Warmachine and Hordes Grymkin Battle Report: ATC 2018 Round 4 - The Dreamer (Menagerie) vs. Haley 2 (Heavy Metal)

After a grueling first day, my team went out for food and spent the evening talking about (what else) Warmachine. 

I also got to room with Ben and Karl, and it was very interesting to talk to someone from Europe about all the news we hear from across the ocean and get an insiders perspective. 

Day 2, our Waitress in the hotel dining room took about 20 minutes to get our bills to us, so Bret was forced to do pairings without Ben, Karl, and I, and I ended up playing into a Haley 2/Stryker 1 pairing piloted by Nick of team %#^@ Steve.

The Stryker 1 list was double colossal, which Dreamer rolls pretty hard thanks to enfeeble and superior threat ranges, and Haley 2 had a bunch of Ironclads which I also didn't feel too badly about. 

I dropped the Dreamer and he played Haley 2. I took the Sacrifice and Ruin Arcana in this matchup. 

Haley 2
- Squire
- Ironclad
- Ironclad
- Hammersmith
- Thorn

Allison Jakes
- Ironclad
Arlan Strangeways

Storm Strider
Storm Strider




The Dreamer
- Phantasms
- Cage Rager
- Cage Rager
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Rattler
- Rattler
- Crabbit x2
- Crabbit

Death Knell

Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Karianna Rose
Eilish Garrity

I won the roll off and opted to go first. 


Grymkin turn 1:

In order to win this game, I'm going to need to leverage my Gremlin Swarms. The Haley list has three total ways to interact with them - Haley, Jakes, and Arlan. 

Everything moves forward more or less, with the models that get into the Storm Striders walk and shoot range going into an Artifice of Deviation. I have Mirage on a Skin and Moans to make him fairly resilient to Telekinesis turn around tricks.

The Gremlin Swarms on the left are there to go after the Storm Strider and also just contest that zone for a long while. 


Cygnar turn 1:

Things run forward, but there isn't much else. Jakes puts up Sidekick, and Haley Temporal Accelerates the Hammersmith to get it up the table faster with help from a Telekinesis


Grymkin turn 2:

I upkeep Mirage on my Skin and Moans, and I get to apparate five times. 

I spend about five minutes planning out a beautiful turn where I run my Cage Rager up, Enfeeble the Hammersmith, cast Artifice of Deviation off to the side of the building and basically prevent an alpha strike from ever getting to me. If I can force Haley to feat defensively, I probably win. 

Things move up, the Enfeeble lands, Dreamer camps four and I move on. 

Then Nick kindly asks me to remove my Artifice marker and I start to panic a bit. 

My Gremlin Swarms run way off to the left, one Base to Base with the Storm Strider.

My entire list bricks up around the Cage Ragers at the front of the pack, I put a solo on my flag and call it a turn. 


Cygnar turn 2:

It's a Haley feat turn. 

An incredible amount of Focus goes into trying to Telekinesis my Cage Rager around, but Arcane Vortex and Ruin put a stop to that. Haley Telekinesis' the left Strider to get it away from the Swarm. 

An Ironclad bounces off my Cage Rager, but knocks a whole bunch of stuff down. I lose a Crabbit to guns on the right, and some other things get dinged up as well. 

Jakes' Ironclad comes up, and now I see why she's in the list. Sidekick prevents the Warjack from being placed, so I can't Abyssal Gate the 'Jack around to get two of his heavies on his Feat turn. 

Haley scores a point with Arlan on the flag. 


Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Cygnar

Grymkin turn 3:

Because I fail to recognize the extra benefit of Sidekick, I prep to cast an Abyssal Gate and don't cast Manifest Destiny before my Cage Rager goes into the Ironclad that beat on it. 

I have upkept both Mirage and Enfeeble, and with Beat Back, the Cage Rager is able to get into the right zone to contest. 

I engage Jakes' Ironclad with a Cage Rager, and I tear about 10 damage into the left Storm Strider with Gremlin Swarms. 

I score a point and contest with a Gremlin Swarm. 


Score: 1 - 1

Cygnar turn 3:

It takes two full Ironclads, but my Cage Rager on the left goes down. My right hand Cage Rager is still alive and kicking though, and Haley clears off her flag to score another point. 

At this point, I feel the tide start to turn in my favor. I'm going to kill the left hand Storm Strider this turn, probably kill 2.5 Ironclads, and have an Enfeebled Hammersmith left to deal with and a Stormstrider. We're not out of the weeds yet, but it's getting there. 


Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Cygnar

Grymkin turn 4:

The Ironclad on the right is pretty beat up, but to be safe, the Dreamer casts Manifest Destiny after she upkeeps both of her spells. 

