The Dreamer (Dark Menagerie) vs. Zaataroth (Dark Legacy) - Warmachine and Hordes Battle Report

The recent podcast with Geoff discussing Grymkin got me itching to play, so when my friend Chris gave me my pick of Judgement and Warmachine, I jumped at the opportunity to put some Grymkin on the table for the first time in well over a year.

I ran a pretty straightforward Dreamer build, working in the Hermit (proxied by a Menite model since mine gets here next week) and Chris brought the Zaataroth list he has been tinkering with, currently trying out Croe’s in place of one unit of Griever Swarms. His Gate is on the way, so that was not on the table.

- Roget (Proxied by Orin 1)
- Tormenter
- Lamentor
- Lamentor

Valin Hauke
Umbral Guardian (free)
Umbral Guardian (free)

- Orin
- Dark Sentinel x2
- Dark Sentinel x3 (free)
Griever Swarm
Croe’s Cutthroats

The Dreamer
- Phantasms
- Cage Rager
- Crabbit x2 (free)
- Clockatrice (proxied by big winged thing)
- Clockatrice (proxied by other big winged thing)
- Gorehound
- Gorehound
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans

Death Knell

Gremlin Swarm x2 (free)
Gremlin Swarm
Karianna Rose (free)
The Hermit of Henge Hold

Chris won the roll off, and I selected Ruin and Sacrifice alongside the (fairly useless thanks to Hauke) Dreamer’s Trump All Fall Down.

Side note - aren’t these laser cut Arcana Cards gorgeous? Get ahold of me if you’re interested in a set, I’ll put you in touch with Geoff and you guys can hammer out a deal.

Croe put Prey on the right hand Skin and Moans with the Sword and Hammer, and the game began.

Infernals turn 1:

Pretty standard turn 1 here, a Wretch ran full distance and Zaataroth moved up, cast the Infernal Warpath, and summoned a Desolator to make a cloud. Everything else just sort of ran up and took positions agressively, with the Umbral Guardian hanging out in the cloud on the right to come into the flag next turn.

Grymkin turn 1:

The Dreamer moved up to put herself out of the killbox and cast Artifice of Deviation and Mirage on the left Clockatrice, as well as Elusive.

I think about where to place the Preyed' Skin and Moans, and then decide that since the Croe’s do not have CRA or any other real accuracy booster, DEF 17 is fine against shooting so he moves up, as does the Clockatrice and a Gremlin Swarm.

Side note: Gremlin Swarms are so trivially killed by Infernals. Magic Sprays, Magic Eyeless Sight Griever Swarms, Magic Cultist Weapons, and the list goes on.

Everything else moves up in preparation for the next turn and I say go.

Infernals Turn 2:

Zaataroth upkeeps Warpath, casts Scything Touch on Croe, summons a second Desolator and FEATS.

The old Desolator gets the -2 ARM spray onto the Clockatrice, and then ancillary attacks miss the Skin and Moans.

He caps the flag with the Umbral Guardian on both sides, and his Griever Swarm puts a 10 man CRA into the Clockatrice, cleanly knocking out it’s mind. I think for a second before time stuttering back a bit so the building gives me cover. This means that when the Croe’s Cutthroats CHARGE in momentarily, only two get on me and only one connects.

Lamentors move up to be the absolute worst and that is the turn.

Grymkin Turn 2:

The objective and auto-repair fix 4 boxes off the Clockatrice. The Dreamer upkeeps both of her spells and casts Manifest Destiny, camping two. The right side Gorehound kills a Croe and sprints out. The Gremlin Swarm moves over, and the Clockatrice, a non-living model and therefore immune to the Lamentor’s nastiness, moves up and kills the Lamentor (hello pumpkin phantasm!) and a couple of Croe’s. The Skin and Moans uses Lurker to be able to move backwards after he dices a pair of Croe’s into delicious corpses.

I take a few seconds to think about how the rest of this game is likely to play out, and i decide I have to trade my Clock and the Cage Rager to keep the Skin and Moans alive, since post feat turn the Skin and Moans will kill 2 Horrors without breaking a sweat, so the Rager moves up to body block for his buddy.

On the left, the Clockatrice assaults the Lamentor, boosts and hits both Paralyze sprays on the Lamentor and the Guardian, which lets him finish off the Lamentor without issue.

The left side Skin and Moans turns the Umbral Guardian into fillet d’gardienne and that lets a Gremlin Swarm cap that flag. The Gorehound on that side gets feisty and murders two Dark Sentinels and sprints into the rest of the Cultists.

I pass the turn, and we score two points apiece.

Score: 2 - 2

Infernals turn 3:

“I wonder if I can win this turn”

“Wait what?”

Turns out I haven’t played this scenario before and so I didn’t realize how explosive it can be.

Zaataroth upkeeps Warpath and the first thing that happens is the loaded up Desolator from two turns ago charges my objective. I use the Hermit’s once per game no damage roll ability, which means that the Desolator ends up killing my Objective with the last essence and using Warpath to back up into range of the Cultists. The spray got the Dreamer for 7, which I foolishly transferred even knowing I was popping Sacrifice if the objective died (which I did, healing all my heavies back to full).

Fortunately, his newly summoned and moved Tormentor is in the way of his other Desolator getting onto the Dreamer, so that plan is out the window without some serious weirdness, but I definitely should not have transferred.

His Croe’s Cutthroats charge in and cripple….nothing, so the old Tormentor charges in and breaks the mind on the first hit. There' is just the smallest sliver of space where the Clockatrice can land backwards, so he does so, barely contesting the central flag.

