The Heretic (Bump in the Night) vs. Zaataroth (Dark Legacy) - Warmachine and Hordes Grymkin and Infernals Battle Report

Bret’s been singing the praises of nuBump for a while (largely off the back of a certain medium based solo), and as I am planning on bringing a Grymkin pairing of some sort of other to Attack X in a couple of weeks, I figured I should take the theme out for a spin at least a few times since the turn 1 unpacking is complicated and time consuming and I’ve only ever done it on Vassal where things tend to be a lot faster/easier for me now.

Chris decided that his Infernal Gate needed some table time, and Zaataroth came out to play. We both have some proxies (my Grymkin isn’t all here yet, some of the models Chris wants to play with aren’t released), so the first several turns are rather extensively labeled for your convenience!

I won the roll off, opted to go first, and got given the side with the huge burning forest to deal with.

- Tormentor
- Lamentor
- Lamentor
- Roget (Orin 1)

Infernal Gate

Saxon Orrik (Alten)
Hermit of Henge Hold (Ragman)
Valin Hauke
The Wretch
The Wretch

Griever Swarm (min)
Griever Swarm (min)
Cultists and 3x WA
Cultists and Orin 2

The Heretic
- Clockatrice x3 (proxied by various winged things)
- Crabbits x2

Grave Ghoul (Hakaar)
Grave Ghoul (Zaal 2)
Cask Imp x2
The Hermit of Henge Hold

Mad Caps
Mad Caps
Malady Man and Monkey (Menoth ‘Jack + Risen)
Malady Man and Monkey (Menoth ‘Jack + Risen)
- CA (Flamebringer)
- CA (Flamebringer)
Twilight Sisters

I took the Reckoning, Ruin, and Sacrifice, and Chris opts to not put out his Umbral Guardians on Deployment.

Grymkin turn 1:

Alrighty so I said this is complicated, and I didn’t do it all right so here’s what is SUPPOSED to happen.

Deploy Neighslayer CA within 3 of the Mad Caps.

Malady Man units activate, Desperate Pace the Neighslayers and give a press forward order. They need to have a clear charge lane, and the Monkey runs base to base with the purchased Cask Imp.

The Heretic activates , casts Fury on the Neighslayer unit of choice, casts Elusive on himself, drops two Fury and charges.

Neighslayers activate, all members of the unit run except the CAs. The CAs use “All Fall Down”, knocking down the unit members except themselves, since they’re immune to KD while within 3 inches of the Mad Caps, and then they run to get the unit in command.

Mad Caps activate and advance. One Grunt goes base to base with the Cask Imp and Monkey from each unit, and then the Bosses spawn d3 Cask Imps base to base with other models in that clump such that an AOE 4 centered on the bought Cask Imp will get all of them.

Grave Ghoul runs up past the clumps of dudes, making sure all of them are within 5 inches.

Bought Cask Imps activate, walking into the base to base clump and exploding, netting each Grave Ghoul d3+3 corpses.

EDIT: Apparently the Cask Imp that explodes RFPs itself, so you only get d3+2 corpses out of this maneuver - mah bad.

The Clockatrices all run at some point here, the Crabbits move up to protect valuable pieces, and then the Twilight Sisters move up and revive a grunt from each Mad Caps unit for next turn.

I forgot to Desperate Pace, and working through the whole process for the first time on a real table took me about 10 minutes, but we got there. I could have had my Neighslayers 2 inches farther up the table though, and on the left side in particular that would have mattered quite a bit.

Infernals turn 1:

I am threatening the Gate with 3 Neighslayers this turn, so Chris has a very clever idea. A Wretch runs up to the side of the Gate, and Zaataroth moves up, casts Warpath For Infernals, and summons a Desolator on that Wretch. Now there’s a big section of the landing zone for the Gate that I wanted to end in which is covered by a hazard that will insta-murder a Neighslayer if they get uppity.

The Gate itself does about 15 damage to my left Clockatrice which was in range by about 1/8 of an inch, and does not cripple anything.

Everything else runs up the board a ways.

Grymkin turn 2:

I respawn both Monkeys (score!) and upkeep Fury.

I check and realize I can get the left unit of Neighslayers into the Lamentor. Boosted 9s to hit and dice +3 should equal dead Lamentor, but sadly one of them rolls poorly for damage and leaves it on five.

I cannot risk him snacking them up, so I move the damaged Clock over and spray both of them, the Lamentor, and the Desolator, hitting all and leaving the Lamentor on……one. The Clock also puts up Time Lock.

I decide to try and bait out his Guardians this turn, so the right hand Clockatrice moves up and sprays his Lamentor, which gets diverted to the Guardian as it spawns. Up goes Time Lock.

The other Clock moves up and SURPRISE COUNTERCHARGE.


The Tormentor rolls real good and does 16 damage to the Clockatrice’s body in one go. The Clock stutters back and sprays the Tormentor anyway, so a second Umbral spawns, taking a damage from the spray.

The central Malady Man unit activates, does “Something Wicked”, and the Monkey charges into the Umbral AND KILLS IT. Nice job monkey.

I use the left Grave Ghoul to dig in the left (and exposed) Neighslayer CA, and the other one moves up.

I position the Hermit really suboptimally (this will be a theme for both of us) so that he cannot catch the CA with his command.

Neighslayers on the right move up and Fall Down, and the Monkey moves up to provide countercharge cover.

I spawn a Cask Imp on my flag and a few more in other places to be eaten later, respawn my two dead Neighslayers with the Twilight Sisters, and pass the turn.

Infernals turn 2:

Zaataroth upkeeps Warpath for Infernals and pops a Cultist from Orin’s unit for essence.

