Line of Sight Episode 5 - Changing Factions/Faction Identities

On this weeks episode of Line of Sight, our hosts go over a bit about their philosophies for changing to a brand new faction, as many are in the wake of the Grymkin release (2/3 of the cast included!) This turns into a bit of an overview of the general concepts and faction identities of all the factions in the game. Our rule of the week this week is Frenzies, with a bonus rule in the form of the "Sprintwhack" maneuver! 

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Tier 1 - Troopers
Simon Withers
Matthew McBee
Marcus Edgette

Tier 2 - Warjacks
Matthew Troxel
Travis Thinnes
Nathan Keeney

Tier 3 - Warcasters
Benjamin "Hill Giant" Ballard
Kenny Bush
Case Stiglbauer
Douglas Stoker

Thanks so much for listening!