Disciples of Agony Episode 15: SOO Recap With Jake Wilstrop

Joining us this week is the Crown Prince of the SOO, Jake Wilstrop! When you can't beat Canada you run back to papa England to beat them up for you.  We run through all of his games, pick his brain and talk a bit about the future.  Come get excited about the faction with us and maybe learn a thing or two.  This will be your last reminder via our podcast feed to like our Facebook page and enter our Zaal, the Ancestral Eye giveaway before June 9th. Additionally, one more giveaway will be held just for patrons so join us there at any tier for another chance to win.  As always please follow us @DisciplesofAgony on Twitter and Facebook. Support us over at Patreon and reach out via email at disciplesofagony@gmail.com.

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