ATC Overview: the Short Version

Hey everyone!

Coming off the wings of the Americas Team Championship has been a scramble to catch up with real life, but I should be back to my several times a week ramblings. 

I was lucky and honored to be a member of the LoS2Wargame team, comprised of members of the two podcasts mentioned in the title, and one Ben B. of Germany Lorelei WTC Champions 2017 fame. 

We brought a diverse range of lists, including Mercenaries Magnus 2/Damiano, Cryx Lich 1/Coven, Minions Barnabas 1/Maelok, Skorne Rasheth/Mordikaar, and myself playing Grymkin Old Witch/Dreamer. 

We had identified early on that the meta was probably underprepared for Rasheth in Winds of Death, and Ben was very confidant in that list into most of the field. Memorable quotes including "Let's go crush some skulls!", "I'm going to go get a drink, I don't care who I go into because I'm playing Rasheth." and "Why don't the turtles have Thunderstruck playing the second they hit the table?"

We also brought a lot of anti-gunline lists as a general rule, and most of our lists had an answer to ARM skew. 

We had a bit of last minute panic as we went to lock in lists. Bret's minion lists relied heavily on Kwaak and Gub and the Soul Slave, both of which were supposed to release the week before ATC. Somehow, that schedule was changed, and we were unable to use them. We'd already evaluated the matchups out there, and I think some of our problems came from not having the correct pairing plans since Bret's lists were sub-par. (They'll be fully functional for LVO though, so watch out!)

Full batreps will be coming over the next week, I'm just dead tired and don't feel like remembering every detail right now!

Our first round saw us drop into Mollywhoppers, a very strong team with lots of good lists and payers. 

We led with me in the pairing process, and I ended up playing into a Cryx pairing. Cryx is one of the best matchups for Grymkin in the game generally, so I was quite content to take that. I played the Dreamer into Lich 1 Scourge. Having played similar matchups a number of times, I kept the Dreamer safe, contested with Phantasms, and hid my Rattlers behind heavies. On the turn that the Rattlers finally got to go in, they killed something like 30 Satyxis models in one turn, sealing a Scenario victory. 

Ben won decisively Rasheth into Sloan, and Bret and Brandon both lost their games. Karl and his Cryx got a lucky assassination opportunity though, giving us a win for the round. 

For round two, we played into Team Muse, which was one of the more difficult teams in the event. I got a (theoretically) good matchup into Thexus, and then proceeded to choose a very poor table with a giant building in front of my flag on Spread the Net. 

This, combined with his Machine Wraith being able to contest that flag in a Burning Earth, meant that I wasn't able to generate early traction, and despite stabilizing the attrition game I lost on Scenario 0-5. Kurt had killed 2 points worth of Army Points (he'd actually killed about 25 models but none from the same unit) and I had killed about 10. 

The rest of my team, Ben being the exception, had also lost very tight games (Bret went to third tiebreakers), and so we were into the "fun" bracket.

Round three saw us drop into Florida meta, one of the best teams in the country and featuring Brandon A. (winner of both Lock and Load masters and Warmachine Weekend Invitational). 

I was paired with their Khador player, Ryan, and we both dropped Old Witch. 

The problem here is that his models that shoot are sprays and mine are Hollowmen, and after misdeploying and then not having the dice agree to let me hit sevens very often, he ground out a 6-1 Scenario win. 

My entire team lost that round, bit of a rough note to end day 1. 

Round four had us playing into a team that didn't like Steve very much, and I got paired with Haley 2/Something. My opponent played Haley 2, and I played the Dreamer. 

A few early mistakes on my part got him up on Scenario 4-1, but Ironclads bounce off of Cage Ragers, and I was able to turn it around to a 9-4 Scenario win on the turn I assassinated Haley with a Skin and Moans. 

We won that round 4-1 I believe. 

The last round of the event was against Bob and the Not-Bobs, and I got to play against Nic running Retribution. His Issyria list didn't worry my Dreamer list, but it did worry my Witch list a bit, so I dropped the Dreamer and he played Kaelyssa with six Harpies. 

I weathered a turn of shooting on his turn 2 with no casualties, and decided that the best course of action was to put the Dreamer in a trench with five Fury and literally run my army at him. 

Harpies aren't very good in melee it turns out, so I lost a Gremlin Swarm that turn, and with all of his army in threat range I was able to clear all the Scenario elements I needed for a Scenario win and the same Skin and Moans killed Kaelyssa as well. 

The rest of my teammates won their games, and we ended up taking ninth overall, just shy of top 8. 


I am really glad that I was able to attend the Championship this year. I learned a lot, met some great new friends, reconnected with several that I don't see except at cons, and got to play some excellent Warmachine. 

I'm excited to get my battle reports up and going as I have time for them, and I'm also looking forward to analyzing the heck out of my play in preparation for LVO. 

Thanks for reading everyone :)