In a fit of masochism, we have decided to create and maintain as complete a database of commonly used acronyms, phrases, terminology, jargon, whatever we can associated with the game that may be confusing to newer (or experienced, in some cases) players. This is not in alphabetical order, but will be broken down on a faction by faction, model type by model type basis so it can be searched through at least reasonably easily. So... let's begin! 



-Character#: Technically not jargon since this is now actually used on warcaster or character cards, any character has a number associated with them showing which version of that character they are. Eiryss 1 or Eiryss1 is Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, Eiryss2 is Eiryss, Angel of Retribution, and so on. 

-e/pCharacter: This just denotes an 'epic' version of a character or a 'prime' version of a character. This is used less these days, but an example is pKreoss being High Exemplar Kreoss and eKreoss being potentially interchangeable between Grand Exemplar Kreoss and Intercessor Kreoss. Usually this is intended to refer to the 2nd iteration of a character, but it's exactly due to the common inclusion of third versions that eCharacter is used a bit less than it once was. 

-Super Tough: This is a reference to any ability that causes a regular Tough roll that succeeds on a 4, 5, or 6 instead of just a 5 or 6. 

-Old Man Stats: A bit of an older term I don't hear as much as these days, old man stats typically refers to an ARM 14/DEF 14 statline on a warcaster. The most well known casters this gets used for are certain version of Nemo in Cygnar and all versions of Severius in Protectorate of Menoth. 

-Smoke Wall: More of a descriptor than jargon, this refers to any use of multiple cloud effects, placeable or otherwise, to block line of sight to all or a portion of your army. While any two clouds could conceivably be called a smoke wall, this is usually for an amount covering a pretty respectable amount of your army. 

-The Butcher of...: Used to talk about a caster who has high survivability and ability to kill things up close. All three variations of The Butcher in Khador is known as sort of the gold standard for casters that can do a ridiculous amount of work in melee and survive, and just about any front line, damage dealing caster gets compared to him on some level. 


-Conny B: Just a common short version for Constance Blaze. 

-Super Saiyan: This occasionally is used to reference Lord Commander Stryker's "Overload" ability, where he can use dice to both hurt himself and power up his damage to absurd levels. 

-Baby Haley/Grandma Haley: This references Major Prime Victoria Haley's two "Time Walker" echoes, which are a younger and older version of herself. 

-The Crossing Guard: This refers to Brickhouse, referencing his very awkward stock pose holding his hand out in a "stop!" motion with his hammer in the air like a stop sign. 

-Junior: Bit of a term of endearment for the Journeyman Warcaster solo. Just references that he's a younger, weaker version of a real warcaster that sees a ton of play. 

-B13/B13th: Mostly a typed thing, this is the Black 13th Strike Force shortened for quick typing. 

-Murder Ponies: A few factions use this term for their light cav, but most notably referred to Tempest Blazers, who were a seriously vicious unit on their release. 

Protectorate of Menoth

-Sevvy: Any iteration of Severius, often said Sevvy1 or Sevvy2 in reference to his first and second version.

-Harby: Short for Harbinger of Menoth. 

-HR: The High Reclaimer, just using his initials. 

-Threoss/Kr3oss: Quick reference name for Intercessor Kreoss.

-Vinny/Vinny D: Short version of Vice Scrutator Vindictus. 

-BoV/BoM/SoH/FoS/HoJ/EoT/etc: Due to the Protectorate character warjack naming system of 'Thing of Thing', all character 'jacks fit into a very similar acronym. BoV is Blessing of Vengeance, BoM is Blood of Martyrs, SoH is Scourge of Heresy, FoS is Fire of Salvation, HoJ is Hand of Judgement, EoT is Eye of Truth. The Avatar is usually referred to as The Avatar but could be AoM, though I've never seen that used. 

-Judi/Judy: Short name for the Judicator colossal. 

Battle Engines
-Pipe Organ/Similar instrument: The Vessel of Judgement, as it looks like some kind of pipe organ. Not used often, but occasionally. 

-Kicky Monk/Dick Punch Monk/Punch Monk: Allegiant of the Order of the Fist, usually said in anger because they're ridiculously frustrating to fight. 

-Champ: Quick for Champion of the Order of the Wall, since Paladin model names are huge. This can get confused with Champions in Trollbloods, but usually used in different context due to the factions. 

-The Book: Probably the most ubiquitous single nickname in the Protectorate, this is the Covenant of Menoth, as it is a guy reading a giant book. 

-Senny: Any of the Seneschals, usually "Bastion Senny" or "Knight Exemplar Senny". Just easier to say and spell, frankly. 

-Gremlin Swarm Hunter: This is new and I'm mostly putting it here because I use it, but this is Exemplar Warder Elias Gade. His kit has literally the counter to every defensive rule Gremlin Swarms have and he released at a time when Grymkin using Gremlin Swarms was very prominent in people's minds. 

-Paladin: This one is pretty obvious, but just in case; this is the Paladin of the Order of the Wall. There are a handful of Paladin models but if just the word Paladin is used, it's talking about this one. 

-Captain Menoth: Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero, referencing his ridiculously heroic action pose and very unique Weapon Master rule on his shield. 

-Mechanik vs. Vassal: Just a use of one term vs. another, a Vassal Mechanik is usually referred to as a Mechanik, a Vassal of Menoth is usually referred to as a Vassal, even though both start with Vassal. 

-Deliverers: This is used in reference to Skyhammers, other deliverer models will use a different part of their name like Sunburst Crew to differentiate them. 

-Daughter Cav: Term for Flame Bringers. They're essentially Daughters of the Flame on horses so they get called Daughter Cav a lot. 

-TFG: Temple Flameguard, they just acronym easily. 

-Rhoven n Co: Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard is annoying to say. Rhoven n Co is easier. 



-Clamjack: This is in reference to the Demolisher and Devastator, both of which have massive shields that they hide behind like a shell until they attack, opening up their softer, squishier insides. This acts a bit like a clam, very tough on the outside but vulnerable on the inside, hence Clamjacks. 

-Juggie: A quick way to say Juggernaut. 

Battle Engines

-Fun Carriage: Play on words on Gun Carriage, just a slightly jokey way to refer to the Winter Guard Gun Carriage. 


-Kovnik Joe: Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich, just a more friendly term of endearment of sorts for him. Also just easier to say. 

-AKs: Short for Assault Kommandos.