Line of Sight Episode 6 - Practice, Practice, Practice

On episode 6 of Line of Sight, we discuss a bit about how to practice with competition in mind, from how to handle initially designing a list, what sort of things to think about while playing your games, and what to do with the games you play once you're done. For our Rule of the Week, Jaden explains how the Grymkin Arcana rules work, super helpful for both Grymkin players and those expecting to face them!

The article Jaden talks about in the podcast going over terrain and deployment can be found here. Please note that this was written for SR 2016, so there may be discrepancies between what is written here and the Scenarios you are playing. After he gets in a few more games on SR 2017, Jaden will be writing up another terrain article similar to this as well as a six part scenario series. 

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