His Wretch moves up to prevent the Clock from healing next turn, and the Griever Swarms run around to the side.

Hauke kills my Pumpkin Phantasm and goes behind the house (bye bye little pumpkin man), and the Desolator on the left charges my Skin and Moans there for minimal damage. His Cultists manage to murder the Gorehound and fill up the Desolator in my face, which lets his Tormentor move into the place the Clockatrice just was. Chris passes scoring up 3 points to 0 this turn.

Score: 2 - 5
Advantage Infernals

Grymkin turn 3:

Alrighty, Zaataroth’s feat is down which means I get to HIT THINGS. Between Gremlin Swarms and the Dreamer, the only beasts with any Fury are Clockatrices and the Gorehound, none of which frenzy.

The Dreamer goes Incorporeal to drop the Corrosion from the Desolator spray, moves back and over and casts Manifest Destiny and Elusive.

The remaining Gorehound kills a Cutthroat in the way. The Hermit moves up and uses Master of Ruin and the Skin and Moans, unchained from his slumber, promptly murders both the Tormentor and the Desolator in my face. (I had forgotten how much I love this model). One of them becomes the Big Phantasm.

A Hero Crabbit moves up to engage the other Tormentor, so no countercharges, and the Clock sprays some things, doing not much.

The Cage Rager murders the other Tormentor, turning him into the Pumpkin Phantasm, which runs to contest the zone.

The Big Phantasm contests the flag and wanders into the fire forest for no particular reason other than that I wanted to see this happen:


No mere fire token for him! No sir!

The left side Skin and Moans minces the Desolator into tranche desolateur and the Clockatrice assaults, killing all three contesting Cultists.

My Death Knell charges fearlesly into the Grievers, killing one with an impact and the other with the Knell itself.

I score 2 - 0 this turn.

Score: 4 - 5
Advantage Infernals

Infernals turn 4:

With no heavies, he has a hard go of it, but Scything Touch and Gang make Cultists hit real hard, and so he kills my central Clockatrice, brings my Cage Rager down to 3, and half kills the left Clockatrice.

His Griever Swarms contribute damage to the Rager and also kill the contesting Gremlin Swarm, and he contests “my” flag with a Cultist.

Zaataroth blasts Pumpkin boy off the table and puts out Scything Touch, but has no fury to summon after that.

We score 1 for me and 2 for him.

Score: 5 - 7
Advantage Infernals

Grymkin turn 4:

Every single Warbeast but my central Skin and Moans frenzies, which is REAL bad.

Dreamer aims and shoots at Orin 2, getting the Crit after a boost and moving him over to kill his friend. She casts Manifest Destiny and Elusive and then I realize I forgot to upkeep Mirage and smack myself in the noggin for not just using the Clock to kill Zaataroth this turn but it’s too late since he’s turned the wrong way.

Flustered, I eyeball the Skin and Moans’ range to Hauke and determine he’s in, so I move up 5 and am…about 1/8 inch out. The Skin and Moans angrily murders EVERYTHING around it, making a Mouse Phantasm which runs to contest.

My Death Knell kills two more Griever Swarm (go go Death Knell!) and my left Clock flails at the Cultists around it, failing to kill the Sentinel contesting my flag.

When all is said and done, we both score 1 again, and my position is more precarious than I would like since if Chris can clear the middle flag he wins.

Note - my Hermit is just hanging out in my zone, not being a 5 attack minimum to kill model contesting the flag. Whoops.

Score: 6 - 8
Advantage Infernals

Infernals turn 5:

Zaataroth aims, kills the Mouse with a deviation, and puts Scything Touch on Hauke which I promptly Ruin. He casts it again and gives the Cultists Ghost Walk.

His Griever Swarms bounce off the Phantasm, which means that Hauke and some Cultists have to finish off the Rager and kill a full health Skin and Moans and Phantasm.

This does not happen.

His remaining Cultist and Sentinel on the left charge the 11 box Clockatrice. The Cultist does nothing at dice off 7. The Sentinel….does 13 damage in one attack and takes the Clockatrice off the table.

I’ve offered to paint this glorious man up for Chris and he’s accepted, so be on the lookout for that. He’s going to be getting something real cool in the future for his efforts.

With all that said, Chris scores 2 points to my none.

Score: 6 - 10
Advantage Infernals

Grymkin turn 5:

I get to use all of my models this turn, so the left Skin and Moans clears the flag, my Death Knell kills another Griever Swarm contesting my zone bringing his body count to 5 this game. The Dreamer casts Manifest Destiny and I forget to heal the Cage Rager so he flails blindly at cultists.

The big Phantasm shoves Hauke out of the way, and my Skin and Moans walks up to Zaataroth needing Manifest Destiny 8s to hit and auto killing since she’s been cutting for essence for 3 turns now.

First attack miss, second attack miss. Buy Boost….miss. Buy Boost….hit and kill for the win.

Victory for Grymkin!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Chris and I both agreed that the Croe’s Cutthroats were deployed in the wrong place, and had they been on the left side would have been much more annoying to deal with.

We talked about ways to make sure that Clockatrices are blocked off from Time Stutters (use a large base proxy and a 3 inch widget), and I definitely was glad to get some of the order of activation issues into my mind again as Grymkin has a few of them.

I should definitely have been more aggressive with my Hermit to contest the scenario, I keep forgetting he has Ancient Shroud.

All in all, a good first game back to the faction and I’m excited to play some more. Now if only DGI would get Clockatrices back in stock….

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