Battle Report 73: ATC Round 3 - Kaya 3 vs. Zaal 2


We had taken a solid beating the round before, and my team was getting pretty frustrated going into round 3. We needed a win here.

I ended up against Skorne with Zaal 2 being his most likely drop since he denies Wurmwood souls.

I decided to drop Kaya in a fit of "screw it", and off we went.

Kaya 3
- Loki
- Stalker
- Pureblood
- Feral
- Argus

Blackclad x2
Gobber Chef

Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones


Zaal 2
- Agonizer
- Shaman
- Raider
- Drake


Tyrant Commander and Standard
Immortals and CA
Min Slingers

The Scenario was Recon, and I won the roll, choosing to go first.

My opponent took the side of the table with the forest to hide Zaal behind.

Circle turn 1:

Full speed ahead!

Fog of War goes up, and everything runs. The Feral even warps speed and runs sixteen inches.

Loki gets in his nice Shifting Stone palace.

Skorne turn 1:

Zaal moves up, casts Aura of Power on himself and Vision on Hakaar.

Everything else runs at me, the TyCom giving the Karax pathfinder.

Circle turn 2:

I see two avenues here. I can kill...almost literally everything in his entire army, or I can kill two models, port Loki up, hook Zaal and call it a game.

I opt for the latter.

Kaya casts Synergy and Feats.

Argus and Pureblood go in and build up the chain, repositioning back.

Blackclad #1 sprays down the two Immortals blocking my drag path.

Loki gets ported up, warps Strength and boosts to hit Zaal, needing not triple 1s. I hit, dice -1, and yank him in. I bash him a bit more before repositioning out of melee.

Blackclad #2 casts Hunters Mark at Zaal.

The Feral warps Strength and charges Zaal for free. Zaal is at 6 boxes with one transfer left at this point, and the Feral kills him on his third initial.

Post-Game Thoughts:

Ah Loki. I love you so much.

If I hadn't gone for that, the plan was for both Blackclads to charge Immortals and then get Battle Wizard Sprays to clear nigh unto all of the unit.

Sentry Stones kill Karax easily when not in Shield wall, and Slingers die to everything. I think at the end of my turn, my opponent would have had his Arcuarri, a few Karax, and an immortal or two, plus his rather pillowfisted battlegroup.

Kaya at DEF 21 in the rubble and under feat isn't dying to spell assassinations, and I proceed to win on Scenario over a couple of turns.

My team went 4-1 this round, with two games ending in assassination and 5 control points and nigh unto max army points. A good end to Day 1.

Day 2 games coming shortly!