Battle Report 85: Tanith, the Feral Song (The Wild Hunt) vs. Fyanna (Ravens of War)


I'm finally home for more than a couple of days (fingers crossed) and was able to get in a game today!

My roommate and I rolled up incursion, and we are still prepping for our team event this weekend, so once again we had the pairings of Baldur 2/Tanith and Lylyth 3/Fyanna.

The Scenario was Incursion, and my second Woldwrath is not quite finished on the paint table, so I knew I was dropping Tanith.

My opponent dropped Fyanna.

- Loki
- Woldwyrd x3
- Moonhound Argus x2

Max Reeves and CA x2
Max Wolves and CA


- Angelius
- Neraph
- Seraph
- Naga Nightlurker

Deathstalker x2

Raptors (max) x2

I lost the roll off, and took the side that I thought I could turtle the best on. My plan here was as follows:

Turn 1, advance VERY cautiously.
Turn 2, absorb his shooting and shoot back under his feat. This list gets ridiculously accurate, so Fyanna's feat should not give me too many problems.
Turn 3: Mop up.

He will have a very hard time controlling the outside flags with the threat of the ambushing Wolves, so he will most likely go to the center where my Reeves can go to town.

Legion turn 1:

My opponent casts Slipstream and pulls the Angelius forward after the Seraph charges.

The Angelius runs to 14 inches away from the Forsaken after riling for three, and Fyanna dumps Fury and runs.

The Forsaken moves up and takes all the Fury off the Angelius.

The Cavalry all advance up to just outside the Reeves threat ranges.

Circle turn 1:

I do some quick measuring, and realize that my opponent left the Angelius in range of two Woldwyrds AND the Argus running to Mark Target it.

That happens first, and the Angelius dies.

Reeves advance on both sides to stay out of charge ranges and pop mini-feats.

Tanith puts Admonition on one of the Wyrds and Scything Touch on Loki.

Legion turn 2:

The turn starts off pretty strong as Fyanna Feats, charges the Moonhound, and then has the Seraph finish it off while Slipstreaming the Neraph up.

The Neraph moves up and kills one of the Wyrds and Sprints back. (I save the other with Admonition)

Raptors run to engage me.

Circle turn 2:

I decide to Ambush the Wolves on my right side.

Tanith upkeeps Scything Touch and my turn starts off with the right hand Wyrd killing the Raptor engaging Loki.

Loki backs up and whiffs his hook shot.

Right side Reeves kill off three Raptors (when you get to like RAT 17 and back arc, things get silly).

The Moonhound moves up. Tanith aims, shoots the middle Raptor on the left, boosting hit and damage but not killing it. She casts Admonition on herself and camps two.

Left Side Reeves kill the un-Shadowbound Raptor and ding up the Seraph.

The Wyrd fails to hit either Raptor he is engaged with.

Wolves run in and take the flag, and we both score a point.

Score 1-1 

Legion turn 3:

My opponent goes for the assassination. He can shoot me with two Deathstalkers, the Seraph, the Naga, and two Raptors. He can also cast Gallows at me with Fyanna.

The Seraph goes up, misses his first shot and has his second Shield-Guarded by Loki.

Deathstalker #1 does two damage, Deathstalker #2 misses.

Fyanna moves up, casts Gallows and CRANKS the damage, doing 13 (conveniently Tanith's remaining health), so I transfer it.

Anyssa moves up and hits Tanith with the first shot, also cranking the damage and rolling a 13, for 8 damage, which I also transfer.

Finally, the Naga moves up and hits his shot, rolling another sixteen to finish Tanith off.

Sadly, a loss for the Druids...

Post-Game Thoughts:

Dice happen? I guess I could have not upkept Scything Touch on Loki, but that's what I'm going to be doing nine times out of ten and habits are hard to break. I also could have not boosted damage on her gun-shot, but again, I think that is usually the correct play.

Ah well, I still am really enjoying this list, and had that not gone off the rails there (Oddsmachine says that had a 3.9% chance of working), I was in a massively favorable position for the next turn.