Warmachine and Hordes Grymkin Battle Report: ATC Round 1 - The Dreamer (Menagerie) vs. Asphyxious 1 (Scourge)

I've done a quick write up for the overall event, now it's time to really dig into the games!

I don't get to play nearly as many of these lately as I'd like, so I think it's important to analyze the ones that I do get. 

My first round at the ATC was against Matt of team Mollywhoppers. He had an Asphyxious 1 Scourge of the Broken Coast, and Ghost Fleet. Neither of these are great into the Dreamer, but Ghost Fleet is arguably worse so I figured I'd be getting Asphyxious. 

Sure enough, he had the Lich and I dropped my Dreamer. 

Asphyxious 1
- Seether
- Seether
- Deathripper
- Deathripper

Satyxis Raider Captain
Eilish Garrity

Satyxis Raiders
- Sea Witch
Satyxis Raiders
- Sea Witch
Satyxis Blood Witches
- Hag
Satyxis Blood Witches (min)
- Hag


The Dreamer
- Phantasm
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Cage Rager
- Cage Rager
- Rattler
- Rattler
- Crabbit x2
- Crabbit

Death Knell

Karianna Rose
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm 

Unfortunately, I lost the roll off (a big deal when his entire army is speed seven), and that meant going second. 

I chose the side with a nice big wall in my rectangular zone for the Dreamer and friends to hide behind. It also had a nice forest for my Gremlin Swarm to contest the right hand zone with while still being out of LoS for enemy charges. 

I also REALLY did not want to deal with a giant rubble patch inside my rectangle zone, since that is my staging ground with this list. 

Matt is a Line of Sight reader/listener, and was kind enough to pose with his army for me! He has an ambushing unit of Blood Witches off to the side. 


The key to this matchup is the Rattlers. Heavily infantry skewed lists tend to melt when Manifest Destiny lets them hit DEF 14 pretty reliably and kill anything with a single wound less than ARM 20. 

My plan was basically to keep them safe behind my heavies until he committed some models and then clean house with the pair of them. Hopefully I trade one heavy for each of his and have a heavy left over at the end, plus a pair of Rattlers. 

Cryx turn 1:

It's a pretty simple turn. Pathfinder from the theme force allows his Satyxis to go wherever they want to, but since they've lost Advanced Deployment in the edition change and the Raider Captain no longer has Desperate Pace, the wave of models isn't as in my face as I was expecting, and they only threaten 12 inches instead of the 14 I was remembering from my Cryx days. 


Grymkin turn 1:

It's time for Operation Escort: Rattlers. The Dreamer cast Mirage on the left hand Rattler and also put Artifice of Deviation out so that I can make a beast bunker and try and prevent Parasite from going on something I cared about while also screening the Rattler. 

On the right, I used the Burning Earth to my advantage, and ran my Skin and Moans up to within charge range of a whole bunch of Satyxis, but they didn't have Line of Sight to him thanks to the cloud effect. 

Everything else moved up and prepared to get hurt. I carefully didn't put anything within 12.5 inches of the table edges. 

If you look at the pictures, you can see that I've got two heavies in front of each Rattler. Without a lot of guns, neither of them is likely to die before they do their job. 


Cryx turn 2:

Matt opts to play the cautious game of "let's stay 12.1 inches away from your Miraging Rattler", which is a good plan. I've only give him charges on my heavies with 2-3 models each, and if he commits for that kind of alpha strike, he will basically lose the game. 

He ambushes his Blood Witches on my right, and they run to the backlines. 

Everything else makes a ring around my army. 

Noteably, he did not put his left Seether more than 13 inches from my Skin and Moans, rather checking the 10 inch base threat. We talked about this decision after the game, and we both agreed that the correct play is to still do what he's doing here, which is bait out my Skin and Moans charge, but to keep the Seeather more like 12 inches away so that the Skin and Moans has to move more than a few inches to get at it. This would prevent the Death Knell from covering it effectively, and also keep Asphyxious outside of my heavy warbeasts' threat range. 

Sorry for the blurry picture, sometimes taking photos on the clock isn't the best idea. 


Grymkin turn 2:

I've got a couple of options this turn. First of all, I need to contest with some models. On the left, that basically means Gremlin Swarms, but on the right I can tuck my Cage Rager into the elbow of the forest and then prevent his Seether from getting to it by placing an Artifice of Deviation in the way since it can't get Pathfinder. 

