Warmachine and Hordes Grymkin Champions Battle Report Round 3: Old Witch (Bump) vs. Xekaar (Disciples of Agony)

For the final round, I was paired against the one and only Shawn, runner of events, grower of metas, and all around swell guy. 

He was running the event, but was also playing to win, and he had a nearly identical Zaadesh 2 list to the one I had played two rounds prior paired with a Xekaar list in Disciples of Agony featuring a ton of infantry. 

Either way, I was dropping Old Witch as Zaadesh was still a terrible matchup for the Wanderer and Xekaar would probably be able to kill all of my beasts with Brigands and Slaughterhousers fairly easily. 

I wanted him to drop Xekaar, as Hollowmen make a mockery of enemy infantry, and was pretty relieved when he did. 

- Titan Gladiator
- Blackhide Wrastler
- Blind Walker

Paingiver Master Tormenter
Paingiver Master Tormenter
Paingiver Task Master

Paingiver Bloodrunners
Paingiver Bloodrunners
Bog Trog Ambushers (min)
- CA
Beast Handlers

Old Witch 3 (Bump)
- Frightmare
- Frightmare
- Frightmare

Lord Longfellow
Glimmer Imp
Eilish Garrity

Mad Caps
Dread Rots
Dread Rots
Dread Rots
- CA
- CA

I lost the roll off sadly, and Shawn opted to ambush the Trogs and his one unit of Bloodrunners. Prey from the Brigands goes on my Mad Cap unit. 


Skorne turn 1:

Bloodrunners apparition and everything runs at me. I'm a little surprised to see the Bloodrunners in such an aggressive position, since the Hollowmen have Eyeless Sight and Old Witch can ignore Stealth. 


Grymkin turn 1:

Time to clump way, way, way up in the middle of the table. Witch moves up, chooses bigger control area, casts Windstorm and See in the Dark and shoots the closest Bloodrunner, blinding him and four others. 

The Hollowmen pick all but two off nicely. 

Everyone else scoots in. The Trapperkin advances and burrows. I don't want him to ambush both units on the same side, so I bait out the Bog Trogs with a Frightmare. 


Skorne turn 2:

Ambushing happens, Bloodrunners on the left and Trogs on the right. The Ambush unit doesn't get to Apparate (infernal confirmation can be found here for those interested), and it's go time. 

His Trogs murder my Frightmare, as expected, and his Bloodrunners run and engage everywhere on the left. A Master Tormentor runs to contest my zone, and Xekaar stays way back. Old Witch, two Frightmares, and some Hollowmen single shots can pretty easily kill him, so he's gotta play cagey. 


Grymkin turn 2:

It's a bit of a blood bath here. The Trapperkin unborrows, and everything apparates. 

Between Hollowmen and Dread Rots on the left, all the Bloodrunners die and I contest the left zone with a few Dread Rots. 

On the right, I put a CRA into the far Master Tormentor and kill it, and then use the rest of the shots to take down Ambushers. 

The Trapperkin charges the other Tormentor in the back and slaughters him, sprinting into the far zone to contest. 

I get a point. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Skorne turn 3:

In return, Shawn clears the left zone easily, and also kills my Trapperkin with the two remaining Bloodrunners. 

Shawn also uses his Blindwalker to arc Dead Weight through and kill my Mad Cap, forcing Old Witch to sac movement or action next turn which is awkward. 

The Mad Cap explosion does some serious damage to the Slaughterhouser population though, which is nice. 

We both score one. 


Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 3:

It's pretty easy to kill the last two Bloodrunners, contest the other zones, and move the Witch away. I've been casting Windstorm every turn, so this seems like a fine tradition to continue.

I use my Dread Rot units to barricade off the right hand zone - that's mine and if I don't ever let him contest it I'll win eventually.  

I score two points here to Shawn's none. 


Score: 4 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Skorne turn 4:

Shawn clears out his zone, and throws his Wrastler into my zone to kill off the remaining Mad Caps and swap Prey over. 

Only one of the Rots in the new Prey unit survives the Brigand onslaught.

We both score again


Score: 5 - 2
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

I've been doing it all game, so it seems like the thing to do here. Old Witch pops her Feat and Scourges, Blinds, and Curse of Shadows the Wrastler. Sadly, the Blind shot gets Shield Guarded, but the Wrastler is now DEF 5 ARM 17. 

Longfellow clears off the Brigand in front of him (this is the first attack he hit all game), and then cranks some damage into the hurt Warbeast. 

A Hollowmen CRA kills off the remaining Brigand while a second does some more to the Wrastler. 

Finally, my MVP Frightmares each take a shot into the downed Gator and finish it off solidly. I run a Dread Rot to contest his zone, score two more and that's the game. 


Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game/Event Thoughts:

The Triple Frightmare battlegroup was a joke going in, and now I'm seriously wondering if Old Witch just makes them into utter nightmares, and even more, I'm wondering if I can fit a fourth in. 

Double Hollowmen is the complete package. These guys killed dudes with their guns, and charged and murdered Animantaraxi and Khador heavies with their bayonets. I absolutely love this unit. 

Three units of Dread Rots, while they don't threat very far or hit all that hard, are still something that a lot of lists straight up do not have the volume of attacks to handle. 

I think that in each game, Dread Rots made something like 10-15 attacks total. The rest of the time, they just run, run, and run some more, taking up table space and guaranteeing you zones. Neighslayers are really good at killing things, but Dread Rots are okay at killing things, and they are REALLY good at making sure the Scenario is always on your side. 

I really enjoyed this Old Witch list. It was a nice change of pace from the Menagerie lists I've been playing, and honestly I'm not sure that I would have won these games running a Dreamer or Heretic Menagerie list. It's really something quite different than the rest of the faction can field, and I'm excited to keep tinkering with it. 

Finally, Trapperkin are amazing, and I'm going to try and find ways to fit them into my lists more. At three points, they're more like Allegiants of the Order of the Fist than any other model I've seen and I absolutely loved playing it. 

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