Hobby Time: Woldwrath is done!


You know that fully painted goal that seems so insanely far out of reach? That idea that seeing only really pretty models on your side of the table would really add something to the game?

Yeah I've only experienced that once or twice before the last few weeks.

As part of my push for the 2017 ATC, I forced myself to paint through both of my lists. That had some incredibly cool parts like Loki:

It also had some super sucky parts, like the entire 21 man unit of Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers:

But somehow I did it, and it was one of the things I was most proud of when I finally got there and played, every game had fully painted and based models on my half of the table.

When I got back, I decided that it was time to buy in completely, and I committed to playing fully painted in all of my games (with some small exceptions for practicing for major events). Astute readers of my blog have probably noticed that my post ATC Baldur 2 list was fully painted (if not based, those happen in batches because I hate doing them), and it was incredibly fulfilling.

Unfortunately, this means that certain really silly lists like Tanith with two units of Reeves probably won't be making an appearance for a while.

Today, I finished my Woldwrath, and I felt like sharing more than a couple of pictures.

The Story:

Four years ago, right as I became a PressGanger, I was playing Circle, and like most cool kids, I wanted a Woldwrath. (In seriousness, he was pretty mediocre back then).

So I got one, and then he sat, unassembled for a very long time since I wanted to convert him to look like his concept art.

Isn't that awesome??? Someday, when I get my second one, I'm going to legitimately putty over all of his runes and carve the big ones in, and completely resculpt his head.

But I digress.

I spent a lot of time converting other models before I eventually worked up the courage to build him.

And then, 2 weeks later, I sold him and most of my other Circle to get into another faction.

Three and a half years later, I was assembling my third go round of Circle armies, and I realized that I really wanted a Woldwrath. I ordered one off eBay, but then it fell through since the guy had double sold it.

And then my friend who had bought all of my Circle off me, who also happened to be my Press Gang mentor and an excellent modeler/painter, told me that he still had the original one as part of a Bradigus theme list, and he would happily sell it to me if I bought the whole list.

How could I say no?

Six months later now (geeze), I am finally done with this monstrosity of a paint job. He's not perfect. There's lots of little details here and there that I could (and maybe will) go back over someday. But he's painted, he looks mean, and he's ready to pound some stuff into the ground.

I decided that I was going to go crazy with his runes, which is why he looks like he's absorbed an Alienware Keyboard - I really wanted to go for a shifting LED look, and when I started him, I did that with all of the other Wolds I've finished before him....yeah he got started a long time ago.

Here's the Wyrds for an example:

The runes took an absurd amount of time - every single one had to be done minimum three times. Two coats of white for a solid backdrop followed by a coat of the color, and usually more than one coat of color.

Once those were done, the rest of the model flew by. Without further ado, here's my Woldwrath. I hope you like him as much as I do!


Part of why he stayed unfinished for so long - I did the back first and that's the part I see when I play him

And one with his buddy Megalith!

Thanks for reading :)