I put Eilish on my flag after he Puppet Masters the Skin and Moans on the left. 

My Gremlin Swarms leave the Strider on about 5 health, and a Rattler charge finishes it off, which is the execution of my early game plan. 

The Skin and Moans gets loaded up from the Death Knell, which also charges in, and then kills the non - Side Kicked Ironclad and leaves the other on two or three boxes. 

The Cage Rager easily clears out the Ironclad on the right, and my Rattler goes in but fails to kill the last member of the Mechanik unit. DEF 15 is really good!

I can't contest with anything sadly, so we both tick up a point. 


Score: 2 - 3
Advantage Cygnar

Cygnar turn 4:

Something I haven't mentioned in previous turns its that I've been very, very careful to never leave the Dreamer camping less than two Fury this whole game. (You can't see the second one, but it's in front of her in the above picture). Storm Striders get silly accurate when they need to be, and she's not exactly a tank at 15/16 under Death Knell aura. 

Nick asked me more or less every turn at the start of his turn how much I was camping, and I'm 100% certain he would have tried for an assassination run if I'd come off the hill or been camping less than two. Haley can kill you from nowhere, and it's always important to remember that. 

This turn, Nick can't kill enough stuff. In fact, the only thing he kills apart from my Rattler is Eilish with a very nice damage roll from an electro leap. 

Thorn does get in my face, and both of the heavies over there get Telekinesed around so Nick scores two points. We're narrowing in on the end of the game, and we had both forgotten that I had Gremlin Swarms hiding in the trees. 


Score: 2 - 4
Advantage Cygnar

Grymkin turn 5:

I've got three turns left essentially, and I need to even up the score. 

Upkeep Mirage and Enfeeble, go Incorporeal with the Dreamer and cast Manifest Destiny. She goes to the flag since I'm about to kill Arlan. I kill the Ironclad with Gremlin Swarms and then use the Skin and Moans to kill the Squire and Arlan. 

My Cage Rager misses an attack, so Thorn dodges into my Skin and Moans, who kills him dead. 

I score a point to Nick's none and call it a turn. 


Score: 3 - 4
Advantage Cygnar

Cygnar turn 5:

He's been shooting at my Skin and Moans for almost three turns now, so the Storm Strider is able to charge in and kill it. 

A Telekineses and Beat Back from the MAT 5 PS 15 Hammersmith moves my Cage Rager out of the zone and contests. 

Haley can't get far enough away from my Skin and Moans, so he throws away the last Gobber Mechanik. 

Jakes runs away from my Rattler, and Nick scores again. 


Score: 3 - 5
Advantage Cygnar

Grymkin turn 6:

I've got one more big burst of scoring left in me. The Dreamer casts Manifest Destiny and heals a broken aspect on the Cage Rager before moving into the left zone. 

Gremlin Swarms run and take both flags, and the Rattler kills Jakes. 

My Skin and Moans tramples to Haley, boosting to hit the Gobber and kills it. He smacks Haley really good at dice +5 and she's only got a handful of boxes left. 

I score 3 (!!!) points this turn and Nick is out of scoreable models other than Haley.


Score: 6 - 5
Advantage Grymkin

Cygnar turn 6:

It takes his entire Hammersmith Activation to kill my Cage Rager, and the Storm Strider runs to contest my flag. Haley Telekineses the Skin and Moans around and backs herself up, but she can only put 11.8 inches between them and with Mirage the Skin and Moans threats 12. 

I score two more points this turn. 


Score: 8 - 5
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 7:

It's been a really long game, and I force myself to slow down and not make mistakes here. I upkeep Mirage and go Incorporeal. 

The Skin and Moans apparates closer to Haley. I realize, looking back at this, that I don't actually need to roll dice to win the game here, but I believe we had the Scenario miscounted at the time and I thought I only had seven points. 

Either way, the Dreamer walks through the house and takes the far flag before casting Manifest Destiny. 

The Skin and Moans charges Haley, hits the 11 thanks to Set Defense, and kills her in one swing. 


Score: 9 - 5
Victory to the Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

It felt really nice to win a game after two losses, and it was gratifying to have chosen the correct list for the matchup. Even with some mistakes on my part, the Ironclads bounced off the Cage Ragers. 

Nick played very well here, targeting my Crabbits with the Storm Striders before shooting at the heavies so that I couldn't trigger Sacrifice very well. I think I popped it to heal up half of one heavy here. 

My team ended up going 4 - 1 this round, bringing us to an even 2 and 2 record. 

Thanks for reading, and look for round 5 coming soon!