The Krueger Season, Flirting with the Blight: Batrep 38 - Fyanna 2 vs. Feora 2

There is little doubt that the Archangel is the most beautiful model in the Privateer Press line currently in production (the Storm Raptor and the Desert Hydra will certainly test this dominance though), and with the mark 3 update, it's actually a playable model (yay!)

I love my Lylyth 3 double Archangel list, and so I decided to see how Fyanna with 2 would play. With Fury, they hit at PS 22/20/20, and under her feat, they're DEF 14, which is a little absurd on a gargantuan. 

It's been a pet idea of mine since I saw Fyanna's rules, and I decided to give it a shot. 

-Naga Nightlurker

Blighted Sorceress and Hellion
Shepherd x3

Hellmouth x2

And my opponent had:

Feora 2
-Reckoner x2
-Hand of Judgment
-Blood of Martyrs

Daughters of the Flame
Min Choir

Punch Monk (proxied by a TFG)

Right away I looked at this matchup and had a big "uh oh" moment. I can't shoot anything important with the Archangels because everything is immune to fire. He's got Escort so his jacks are just as fast as my Archangels are, and thanks to Ashen Veil, I need sixes to hit his jacks. Yuck!!

I won the roll off and decided that I really needed to go first. We were playing Take and Hold with a really ugly central obstruction and a wall on one side that my opponent promptly (and wisely) took. 

Blighted Druids turn 1:

Full steam ahead! Archangels run/fly to the left side of the table where they can actually fight the things they want to fight. I'm hoping to be able to kill a jack and then use my feat to weather the retaliation before killing 2-3 more jacks and get up on attrition. 

Fury goes on the unpainted Archangel, and Admonition goes up onto Fyanna. The Naga goes into the trench. 

Menoth Turn 1:

He starts his turn off by running the Daughter Cav really wide. Daughters run and jam stuff, and then Feora goes and casts Escort and Fire Starter on Blood. 

Things start to go off the rails pretty hard when his pair of Reckoners move up and shoot 28 health off the left Archangel with 2 shots at dice --4. Uh oh. One of the Reckoners is behind the wall, the other by Feora. 

I start measuring out my turn prematurely, tipping off my opponent that I can get an Archangel onto Feora, so he goes ahead and puts Hand of Judgment in the exact place where I can't actually attack him with melee attacks thanks to the building and also blocking a landing spot for an Archangel. 

Blood comes over to play on the right, and the Punch Monk moves up and becomes DEF 18. 

Blighted Druids turn 2:

Well it's go time! I upkeep both spells, and then I run a druid up so that the Archangel can get forced when he charges the Reckoner behind the wall. 

I use back arc Hellmouth tentacles to clear Daughters, and the other Archangel also shoots some off the table.

The Grey Archangel goes in anddddd.....I miss 3 boosted 8s and leave the Reckoner on about half health with nothing crippled. 

Fyanna moves up, Feats, and puts Fury on the Hellmouth, which pounds on Blood a little bit. 

The Naga moves over and murders a Daughter Cav with a shot. 

I'm going to get counter punched so hard. 

Menoth turn 2:

Well...Things die. The Reckoner kills the Archangel. 

Daughter Cav come murder...well nothing actually. The one that can charge the Naga misses thanks to the Feat (yay!) They do engage the universe though. 

The Punch Monk moves up and goes invincible again. 

Blood murders three Hellmouth tentacles. 

My opponent puts some damage onto the Archangel (like 20 damage) between Feora and the other Reckoner, and then Feats to get another Focus onto Hand of Judgment, who charges in anddddd.....doesn't quite kill the Archangel. 

Blighted Druids turn 3:

Well...he moved Hand and he DIDN'T move Feora, so I have exactly one real shot at winning this game. 

Fyanna drops everything and charges Hand, boosting to hit anddddd CRIT SMITE. Yes! She then puts Fury on the Archangel and heals his two crippled aspects. 

The Painted Hellmouth spawns a tentacle, and between the Tentacle and the Maw, kill the Daughter Cav engaging my Archangel. 

The Nightlurker moves over and casts Wraithbane on the Archangel. 

The other Hellmouth drags the Reckoner away so that the Archangel doesn't take a Free Strike. 

The Archangel goes in and connects with 2 attacks, clawing the Menite to death. 

Victory for the Blighted Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Okay, against Menoth at least, this list is not very good and I really, really missed my Angelii to Slipstream and cycle Fury around on. 

Also, had my opponent just left Hand of Judgment in front of Feora, I would have had to try and crit smite it 3 inches away with Fyanna, which just seems really, really unlikely to happen. 

To be fair, I really shouldn't have lost basically an entire Archangel worth of damage to 3 boosted Reckoner shots, but hey, it happens. 

Anyway, yeah double Dragon is great with Lylyth 3, but I'm not convinced with Fyanna yet. Maybe if there's not a massive huge central obstruction in the way this list gets better, but even then, I don't love it into speed 7 reach jacks.