Battle Report 30: 2Una vs. Reznik 1


I've been waiting for the rules for Una2 with something approaching insane impatience ever since we got a "spoiler" a few months ago with some really silly powerful spells and cool looking interactions.

I knew that they couldn't be true (one spell gave her entire battlegroup +2 speed, flight, and parry), but I was genuinely curious as opposed to passively interested.

Well, we got her spoiler today, and she is amazing.

Quick overview for the folks at home who haven't seen her yet.

Here's her card for those of you that are curious:

I'm not going to go into her Synergies and Strategy, I have a guest article coming in the next day or two that will cover that very nicely. For now, I'm just going to throw down a list and see what happens.

I played:

-Scarsfell Griffon x6

Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2
Death Wolves

Gobber Chef


Reznik 1
-Scourge of Heresy

Max Flameguard and CA
Max Flamebringers
Min Choir
Rhoven and Co.


We played with the Extraction Scenario. I was assembling Griffons during this game (I actually own 7 but I still hadn't put four together), so there are proxy bases everywhereeeeee.

I won the roll off and went first. Terrain almost doesn't matter to this list, and getting up the field VERY fast is the goal.

My opponent deployed very centrally, and we were off!

Circle turn 1:

Basically things ran. First, I ported my Shifting Stones as far as they'd go, and then I ran Griffons to within 1" of them so that I wouldn't have any fury problems turn 2.

Hand of Fate went on the Death Wolves and Mirage went on the Stalker.

I rolled really hot on my fury for Sentry Stones, so a useless little forest/cloud wall grew.

Menoth turn 1:

My opponent kinda cried a little bit as he saw how far up the field my stuff was turn 1.

He used the TFG mini feat and ran at me, following up with Jacks. Ignite went on the Daughter Cav (which he remembered to put on the table AFTER my turn one haha)

Circle turn 2:

Shifting Stones leached fury off models, and the Death Wolf leader was just in charge range of the frontmost TFG. With Hand of Fate, I felt like I had good odds to chew through the entire unit.

Mannikins activated to get out of the way, Griffons went to the flag and cast Dodge on themselves with the Stalker as backup.

The Wolves charge and...miss. Yay.

I bunker up, transferring Hand of Fate to a Griffon, which moved up, killed a TFG, and sprinted back over the house.

A griffon charged over and...failed to kill a single Daughter cav model. Yay.

I told you, my dice were terrible this game.

Menoth turn 2:

I don't mean to make light of this battle report, but realistically my opponent just didn't have that much he could do here.

His TFG murdered Skoll and shield walled.

His daughter cav ran in and cleared the right flag, controlling it.

Jacks advanced, and Reznik moved out of killbox.

Menoth scores one point.

Circle turn 3:

I was starting to get a feel for the pacing of the game with 2Una, and I felt like this was go turn. With even normal ish dice, I should be able to kill every TFG member, both his close heavies, and engage Reznik with two Scarsfells.

I popped feat, Una shot a Daughter Cav to death, and the Death Wolves...missed four attacks in a row. Yup.

Then, I was unable to kill Scourge with Primal, Hand of Fate, and flank.

I did manage to kill the Castigator, but a Sentry Stone had to spray it to death after two Griffons went in on it.

Two Griffons ran and engaged Reznik. The far right Griffon was able to engage 2 Daughter Cav and killed both. Sentry Stone Mannikins killed a fourth Daughter Cav.

I got one point.

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent wanted to concede, and I didn't blame him. Scourge had one arm left. Reznik was engaged by Griffons that he couldn't attack.

Eventually, between the two of us, we developed a way for him to get some attacks into Una, but he was just out of being able to cast Engine of Destruction, walk up, Feat, and spell her down with the Revenger.

He did try it, but didn't connect with anything and conceded.

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Okay, she's definitely incredibly strong. How strong? Probably better than Wurmwood strong. 

The ability to just place a bunch of Griffons wherever you want without taking any attacks is nuts. Had my opponent hung back, I would have won on Scenario that turn instead by destroying his objective and taking both flags, which, added to killbox, would have won me the game. 

I was eager to re-rack and go again. Game two coming soon.