Trinket Review: Broken Egg Games' Aspect Widgets

After this near catastrophe of a game, I resolved to get something to mark my beasts' knocked out aspects on the table so that I wouldn't ever make similar mistakes again.

After doing a lot of research and briefly contemplating making my own, I settled on Broken Egg Games' Aspect Widgets, and I haven't had a single regret. After reading this review, you can get them here.


These guys are a steal at $2.50 (US Dollars) for a pack of three (one each of Mind, Body, and Spirit). Cheap enough to get multiple sets for those lists with a plethora of beasts, and certainly inexpensive enough to store with other tokens, and widgets without undue fear of damage. These aren't likely to get damaged easily though since....


These are fantastic pieces when it comes to quality. They are laser cut out of Alderwood, and after over a month of near constant use, mine show no wear at all.

The wood is thick enough that it feels very sturdy, and the words are etched in clearly enough to read from the other side of the table.

Ease of Use:

Again, very little to complain about here. The tokens are easy to see and read, they don't distract from the game, and they are very light.

Their size can occasionally be problematic in a very tight place, but it has not been nearly enough of an issue for me to recommend changing it.

Side Note - when they're all spiraled together, they make a 40 mm diameter circle, so if you need a medium sized proxy base, these would do in a pinch.

Side Side Note - They can also be used as Wolverine claws when you're bored on your opponents' turn.


At an awesome price point and very high level of quality, I can't recommend these widgets more. I've used them religiously since I bought them, and have yet to forget to heal a beast back up in any of my roughly 20 games since (which is pretty impressive for me).

They're well made, conveniently sized, and would be a great addition for any Hordes players widget box.

Final Note - they look amazing when you take the time to paint them up