Battle Report 34: 2Una vs. Rasheth

I ran a charity event today for one of my students. He was hit by a car while walking home from school and air lifted to nearby Seattle for emergency surgery on multiple bones and organs.

His mom is a single mother, and had to take time off her job, probably a few weeks worth, to go and be with him.

I am happy to report that we raised $400 on a last minute, ten man event for this worthy cause, and it was a blast.

I haven't run an event outside of JMLs and Demos for almost a year now, and while this one was happening, I got my 2Una special order! Round 3 saw me furiously assembling her and post event, my good friend (who won the whole shebang btw, Skorne is not uncompetitive) agreed to sit down and let me play her, at least once.

My list has evolved a little bit since last post, replacing the Death Wolves with a Blackclad and Alten.

-Scarsfell x6

Sentry x2
Shifting x2

Gobber Chef

He played:


Min Beast Handlers

Bloodrunner Master Tormentor x2
Void Spirit x2

I won the roll off and elected to go first, as usual with 2Una.

I deployed very centrally, as is typical for this list.

My opponent counter-deployed like so, Blightbringer is the Mammoth.

I would normally have a LOT more to say about the intricacies of terrain and its effect on deployment etc. but not only did I run a 10 hour event today, I'm also sick so my brain is fried. Suffice to say I don't care about 99% of the terrain on the table and I can probably use it to build a forest wall late game.

Circle turn 1:

Shifting Stones port up to be fury management, and everything runs. Hand of Fate goes on one unit of Sentries, which moves up. Mirage goes onto the Stalker.

Skorne turn 1:

Stuff runs at me, he gets two charges onto a Shifting Stone, doing one. He pops feat, then arcs a Breath of Corruption onto the Blackclad on the hill and the insanity began.

Side note - I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that my opponents dice this game were beyond incredible. Average on 3 dice for his first four turns over say 10-12 rolls was 14. Average on 2 dice was nine.

The Breath of Corruption kills the Blackclad, does 14 damage to the left Griffon and 12 to the right one, crippling three total aspects.

Everything else runs but the Mammoth, who gets Eyeless Sight from the Soulward. He misses the shot at the mostly crippled Griffon, but it drifts onto him and the other hurt Griffon, and he leaves them both on 3-4 boxes.

The second from left Bloodrunner isn't there as he arced through it.

Circle turn 2:

Well I'm not supposed to have two mostly dead Griffons right now, but it is what it is.

The Sentry Unit with Hand of Fate murders a few Bloodrunners and a Void Spirit, but fails to connect with the Bloodrunner Master Tormenter.

The other Sentry Unit gets Hand of Fate cycled to it.

I feat, heal some Griffons, and send 4 in to engage Rasheth and 2 to engage the Mammoth.

The other unit of Sentries....fails to hit either the Void Spirit or the Master Tormenter with boosted, Hand of Fate shots.

Side Note - My dice, aside from 3-4 rolls, were incredibly sub par this game.

Skorne turn 2:

Well he's engaged with a billion griffons, so he should be pretty helpless right?


Orin moves over and boosts an eLeap into one of them, killing it, bouncing into Rasheth, another Griffon, and the Agonizer. He kills the OTHER bird too and does a few to the Agonizer.

Between Breath of Corruptions and cannon shots from the Mammoth I lose another Griffon.

The Gladiator moves over to block the landing zone for one Griffon.

Bloodrunners kill dudes, and the right hand Master Tormentor kills Alten.

Void Spirit moves up and kills one of his own Beast Handlers while engaging a Griffon so that he loses incorporeal and can make free strikes. Very clever, I hadn't considered it.

Again, ridiculous dice rolls.

Circle turn 3:

Well I can get a Stalker with Hand of Fate and Primal onto his already damaged (free strike) Mammoth. Averages says he can almost kill it alone, and with spikes from Hand of Fate could fairly likely kill it in one activation.

The Gorax goes and...fails to hit the Bloodrunner engaging him and the Stalker with boosted attacks. Twice.

Una activates, moves over, uses a Black Penny shot and kills it, putting Hand of Fate and Primal on the Stalker.

Stones get out of the way.

Mannikins activate move up, spraying the Agonizer hiding behind the Mammoth to death, and then spraying their own buddy down to make room for the Stalker.

Stalker goes in, rolls fire for one damage roll, and then rolls consistently average, even with Hand of Fate up, leaving the Mammoth on 7.

The left side Griffon moves in and kills it, but I face stupidly and can't attack the Void Spirit too.

The other Griffon goes into the Gladiator and leaves him on 7 once the crippled Griffon engages it.

My Gobber Chef charges the Master Tormenter in the back and KILLS HIM CUZ HE HAS BACKSTRIKE. Yesssss.

Skorne turn 3:

Well, more fire dice ensue. Left Griffon takes 15 damage from the Void Spirit and dies.

Mid Griffon gets murdered by the Titan.

Far right Griffon gets murdered by Rasheth.

Orin charges the Stalker, hitting and doing 11 damage.


Circle turn 4:

I forgot to take a picture till after this, but the Stalker frenzies and murders Orin.

The Gladiator is only on 8 boxes.

The Gorax turns around andddddd fails to kill the Master Tormenter. Yay.

The Shifting Stones block LOS from the Tormenter to Una, who walks up, shoots him with a Black Penny shot, and kills him. She puts Hand of Fate on the Sentry Stones.

They activate and I roll a really hot roll and a meh roll, but it's enough to kill the Gladiator and a bunch of Beast Handlers.

I try and spray the Void Spirit down, but I miss. A forest wall is grown in front of Una.

Shifting Stones surround Hutchuk.

Skorne turn 4:

Rasheth gets a bunch of fury from Spirit Bond and kills the Stalker and a Shifting Stone with Breath of Corruptions.

Void Spirit runs at me. Hutchuk runs as well.

Circle turn 5:

Una upkeeps Hand of Fate and starts off by moving to the flag and murdering the Void Spirit with two boosted shots.

The Hand of Fate unit moves up and kills Hutchuk.

I move the other Sentry Unit up to control the other flag and get 2 points.

Score 2-0
Victory to the Druids!

Skorne turn 5:

My opponent is down to Rasheth and a Soulward. We dice it out and he has no way of killing 2Una before I score up to 5, so he concedes.

Post Game Thoughts:

2Una is quite likely too strong. Even with the most skewed dice I have ever seen in both directions, I was still able to attrition my opponent down and win on Scenario.

Let me reiterate, my opponents' dice were absolutely insane. He missed a total of 3 attacks all game, 2 of which were ranged shots that deviated perfectly and did massive amounts of blast damage.

I had problems hitting boosted 8s.

With the dice this far in his favor, my opponent should have steamrolled most games, but into this particular list with its massive amounts of redundancy and dice mitigation, he just didn't have enough stuff to chew through everything.

We think that the double Cannoneer build would have been even worse, since the Cannoneers can't shoot while engaged like the Mammoth can, and I would have probably had one more bird the following turn to really hurt things.

More playtesting (if my playgroup doesn't REALLY ban her) will be required, but I'm starting to really feel like 2Una might be too strong for the game in her current iteration.