Couple of shameless plugs - first of all, if you like these bases (and how could you not?), you can find them on the website of our sponsor at for all of your basing needs. I recommend getting some of the barren ones and the vegetated ones.

Secondly, if you would like to learn more about the Sketch Style I’ll be discussing on these models, you can find my tutorial for that here.


The Dreamer was the first Warlock I painted after my then-girlfriend-now-wife went through most of the models with various expressions of disgust and then went “Oooo, that’s a pretty dress, paint this one first!” She also had the idea for the starry dress and dared my to try and do eyeshadow. She was only mildly impressed when I pulled it off.


The King of Nothing was one of the first models I painted for the faction (since I thought he was the coolest Warlock rules-wise), and I still hadn’t nailed down my color scheme yet. The teal was there from the barely started Skin and Moans, but I was still experimenting with shade tones and complementary colors. I’m pretty happy with this guys face, it’s one of the better ones I’ve done.

I painted up the Child in a hurry for a Champions event a couple weeks before WMW 2017. By this point, the Turquoise/Teal part of my color scheme was locked in, and I had a couple of variations on the blues for different models going on as well (like on the dress here).

I spent something like four months trying to figure out if I was going to paint the Heretic in a different scheme than the studio one, but I could not for the life of me figure out something I liked better for the ex-God Priest of Menoth than a white cloak. I added my signature blues in quite a few places, but the white cloak was definitely the right call I think.

The Wanderer was the very last model I painted of the original Grymkin army (I still need to paint Holden and I’ll be getting a Clockatrice or two when they’re released), and as you can see he’s done in the Sketch Style that I was using to speed up the army painting. One of my favorite things about him are his base arcs and the custom road markers I made him. I tried using the default road markers for a while, and they were really jarring with the field bases everywhere else, so I sculpted these out of Green Stuff and put them down.

It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but what the bases all say is the first bit of the poem J.R.R. Tolkien uses to describe Aragorn, or “Strider” in The Lord of the Rings.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not whither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.


I’ve got a lot of Warbeasts for this faction, and in fact the top Skin and Moans was the very first model that I really cemented my scheme on. The bright blue teal looked really insane next to the base coat of the skin, and i was so discouraged that I almost gave up. A few of my friends who give me feedback assured me I was right to try something new, so, in a fit of pique, I decided to try my best to prove them wrong. I really fell in love with this scheme as I started adding shades, and eventually it turned out like this.


This particular Skin and Moans was my first solo go on a really complicated piece after learning how to do Sketch Style with Matt DiPietro. He stands out quite a bit from the other two, but I am very happy with the extreme contrast I was able to get with the technique on him.

These Cage Ragers tell a story of how much I hate those cages from a painting perspective. The first one I painted I left the cages unassembled and painted them. The second one, I tore them open and just painted the bars. The third one I got Crow Skull things from a friend and the fourth….well I hardly ever use it so I both rushed the paint job and didn’t put the cages on.

This first one was really where I took a leap of faith on this color scheme. I started him off with a human skin-tone, and then after consulting with a friend of mine and hearing this quote, I decided to go for it and used a turquoise ink to glaze the skin.

“Grymkin look their best when they’re fantastical.”

The first two Gorehounds look way different than the second pair, and the reason is simply that painting white like that is really, really annoying and hard, so I tried something new with the second set. I didn’t imagine having four Gorehounds would ever come up, and then Pat has to go win Iron Gauntlet with a list with four of them….

I really like the Frightmare model. It’s creepy, disturbing, and everything Grymkin should be in my opinion. I also really like how they play on the table, and putting four of them in a list with Old Witch is whacky.

Here are my Skeletors I mean Rattlers. I got a bunch of crap from that from my friends when they saw the pictures. I think these guys are poised for a big come back, as they murder infantry better than anything else except Circle.

Crabbit patch! It’s fun to play all 8 of these with the King of Nothing into an infantry heavy list. I once played into Skarre 1 Dark Host and contested a zone with nothing but Crabbits. Skarre feated on a unit of Bane Knights and charged them in. They lost 9 of their number to the King’s Trump Card and had only killed 6 Crabbits. At that point, my opponent decided not to take that zone that turn with the remaining unit of Bane Warriors hanging out in the back.

Battle Engine:

I’m a big fan of this model. I love the sculpt and the Gremlin band. It’s a little small though, so you have an awesome chance to fill up the base with other stuff!