I also want to Abyssal Gate the Seether on the left around so that I can kill it with my Skin and Moans. 

The Rattler apparates towards the middle of the table, and I run my Cage Rager up to within 8 inches of the Seether. 

Eilish gives the Dreamer Puppet Master, and she Abyssal Gates the Seether back towards my army three inches and turns it around. The Artifice goes down to protect my Cage Rager on the right. 

An Enraged Skin and Moans puts an end to the warjack pretty easily, and also creates a Phantasm which runs to contest the far zone. 

The Death Knell covers everything except the far right Cage Rager with the Warmth of the Grave Aura and I score a point at the end of my turn. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Cryx turn 3:

I've carefully positioned my Cage Rager in the center so that if he tries to Parasite anything, he won't be able to the first time. Eilish is also there with Arcane Void. 

Asphyxious activates after his arc node runs to within five inches of the Gremlin Swarm in the rubble. He kills the Phantasm with a couple of swings, and then arcs a boosted Hellfire into the Swarm and kills it. I pop All Fall Down and the Lich is knocked over at the end of his turn, camping two.

The Raider Captain charges and knocks down the Skin and Moans, and then kills the Gremlin Swarm in front of him. 

The left unit of Satyxis charges in and leaves the Skin and Moans on a single box. 

On the right, he's only able to get a handful of things into my Cage Rager, which survives quite healthily. His flanking Blood Witch unit comes around to threaten the Dreamer while staying away from my Rattler. 


Score: 1 - 1

Grymkin turn 3:

Well everything is more or less unfolding how I had hoped. I didn't expect my Skin and Moans to survive (although I ran the numbers and it had a pretty high percentage chance of living turns out), so that's just gravy. 

The Dreamer goes first, heals the Skin and Moans for a couple and casts Manifest Destiny. She has a couple Crabbits go and engage/kill some Blood Witches, and then my Cage Rager clears off my central Rattler. The Skin and Moans kills all the Satyxis around him and heals about 15 boxes off of Corpse Tokens. 

The central Rattler goes through the burning earth and kills seven or eight Satyxis while engaging the Seether. The Rattler clears a path, and the Skin and Moans charges and puts down the second Seether handily. 

The Cage Rager and two of my Gremlin Swarms go bubble wrap the Dreamer, and I score again. 

The before and after photos are pretty nuts. 

B.R. (Before Rattler)

A.R. (After Rattler)

Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Cryx turn 4:

Matt goes into the tank for a minute. We have a good discussion about how Rattlers feel much different depending on which side of the table you're on (he plays Grymkin too), and he decides he has to kill the Dreamer this turn. 

She's camping three, and I still have Pandemonium (which I think he had forgotten about), but he really doesn't have many more options. I've not lost a model yet, and he doesn't have the resources to win on attrition anymore. 

He is able to run his Deathripper to within five inches of a Gremlin Swarm near the Dreamer. The first Breath of Corruption gets Arcane Vortexed, the second one lands and kills both swarms. 

Asphyxious feats and shoots another boosted Breath of Corruption into the Dreamer, which I transfer. 

He tries to charge her with the Blood Witches and I trigger Pandemonium. Instead of charging my exposed Warlock, he kills off a Crabbit instead.

In the right zone, Satyxis flail at my warbeasts but aren't particularly effective. 

I score again.


Score: 3 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

Lich is out in the open, but I see a much easier Scenario win that doesn't rely on hitting and killing a caster. 

My Rattler frenzies into Matt's Eilish, killing it. 

I'm able to kill off the Satyxis in the left zone with my Death Knell and Eilish. The left hand Skin and Moans charges the objective and kills it in two swings with Manifest Destiny up. I could have bought more attacks into Lich, but I just call the turn there and score three more points for the win. 


Score: 6 - 1
Victory for the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This was a really bad matchup for the Cryx list. He doesn't reliably break through my heavies without his Seethers (which I outthreat), and he can't afford to let me get Rattlers into his lines. 

This is probably the farthest away from my army that my Death Knell has every gotten (which was interesting), but I felt in complete control of the pacing the whole game. 

The rest of my team had interesting (read: hard) games, and we barely squeaked out a 3-2 win against the Mollywhoppers. These guys were all excellent opponents and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them all and hope to play against them next year!