Battle Report 160: The Wanderer (Bump) vs. Zaadesh 2 (Masters of War)

With the massive Themepocalypse last Friday, and a bunch of lists due for the upcoming i5 team tournament, my regular Skorne opponent had something new to try out this last weekend - a theme force seemingly custom made to fight Grymkin, Ghost Fleet, and Testament of Menoth. 

For those of you who have not seen what Masters of War does, it gives the typical free points, +1 to go first, and also makes every warrior model prevent tough checks on melee attacks and have the option to remove from play models destroyed by their melee attacks. 

He had that paired with Morghoul 3 in Disciples of Agony, and since my Wanderer list relies on double Hollowmen which are immune to blind and can also see through Zaadesh 2's cloud wall, that was my obvious drop. 

My opponent picked Zaadesh 2, so I chose the Pandemonium and Fortune's Path Arcana and won the die roll, opting to go first. 

Zaadesh 2
- Tiberion
- Titan Gladiator
- Cyclops Brute
- Basilisk Krea


Tyrant Commander and Standard (TyCom)
Praetorian Keltarri
Cataphract Cetrati
- Vorkesh
Beast Handlers (min)



The Wanderer
- Gorehound
- Cage Rager
- Crabbit x2
- Crabbit x2

Lord Longfellow
Eilish Garrity (proxied by the King of Nothing)

Mad Caps
Mad Caps
- CA
- CA
Twilight Sisters


Grymkin turn 1:

Apparition on the Hollowmen, everything runs. I've got a pretty solid game plan on the left - I'll CRA one Cetrati off the table every turn at max range, since they threat 9 inches max while in Shield Wall and if they charge, I probably can just kill them all with Neighslayers. 

On the right, Cask Imps are going to have to keep the Keltarri busy for me. I don't know what I'm going to do about Tiberion, but I can contest forever so he might not even be an issue. 

The house in the middle of the table is sweet for Road Markers, since I can just sit on one side and easily get to the other if I want to. 

Each Mad Cap unit makes some Cask Imps.


Skorne turn 1:

Keltarri are speed seven, so several run onto the hill and a couple more go for the trench. 

The Cetrati Shield Wall up, and Zaadesh puts Inviolable Resolve on them, Battle Charged on himself, and a cloud down to block some charge lanes. 


Grymkin turn 2:

The Wanderer pops forward and flares a couple Cetrati with a spray, casts Star-Crossed and Elusive, the latter for free, and sits in the zone on two, comfortably within 12 inches of Vorkesh. 

The Gorehound goes in, and both myself and my opponent space the Inviolable Resolve prevents pushes so he pulls a guy out of Shield Wall, kills it, and Sprints back. 

The Hollowmen CRA another Cetrati to death at max range. 

On the right, a Cask Imp blows up a Keltarri, another Imp spontaneously blows himself and a buddy up, and a hero Crabbit kills the other Keltarri in the trench. 


Skorne turn 2:

The Keltarri come screaming in to jam my Hollowmen, and the Cetrati try and Shield Wall. I Pandemonium that, so they back up, and then Zaadesh moves up, Feats, and puts some Clouds down so that my Cage Rager cannot get to Tiberion. 

The Brute comes in, and thanks to Zaadesh's feat and some boosts gets around Star-Crossed and kills the Gorehound. 


Grymkin turn 3:

The Wanderer stays mostly put and Wraithbanes a Hollowman after casting Star-Crossed

Neighslayers charge the Brute, and his Defensive Strike misses thanks to Star-Crossed

The Brute dies after Longfellow steps in to help out the Neighslayers. 

The Hollowmen move up and kill one Cetrati and do 2 damage to another. 

On the right, I position quite poorly and box my Cage Rager in after I set up to use Stumbling Drunk to keep him safe from Tiberion, but I kill most of the Keltarri, and set my Neighslayers up to charge in the next turn. 

I score a point here. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Skorne turn 3:

Tiberion does come crashing in and kills the Cage Rager. 

Zaadesh puts clouds up to prevent me from charging him, and the Cetrati Shield Wall back into the zone. 

At some point in here, my opponent misses so I trigger Fortune's Path.


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

Simple plan here - kill off the Cetrati with a combination of CRAs and Neighslayers, score again, and start closing down that side of the table. 

Dice go off the wall though, and I only manage to down one Cetrati, even after stripping Inviolable Resolve with Eilish. 

On the right, my Hollowmen move around and kill dudes to replenish their ranks (Tibbers slammed the Cage Rager over two of them), and the Wanderer puts up Star-Crossed again. 

I'm starting to run low on clock here, about ten minutes left. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Skorne turn 4:

Tiberion kills some guys, as do the Cetrati. Zaadesh continues to keep Tiberion alive with clouds. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 5:

I still can't kill the Cetrati for love or money, and I dance around on the right hand side. I end my turn with about a minute and a half on the clock to my opponents seven. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Skorne turn 5:

Tiberion kills more dudes, the Cetrati continue to brick but are the only thing in my zone. 

I did not take a picture here. 

Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 6:

I wasn't paying attention to the turns ( we weren't keeping track ), and if I had I think I would have played this turn a little differently. 

I wasted a couple of seconds on the right making shots with Hollowmen, and instead what I could have done is done nothing with them, killed all the Cetrati like I did here, taken the left zone, and passed the clock with 16 seconds remaining instead of the 14 seconds I had left. 

Had I done this, my opponent has no way to take 2 control points worth of Scenario presence on his next two turns, and I can take my mandated 15 second turn 7, pass, and win on Scenario. 

Instead, I kill all the Cetrati, take the zone, futz around on the right hand side spawning Cask Imps and taking some shots and then pass with 14 seconds left.

Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Skorne turn 6:

My opponent contests my zone, makes some attacks, and passes.

Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 7:

I clock out, as I cannot take less than a 15 second turn. 

Sadly, a loss for the Grymkin

Post-Game Thoughts:

Stop taking pictures when I get below 15 minutes on the clock (at least in an event) - it takes about 10 seconds per picture and that adds up. 

Also, keep track of the turns! 

Overall, I feel like the list I played was quite good into what my opponent had, I just got too hung up on order of activations and spent way too long in the tank. The Masters of War theme force is extremely strong - being able to take Tiberion with any caster is an amazing theme benefit, and the RFP effects on the warrior models is excellent into Grymkin and Cryx.