Battle Report 170 - WMW Champions Round 3: The Child (Menagerie) vs. Orion (Destruction Initiative)

I came off round two on a bit of a high, feeling like I'd snatched the win out of the jaws of defeat. 

Looking back, I was actually in a really good spot attrition wise, but at the time it was a buzz. 

Then, round three pairings are posted and I'm playing Jason Watt and all of a sudden I am in "don't tilt, don't panic" mode. 

I'm still not used to playing against guys at Jason's level, and it throws me for a spin at the beginning of the game and it takes a bit to pull myself out of it. 

We get to the table, and Jason has Orion and Lucant, and since Orion has been out for a solid 15 hours at this point I'm pretty sure I'm going to see Orion. 

The Scenario is Recon II and I mistakenly think the Dreamer is a bad drop here (she might not have been), so I play the Child. 

I get the roll off and go first. I honestly can't remember which Arcana I take, but the only one I ended up playing was Wrath so I guess it worked out!

- Corollary
- Inverter
- Monitor
- Monitor
- Diffuser 


Lots of Servitors. Lots. 

Optifex Directive




The Child
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Cage Rager
- Cage Rager
- Gorehound
- Crabbit
- Crabbit
- Crabbit

Death Knell

Karianna Rose
Eilish Garrity
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm


Holy crap Jason's models are pretty!


Grymkin turn 1:

I decide that the only way I'm going to get this game is by pressuring the Convergence into the back of the table every turn. 

With that in mind, the Child Abuses two of the Skin and Moans and puts Tantrum on herself. 

I run the two Skin and Moans up out of threat of the TEPs but foolishly I move a micrometer too far with the left one and I can't get a Crabbit in Shield Guard range. 

Everything screams up the table. Orion can only advance about an inch before he's in Skin and Moans threat ranges. 


Convergence turn 1:

I've forgotten about Orion's feat and that Shield Guard being out of range means that I lose my Skin and Moans on the bottom of one. 

He keeps his TEPs out of my threat ranges, but I can get to his Inverter if I can somehow get Servitors out of the way. 


Grymkin turn 2:

I run a Cage Rager up and arc Force Hammer through it to clear out the Servitors, and an Enraged and Abused Skin and Moans kills the Invertor. 

I sit back and think about how this game is likely to go. Probably, I can trade a heavy for a heavy every turn and eventually he'll be down to my two heavies vs. his two TEPS, which is a fight I think I can win. 

I throw more models at him and see what happens, also putting a Gremlin Swarm on my flag so I can score if Jason fails to contest. 


Convergence turn 2:

A Monitor goes in and cleans up the Skin and Moans, and then his TEP on the left fails to really hurt my Cage Rager, so his other Monitor bounces off my Cage Rager. 

He does contest, and he scores his flag with a Servitor. 


Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Convergence

Grymkin turn 3:

I see an opportunity to swing the game all the way in my favor here. If my right hand Cage Rager can see his right hand Monitor, I can give it pathfinder with my Objective and get it into it. I can then clear out the other Monitor with my Skin and Moans that's left, and then that Cage Rager plus some Gremlin Swarms can easily kill the TEP on the left. 

In theory. 

So we call a Judge and it turns out my Rager can in fact see the Monitor.

The Skin and Moans gets Enraged and goes in first, killing the Moniter in front of the left Cage Rager. 

Abuse on the two Ragers, and they go in and kill their targets. 

My Gorehound kills the contesting Servitor and I score two points to his none. 


Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Convergence turn 3:

It takes his entire army, but Jason kills my Cage Rager and contests my flag again. 

Orion killboxes, but because the tables are stupid I don't hold Jason to that. We each had an extra six to eight inches of deployment because we were playing on huge tables, and that's no way to win a game. 


Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

He's got three Servitors in the left zone, one in the right, and I can clear that all and also kill his Objective

The Death Knell kills a Servitor, the Cage Rager another. The Skin and Moans gets Abused and Enraged for good measure and kills the objective and the last Servitor. 

The Gorehound kills the contesting Servitor in my zone and that's the game. 

Unfortunately I failed to take a picture of this turn, Jason and I were too busy talking about the game and models got moved around. 

Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Jason's dice were very strange this game. He'd roll 11s or 12s on two dice to hit and then roll 7-8 on four dice for damage. Perfectly average, but not in the right way. 

Throughout the whole thing, I was incredibly impressed by how friendly and affable Jason was, even through frustrating dice. It was another reminder to me that the best Warmachine players are also the nicest ones, and that's definitely not a coincidence. 

Orion is incredibly scary, and I think he's going to take the competitive world by storm once he's out officially. He's got a great feat, a great gun, and a great spell list. He's making me look at Convergence again, and that's not a place I thought I'd ever be.