The Krueger Season, Flirting with the Blight: Batrep 39 - Rhyas 1 vs. Zaadesh 2

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This Rhyas list is affectionately known as "The Manny List" after the Pressganger that I consider to be the most important Warmachine Mentor I've had. This list was his pride and joy (well, minus the Hellmouth's, but he had quit Legion by the time they were a thing), and it's probably the most fun I've ever had playing Warmachine. 

Since these are the Legion models I've obtained from him, and because this list is a tremendous amount of fun, it only seemed appropriate to document a game using the silliness and fun known as Rhyas 1. (Look, I even rhymed there). 



Shepherd x3


One of my Scytheans is proxied by a Carnivean cuz I couldn't find my fourth Magnetized Chassis.

Zaadesh 2
- Tiberion
- Sentry x2
- Gladiator

Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer (TyCom for the rest of this report).

I lost the roll off and picked the opposite side because I like that wall. Same Scenario and Terrain as last time.

I was actually really unhappy about this matchup - I was highly impressed by Zaadesh 2 when he was first released, and as people play more with him I find that they tend to also be pretty happy with how he plays. Skorne heavies at MAT 8 hurt a LOT and there's not much you can do about them hitting you when they all get Defensive Strike.

My opponent deployed to threaten my flag with his entire battlegroup.

I deployed to basically make that unlikely with the Hellmouth in the way there. He'd have to commit a heavy to take it out and I might be able to trade 2 for 1 at that point.

Skorne turn 1:

Everything ran. Inviolable Resolve got stuck on the Cetrati and Battle Charged got put on Zaadesh.

Blighted Druids turn 1:

Everything on my side ran too! Rhyas cast Rapport on one of the Scytheans to actually have something to do with her Fury and that was basically it.

I made a wall of Tentacles so that if he wanted to get at the Hellmouth with Tiberion he'd have to do something silly. In hindsight, I should have added that third one in so that I could have blocked the Sentry on the left.

Skorne turn 2:

Sentry goes in and murders the Hellmouth, putting up its Animus.

Shield Wall Cetrati and Feat from Zaadesh, plus two of the Cloud spell to flank the Sentry so that Rhyas couldn't easily charge things.

Blighted Druids turn 2:

I seriously doubt this is the last time I'll say this, but man I hate Zaadesh's Feat.

I drop Rapport. 

I mis measure here and think I can get a Scythean into back arc of the Sentry without taking a free strike. I couldn't see the other side of the arc marker from my position, and didn't bother to measure it since I'm a goober.

He takes a massive free strike and loses his body. Yayyy...

He dings up the Sentry a bit.

Going into the tank, I think I can get at least Rhyas and one Scythean onto Zaadesh this turn.

Rhyas charges through the Sentry into his back arc and engaging Tiberion. His other Sentry Countercharges and misses. Tiberion takes a Defensive Strike and misses. Okay, scary time is over. She makes her charge attack, then pops her feat. She uses her Feat attack into Tiberion, damages him, and ports base to base with him in the back arc and engaging Zaadesh.

She buys an attack, and does about 8 damage. She buys another attack, GETS THE CRIT DECAP and BOOSTS, doing 28 damage to the Furyless warlock and ending the game.

Victory for the Blighted Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This probably isn't a great matchup for Rhyas, although being able to damage something and then port into it's back arc to ignore the shields is pretty okay for the Scytheans. 

Had Rhyas not been able to pull that off, we checked it and I was able to get the middle left Scythean onto Zaadesh no problem with minimal damage, and MAT 6 with Murderous kills DEF 15 Warlocks no problem. 

Like I said, most fun you can have in Warmachine, Rhyas is nuts :)