throws completely ruining his placement and allowing me to kill both of his Jacks, Nayl, and through Nayl, Elara. 

As always, thanks for reading, back soon with more silliness!

Battle Report 1: Tanith vs. Vyros 2

Hello and welcome to Druid's Dice, a blog dedicated to Warmachine and Hordes battle reports, hobby content, and occasional random musings about the game.

I am PG_Charles_Carmichael, Press Ganger for 3 years now, avid warmachine player for nearly 5, and a recently returned druid loving Circle Orboros.

The first game I'd like to document is a throw down between two very different armies.

My opponent played something like this:

Vyros 2
-Sylys Wyshnallyr
-Imperatus (proxied by Phoenix since I'm currently painting it for him)
-Helios (Hyperion)

Elara 1

Arcanist Mechanic x3

And I played a rather odd Tannith list:

Tannith the Feral Song
-Druid Wilder
-Feral Warpwolf
-Scarsfell Griffon x4

Una 1
-Scarsfell Griffon
-Scarsfell Griffon

Bloodweaver Night Witch x2
Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter
Alten Ashley
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress

Sentry Stone and Mannikin x2

We played Scenario number 5: Extraction, which includes a friendly objective per player, and two neutral flags. The flags can be dominated or controlled for 1 starting on the second players second turn, and the objectives can be targeted/damaged/destroyed on the second players second turn as well. There is a killbox.

Turn 1:

I won the roll off, my opponent chose the side with the house to hide Elara behind and I deployed very centrally. Una and her battlegroup went off to my right, and everything else stayed middle. My opponent skewed his battlegroup to my right and deployed Una and her banshee off to the left.

I forgot to take a picture for this turn, but things ran up on my side rather aggressively. Guardian Beast on Una, Scything Touch on a griffin, and Admonition on Tannith. My opponent parked his guys about 11 inches from my griffins and runs his banshee up on my left side. Synergy goes on Vyros.

Turn 2:

I jammed him hard with sentry mannikins, a wall of all six about 3 inches from his lines on the right so Imperatus wouldn't have anything to side step off to my griffins which were in a line about 12 inches away from him. I stuck a bloodweaver night witch just 4 inches away from the flag and about 12 inches away from his banshee.

My opponent then does something brilliant and completely unexpected. He uses Helios to yank 2 mannikins backwards quite a ways and creates a perfect side step chain for Imperatus to get to my models. Imperatus charges in, side steps off both mannikins, one shots a sentry stone, and slaughters the scything touched griffin before leaving another griffin on six boxes and on fire. His banshee activates, walks up, shoots Alten to death, and then uses Elara's upkeep to advance into contesting range of the flag.

I apologize, but no picture was taken at the end of this turn either.

Turn 3:

Well I've already lost more than I was expecting to, and Imperatus is within 5 inches of my caster. Fortunately, I had positioned a night witch on the right side, so I had good odds of grievous wounds getting onto him. I also had Hutchuk alive and about six inches away from Imperatus. The fire fails to kill my griffin, and I upkeep Admonition for free thanks to the druid wilder.

Hutchuk walks to 2.1 inches away from Imperatus and throws a rust bomb at him. It misses, but deviates 1 inch onto him. The nightwitch activates and charges him, doing about 5 damage to his shields between her two attacks. Tannith activates and feats. There are two griffons off to the left, and both get Primal cast on them. One gets Scything Touch. One of my other griffons on the right gets Primal as well, and the banged up griffon gets his broken spirit healed. Tannith casts Dodge on herself and ends in the trench.

The feral walks up, warps strength, and puts Imperatus down in short order. The primaled griffon on the right charges and trashes an Aspis. The flaming griffon goes to control the flag. Una advances and puts Dodge on herself. Her right griffon advances and kills two mechanics.

Lanyssa puts Hunters Mark on the Banshee, and the two griffons charge in. Really bad dice leave him on two boxes, so the bloodweaver nightwitch goes in and finishes him off. I end my turn at 2 points.

Advantage Circle

My opponent has very few models left and he knows he needs them all to do work. Helios gets focus, Synergy gets upkept (I think I killed Sylys with a Mannikin the turn before) and he activates Vyros first. He charges the griffon at the top of the map, kills him handily and then repositions backwards. Helios rolls pretty badly and fails to kill either griffon on the right, although they are both primaled and have a small handful of boxes left each. Elara charges and through some sidesteps gets quite a ways towards "my" half of the table. The aspis runs over as well. 

I go to 3

Advantage Circle

Turn 4:

My griffons frenzy and do nothing to helios. The primaled griffon on the right cannot see anything, so drops fury and sits there. Fire goes out on the mostly dead griffon. Admonition is the only thing upkept. 

I'm safely going to go to 4 this turn, and probably going to be able to kill everything that can contest as well. That being said, I want to keep Tannith safe. She activates and casts Scything Touch on the nearly dead griffon, and then casts Dodge on herself. Hutchuk, the feral, and Lanyssa run to the left to be within 12 inches of Helios, but not within 11. The scything touched griffon goes in and kills the Aspis and then puts up Dodge. The bloodweaver nightwitch walks over to Elara and kills her. I have the druid wilder run up to control my right flag and I go to 4 points. 

Advantage Circle

Vyros charges in and kills the druid wilder. Helios swings and swings boosted twice needing 9s to hit my Griffons but fails to connect either time. He gripes about this, but ultimately it doesn't matter.

Turn 5:

I upkeep Admonition. Hutchuk rusts Helios. Lanyssa rolls double 1s for Hunters Mark on Helios. The griffon in front of the feral shunts over after Una heals it and does a point or two to Helios. Tannith activates, moves over, and casts Scything Touch and Primal on the Feral. The Feral charges Helios and warps strength at effective PS 23 on his claws and 22 on his bite. He fails to kill the colossal by one point. The griffin in the forest charges it and puts him down. The other griffon formerly engaged by Helios goes to control the left flag, and the griffon on the right moves to control the right flag. The bloodweaver charges Vyros to be cheeky and does a couple of damage before I end my turn and go to 6 points.

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Helios' guns took me completely by surprise. I had thought that Imperatus wasn't getting anywhere near me that turn and instead I lost a sentry stone, a griffon, and almost all of another griffon. Rust is key in this game, although man the griffons can do some serious work by themselves. It was very interesting to have a game where a large central forest literally meant nothing to almost every model on the table either thanks to birds eye on Vyros' battlegroup or tracker naturally on the griffons.

I'll definitely take more pictures next time, I had thought there were more but apparently I was wrong!

Thanks for reading!