The Krueger Season, Flirting with the Blight: Batrep 36 - Twins vs Reznik 1

While I am definitely a Druid through and through, occasionally I mess around with other factions in order to either understand a faction better or to just take a break from the min/maxing required to play Circle really well.

I'm going to be playing a lot of more casual games with Legion in the upcoming month or so as I wait for the errata. Fear not, more Circle batreps will come as I play in tournaments etc, and more Circle tactica and idea articles will be forthcoming.

This game happened about a month and a half ago, but I wasn't ready to commit to playing Legion yet, so I waited to post it until now.

I've been fascinated with the Twins (well, mostly Rhyas) since I first saw their announcement. I love Warcaster/Warlocks that can bully the table, and the Twins are really good at doing that.

I also think they present a unique challenge to play, as their order of activation can be complex and difficult, and I wanted to give it a shot.

My list:

-Protector (proxied by Bolt Thrower)

Swordsmen, Max
Raptors, Max (one proxied by Efaarit)

Shepherd x3
Spell Martyr


Reznik 1
-Scourge of Heresy

Temple Flame Guard and CA
Flamebringers (empty bases)
Daughters of the Flame
Min Choir

Wrack x2

The idea of my list is that basically the Blightbringer can apply a giant AOE of Rhyas being a PS 15 Weaponmaster with Crit Decap, and I can trade her for a few heavies, feat her back, and then trade her for a few more.

I won the roll off and opted to go first on the Pit (badddd choice by the way).

He counter deployed:

Blighted Druids turn 1:

I basically ran everything. I think Occultation went on something? Probably the Swordsmen.

Menoth turn 1:

He also ran with most everything, although the TFG also popped their mini feat.

Blighted Druids turn 2:

I make a grave tactical error here and don't run the Blightbringer into the zone.

I charge in Swordsmen at his Daughters, but I miss a LOT of sevens and three survive.

I take a random shot with the Blightbringer, and the Raptors kill 4-5 TFG.

Menoth turn 2:

Things go off the rails here a bit as his Daughters roll like fire (hit six unboosted 8s in a row), allowing him to clear the zone and dominate with Reznik behind the forest over there.

Score 0-2
Advantage Menoth

Blighted Druids turn 3:

I feel tremendous pressure for some reason, and decide the only thing to do is to throw Rhyas at the three heavies he has clumped up and murder them all.

I clear a path, run a Swordsman up, shoot him with the Blightbringer to catch his shooting immune jacks with the AOE of +2 Strength and ARM for my models.

I run a shepherd up so that Rhyas can't get pushed back off the Revenger.

Saeryn casts Slipstream and fails a charge, while Rhyas charges in and goes bananas, wiping out both heavies and mostly killing the Revenger.

I run the Protector up so that both Rhyas and Saeryn get the +2 DEF, but I should have just run him to block LOS to Saeryn from the Daughter Cav....

Score 0-2
Advantage Menoth

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent, our friend, and I work through a cunning plan. Reznik casts Engine of Destruction and moves up, murdering Rhyas and apparently RFPing her.

He then feats. What does his feat do again? I ask naively (this hadn't come up much since usually my Unblighted Druids Warlocks stay wayyy back). It removes all Saeryn's fury! He says gleefully.

Uh oh.

He can only get one Flamebringer onto Saeryn, needing a boosted 11 to hit and another boosted 11 to kill. He rolls both and the game is over.

Sadly, a loss for the Blighted Druids

Post, post, post, post game thoughts:

Yeah it's been a month and change since this game happened, and I've mulled it over a fair few times in my mind to see what I could have done better, as I tend to do. I've come up with a few things I could and should have done. 

1) The Blightbringer should have been in the zone so that I didn't have to even come close to committing my Warlock that early. 

2) The Nephilim Protector should have ran and blocked LOS to Saeryn. If I do this, there's no way he can get enough damage into her to kill her, and I can leach the next turn and send a Blightbringer into Reznik. 

3). I should have crossed my Raptors over to deal with the Daughter Cav turn 1 instead of running them straight ahead. I don't have enough other good ways to deal with them in this list, and the RAT 7 shots with 60% chance to kill on a hit against them is a big deal. 

4) I should have rolled more sevens so that the Daughters wouldn't have been alive to murder swordsmen (kidding on this one). 

I really enjoyed the Twins, and I'm sure I'll be back to them at some point, but for now I have more interesting things to play with...more....Furyous things to play with....

(To be continued)