Warmachine and Hordes Grymkin Champions Battle Report Round 2: Old Witch (Bump) vs. Kozlov (Jaws)

For round 2 of the Champions event, I was paired with a Khador player running Sorscha 1 and Kozlov, both in Jaws of the Wolf with 2 marshalled Destroyers, a Conquest, and a Kodiak. 

Normally, I'd drop Menagerie into those kinds of lists in a heartbeat since Sacrifice and Shroud make gunlines really sad, but Sorscha 1 makes that all really dicey. 

I opted to play the caster that neutered gunlines pretty hard and also couldn't be made stationary (Old Witch) and my opponent dropped Kozlov. 

- Conquest
- Kodiak

Forge Seer
- Destroyer
Forge Seer
- Destroyer
Widowmaker Marksman

Alexia and the Risen
- Valachev



Old Witch 3 (Bump)
- Frightmare
- Frightmare
- Frightmare

Lord Longfellow
Glimmer Imp
Eilish Garrity

Mad Caps
Dread Rots
Dread Rots
Dread Rots
- CA
- CA

My opponent won the roll off and opted to go second, which is almost always correct with gunlines since you get an extra turn of shooting.

Not so much into 18 inches of Windstorm, but I was happy to take the initiative. 

Deployment is pretty typical here. I want my Hollowmen on the flanks so they can collapse in later, ad my Dread Rots are screening my (faster) Frightmares, so they deploy in front of them. 


Right away I knew that my play for this game was to try and take over the right hand side of the table. My opponent had placed only one heavy on that side, and I could easily take it out with guns/Curse of Shadows/a couple Dread Rots, after which I would basically just contest the left side forever and win on Scenario later. 

Grymkin turn 1:

Everything runs. Old Witch chooses larger control area, casts Windstorm, and Boundless Charge on herself and charges the Conquest. 

I actually premeasured where the Old Witch would end up with a proxy base to make sure I didn't block any of her range, I really, really don't want to get shot at turn 1. 

Important placements to note here - the Mad Caps ran turn 1 to get behind the forest, and the Trapperkin didn't run full distance so that it could also hide behind the forest. 


Khador turn 1:

He literally cannot advance more than an inch with most of his models and be able to shoot more than 9-10 inches, so most everything runs. 

The Conquest advances and lays some Creeping Barrage Templates down. 

Kozlov casts Tactical Supremacy on the Kodiak, and the Widowmakers run away. 


Grymkin turn 2:

Operation "run at you" is in full effect here. The Hollowmen Apparate up, and one gets in range of a Widowmaker but misses. A 6 man CRA puts some damage on the Destroyer, and I toe the central zone with the Frightmare and do another 4-5 with a shot into the Destroyer. 

On the left, I kill some Risen and flood the zone with models. 

My Trapperkin advances and places a trap door. 


Khador turn 2:

He has no chance at all of clearing any of the zones, but he needs to contest or he's in trouble. The Kodiak, still with Tactical Supremacy, tramples up and makes a Cloud, killing the Cask Imp. 

On the right, the Destroyer kills a lot of Hollowmen, toeing the zone. 

On the left, Hollowmen and Dread Rots die, and the Risen come forward. 


Grymkin turn 3:

I check, and the Forge Seer on the right is 12.75 inches away from the Trap Door, so I pop the Trapperkin up to go after him if I can kill the Destroyer without his help. 

Witch Feats this turn, and gets Curse of Shadows on the Destroyer in the right zone, casts Windstorm, and puts Boundless Charge on a Dread Rot. She also backs away from the 11 inch threat range of the Conquest. 

Frightmare shots at dice off 5 hurt, and the Dread Rots charge in and kill off the Destroyer with the first two attacks. 

The Trapperkin charges the Forge Seer, rolling 1 higher than average to kill him and Sprints to engage a Widowmaker. 

The other three get shot off the table by Hollowmen, all of whom return other Hollowmen to play. 

On the left, Hollowmen walk up and clear out all but a couple Risen, and I run Dread Rots to engage the Conquest while continually flooding the zone. 

I score a point. 

Another placement note - I've got a Frightmare toeing the central zone. Always make your opponents contest. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Khador turn 3:

My opponent opts to Feat this turn, but still doesn't put up Chosen Ground

The Kodiak tramples into the right zone and kills some Dread Rots. 

On the left, some good tough checks keep more models around than expected, and the Conquest doesn't move into the zone to contest me, so I score again. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

I spend a couple seconds seeing where I can land a Scourge to KD the Kodiak with minimal Dread Rot loss, and the answer is to just Scourge one of my Dread Rots next to the Kodiak, and it won't clip the other. 

I do so, and also throw Curse of Shadows on the poor thing (I chose reduced cost on spells this turn), before charging it with 4 Dread Rots to max 1 inch melee range. 

Because they are at max melee range, the Frightmare shots don't actually hit any of them with their AOE 3, and the three of them finish off the Jack handily. My Trapperkin cheekily burrows, and this allows my Hollowmen to easily kill the last Widowmaker. 

On the left, I get a couple charges into his Destroyer, tying it up nicely, and flood the zone with Dread Rots all over the place so that Creeping Barrage templates will have a hard time stopping them from doing anything. 

I score two here. 


Score: 4 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Khador turn 4:

My opponent quite literally cannot contest the right hand zone, and he needs to kill a Frightmare, a Cask Imp, and the Mad Cap to clear the central zone. 

Kozlov goes in and kills the Cask Imp with a charge, the Mad Cap with a spell, and then the Conquest moves up to try and shoot down the Frightmare. 

The big gun misses, and the remaining little gun shots don't kill him, so I score another point on my right hand zone to my opponents none for the game. 


Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This is an excellent example of how I think building for SR 2017 pays off big time when you run into a list that isn't designed for the format very well. My opponent was killing 8 ish guys every turn, which is a lot, and I didn't even try and kill his colossal. Other than keeping my Warlock out of its melee threat range, I basically ignored the thing all game. 

I was once again impressed by the Trapperkin, and the triple frightmare package took out huge chunks from heavy Warjacks. I probably could have cast Curse of Shadows on the Conquest, hid them behind the forest, and just killed it with guns over the course of 3-4 turns if it had come to that. 

On to round three!