Battle Report 40: 2Una vs. Hexeris 2

In the quest to find something in Skorne with which to counter Una 2, my local Skorne opponent cast the net into the forums and came up with the idea of a Hexy 2 list anchored by the Mammoth and with a bunch of good Arc Nodes thanks to his Field Marshal.

He asked for this game, just to clarify.

Hexeris 2
- Marketh
- Mammoth
- Razor Wurm (proxied by Shaman)
- Basilisk Drake
- Gladiator
- Agonizer

Tyrant Radheim
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

Min Beast Handlers

My Una 2 list has evolved somewhat. I'm trying to use it as an answer to Karchev and Mad Dogs, and I think the trick for that is Wrong Eye and Snapjaw. Star-Crossed means that the Dogs need tens on four dice drop the highest, and that's not great odds there. I also get two free turns of murdering Mad Dogs, which I can do pretty reliably.

Una 2
- Wilder
- Scarsfell x7 (one proxied by Totem Hunter since I haven't put him together yet)
- Gorax Rager

Wrong Eye
Lanyssa Ryssyl
Swamp Gobber Chef

Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2

We rolled up Recon as the Scenario (which I love), and our friend laid out terrain for us.

I lost the roll off and my opponent went first (the correct choice). I took the side with the Trench since I wanted Una to be safe from spells, blast damage, and Mammoth shots.

This is a good Scenario for my opponents' list too - anything super spread out will make it hard for him to contest easily for very long, but a nice central zone gives the Mammoth a good foothold.

I also liked the house to give my Griffons cover.

My opponent deployed pretty central.

Remember, that Shaman is a Razor Wurm
And I deployed split, making sure Una was within walking distance of the trench. I haven't played against Hexeris 2 in forever, so I didn't realize how conservative I had to be with my Sentry Stones on Deployment.

Also, not a Totem Hunter, but Scarsfell 7

Skorne turn 1:

My opponent runs with pretty much everything. The Gladiator puts Rush on the Razor Wurm, who casts.....Spiny Growth and charges...hmmm....okay this was technically illegal in hindsight, but I was busy getting out tokens and didn't notice until now. Ah well, he could have just ran.

Hexeris arcs a Hellfire through the Razor Wurm at the unpainted Sentry Stone and spikes damage to kill it in one shot. A good start for Skorne!

Note the sad, empty spaces where my beautiful Sentry Stone unit used to be.

Circle turn 1:

Well that sucked!

I have an ARM 17 DEF 17 model against conventional shooting in my face, he's too far away to charge and all I have is one unit of Sentry Stones left to really hit it with.

Una goes and puts Hand of Fate on the Stones. She takes a boosted shot into the Razor Wurm from the Trench and flubs damage, doing 1. She takes another and doesn't do damage.

The Sentry unit roll 2 for fury, and knock the beast down to 6 ish health. I am really dumb and don't port the Stone itself backwards.

Griffons run. I position the one engaging Radheim so that his back is to the building to prevent Radheim from getting easy back arc. I do the same with another that goes to the front edge of the building, and then I just spread out to get as many angles as possible next turn. My ideal here is to be able to commit 2-3 Griffons to any part of the board if I need to.

I hide two behind the wall on the right, and one goes to engage the Razor Wurm.

Shifting Stones teleport up to provide fury management. Wrong Eye casts Submerge and doesn't move out of fear of Ashes to Ashes. Snapjaw runs. Lanyssa runs up to the edge of the Trench to be able to apply Hunters Mark wherever I want it next turn.

Skorne turn 2:

Radheim does 15 damage to the Griffon next to him and moves Repositions around him.

The Drake moves up and sprays the hurt Griffon to death, healing the Razor Wurm for 1, and doing 6 more to the Yellow Bird in the Middle.

The Razor Wurm boosts an attack into the proxy base Griffon in front of it, and misses. He casts Spiny Growth.

The Mammoth gets Eyeless Sight from the Soulward, and Puppet Master from the Mortitheurge.

He rolls 2 shots, and misses his first on the Griffon next to Snapjaw, even with re-rolls. He nails the second and boosts damage, knocking out Mind and Spirit.

Hexy arcs a Hellmouth through the Drake at the Sentry Stone, then arcs another to kill it. He feats, pulling in some Fury and does it again at....something? Probably a Griffon and missed.

Agonizer cries the -2 Strength effect, and him and the Gladiator hug Hexy tight so I can't engage him with any Griffons.

Circle turn 2:

Well I'm down a Griffon and both Sentries, but I can charge everything I want to and that means it's feat turn!

Una goes first, pops Feat, heals the central Griffon for 1, and then casts Primal and Hand of Fate on it.

The Yellow Griffon goes and murders the Agonizer before popping his animus.

I walk the Griffon engaging the Razor Wurm over the Razor Wurm and do a few damage to the Mammoth.

Lanyssa successfully casts Hunters Mark at the Mammoth. I heal the buffed up Griffon with the Shifting Stones and then send him into the Mammoth's back arc. The dust clears, and the Mammoth is on about 20 boxes.

Another Griffon charges in and murders him.

Wrong Eye casts Star-Crossed and Submerge and charges up, bumping into the objective.

Snapjaw moves up and kills the Drake, and then casts Submerge.

I still have two Griffons left, and my opponent calls it. We roll out the rest of my turn for kicks, and the remaining Griffon on the right murders the Razor Wurm and sprints to engage the objective. The last Griffon charges the objective and kills it easily, and Stones port up so that I'm not even going to take Frenzy checks next turn.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I've played several games with Una 2 now, and my opinion is that she is too strong. Sure, she has answers in the form of a few really nasty gunlines, but there are entire factions that don't really have a way to handle her game plan. 

I'm certainly going to be playing her competitively while I can (who knows what January will bring), because she is just so strong that I'd be stupid not to, but she just does so much with such insanely cheap models. 

I don't see her or Scarsfells getting nerfed too badly in January because 1) She's brand new and 2) the Scarsfells weren't absolutely absurd before she came out, and it's too quick a timeline for PP to balance an errata on them, but I do expect that by July she or the Griffons will be getting worse.