Battle Report 74: ATC Round 4 - Wurmwood vs. Kaya 3


Rematch time! Bret had brought a Circle tooled Kaya 3 list that I was aware of ahead of time. I had honestly been hoping to dodge this matchup, but his team swooped in and made me take it anyway.

What can you do?


- Cassius
- Loki
- Pureblood
- Gorax
- Woldwyrd x3

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2
Min Bonegrinders
Bokur and Shamblers


Kaya 3 in the Wild Hunt Theme
- Pureblood x3
- Argus x2
- Woldwyrd x2
- Gorax

Shifting Stones
- CA
Min Wolves of Orboros (ambushed)

So let's recap - he ignores forests for charges, his Wolves will be able to either A) seriously mess up my placement or B) come in and contest on a crucial turn, and he has accurate, powerful shooting at ranges that I can't retaliate from easily. Good times.

I DID win the roll off and decided to windmill slam first. Bret took the side with the wall, and we were off.

Apparently I didn't take a picture of my deployment, but it basically looked the same as usual.

Circle turn 1:

I do what I always do, kill some Bone Grinders and run up. Loki gets in some Shifting Stones and I get ready to threaten both flags.

Bad Circle turn 1:

Things move into the trench. The Stones spread really wide (the CA is interesting for sure), and Kaya doesn't cast anything at all (go Woldwyrds).

All the Purebloods are spell warded sadly.

Circle turn 2:

I can easily hook the Argus in the trench with Loki warping hunter, and kill it dead with Wyrds.

I should be able to kill the Stone Keeper with one of my Sentry Stone units and that will render the unit basically useless for a couple of turns, which I like.

Loki moves up and hooks the Argus and kills it by himself.

Sentry Stones miss the Stone Keeper, so I have a Wyrd blast the Stone in the trench.

I have to really move things in to prevent the Wolves from ambushing on my face, so everything goes central. I contest the left flag best I can, and put something on my flag to prevent Bret from ignoring that half of the table.

I pop my Feat to prevent sprays from seriously messing up my densely packed models.

Bad Circle turn 2:

Lots of Shamblers die. The Bokur dies. My flag gets contested by the Stone Keeper.

Bret gets a point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Bad Circle

Circle turn 3:

Goal for this turn is contest, control, and kill the objective, which is going to be hard because it is Bunker. 

Wurmwood gets a Curse of Shadows on it which helps, but it takes a lot of shooting and some charging Mannikins to kill it. 

Loki hooks the Pureblood, leaving it on half health. 

The Woldwyrd moves up and nearly kills it. My Pureblood sprays it, boosts and...misses. Uh oh, that's bad. 

I get two points. 

Score 2-1
Advantage Good Circle!
Bad Circle turn 3:

Bret decides it's go time. 

Kaya casts Synergy and kills some Shamblers before healing the battered Pureblood and repositioning back. 

The Argus kills another Shambler. The bottom Pureblood goes Ghostly after the Wyrd kills the Shambler in the way and charges the objective, killing it. 

He contests with his top Pureblood, which was Primaled and also kills Loki easily. 

Bad Circle Score 2. 

Score 2-3
Advantage Bad Circle

Circle turn 4:

I have a legit assassination run here because I can get all three Wyrds on Kaya if I Hellmouth her back, and that should kill her. 

Unfortunately, I make two crucially bad decisions here. I Primal the Pureblood, mistake number one, and then use it to kill his Pureblood. MASSIVE MISTAKE. 

I should have thrown it out of the way. Because I killed it, Kaya is camping six instead of two. 

I go for it anyway, and the damage rolls are so bad. At dice -4 on four dice, I did 2, 3, or 4 at least half the damage rolls. Even so, Kaya is on two transfers and 3 health after the barrage. If I'd just thrown the Pureblood, she would have been dead. 

I contest again and score once more.

Score 3-3

Bad Circle turn 4:

Bret breathes a sigh of relief and packs Kaya with all the stuff he can. 

He contests my flag with Ambushed Wolves, and scores another point. 

I forgot to take a picture of this turn. 

Score 3-4
Advantage Bad Circle

Circle turn 5:

Because my Pureblood frenzied, I have no way to kill enough models to ride this out, so I go for another assassination attempt. This time, Kaya doesn't have an upkeep on her, so it really needs fire dice. I miss every shot, and Bret scores his fifth point. 

Sadly, Defeat for the Druids. 

Post-Game Thoughts:

I got tunnel vision wayyyy too hard this game. I should have realized that I was saving Kaya's life by killing that Pureblood. One simple change to my turn there and I win this game. 

Unfortunately, I realized this one turn too late, and by then it didn't matter. 

A well played game by Bret, looking forward to our next match!

My team lost 1-4 this round.