The Gate starts things off by boosting a shot into my Neighslayer CA, missing the first, hitting the second and not killing. The Griever Swarm moves up and puts a six man CRA into him which gets Shield Guarded to the Crabbit, who dies to the dice +6 damage roll letting me Trigger Sacrifice and bringing my Clockatrices and Neighslayer CA back to full.

His speed 2, paralyzed Lamentor gets Warpathed up and then moves 2 inches farther to be in my face with Soul Parasites. He kills a Cask Imp with something random, which lets him Warpath the left Desolator up, and though it takes all of the Essence available to it, the Desolator kills the Neighslayer CA.

The Tormentor charges the left Clockatrice, gets countercharged by the Monkey, and then proceeds to miss my Clockatrice with two boosted attacks thanks to the Grave Ghoul and Monkey Bite. His final two Essence go into boosting a hit on the Monkey, which connects through the Reroll and then snacks the Monkey out of existence. No Monkay, noooo.

Zaataroth makes another Desolator and feats.

The Hermit moves up, and then Chris and I both realize he doesn’t have a landing spot that will tag the left Desolater with his Essence Replenishing ability, so that Desolator is going to vanish.

I foolishly remind Chris about Time Stutter letting me contest the left zone, so Hauke just hangs out instead of charging in. His Lamentor runs to engage my Neighslayers, and I realize that if I countercharge with the Monkey he will just get to teleport thanks to Zaataroth’s feat, so the Monkey hangs out.

Griever Swarms on the right don’t do much, and Cultists run up the table in the middle.

Chris scores 2 - 0 after the left Desolator vanishes.

Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Infernals

Grymkin turn 3:

It takes a ton of time to label pictures repeatedly, so the last few won’t be as clear - sorry!

I upkeep Fury again and get to work with charging Neighslayers on the left. One goes into the 1 box Lamentor, and four go into the Tormentor.

Even with rerolls, a boosted 12 is hard, so the Lamentor gets missed and pops up to annoy my other Neighslayers who now need 10s to hit the Tormentor. Fortunately, rerolls get me there and the Neighslayers two shot the Tormentor. They all reposition around.

The left Clockatrice assaults the Desolator, and paralyzes him, missing Hauke who teleports into the Hazard. That Clockatrice puts up Time Lock.

The right hand Mad Caps spawn 2 Cask Imps base to base with the Dark Sentinels engaging my right hand Clockatrice, and the grunts throw fire bombs on them. These deviate and kill 2 of 3 Sentinels and 2 of 3 Cask Imps as well, so my Clockatrice takes a freestrike, walks into the Lamentors back arc, and sprays it for Paralysis before casting Time Lock.

My middle Clockatrice flails miserably at Hauke, but does basically nothing.

On the right, the Neighslayers get annoyance and parry and charge up, killing three Grievers and the Lamentor before repositioning around and controlling that zone.

The Hermit runs to contest his flag, I kill some Cask Imps for corpses, spawn a new one on my flag, and pass the turn scoring 2 - 0.

Score: 2 - 2

Infernals turn 3:

Between Saxon (who hates Warbeasts turns out) and the Desolator, the left Clockatrice goes down. Zaataroth misses a boosted Black Spot into my Neighslayers and moves over to the flag, summoning a free Shrieker off Roget.

That Shrieker moves up into my Neighslayer unit, denying them orders and generally being a massive pain.

Speed 4 Cultists charge in and trigger Time Stutter on both remaining Clockatrices. Hauke kills off a Neighslayer and I trigger Reckoning on him.

Grievers kill a Neighslayer and the Grave Ghoul on the right, and Chris scores one point since killing the Hermit would make Zaataroth only too easy to kill.

Score: 2 - 3
Advantage Infernals

Grymkin turn 4:

The plan is for the Clockatrice to kill Roget and the Desolator with Reckoning, but even with rerolls I miss a LOT of fives to hit Roget, and the Clock barely finishes him off.

I transfer Reckoning to Saxon.

The Sisters respawn two Neighslayers, and the one good Neighslayer charges and murders Saxon. Reckoning moves to the Cultist unit.

Cask Imps and Mad Cap shots kill off all the clumped up Cultists. Reckoning moves to the Shrieker. The Clockatrice kills off the Shrieker and Reckoning moves to Zaataroth. She has two transfers, and the Desolator has 14 boxes or so left, but I can get three Neighslayers into her so why not?

Three Neighslayers charge in, hitting on boosted 7s and at dice +1. The first one does 13 damage. The Second one does 16 damage, which transfers to the Desolator, kills it, and blows back for one on Zaataroth. The third one connects and can’t fail to kill since she’s only got a couple boxes left.

Victory for Grymkin!

Post Game Thoughts:

This was an extremely interesting game, and it was almost solely defined by the Grave Ghouls. I only missed I think four attacks across the game, while Chris missed well over 60% of his thanks to the rerolling madness. With Cask Imps supplying an endless supply of corpses, these guys can just force rerolls all day both offensively and defensively.

The misplacement on the Hermit cost Chris a Desolator, although we aren’t entirely sure if that would have mattered seeing how two Neighslayers with Fury kill one pretty reliably (dice + 2 on two charges is 26 damage and they only have 24 boxes) and I had two Neighslayers to spare that turn.

The Gate had impressive output turn over turn, putting in good damage on Clocks all game and moving Horrors around to be able to get to what they wanted to hit.

Final thought - I’ve been trying to get more 2.5d terrain on the table for these reports - is this something you guys would like to continue seeing? Feedback is always appreciated!