Scenario 4: The PIt

The Pit is the very epitome of a live Scenario. The second player has a fantastic opportunity to score 2 points on their turn two, protect their flag to score a third on their opponents third turn, and then try and clear the zone again to score 2 more points for the win.

The burden on this Scenario usually rests on the first player. What they do and don't do turns 1 and 2 will decide if player 2 gets an easy win, or if it's actually a game.

Going First or Second:

You should go first on The Pit if:

- You get forced to.

- You want to be the one under pressure not to lose the game.

- You want an uphill fight.

You should go second on The Pit if:

- None of the above conditions apply.

Game Plan for Going First:

You're under pressure from deployment here. If your opponent has deployed correctly, they've placed their warcaster within 8 inches of that flag, which means that on their second turn, they're dominating it and getting a point unless you do something really unusual.

This would have been a really easy think to manage in mark II with all the infantry running around like crazy, and in fact infantry heavy lists that go first do have a good shot at denying the scenario here by just having a couple units of infantry scream up the field as fast as they can.

Turn 1, you need to run towards his flag with as much stuff as you have. You're going to contest it turn 2 with models that you don't mind losing since he'll put the majority of his/her firepower there to clear it out and dominate that flag. What you CANNOT do is let them have an easy way to clear the zone as well.

I would get your heavies in a position to just barely be contesting the zone at opposite sides so that taking them both out is extremely unlikely. You have to live with the unfortunate reality that your opponent probably starts this game with a 1-0 lead on you if they play correctly and their dice don't betray them.

Turn 2, make him commit models to the flag in order to clear it. If you can tie up the majority of his army here, you can actually try and sneak out a Scenario win yourself by dominating your own flag, which I highly recommend doing this turn as well. There's a chance they won't contest your flag, and that will give you a ridiculously huge advantage in this game.

Park your heavies or other solid, zone-holding models (guys with lots of ARM/boxes) on extreme sides of the zone so that clearing it isn't easy.

As always, this is going to be harder against Haley 2 etc. because her feat will allow her to clear her flag and then dominate it for (likely) two turns in a row, while at the same time neutering most of your threats. From center to center, the flags are 20 inches apart, and Haley's control area will usually be 18 inches with the Squire.

Game Plan for Going Second:

The game is yours for the taking if you go second. This is a Scenario that puts incredible pressure on your opponent. and all you have to do is score points and wait for them to come to you.

Well....that's not strictly true. You have to contest their flag too.

Turn 1, get your models up the field, and dance outside your opponents charge ranges if you can. Make sure your warcaster/warlock is within walking distance of the flag.

Turn 2, clear your flag and score! If you can clear the zone, do that too! If you have a control feat, and sometimes even if you don't, it might be better to use your heavies to throw their heavies out of the zone, or slam them if that's an option. Getting 2 points on your second turn under Haley 2 or Wurmwood or Baldur 1 or any caster with a good control feat means that you're likely going to get 1 more next turn, and then have a reasonably likely shot at getting 2 more the following turn.

Make sure your Warcaster/Warlock doesn't get killed, that's your opponents best strategy here.

Contest their flag, and have a steady stream of models in run range to contest in the following turns.