Warmachine Hordes Grymkin Battle Report: Old Witch 3 VS Una 2

There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory.

Well, I managed to sneak a 75 point game on The Pit II vs Pelkey's Una 2 at Atomic Games West. I'm using a weird Old Witch 3 build. Pelkey is my favorite Canadian, local legend has it that he brought the Canucks Guacamole for the first time.

Let's get into the lists, and I'll explain my opening thoughts. Now is as good of a time as any to declare I am running 1 proxy. The old witch is getting some conversion love, so the giant empty base is her.  Pelkey is running a proxy as well, the stoneshapper is a blackclad. 


Circle Orboros - New Army

Theme: Call of the Wild
3 / 3 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army

Una the Skyhunter - WB: +29
-    Druid Wilder - PC: 0
-    Razorwing Griffon - PC: 7 X2
-    Rotterhorn Griffon - PC: 7 X2
-    Scarsfell Griffon - PC: 8 x8
-    Gorax Rager - PC: 7

Blackclad Wayfarer - PC: 0 x2

Shifting Stones - Leader & 2 Grunts: 3
-    Stone Keeper - PC: 2

Theme: Bump in the Night
3 / 3 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army
Zevanna Agha, The Fate Keeper - WB: +27
-    Cage Rager - PC: 14
-    Frightmare - PC: 9
-    Gorehound - PC: 6

Eilish Garrity, the Occultist - PC: 0
Lord Longfellow - PC: 0
Glimmer Imp - PC: 0

Dread Rots - Leader & 9 Grunts: 12
Mad Caps - Boss & 2 Grunts: 4
Hollowmen - Leader & 9 Grunts: 13
-    Lantern Man - PC: 3
Murder Crows - Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
Neigh Slayers - Leader & 4 Grunts: 12 X2

Pregame Thoughts

That's a lot of birds. I have to be really cautious to not let them get onto the old witch. With flank one bird could kill her outright. This list is slightly different than others I've seen. He has 2 of each of the lesser used birds. I'll call them Trample Bird (wolverine) and sad wings bird (screams at people). They each have different roles, and overall I like this list more than than only scarsfells.

I won the die roll and chose to go first. I also don't ambush the Crows. I want them AD to threaten space early, and hopefull slow down the advance of all the Griffons. I prey the "wolverine" bird on my side of the table.

Deployment, Pelkey means buisiness!

Deployment, Pelkey means buisiness!

Round 1

Grymkin Turn 1

I run up as far as I can. I am maybe too cautious with the Crows though. Ow3 puts up windstorm, extends her control range, and tosses respawn on the Cage Rager.

Circle Turn 1

Birds jockey up staying mostly out of threat. Animus are cast for free, and the only ones I can get are the ones in the trench on my left. 2una puts up windwall.

End of Round 1

End of Round 1

Grymkin Turn 2

God thats a lot of birds. If OW3 could move 8 inches and this wall wasn't there I could kill 2una. But I can't, and the wall is there. I apparition the Hollowmen towards the birds. Glimmer Imp Runs up, Hollowmen take a big CRA and the Murder Crows Charge. Somehow I leave the bird on 2.

Rots climb over the wall. I bait with a few Neigh Slayers. The beasts move up, but I'm so beast light I really can't afford to lose any.

End of Grymkin Turn 2

End of Grymkin Turn 2

Circle Turn 2

Birds come crashing into me. Objective heals the one I failed to kill, and it starts cleaning up Crows. Trample bird tramples up and grabs a few more.  I lose a few rots, but the biggest loss of the turn is 5/6 crows.

On the right he kills the baited Neighs, and sprints back (I didn't know they got sprint). Another bird engaged a few Neigh Slayers to be obnoxious.

He's also able to kill my objective. Circle scores to 2-0.

End of Circle turn 2 2-0 Circle

End of Circle turn 2 2-0 Circle

Grymkin Turn 3

Well hopefully I can kill 5 birds this turn. Hopefully I can do that an not die to Birds next turn.

Eilish gives puppet strings to OW3. OW3 aims, casts 'See in the Dark' and blinds one bird. Feats, knocks down another. 

Hollowmen make short work of the Blind bird, but can't kill the one in the trench. Cage Rager kills the standing bird, and the rots kill the knocked down one. Longfellow moves up, but can't kill the one in the trench either.

On the right the Gorehound and a dreadrot fail to kill the bird he was jamming with. I end up having to kill it with Neigh Slayers. The other unit of Neighs kills another bird. Giving me 5 dead birds on the turn.  No scenario though still 1-0 circle.

End of Grymkin Turn 3 2-0 Circle

End of Grymkin Turn 3 2-0 Circle

Circle Turn 3

2una Feats, a lot of things die. Windwall isn't up so 2una kills a few models. Birds go nuts killing a bunch more. By the end of the turn I'm down to 3 Neigh Slayers. The screaming birds, and trample bird did solid work here, and it's what really solidified me liking this list variant more than pure scarsfell spam. He kills the cage rage, but it respawns and stays on the board. The Gorehound is also killed, and the bird sprints away.

He scores the right zone again, 3-0 circle.

End of Circle turn 3 3-0 Circle

End of Circle turn 3 3-0 Circle

Grymkin Turn 4

Okay down 3-0 is bad. I have a decision early. I can use the Hollowmen to kill the objective (charge at dice minus 7), allowing me to score 1, maybe 2 points. But there are a lot of birds in my face, and I'm worried I'll die. I feel pretty sure that I won't surrender 2 points on his turn so I go for attrition.

Eilish does his thing. OW3 engages a griffon over the wall, scourges it and kills it.  She shoots the one in the forrest, but I forget to cast See in the Dark and miss.

Hollowmen soften up the other birds. The last Murder Crow finishes off it's prey. The Cage Rager eats another. Neigh Slayers kill two more birds, but the Dread Rots can't kill the one i missed Carrion Crows on.

Longfellow fails to kill the Sentry Stone UA. I run the Frightmare, but not into the zone for some reason...

End of Grymkin turn 4 3-0 Circle

End of Grymkin turn 4 3-0 Circle

Circle Turn 4

Pelkey starts measuring and I realize I likely lost. I thought the Cage Rager would be solid enough to contest, but I forgot it was basically dead (respawned) and I didn't recast respawn. The Wilder, Blackclad, and Griffon clear the right zone to 4-0.

The other Blackclad comes up and sprays my rots. A few tough, but the Gorax kills off the last of them. 2una comes up and shoots the Cage Rager to death, the Griffon is able to kill Longfellow. 5-0 Circle. 

The end, Circle 5-0

The end, Circle 5-0


Was a great game. I rarely am that short sighted with the scenario, but it's good to get kicked in the teeth sometimes. The general game plan worked well. I had enough attacks with Cav models to ensure I could hit and kill Griffons, I just can't be that lazy about the scenario. 

Some take away points from this game. The MadCaps didn't do a whole lot, I often end up with space issues since I have so many dudes. The Sisters were rocks stars, bringing back neigh Slayers every turn. I may have sacrificed the glimmer imp too early, but he did get me a bird I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I really want a larger battle group, but aren't sure how to get there.

I could have done any one of the following and been ok. Left one bird alive, casted Respawn again on the Cage Rager, or casted See in the Dark before shooting. Live and learn! What are you guys playing into 2una? Any lists for OW3? I really want more beasts but aren't sure what to bring! I'm trying to get practice for Champions at the upcoming LVO. Who else is going to be there?